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  1. I can understand. They were a total unknown quantity different than other schools with existing programs and coaches. While everyone starts with new players on the freshman level, when you also have new coaches who may have no clue about the incoming players, I can see why Cooper chose this option for year one. Looking at how these kids who are now seniors are performing, it sure doesn't look like it was a bad decision.


    This was actually year two. They played in the big school freshman league their first year.

  2. I would hardly say that a fumble was a reason for a loss. The whole tone of the second half was set when BW let SK run 91 yds for a TD on Special teams. You can hardly blame one kid in the last 2 minutes.


    I don't think anyone was blaming one kid for the outcome of the game. I think they were stating the obvious...the QB fumbled on the winning drive.

  3. He had cramps the last game and played sparingly in the 2nd half, we didn't look like the same team


    In the state championship against Hazard, he had a torn meniscus, we were not the same team.


    I guess to answer your question Spartan, Mayfield will go as far as Jackson takes them... in my opinion.


    He is very talented. Anyone who watches him in person or on film can attest to his abilities. And good to hear he's not hurt. Best of Luck!

  4. If just SK alone got to keep all their talent, probobly yes. If Campbell, Dixie, Ryle and Boone all got to keep thiers as well, maybe not.


    I'd like to see your assertion put to the test! Beechwood Football is a house of cards waiting to implode because it depends upon out of district enrollments and transfers. Have a bad year or two and that flow stops, and your coaching staff knows it. That's why they do things like send coaches to their opposition's practices!!!!!!

    What coaches were at the oppositions practices? And how could they be when most teams practice after school at the same time. I think your just reaching and trying to incite.


    Secondly, if any school could keep all their players they would be better. BW loses a whole lot of FM kids to Cov Cath. Heck, kids that go to BW get letters in the mail from Cov Cath with tickets for a varsity football game and free hot dogs. Is that legal? That's why I have said all along...get rid of the rules. Let parents and kids decide where they want to go. Everyone pays there taxes where they live and if they'd like to pay for tuition at an out of district school for whatever reason (academics, athletics, band, chess team..) let them do it.

  5. Not quite true or at least mine didn't. I have worked outside since the 1st of March from 9am until around 2pm or so in weather that included rain, cold, nice, windy and hot and even after I thought I "was use" to the heat, I got sick on Thursday from the heat!


    Your body does adjust but you still can go down in extremes and Thursday was one of those days!


    Well you can't hydrate with beer!

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