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  1. Pike Central has one heck of a O-line to give Boggs plenty of time to throw. If Russell is suspect against the passing game as some have posted then it will PCC by 3 td's.
  2. Betsy Layne receiveing more votes than Pikeville in 1A is stupid. Pikeville beat them like a drum. Would have been worse if they hadnt played the JV. I know neither are in the top ten, but still looking at votes received.
  3. I of course will take the Blackcats in this one. Should be lots of balls flying around on Friday night.
  4. Congrats Pike Central you finally beat a team to give you some recognition.
  5. Better game than it should have been. I agree no defense in this one but the P'burg offense came to play. The Smith kid for SV was something else. He was zero to explode in 1 second. Big game for Adam Crisp of P'burg. I havent seen the final stats yet either.
  6. Keeping the coaches out of the decision i'm going with Jude hands down. Great kid & awesome back.
  7. Congrats Adam!!! Good to see mountain boys go to the next level.
  8. One heck of a streak. Thanks for the post.
  9. Yeah & if i remember correctly the last time P'burg played Betsy Layne the JV outscored there varsity in the 2nd half. I was looking forward to the P'burg vs Russell each year. I think P'burg JV could possibly beat Betsy Layne Varsity now.
  10. An official that dont make a holding call thats 30 yards away from a break away run when it has no effect on the play what so ever. Those kill me.
  11. Wow... dont understand why, but again it is a game i would love to see happen.
  12. Just looking for some opinions because i've not seen alot of the other 2A teams play this year.
  13. Czar, I have never known of P'burg saying no to anyone unless there schedule was already full. I agree that JC has one of the toughest schedules in the state. P'burg does not play a cup cake schedule either. Non District games including Belfry, Breathitt, Sheldon Clark, Pike Central, & the #1 1A team in WV, Matewan. I would love to see P'burg & JC play each year. I think it would become one heck of a rivalry game.
  14. Nice pics guys. I really like the old versus new stadium pics.
  15. 5 Grayson County 3 Beechwood 3 Ballard 1 George Rogers Clark 1 Graves County 1 Lexington Christian 1 Mason County 1 Rowan County 1 Ashland Blazer 1 Edmonson County TB 65
  16. 7 Grayson 5 Graves 3 Glasgow 2 Central Hardin 1 Murray TB Glasgow
  17. 7 Paintsville 5 Pineville 3 Belfry 2 Bath 1 Perry County Central TB Pineville
  18. They can only compete with there district. When they play the likes of Hazard they will be handed a good ole fashion butt whoopin. If they can keep a coaching staff in tact for a few years they will become a power in 1A again.
  19. John Derosett at Prestonsburg, and i think all but one of his Assistant Coaches.
  20. Prestonsburg will definitly roll in this one by 7 td's or more.
  21. If there is another team on our upcoming schedule (good team) i go watch them to see what we have in store for us in the upcoming weeks.
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