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  1. Stunned- thought this kid was going with his buddy to NC State. Any insight on how Cal landed this dude @gametime?
  2. Carmelo is on the books for the Knicks Until 2019; Rose becomes a free agent after 2017. Rose is a better defender at his position. Rose would give you a wing scorer to replace some of Melo's production lost in the Triangle. Rose is a much better player in transition and at igniting transition plays. Rose allows you to run pick and roll plays with Porzingis and gives you similar effectiveness in isolation plays to Melo. If you want to keep Rose long-term, he is younger by 4 years. The biggest downside is injury, obviously. The greatest ability you can have as a player is availability. I get that, but Carmelo just missed an entire season himself. JMO.
  3. Likely, no. I don't think Phil ever placed great emphasis on the point guard position. If he looked at Rose as a wing scorer, maybe it would make sense in the Triangle but I think the consensus is Melo is likely better at that, right now.
  4. This is what started it. There is a podcast called the Solid Verbal and these guys started the gag. [video=youtube_share;2EwSP_yPa0w]
  5. What about Rose for Carmelo? Win-win for the Knicks and the Bulls, maybe?
  6. Incidentally, there are rumors that Luke Walton will be the next Lakers coach after this season's catastrophe that the Lakers season is setting up to be.
  7. When this happened in the NFL with Chuck Pagano missing time due to cancer treatment and recovery and Bruce Arians taking over and having great success, Arians was named NFL Coach of the Year even though he was technically the OC and only an interim coach. Maybe the NBA would do something like that?
  8. He and Steph are 1 and 1A. I think I'd take Steph this week. Next week, I might change my mind.
  9. Lebron is better, but Steph deserves all the praise in the world. As Jalen Rose said on NBA Countdown, he has the two most important titles in the basketball world right now, NBA Champion and NBA MVP. His start to the year has been straight fire! Is there any question who is the best PG in the league? I guess only if you consider Westbrook a PG.
  10. Al Golden fired: Top 11 candidates for the Miami Hurricanes head coaching job | FOX Sports
  11. Pretty good stuff right there from the coach, IMO.
  12. https://www.seccountry.com/auburn/will-muschamp-regrets-never-offering-kentucky-wr-garrett-johnson
  13. It is EXTREMELY rare to find a dude that is your kickoff guy, place kicker and punter at the higher levels of college. The skills required are not all apples to oranges. One of the advantages to playing college ball is the amount of reps you get at your position. A guy would have to be better than another dude while getting 1/3 of the reps at the skill. It isn't likely.
  14. It helps, but there is a transition here, too, due to faster expected execution, punting from 15 yards away from the snapper instead of 10-12 yards and the required height that must be achieved in relation to distance. Most teams have the Missouri rule when it comes to kickers- if you want the scholarship, then "show me" for a year that you can do the job. The easiest kicking transition is normally kick offs. There isn't much change from execution in high school to college- it is really about the height to distance ratio. If you can boom it out of the end zone (with significant height) on kick offs in high school, then you likely can in college.
  15. Believe it or not, place kicker is one of the toughest positions to project from high school to college. The difference between kicking off of a two inch block versus the one inch block allowed per NCAA rules is significant. There are many top prospects that don't pan out because of this. This is why teams wait- they want to make sure that the dudes they bring in to kick can actually do the job. Combine that with the necessity for faster timing on place kicking execution in college and you end up with more of a crapshoot than most realize.
  16. I feel like I need to understand everything that this entails before passing judgement. I would love to see him get pink slipped, but I think that if he genuinely didn't know about this then I don't know how you fire him. He needs to avid the whole "lack of institutional control" label to survive this, IMO.
  17. Probably Louisville, Ohio St., Tennessee and Michigan St.- in that order. Not a big fan of Navy either, since they were the only service academy that didn't recruit me out of HS (even the Coast Guard Academy sent your boy a letter and invited me to campus!).
  18. Okay- I disagree. Nothing that Auburn has done that makes me think that UK can't beat them at Commonwealth. Same with Tennessee and Louisville. The question for UK is which Towles shows up? Good Patrick gives them a chance to win all of those games. Over a week to get the o-line healthy and to get Boom back in the good graces of the coaches before Auburn. We'll see- it is UK, so they could get run off the field in these games. I think they have more than just a punchers chance in all the games I listed, however.
  19. You can check my posts on the matter, I am the last guy making excuses for Mr. Towles.
  20. I feel fairly confident that between Auburn, Tennessee, UNC Charlotte and Louisville- all at Commonwealth- and Vandy in Nashville, that we can get two wins. Bye week to prep for Auburn- this is the kind of game that Towles ends up playing solid in. We are in good shape after eeking out a win tonight, IMO.
  21. This is exactly what I said I would not be surprised to see from Towles. His swings are wild. Thank goodness we got good Towles when we needed it.
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