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  1. What were Towles second half stats? I bet his 4th quarter and overtime stats look pretty darn good.
  2. This is the Towles saga. We should have seen this coming a mile away. Consistency is the issue. Would it be surprising to see Towles tear it up in the second half, nope! This is our QB.
  3. I'm still right here. I'll be here when he has another game like the Florida game, as well. I have never said Towles doesn't have tools. The issue is consistency. The last two weeks illustrate my point perfectly. The dude at QB tonight should never play the way he did against Florida or the way he did in the second half versus Louisiana. As an alum of UK, I hope he has found the right formula and takes us to the next level- this game against Mizzou hasn't brought me, personally, any closer to thinking that he has.
  4. He is in the team picture, no question. I prefer Elway and Montana, in that order. Then, I'd go Brady. Elway took teams to the Super Bowl that had no business there and once he got a runner then he won his. Montana wasn't prototypical in any way physically, yet he dominated with a dominant franchise. He never lost the big game when he got there. Brady is the modern Montana. He dissects defenses like a surgeon. I'm always more surprised at his incompletions than his TD's. I expect him to be great and he rarely disappoints. For me, the controversies of Spygate and Deflategate don't impact my opinion of Tom. Frankly, I am even willing to admit that I might be biased against Brady as a Jets fan and in that I watched Mintana and Elway as a kid (everything is better when you are a kid). My two lincolns...:walk:
  5. The second coaching decision that is getting no pub is the defensive call from Spagnolo to start Dallas' game winning drive. Why in the world are you in man coverage there? Dump off to the back goes for nearly 30 yards because there aren't enough eyes on him. That is a 10 yard gain and a tackle if you play zone there.
  6. The Big North United in Jersey and the Trinity League in California will give the GCL South a run for its money year in and year out. You can check the records for any period of time you'd like and you'll find great football that is comparable if not better. You can also throw in the Indiana Metro Conference and the WCAC in Maryland, DC and Virginia as on par.
  7. I just found a site that had Patrick Towles listed as a higher rated pro prospect in 2017 than JT Barrett. I don't think the NFL is an option for him after sitting this entire season if that is truly the case.
  8. My opinion- he has better tools than Tebow, Pryor or Miller to be a pro QB, but I just mentioned the history that he must overcome. He will need to perform well in pro day workouts, private workouts and the combine to help his status. Looking at his mechanics and tangibles, he is closer to Alex Smith than to any of the other Urban guys I mentioned, IMO. That should help him.
  9. He will be eligible to go pro, but I don't believe he is a top QB prospect. It would be to his advantage to play and then consider his options, IMO.
  10. I'm sure a Buckeye fan will know the answer, but I would bet no since we haven't seen shots of those guys on the sideline on TV tonight.
  11. KO'ing QBs without Bosa...embarrassment of riches in Columbus.
  12. It will be his job next year. What situation would he transfer into for 2016 that is better than this one?
  13. That receiver is better than every QB on UK's roster. I'm genuinely jealous!
  14. Please do not call me an OSU fan. I am a UK alum and, besides Berea College (go Mountineers!), they are the only schools I root for. I am a football coach and fan and that is the perspective I offer.
  15. The adjustment is get Zeke the ball in the second half. Once that happens, you can use play action and roll outs to make things easier for your inexperienced receivers (and inexperienced QB, for that matter). Of course, you can go to the backup QB and run the option based system, but I wouldn't try to do that with Cardale. JMO.
  16. You could see that fumbling coming. Zeke hasn't looked comfortable fielding punts tonight.
  17. I'll never understand why you would take Ben Roethlisberger and ask him to play like Colin Kaepernick. It is how Urban likes to ball, but speed option is out if Jones is in, IMO.
  18. Ha...we just need to get you a few tech upgrades, my friend.
  19. You can screen shot the PDF on your mobile device and upload from that. You'll need a smart phone or a tablet. Otherwise, borrow a computer that is a little more updated and it will be easy enough.
  20. I always think about that tweet from his freshman year and just assume he'd go to the league ASAP if he had the chance, although he has already disproven my little theory by coming back for this season.
  21. We'd take him...plus any one of those QBs you guys wanna toss our way. :walk:
  22. Multiple pics. You can use a scanner app on a mobile device or just get on a desktop and do it.
  23. I'm assuming that he goes after this year. I could be wrong, though. Also, he is an academic senior on pace to graduate in May, no?
  24. Well, to me Cardale made the most sense because he only has this year. JT will likely be back next year regardless of whether or not he starts in 2015.
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