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  1. Playoff history between these two in the 6 class era:


    2017 Reg. Final at Paintsville - Raceland 31 Paintsville 14

    2016 Reg. Final at Paintsville - Paintsville 21 Raceland 14

    2015 Round 2 at Paintsville - Raceland 20 Paintsville 15

    2014 Reg. Final at Raceland - Raceland 32 Paintsville 21

    2013 Round 2 at Raceland - Raceland 42 Paintsville 12

    2012 Reg. Final at Paintsville - Raceland 31 Paintsville 14


    2015 was won by Paintsville 20-15.

  2. After a rough start to the season, Coach Maynard has had his team playing well. I look for Russell to be focused and get the W.


    I doubt many of the Russell fans thought they'd be favored to win game #8 and a chance of playing a home game for the Region Championship after game #3 this year. Great job coaching and an even better job of kids buying into what they were being taught and going out and producing.

  3. Add to the above a long road trip across the state to face a quality opponent makes me think that even though Waggener is capable of winning, I'd expect Russell to by a couple of touchdowns.


    I am not being argumentative with you but this comment always blows my mind. The long bus ride should not affect 16-19 year old athletes. It affects us 50 year old's with bad knees and backs that ride with them. LOL I am of the opinion that long bus rides being blamed for bad play or losing is just an excuse.

  4. Grass, mud, turf, gravel or concrete :lol2:…. lets go get a W ! Actually, I am glad the game has been moved to BCHS, will be far better press / coaches box, fan seating and not to mention the most important …. a better playing surface for both teams. Rain is the one equalizer. Should one team have had a huge advantage in any certain area, that may become even.


    On a side note …. I feel certain that the Raceland-Worthington schools admin. would gladly allow this one to be moved to Raceland … just say'n :D


    I had this discussion earlier in the week with Coach. He said, "I don't care where we play the game. Let's line-up in the parking lot, it's fine with me."

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