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  1. After watching the Elite 11 competition on YouTube, I am craving a commitment from Mr. Woulard. His potential is off the charts!
  2. The view I saw on TV last night showed the backboard clock in the background of his shot. At 0.1 seconds, the ball has just barely, but still very clearly, left his fingertips. As soon as the clock strikes 0.0 and the backboard lights up, the ball is a good distance away from his hand. The call the refs made after watching replay was just sad. I really feel for this Colorado team. That would have been a marquee victory in helping them make the Big Dance. They got screwed over in this one. Still unsure how they could possibly make that call after watching the replays.
  3. Ashland made a solid statement tonight against Mercy with a 19 point victory which was every bit as dominating as the score indicates.
  4. I'd like to think they could crack top 15. Let's see how they finish this tournament though.
  5. Great game by the Kittens. They were hitting on all cylinders.
  6. I haven't read through the whole thread, so I apologize if this has been said. But.... Ever notice that the places where these shootings occur are the places where guns aren't allowed? Bad people will always be able to get their weapon and have it with them wherever they plan to strike. That's just an unavoidable fact. They strategically choose to go to the place with least resistance so they can wreak as much havoc as possible before either being caught or taking their own life. If we ban guns, we are opening up the entire nation as the place with least resistance. Then, nowhere becomes safe. That's certainly not the country I want to live in. I'm not sure what the best path to take is, but we need to keep weapons in the hands of the good people who can use them to protect.
  7. I actually was shown a documentary back in middle school about jets and planes. There was one tid bit that caught my attention and I immediately took the information to my dad, a self-declared conspiracy theorist. The film said the trails were chemicals being released to replenish the ozone layer. Take that FWIW...
  8. I used to find the empty boxes of my Santa gifts hidden in the basement. Eventually I said 1+1=2 and told my parents to stop the charade. I was 7. My sister who is 5 years my junior lasted until she was 9 or 10. Can't remember which.
  9. It should be about time for Christmas break, so I say just start the break early and come back to school after the New Year. Closing for the rest of the school year accomplishes nothing IMO.
  10. Didn't get to watch the game because I was at Boyd Co. from 1:45 (little sister's game) to whenever the Huntington Prep game ended. Aside from that, has there ever been much discussion on here about wins over the easier opponents early in the season?
  11. ^ I think one of the twins is hurt and won't be playing. Still should be fun to watch though.
  12. Interesting... Thanks for informing me. I honestly did not know that.
  13. If a landlord gives the police permission to enter a house he is renting to someone, can they enter if the resident says no? I'd think the landlord's wishes take precedent over the resident's, but I'm not entirely positive.
  14. If we get Brown, my excitement for next season will be greater then it's ever been for UK football. Brown would be a great final piece to the coaching staff. I would love to see what he can do with Smith.
  15. Pelicans?? Are you serious?? I want to be a fan because of AD and Miller, but this is too much to overcome. Sounds like a hockey team to me.
  16. What kind of recruiter is Brown? Any chance he could bring some good ones with him this year?
  17. Things not looking so good right now for this team. They're young though, and I have faith Cal will get it turned in the right direction. It's just going to take some time to get there.
  18. Kinda shocked that people are finding fault with this. LeBron may say and do some stupid things, but give some credit to the guy on this one. I think it's a sincere, heartfelt message. As far as the hard times argument, I'd say LeBron recognizes the fact that he hasn't gone through something as terrible as losing a child. That doesn't mean he hasn't struggled in a big way, but it's not the same and he recognizes that. The tool move would be to act like he's been through something similar. I say props to Bron Bron for this one.
  19. I saw this post on Cats Illustrated and must say... It is impressive the lengths people will go to troll some people. :lol: Enjoy
  20. ^ He may not be the home run hire, but I do love his attitude.
  21. Guys.. My source has confirmed that UK will be taking a new approach with the program. In an attempt to become a TRULY players first program, there will be no hire made for the head coaching position. In fact, there will be no coaches at all. This historic move will make the University of Kentucky the only football program in the nation that is FOR the players, BY The players.
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