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  1. iPhone 3G Guitar Hero World Tour NFS Undercover Some Clothes My Christmas was great! However, the best part was watching my Mom open her gift. Me and my younger sister (or my sister and I for you proper English nuts :lol:) had a professional photo shoot and sent the best picture off to be enlarged and framed. Easily the best gift we've ever gotten her and her eyes swelled up with tears of joy when she saw it. And yes, I am a Momma's Boy :thumb:
  2. I had a TMNT themed Christmas when I was 4. Most excited I've ever been for a Christmas and I still watch the home video of it every now and then. Best toy that year was one of those boxing rings with two figures that boxed and the loser's neck extended into the air. (In this case the boxers were Raphael and Splinter) I had fun with that thing for years! "It's a Raphael, Mom! Santa brought a Raphael toy!!" - Quote of my life :lol:
  3. Schedule at UK - 17 hours total COM 101 - Intro to Comm. MA 114 - Calc. 2 + Supplementary Workshop CHE 107 - Gen. Chem 2 MSE 201 - Materials Science HON 105 - Medieval/Renaissance World Not looking forward to this schedule. Have heard a lot of bad things about Calc. 2 and my Materials Science class. :cry:
  4. Congratulations to the Bluebirds on #18! It was a very fun game to watch.:dancingpa Also, I've only seen his name mentioned a couple times on here and think this young man deserves a little more credit than he's getting. #46 Blake Newman was EVERYWHERE tonight. He'd make 4 or 5 tackles in a row and then after a few plays do it again. He and #42 Olliver Head stuck out tonight. Congrats to these two players, and the team as a whole. p.s. I was wondering if anyone noticed the fumble by the Highlands RB that bounced off of the referee only to land back in the hands of the RB. I personally thought this was quite funny.:lol:
  5. Ashland - Josh Alber (LB,FB) & Rashard Carter (RB) Congrats to Josh Alber on making honorable mention all-state at LB. Pay attention to this kid next season. He's a force to be reckoned with.
  6. Oh yes, I believe I recall this "anomaly" of a 2-13 state champion now. Well based on a technicality I believe my prediction will hold true! I'll make an attempt at guessing the score Ashland-28 Highlands-24 Good luck Tomcats, I'll be there supporting you all the way.:banana:
  7. I think Darius Miller will make a name for himself this season. I like the way he plays and can't wait to see what happens with him.
  8. So are you telling me I was fed some false information???:eek: You may have just saved me a hefty sum my friend.
  9. UK A Team UK B Team UK Football Team UK Dance Team
  10. And I am one who notices patterns, and I believe I see one forming here! 03-W 04-L 05-W 06-L 07-W 08-?? Or maybe I'm just grasping for some sense of hope On a serious note I hope the Tomcats come out and play their best game of the season. If they do I think there could be an upset on the horizon. Prove to NKY what Tomcat football's all about. Go CATS!!
  11. But they bet a fiddle of gold against your soul, cause they think they're better than you :lol:
  12. J-E-T-S JETS JETS JETS!!! Roll big in this one
  13. "And the itsy bitsy spider went up the water spout. Down came the rain..."
  14. I think Cobb's the man for the job. He just has that playmaker ability that can be game changing. Yes, he made a couple of mistakes, but he is a true freshman. He's fast, has a very good arm, and is smart. I hope UK sticks with him because IMO that's there best bet to having a successful season.
  15. I'm pullin for Ashland in this one. Ashland - 21 Ironton - 14 Good Luck Cats!
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