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  1. The Maroons succumbed to injuries and frustration to end a decent 2017 season. With a strong offseason of weights, plyos, possible schematic changes, and the character building that has continually been addressed I believe Madisonville will have a more successful season in 18. Emotions or not sometimes opinions are based on past experiences or beliefs instead of facts. Region 1 should be tough all the way around again!

  2. Madisonville returns a lot as well as most of District 1 and FS in District 2, there seems to be a lot of emotion from Macdon in the last two posts regarding the Maroons from a game where both teams came away not looking like choir boys, Big Congratulations to FS on the State Championship in 2017 and hopefully if the two are able to cross paths next season the game will be closer and with less emotion from both sides. Good luck to all teams this offseason in preparation for what should be a great 2018 Season!

  3. Yes will have to for two more years for sure they do 4 year contacts. But they will always play at least two of them. Nobody close wants to play like Apollo and madisonville their are teams like Paducah tilman and bowling green would play us but that's long bus trip and not many of visitors make the game. Henderson vs Reitz is 8,000 people and when memorial came last year their was 7,800 plus right now we might as well get whipped close to home

    Madisonville would of gladly played in 17/18 had the weeks worked out and also the teams are scrimmaging each other each of those years

  4. This is a thread to congratulate DJ for his college commitment which is a great accomplishment and I know he will do great in the future, I will say as my last comment that someone should not have to fight for their eligibility unless some behind the scene circumstances occurred. He was a great asset to MNHHS and one that would've been successful at either program.

  5. Not getting into why he moved, situation was something that should have been looked at by the KHSAA, his mother and sister still live in Madisonville and his sister is an integral member of the Lady Maroon Bball Program and should have a chance to play in college also.

  6. He is a great athlete, but he is also an example of the 6'5 HS schools basketball center who decides to play football and gets a full ride. Had he played football his whole career he might have been an SEC player.


    Young men, play them all, don't put all your eggs in one basket!

    I agree completely! Multiple sport athletes are what colleges look for as they are more well rounded. DJ played football Freshman year at Madisonville then stayed with Basketball. A great accomplishment earning a scholarship to EKU but with his size and athletic ability could have played at a lot of FBS schools.

  7. Not sure who all is on the team but it will be players from across the state, I do know Owensboro had two selected, Madisonville one, and Daviess County one. Other than that I am assuming the entire list will be released soon as players found out Christmas Eve.

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