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  1. Nahhh, you can't miss what you haven't had. He hardly played at all last year. I am not saying he isn't a good football player. I am just saying that he did not contribute that much last year and will not be missed. They have two juniors that are over 6'2" that can play defensive end. Plus, they worked Brilz in at end last year in case one of them plays on the offensive side of the ball. I am not concerned about losing Larimore.

    Losing your best athlete would be a blow to any team. Larimore will be missed this year.

  2. Beechwood's entire team is underclassmen so where do I start? It really is hard to single any out because there are so many talented young players .The two juniors who are impressing the most so far are probably Josh Bertke and Michael Colosimo. In the sophomores Darrick Brilz is probably the one to keep an eye on.
    Darrick Brilz shouldnt be in this conversation. Austin Bergfeld is the go to guy when you need runs and has a lot of heart.
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