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  1. No offense intended, but if the Ohio State team that showed up today shows up to play the Alabama team (or even the Texas A&M or LSU teams I've seen at times), well... it's a different game. They've got a path to the national title game, but they need to bring more than they did tonight, because a team like Alabama won't let them up when they get down.
  2. I don't think it's "heartless" to think that money that's supposed to be going toward breast cancer research actually go there... you have a very good point Jim Schue, and it was basically the same one I was trying to make, but you did it more succinctly.
  3. Yes, but that's life in the SEC. You wanna be the best? Play the best. Few "off" weeks in the SEC-- that's the nature of the beast. No arguing with the SEC's spot in the college football landscape right now. Anyone who tries to make one is just fooling themselves.
  4. Yep. Penn State would be a more enticing game if it were in Happy Valley, but it isn't. I'd call it a major upset if someone knocks off Ohio State between now and their grudge match with Michigan.
  5. Looks like OSU escapes and wins one that could have easily went the other way, but that's what good teams do. They escape and live to play another day.
  6. Yea. Worth the chance to me though, especially with the way Hyde's been carrying the rock.
  7. Yep. I'd be throwing the challenge. What do you have to lose?
  8. Yep. Talent differential is still there, especially as far as depth is concerned, but given some time, we should only improve. At least now, there's a light at the end of the tunnel.
  9. OSU pushes back out to 4 following a Carlos Hyde TD run. That's his 3rd TD of the half if I heard correctly.
  10. Touchdown Northwestern. 30-27 with 9:00 remaining in the 4th Quarter.
  11. Not big on moral victories, but yes, it was nice to see this one, especially knowing that help is on the way. To consider we were without Williamson as well lets us know that Stoops is doing some things right and that we're on our way. Timmons, Kemp, and Hatcher all looked pretty good.
  12. I'm not big on moral victories, but tonight was one for me.
  13. Don't know if it was a purposeful onside kick or not, but Mansour's onside kicks need to improve if that's what it was (this and the WKU game).
  14. Ohio State has dialed up the intensity. 23-20, Northwestern still leads, but their grip on the game is loosening.
  15. TD Kentucky. Whitlow gets in on the keeper. Regardless, Kentucky has shown some grit and that better days lie ahead for the program. Down to 4:00 remaining in regulation, so I'd imagine an onside kick is on the way.
  16. Javess Blue down inside the 10 on a huge reception. Looks like a blown coverage.
  17. Interesting stat: that was Cocky's first successful 2 point conversion since 2003.
  18. 2 point conversion is good, pushing the lead out to 14.
  19. Shaw completely had his way with our defense on that drive. TD South Carolina. 33-21. PAT on the way.
  20. And now Northwestern recovers a fumble. Third Ohio State turnover of the game. Northwestern has it going on right now.
  21. South Carolina's Bruce Ellington drops the kickoff and can only get back out to the 11. 27-21, SC leads. 11:41 left. We need a stop.
  22. Seeing the replay of that "spike", I think he was waving his arms and the ball slipped honestly. We caught a break there.
  23. It's now a 7 point game with the PAT to come. 27-20, South Carolina leads.
  24. Touchdown Kentucky! Whitlow to Timmons! Great play call, Timmons was wide open off the fake.
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