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  1. Congrats Belfry!!! Great game by both teams. You both brought it all & left it all on the field. Now go bring back the State Title to Eastern KY. Good luck from a Blackcat Fan.
  2. Right on the money. Thats why i hate the jet sweep. I think if Collins would have been in the backfield we could of had a little better blocking.
  3. Congrats Redhounds. You where the better team. Great season Blackcats. You proved the barber shop gossip wrong again. Thanks for the memories Blackcat Seniors.
  4. Agree, i have been trying to silence some of my doubter friends in other parts of the state for months now. They never seen him play in high school. They only looked at height & weight & said he couldnt do it. I told them his heart was larger than either of the other & he would contribute this year & beyond. Congrats to the Cards & especially Justice. Keep it up kid. All of Eastern KY are rooting for ya.:clap:
  5. NCC in a close one 21-20. A blocked extra point will be the difference.
  6. I'm gonna take my Blackcats 28-20 in a very hard hitting back & forth game.
  7. I'll say Prestonsburg... 35-28 (mostly because I LIKE P-burg's DBs 1-on-1 vs. most any receiving corp, NOT because I'm comfortable with P-burg's running game). I agree Pburgs DB's are tough to contend with 1-on-1 with Slone, Williams, & Jamerson. Not to mention the up & coming play of Anderson. I do think if they would use Collins more up the gut it would open up for the outside runs on the dreaded Jet Sweep i hate so much.
  8. Belfry at home will be to much for Russell. I'll take Belfry 21-13.
  9. Congrats Blackcats!!! Impressive game from the defense. If we can play aggressive on defense like that this week look out Corbin.
  10. What a great perfomance by the O-Line... way to take advantage of it JJ... good win Eagles & good luck this week against Highlands.
  11. Congrats Belfry... good luck against Russell this week.
  12. You learn from mistakes is why things like this come up IMO.
  13. Congrats Russell !! Sounds like this was a heck of a game to see.
  14. I agree they should get the stats in to possibly help the players. Someone from each team should be assigned to do this weekly.
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