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  1. I'm just glad everyone is overlooking my Prestonsburg Blackcats. I picked this team to be in Bowling Green from the beginning of the season. Although we have sustained several injuries along the way I still predict we will be playing in December.
  2. 7 Russell 5 Johnson Central 3 Owensboro Catholic 2 Southwestern 1 Male TB Owensboro Catholic
  3. Just like last week against Middlesboro, I think Prestonsburg makes a statement in this game. The Blackcat defense will be the difference in this one. Prestonsburg 36 Danville 20
  4. 5 Male 3 St. Xavier 3 Russell 1 Shelby Valley 1 Owensboro Catholic 1 Central 1 Franklin-Simpson 1 Johnson Central 1 Grayson County 1 Southwestern TB 47
  5. Pikeville wins the rematch, but the margin will be a lot closer than the first.
  6. Prestonsburg. Injuries have been a problem the last half of the season, but if this team can pull together they will make a strong run.
  7. 5 Henry Clay 3 Prestonsburg 3 Campbellsville 1 Manual 1 Estill County 1 Shelby Valley 1 Franklin County 1 Shelby County 1 Sheldon Clark 1 Fern Creek TB 71
  8. I forgot to get my picks in for a week or two before I realized it and just dropped out. I will avenge my loss next season.
  9. 7 Campbellsville 5 Franklin County 3 Collins 2 Sheldon Clark 1 Greenwood TB Campbellsville
  10. Prestonsburg is not getting any respect in the "Guru Poll".
  11. 7 South Floyd 5 Johnson Central 3 Pulaski County 2 Raceland 1 Greenup County TB South Floyd
  12. 7 - Corbin 5 - Knox Central 3 - Shelby Valley 2 - Whitley County 1 - Letcher County Central TB Letcher County Central
  13. The Blackcats dominated the line and held Jones to 85 yards 1 td. Jones was averaging over 170 yards rushing and 3 td's per game coming into this one. Great perfomance by the Blackcat defense. I seen something in this game i have never seen before. After an incomplete pass on 3rd and short, the ball was respotted and an official timeout was called for a measurement. I usually dont complain about offciating, but this game was rough. Congrats Blackcats!!!
  14. 7 Williamsburg 5 Allen Central 3 Lawrence County 2 Mason County 1 Clay County TB Williamsburg
  15. 7 Pulaski County 5 Prestonsburg 3 Russell 2 Pike County Central 1 Knott County Central TB Pulaski County
  16. After these you can throw the rest in a hat and pick.
  17. With a win this week I would put the in the 5ABCD category, but as of now I feel Hazard, Russellville, and Raceland have done more.
  18. Kudos to you ATLCat for clearing up the injury excuse. Hatfield, Taylor, and Willis are Belfry's 3 primary options. All 3 played. The way I see it as of now..... 1. Mayfield (only because they are the defending champs and a very close game against McCracken County) 2. Pikeville (they have the resume with wins over Prestonsburg, Hazard, and a statement win over Belfry) 3. Williamsburg (seem to be the real deal, but will not really know until about the 3rd round of playoffs) 4. Beechwood 5A Hazard 5B Russellville 5C Raceland Everybody else in any order.
  19. Finally some love for Prestonsburg. :dancingpa
  20. 5 Highlands 3 Lafayette 3 John Hardin 1 Paducah Tilgham 1 Scott 1 Trinity 1 Lawrence County 1 Pikeville 1 Hart County 1 Letcher County Central TB - 56
  21. Correction to your story. Pikeville last beat Belfry 31-14 in 2000. Great story though, and a huge win for the Panthers. Remember what I told you week 0 about Daric Pugh?
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