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  1. Just heard from a reliable source that he was let go today. Second hand, but that’s what I heard.
  2. Correct. Cov Cath advances to the semis. Let’s all pray we never deal with this craziness ever again. Hopefully, all afflicted at Mad South, recover quickly and safely. At least they ended their season with an exciting win.
  3. KHSAA scoreboard has this game listed as a COVID cancellation, with Cov Cath advancing.
  4. Correct. So, for example, if Owensboro, BG, FD and CCH all win next week, O would host FD (1 RPI v 9 RPI) and CCH would host BG (3 RPI v 5 RPI). Just an example, not predictions. Geography no longer matters in semis. And, RPI for seeding purposes, was frozen after the regular season. Obviously, FD’s RPI is a product of COVID. They are far better than their RPI.
  5. Back to the game... From Cov Cath’s perspective, the Colonels need to play inspired, clean football. Take nothing for granted. Rest assured, the birdies will come ready to play. If you look back at the course of this rivalry, there are several examples of the second act being a lot closer than the first. I expect a hard fought, clean football game. In the end, I hope the Colonels find a way.
  6. If they are locked in and Frederick Douglass keeps winning and everyone else “holds serve”, then that’s a heckuva bad break for Owensboro.
  7. Refresh my memory, are the RPIs “locked” at the end of the regular season, or can they go up with playoff wins and be used for seeding purposes? In other words, in 5A for example, if Frederick Douglass beats Scott Co in the playoffs, would their RPI be re-calculated and used to determine seeding for the following week?
  8. Definitely became a stronger, more confident runner, as the game progressed. Did a nice job stepping in and stepping up!
  9. I apologize to everyone viewing this thread for my choice of words last night. Ironically, in calling out non-adult behavior by an adult, I in fact, exhibited the same behavior. Moving on...
  10. Fair perspective, I was teed off last night. For the record, the woofing was not an exchange. The player did not engage.
  11. Cooper, Conner and HHS are all 2-2 in the district and head to head won’t break the tie. What are the secondary seeding procedures?
  12. Sweep - let’s call a spade a spade, you were “tip of the spear” when it came to chiding CCH fans during those tough years for the Colonels. All kinds of humorous hash tags and quips re: aspects of the CCH program that you found amusing. It’s all good. But, I don’t see anyone jesting/joking/poking fun, quite the way you did, many, many times. I admire you being on BGP when many of your brethren have run for the hills, but, I don’t see any real pokin from CCH faithful. I maybe wrong.
  13. Jeez. No one’s throwing stones. If a chain ganger birds a bird, that’s nutty. The kids going after a fan. Well, that’s just a kid reacting. That can happen anywhere. Thanks again for the reminder - CCH had some really, really tough years and a long, painful, frustrating losing streak to the birdies. Personally, as I said last week, I pray to the heavens above that no one in Park Hills ever forgets. Thanks for helping with the reminders.
  14. Woofing at opposing players. Players who said nothing to him. Anecdotally, I’ve heard he is the most disliked HC in NKY football amongst people in the game. So, that’s why I said it. Admittedly, it’s based on second and third hand, but, people I trust, that aren’t prone to hyperbole. I hope he enjoyed the running clock.
  15. Conner’s head coach is a zero. Total. Zero.
  16. A chain gang dude showed BW another type of Bird? Really? Yikes. Hopefully, I misinterpreted.
  17. HHS rolls Conner by 36, in Hebron. Conner over Cooper by 8. Cooper over HHS by 27, in Ft Thomas. What in the wide world of sports is going on?
  18. I didn’t see anything but a clean game, played by both sides, in terms of sportsmanship. No issues at all. Always possible I missed something, but I didn’t see anything from either side that was cause for concern. Nothing to see here...
  19. ...and at the time, we heard all about those criminal beat downs, repeatedly. There was plenty of bear poking when the tables were turned. Plenty. Conversely, I don’t see a ton of bear poking here. Whatever gets you goin, I guess. Anyone worth their salt, associated with CCH, respects the football program in Ft. Thomas. Moreover, all associated with CCH football should do everything they can to stay out in front of their rival. I hope they do. There’s still a lot of score settling left to do. A. Lot! I hope everyone in Park Hills keeps that in mind. I hope everyone at Cov Cath remembers that long losing streak and some of the embarrassing scores. Cov Cath has to maintain the challenger’s mindset when it comes to playing their rival. It’s not just another game on the schedule. CCH has to maintain the right mindset and put in the hard work because somewhere along the way, maybe even later this year, they’re going to get the Birdies’ best punch.
  20. Not sure if they’re new this year, but I love Holmes’s new helmets. Very cool look.
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