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  1. Still wish they'd bring Crew games back... But 2K is a must buy for me every year.
  2. Was considering going to the game this weekend. Instead, my friend Jim and I will be sitting at home watching the massacre unfold. Good job Cap.
  3. Good thing I am applying there! Sure would be nice to go to a company that's doing so well in this economy.
  4. Who all lives in Lexington or close to it that would like to golf Monday morning? I'll PM with details if anyone's interested.
  5. The game is all about balance. You can't win by making enemies with everyone along the way. You can screw over the occasional player, but keep it respectable. If you go past a certain point, you lose all hope of winning. Dan played the game to make it to the final two, but no way he should have won. It is INCREDIBLY impressive to control things the way he did this season. The strategy to winning is all about getting that right balance though. Dan went too far in the wrong direction. I still love Dan as a player, but you can't make that many enemies and expect to win. Keeping loyalty is a big part of the game as well. Ian did that to a much greater extent than Dan did, and it reflected in the final vote.
  6. Since I couldn't get all of my money back when I went to return it within 12 hours of purchase, my roommates and I have decided to stick it to EA by whipping all of their loyal fanbase online. Sitting pretty at 32-4 right now. Take that EA!
  7. Degree will be in chemical engineering. Want to go the industry route. I've applied at Eastman, Dow, and numerous other places. September 25th will be a big day with UK's engineering career fair.
  8. I saw someone post this in the comments section on KSR and found it quite interesting... UK football coaches’ records through 27 games since 1973: Hal Mumme: 14-13 Joker Philips: 12-15 Fran Curci: 12-14-1 Guy Morriss: 9-14 Jerry Claiborne: 9-16-2 Bill Curry: 10-17 Rich Brooks: 7-20 I know most will just say that it's still not good enough. He took over a solid program and ran downhill with it. Still, those stats speak to something.
  9. Is it still late night or has it reached early morning? Must be nice to have that extra money coming in. Hopefully when I graduate in May, I'll be in a similar situation and bring in a nice chunk of cash. That's why I'll be spending tomorrow applying for jobs. :lol:
  10. I agree. That's why I was so glad to see him pull out that POV. I'm a Dan fan, but I really want Ian to win this year. (Biased chemical engineering student outlook)
  11. This is where the game gets real. Ian clutched up with that veto win.
  12. Yeah, it was all very strange. The journey to that point should be a good one.
  13. I think it is a French pronunciation: sher-bay I still say sherbert though. I believe he was saying that people pronounce it ballard, which is incorrect. Bollard is correct.
  14. I'm still interested in how the season started... Walt with a false identity in some remote location. How will it all tie in? I really can't wait for next summer.
  15. I'm really proud of myself. Watching the episode, I did a really quick count of the number of stacks length-wise, width-wise, and height-wise. I came up with $80,000,000. Glad to see the internet agrees with my rough estimation.
  16. Is this supposed to be when they release the newest iOS as well?
  17. Why not? Just because football is going through a rough stretch? Have you seen how well UK is doing in all of our other sports? Good enough to be the number 2 athletic program in the nation according to the Capital One Cup. Barnhart is the athletic director. Not the football director. I think he is doing a fine job across the board.
  18. Not terribly disappointed by the offense. I was expecting much worse. This defense though....
  19. Grippo's BBQ sounds really good. I'll have to see if I can find some.
  20. What's that PP92? You consider yourself a UK fan?? You are one with BBN?? :dancingpa
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