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  1. Great to hear he is ok. Hope he takes the time to heal completely before returning to the field. Good luck Travis.
  2. Any team has a shot on any given night, but i think the Blackcats will roll in this one.
  3. Good win for the Blackcats, but they better come to play 4 quarters come playoff time.
  4. Belfry wins for the 10th straight time in a rout.
  5. 5 - Marion Co 3 - Belfry 3 - Pulaski 1 - Trinity 1 - Tates Creek 1 - Apollo 1 - Corbin 1 - Campbellsville 1 - DeSales 1 - Bowling Green tb = 38 pts total
  6. I had the same thing happen in a grade school game in which i was coaching. I had a special player & never thought of asking something like this from an opposing coach, but they had the game in hand & it was actually the opposing coach's idea. (hats off to him) Made the kids day along with everyone who witnessed it. It's good to know there are truely some sportsmanship & good people out there still. Thanks for the post.... good story.
  7. The Blackcats played well in this one. They spread the ball around more so the SC defense couldnt key in on one or two players. Other than the long run by Avery Ray the Blackcat D played well containing SC's running game. I also agree with the previous post about controlling the clock & protecting there lead. Good job Blackcats & Good luck this week against Matewan WV.
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