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  1. My list is very 90's centric except for one but they are below.


    1. James Quick - I've never seen a guy dominate KY high school football and make it look so easy.


    2. Artie Steinmetz - I played a lot of football, against a lot of guys that went on to play in college. This guy was the most dominant player that I ever played against. No doubt in my mind that had he not been killed in an accident he would have been a NFL player.

    3. Shaun Alexander - Right up there with Artie but I didn't lose the one on one battle so badly.

    4. Justin Frisk - Still don't know if I've seen a smoother more fluid high school running back.

  2. A car guy told me that if a car starts and runs it is worth $1,000.00 to someone no matter what the body looks like. I would guess the dealer will over you no more than $300 for it being so old and beat up. There are plenty of 16 year olds with $1k in the bank looking for a ride that would probably buy it.

  3. I listened to Joe Rogan's podcast the other day when he had Gary Johnson on. Johnson was basically begging people to vote for the candidate they most aligned with. He said a 3rd party candidate has no chance unless they can get into the Presidential debates and they can't do that unless they poll over 15%. He also said a 3rd party candidate can't poll over 15% because they are not included in national polls.

    To sum it up, the entire game is controlled by the two parties and until the belief that my vote is wasted goes away it will continue to be that way. It was an interesting interview and I agree with much of his platform. I'm just not sure I can get behind his vision of health care.

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