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  1. ^I'm still a little confused about that outcome.
  2. Coach Love is an amazing guy. Very tough on his players, as he only wants them to reach their true potential. He knows how to get the best out of them and they all love playing for him. He has a strong passion for the game and knows it well. Congrats Coach Love!!
  3. As a Blazer grad, I'm not sure how I feel about it. Seems strange that the school I graduated from will no longer have the same name. To be fair though, when someone asks where I went to school, I always respond Ashland.
  4. I understand completely. May sound weird, but through the breakup I'm currently going through (girlfriend of 6 years) my dog has been my comfort more so than any human. :lol: In general, yes, a human life is worth more than a dog's. MY dog though... Well... That's tough.
  5. Not a bad idea by the Celtics really, as long as they're just looking to trade him again next season at a higher value. Bledsoe has shown he is starting PG caliber, and now he'll get a chance to be just that. Raise his stock by the end of the season, and the Celtics can probably make a big trade for next year. If they keep him, then I really don't understand the point of it.
  6. None of the people I watched the game with had a clue who he was. I've listened to a few of his clips on YouTube before though. Thought it was really cool that they used him for the commercial.
  7. Kentucky wins this one because they have to. I've always had faith in Cal to find a way and that isn't going to change now.
  8. It's OK, the rules don't apply to Duke... Someone had to say it.
  9. I could watch Trevor Lacey get buckets to this music all day long: [video=youtube_share;CG5zrDehIGw] :lol: :lol: :lol: Seriously though, I love his stroke. He shatters the net more often then not.
  10. I want Ed Reed to get his ring. That man deserves it, and it is the only thing missing from his first ballot HOF career.
  11. This just reminded me of an episode of South Park I just watched. Sarcastaball. If you haven't seen it, you'd probably get a good laugh from it.
  12. The 3.5 point spread kind of scares me. All sense would say that's an easy cover for the Cats. Vegas never makes things that easy, right? Probably just paranoid...
  13. Regardless of who he actually is, I have to say that I love listening to Ray Lewis speak. Even if it's just for show, even if he doesn't mean a word of it, Lewis is a well versed man. Holds my attention every time he opens his mouth.
  14. I honestly don't know what to think of the man. Public perception says one thing (murderer) while the people that actually know him say something quite different (great man who leaves a positive impact on anyone he touches). I find it difficult to judge this man, and I have no place to. I truly have never felt so conflicted on a sports figure.
  15. Gut feeling is that Asiantii will go Clemson. He just tweeted that he might deactivate his twitter after announcing. Could be because he knows how ruthless UK fans can be. I took that as a bad sign. Could be wrong though.
  16. Apparently he's been a bit of a defensive liability though.
  17. All of you gambled with UK's season and lost. That's on you all. :lol:
  18. I have a hard time seeing where Harrow is the problem though. I think he's been playing very well for the last several games.
  19. I'll admit to being a bit of a conspiracy theorist, but I can't buy into this being a hoax. I just don't see how it could possibly be pulled off. However, do I think the government is using the media to exploit the situation that occurred? Yes, I think that is very possible. I wouldn't put it past those in charge to take advantage of a tragedy to push forward their political interests.
  20. ^ What makes him so effective though? Great technique and footwork? I don't remember him looking super athletic from when he played with MKG. Does he have any kind of range? Great finisher around the rim?
  21. Anyone care to explain this kid's game? Honestly haven't been able to watch him play much.
  22. Don't feel bad... This happened to me for the UK-UNC basketball game last season. With 5 minutes left in the game, my roommates and I realized we were 30 minutes behind Live TV.
  23. Second, this video has a guy who can also do some dubstep beatboxing. I was impressed by the quality of this cover. (I know it's a Taylor Swift cover... Please don't revoke my Man Card) [video=youtube_share;WcM14Al83Ls]
  24. [video=youtube_share;dBLaTG0KHKw]http://youtu.be/dBLaTG0KHKw
  25. Here's the videos for you and anyone else interested in watching. It's really a good production. I enjoyed watching it today. [video=youtube_share;kmwYT0P5cys]http://youtu.be/kmwYT0P5cys
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