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  1. You do realize there are black families living in Corbin dont you? All the above others you mentioned, No I havent experienced that. Maybe you should move if its that bad.
  2. Wow, that is a crap load of money.he could have been the super duper king of doomsday prepping with that much money.
  3. I'm not sure I know where I've been, but up until the last year I have never heard of it. Maybe I'm blind to it but growing up and still today everyone I know has always acted as equals and the same. That's whites and blacks. Maybe it's worse in big cities.
  4. I agree that it does happen to someone everyday, but not to everyone everyday.
  5. I read it and still say its not like that in this time. If you dress nice, act nice, have manners, work hard, be polite, on time, good personality. Then you will earn stuff. Its not a privilige to have these, its a choice. If you want to have a chip on your shoulder and feel angry that you arent what others are and act that way. Then no, you wont make it long. Hopefully Rutgers will see this and act accordingly.
  6. And we know she has no privileges off campus how? So what are the priviliges us white boys have others dont?
  7. It didnt give me a leg up on anything. If anything it has made me a target of MINORITIES. This isnt the case in times we live in today.
  8. Why has all this WHITENESS PRIVILEGES stuff started? No one has given me anything, I went to college, worked my way through and live just like anyone else. DAY TO DAY. Im beginning to think all black people just hate white people.
  9. Why not, she is speaking about all white people and how much privilege we all have and how everything is just given to us. I dont look at stuff as in minoritys. I feel you get what you earn and if you work hard you will get it. I group us all together and dont single out things. If you do that then you allow race and sterotypes to get involved.
  10. I dont agree it is an everyday thing like this for minorities. She is a professor at a major college, tell me she doesnt have privileges? I do fit the stereotype, Im white. Thats why it upsets me that garbage like what she says just goes unreported.
  11. Most child rapist are also white. It is a FBI profile that they go by.
  12. How the HELL can we get rid of racism when we have a professor who is fitting stuff into her racist agenda and spreading hate. This stuff dont create dialogue, it just causes resentment from those who are not like that and those white people who dont feel the WHITE PRIVILEGE. I have never got anything given to me because I am white. She is talking about me because Yes, I am white and I am not like that. But her students who have her will get the impression yeh, white people are all like that. Maybe because it fits your agenda is why you dont disagree with her. I guess you feel all white people are privileged.
  13. Welp. Another young white guy has decided that his disillusionment with his life should become somebody else’s problem,” she begins. “How many times must troubled young white men engage in these terroristic acts that make public space unsafe for everyone before we admit that white male privilege kills?” The way she words and says it is racist.
  14. I think she is way off base and if she is spreading these racist views in class then IMO she shoud be fired. There is a difference in promoting and discussing it. She is promoting it.
  15. Thoughts? Is she out of line and racist herself? Rutgers Professor: Killing Spree Result of White Privilege | Truth Revolt
  16. They have all those rights and more. They have hate crime laws for them. Michael Sam was treated way better than Tim Tebow
  17. Hurry up and kill all of them so we don't have to worry about it.
  18. She has persevered for sure. She is as tough as Margaret Thatcher or Queen Elizabeth I. But she is a ruthless as Stalin or Lenin. She has her enemies scared.
  19. She is a sly OLD dog. Not everyone can just get away with murder like she did. She is also a tough OLD dog, not every woman would stand by her man after he committed adultery and tried to lie about it. She also lacks a conscience, she will do anything to anyone no matter what to get her goal, whether it's murder, lies, deceit, or being two faced. She is the master.
  20. I still wish Colin Powell had ran for Pres.
  21. No way he leaves FLA. If he didnt leave for Orlando when he had the chance in his own backyard, he wont be leaving.
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