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  1. ^ Good catch. I never thought of that. I still think Ian, Shane, and Joe should vote to keep Brit in. I'm not sure why they haven't seemed to realize that yet.
  2. FWIW, Federal Student Loans are capped at around $30,000. I found that out the hard way this year and had to get a private loan for my senior year. You can possibly go beyond that with Parent Plus Loans, and this cap only applies to undergrad work I believe. I wish I knew how he got over $100,000 from the government. I could use a couple thousand more myself.
  3. This is the only reason my roommates and I get the game. One of our favorite things to do in gaming is a fantasy draft franchise and play out seasons on end. Madden has essentially become "Play Now". :madman:
  4. I love Dr. Will and it will be very hard to dethrone him. But if this move pans out and he wins, I will probably give him the edge.
  5. I'm hoping the show captures what really happened, because I am still unsure of what was said to get it done.
  6. No co-op franchise mode... No fantasy draft... I'm pretty mad about it right now. Taking the game back tomorrow.
  7. As big of a pro sports fan as I am and how little I care about horse racing, I still would never give up the Kentucky Derby. It's a major part of who we are and one of the only reasons some people even know that Kentucky is a place. That race is the pride of our state. I want a pro team BADLY, but losing our namesake isn't worth it.
  8. I'm already aware of what's happened and my mind is still blown by it. Just... Wow...
  9. Very well-worded email Clyde. You make some excellent points in it as well. However, Jones will continue to act the way he does because that's what brings in the hits. He is a businessman, first and foremost. Seems pretty simple to me and I would do the same in his situation. Jones likes to create some controversy with his listeners, which he is very successful at. Look at this thread alone to see how well he does his job. FWIW, I couldn't care less about Bob Knight's hate for all things UK, but when he begins making up things about the players I have a problem with it. I don't believe that's too crazy, and that was the point someone on here was trying to make. Bench, welcome to the good side!! Glad to see BGP was able to talk some sense into you. #BBNForLife :lol:
  10. ^ I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Is Frank the greatest competitor to ever play the game? He has been so dominating in the competitions it is unreal.
  11. I don't really see a problem with this. I would never spend that much on a pair of shoes, but there are people willing to pay that for the status alone. Not everyone needs to own a pair of these and that's kind of the point. Nike shouldn't have to cater their prices so that everyone can afford every shoe they make. It's one way to keep the perception of Nike's brand appeal high. Good marketing IMO.
  12. Wow, Giovanni's is number 43?? That's pretty cool... First thing I get every time I visit home. Usually call in when I'm twenty minutes out and pick it up on my way to the house. There's just something about that grease...
  13. Man, I don't doubt it one bit. Even though he clearly can't fit under my bed anymore, he still tries his hardest to get his head under there. Do your's get extremely jealous? If I so much as hug my girlfriend, Kemba jumps up between us. Every. Single. Time. Always has to have the middle spot in bed too. :lol: He doesn't like anyone getting attention from his daddy but him.
  14. Here's a little photo spread of my 11 month old husky, Kemba. My favorite picture of him that I just took a couple days ago. Makes me laugh every time. He is a very generous dog who allows me to sleep in his bed with him, but only if he gets the very middle of it. He also shares his couch with me when we watch TV. He loves watching basketball, football, anything on Animal Planet, and Cops. I have no clue why he is so fascinated with Cops, but it completely consumes him the whole time it's on. Kemba still thinks he is a small dog and probably always will. My roommate has made him into a huge Rajon Rondo fan, which I am perfectly OK with. This is his attire for all Celtics games. Mainly though, Kemba is a Daddy's boy. I couldn't ask for a better dog.
  15. What I find most odd is how I can tell these aren't real NFL refs just by looking at them. It's like they all got uniforms two sizes too big or something. They all look very strange running around the field (the one's I've seen anyways).
  16. I think Ian knows what's going on. He's just biding his time because right now he is in a good spot.
  17. And that is exactly what makes him intimidating. He is a mastermind in this game. He went from having his back against the ropes to having total control over the house in just a few short days. What a turn around...
  18. My roommate is a Sixers fan and he is begging for this trade to go through if it means Bynum to Philly. Would be great for them IMO.
  19. I'm looking at around $40,000 in student debt when I graduate this spring. Not THAT much in the grand scheme of things, but still a lot more than I'd hoped for. Hoping to pay it off within 2 years by living as cheaply as possible and putting all spare cash into it. I don't want this $40,000 I owe to turn into the $75,000 it will be if I pay on their schedule. Interest rates are pretty high up there right now...
  20. Is there anywhere online to watch the games? I'll get the iPhone app too, but I'd prefer to just hook my laptop up to the TV for the games.
  21. Depends on how you define superhero. Obviously, Batman is a hero. The super in superhero typically refers to an extraordinary power or ability not possessed by normal human beings. So does Batman possess an extraordinary power or ability? My answer is absolutely YES! His mind is his superpower. Batman is always 10 steps ahead of his opponent, which completely offsets any physical or magical advantage they may possess. There is a reason that Batman and Superman are at the top of the DC Universe. For those who watched the cartoons or read the comics, you can see that Batman is very capable of going toe to toe with the universe's strongest beings. He is much more than a crime fighter with cool gadgets.
  22. I texted frequently in class, even though we weren't allowed (I was a smooth texter. Never even had to look at my phone to send a text, just to read). I can honestly say that I never felt it impacted my learning, and probably helped me to improve multi-tasking abilities. Once I got to college and was allowed to use my phone in class, I found the ability to use it for educational purposes were immensely helpful. I still text and even surf the web quite often, but if I struggle to understand a concept, immediate web access always provides me the answers I need. Kids who want to learn will always make sure they are able to do so. Kids who don't will always find ways to stay distracted. I personally don't think teachers can do anything to change that.
  23. Probably lack of faith in his ability during crunch time at this high of a level.
  24. Man Code - Rule 3874: No straight male shall ever tell another straight male that he "has been thinking about him a lot. A whole lot." Under no circumstance is this acceptable, and defying this rule is grounds for immediate Man Card revokal.
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