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  1. Kentucky I believe has the least amount of cases compared with state’s bordering it besides West Virginia. There have been 0 cases traced back to football workouts. If you take football out of the equation, and this maybe shocking news, but kids will still hang out with each other and do kid things. Those things will be more dangerous to the spread than any football practice or game. I always try to see both sides of the issue but for the life of me I can’t see any reason to postpone football anymore than it already is when looking at it logically. 

    The logistics of a spring move for schools would be a mess. I don’t see how that’s feasible. Kids have done what they’ve been asked. There haven’t been any traced back to those workouts. Let’s play.

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  2. The KHSAA Board of Controls is meeting Thursday. What should they decide on summer basketball? I can’t imagine there being summer games between teams even in July but will they open up the option for schools to hold small group workouts? Would that be advisable? I’m interested to see what answers the KHSAA comes out with as the dead period ends. Not an easy position to be in to make that decision. I would think a small group (1 to a goal?) would be doable with social distance guidelines even now but I’m sure there are aspects I’m overlooking.

  3. First of all I wasn't at the game, but I've seen both teams play more than once, and I'm not taking anything away from Campbell County, but this game was a fluke.


    Haha. Man, you can’t say “I’m not taking anything away from Campbell Co.” then immediately say their effort was a fluke. That’s like the old “with all due respect...”


    Campbell is tough at home. Played Covington Catholic to a close game (yes, they lost) but it’s not like they are a bad team. They’ve been fighting through a ton of illness...come through, play hard, get a big win...and “fluke”. How dismissive. That’s a shame.

  4. Here’s why it matters. Players found out who their coach was or that their coach was leaving or both from social media. It shouldn’t be done that way. Belcher or Ryle got it wrong on it getting out this way.


    Why would you assume he didn’t let the players know before hand? No one knows exactly how it went down and in what manner. To say anything definitive to the detriment of Coach Belcher’s character is grossly unfair to a coach who is extremely classy. Forgive me for straying off topic as I know this should be about the open position at Pendleton County.

  5. If you are looking at last decade would be hard to argue that Aric Russell isn’t up on the list. 5 region titles, 6 district titles in a row at Campbell County, state Quarterfinalist, state semifinals this year. Two miracle shots away from possible 6 regions in a row. All with homegrown talent.


    Tim Sullivan up the list as well. Steve Simpson at South Oldham. State of Kentucky has a lot of great coaches. People will answer with ones they know from their area for sure.

  6. This game is hard to figure out. I wouldn’t think that Campbell County as played many, if any, teams like John Hardin. I also wouldn’t call Campbell County’s schedule any tougher than John Hardin’s schedule.


    John Hardin has found ways to win all season. Handling adversity with poise enough to get the win seems to be what they do.


    Campbell County seems to be playing their best ball at the right time.


    Clearly John Hardin has been playing their best ball all season.


    Do they have any common opponents from this season?


    This game has all the makings of a classic.


    Only common opponent: Scott. They both played Scott twice.

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