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  1. Haven't read this thread, but I commend UK for the heart they have played with tonight. They ran out of bodies, in the end.
  2. What if he blows out both his ACL's? I am not dealing in what if's or emotion. To me, the facts are what they are. He isn't playing for a team that looks poised to play well through March, like the guys you mentioned. He isn't playing for a coach that has a history of getting guys prepared to be high draft picks, like the guys you mentioned. When you deal in the tangible, I don't think there is a viable reason for Ben Simmons to stay at LSU for another minute.
  3. Read post #1. Those guys situations were not the same as Ben Simmons.
  4. No, he doesn't get to work like an NBA player everyday. He is restricted based on NCAA regulations as to how much coaching he can receive. Plus, as long as he is used as he has been by LSU then I would argue his game reps aren't really as meaningful as they should be. He could actually hire a personal coach- pay any ex-NBA coach to help him work on his game. He could go get a trainer to begin his conditioning and strength work. Sign with an agent. Get your shoe money right now. Heck, sign with a D-league team (if possible, at this point) and finish out the season to get game reps. Those coaches would use him like he will be used in the NBA. There is no advantage to staying at LSU based on how he has been used and how they have played to this point in the season, IMO.
  5. He has played 20 games. What more is he going to learn when the team and coach don't know how to utilize his skills? He is better off hiring a personal coach and training as he would in an NBA off season.
  6. His enjoyment is your reasoning for why he should stay. Read my original post. It was never a reason I mentioned for why he should leave. If this is the best reason one has for him staying, I think my reasons are just as weighty if not more valid. We can agree to disagree. College isn't the only place to learn those things you mentioned. I would argue that he'd be better prepared for the NBA lifestyle by leaving college and training full time, as he would do in an NBA off season. In fact, some of the best and most impactful relationships he could build, like ones with an agent or sponsors, are illegal while he remains at LSU.
  7. Again, you assume he is enjoying it. If the best one can do is say he might enjoy his on court time at LSU, then I'll stick to my original thoughts in this thread.
  8. I spend money on shoes. I'm a grown man, so cash on sneakers is out of the question. That being said, I want full-grain leather, goodyear welting, and quality stiching. I own Adam Derrick loafers, multiple pairs of Johnston and Murphy dress shoes, Joseph Abboud boots- point being, I spend on shoes. My reasoning is about the economics. I can take my shoes to a cobbler and have them repaired as they age for a fraction of the price of buying new ones. The Economy of Boots- it is a great story if you don't know it.
  9. If the best reason anyone has for him staying is he may or may not be enjoying his time on the court, I think my question has been answered.
  10. You think he enjoyed today? To say that he is enjoying this season is a big assumption, IMO. He may love basketball, but I can't imagine he is enjoying his time on the court as a Tiger. I say, go get ready for that job. He is going to do this anyway in two months. Accelerate the process and he may actually have a better opportunity to prep for the NBA lifestyle than he could ever hope to get at LSU.
  11. Quit college right now and enjoy being a young and handsome millionaire with no real responsibility for four months. And, of course you can get hurt doing anything. Mitigate that potential by removing the riskiest activity he participates in right now- which is playing basketball for LSU.
  12. So, I'm watching the LSU vs. Oklahoma game. Ben Simmons crosses over his defender and gets a reverse dunk. My wife turns to me and says, "That is the best player in the country!" We proceed to watch as LSU players try to win the game without Ben Simmons. He gets his points off of put backs and offensive rebounds throughout most of the second half, it seemed. The coach doesn't call plays for him as the primary offensive threat. His team doesn't exhibit a sense of urgency to get him the ball. My wife says to me, "You would think they would try to use #25 a lot more." While I admit that I wish he went after the ball more aggressively, in a one possession game during the last three possessions Simmons only touched the ball on a defensive rebound and to inbound the ball. Why risk injury on a team that won't make the NCAA tourney and for a team that doesn't know how to utilize your abilities? We have seen twenty college games worth of his talent. What more does the NBA need to see? If I was him, I would have called Dickie V into the locker room after the game and declared for the draft right then. Withdraw from classes, go workout at the IMG facility, take out an insurance policy on your body and wait for the end of June. Thoughts?
  13. Nick Saban Urban Meyer Jim Harbaugh David Shaw Bill Snyder Lots of great coaches out there, including: Bob Stoops Gary Patterson Chris Petersen Brian Kelly Jimbo Fisher Les Miles Mark Dantonio Art Briles Larry Fedora Charlie Strong Bobby Petrino Ken Niumatalolo Paul Johnson Troy Calhoun and who am I forgetting...
  14. I like the reasoning here on the Steelers. He reminds me of Ben. The Steelers already have a developmental QB in Landry Jones, though. They don't strike me as a team that would give up on Jones after a year.
  15. He'll need to sit and learn. Makes sense anywhere from the 4th round on. There is always a premium for QBs, but I can't see anyone taking him before Round 3 and that would be a team with multiple picks that is placing a premium on getting a developmental QB. JMO.
  16. Everything is based on circumstance, but in a vacuum I would levy a fine.
  17. SEC: Alabama, LSU, Florida, Georgia Pac 12: USC B1G: Michigan, Ohio St. ACC: Florida St. Big 12: Texas, Oklahoma Independent: Notre Dame
  18. I haven't been this disappointed in a finish to a UK season in a long time. We didn't deserve a bowl game based on how we finished. My two cents on the QB situation- Towles is not the guy that will lead us to a bowl. This was his season to prove that he could and he didn't elevate his game nor the offense. Barker hasn't impressed as much as UK fans hoped he would in two starts. He is the guy headed into the off-season. We need to hope for growth. All of this being said, we have had lackluster development of the QB position. We need to make significant changes to this part of the off season program. I know we have a QB in the recruiting class for next season and that seems appropriate, but we needs a program for development that improves what we see in the field from these guys. JMO.
  19. He is done in Cleveland. He will be a Dallas Cowboy next year. Trade will happen on draft day. Jonny for a 5th rounder that will become a 4th based on incentives.
  20. QB vs. RB= totally different scenario. Teams already don't value runners, they will downgrade a runner that is viewed as a potential distraction. I don't believe this one incident will impact draft status on its own, but it will come up in draft rooms and make teams due a little extra due diligence on Zeke.
  21. Of course they can. The real question is does anyone think they will?
  22. Between the Clippers, Spurs, Thunder and Cavs, someone is getting a game off of those dudes in the playoffs, IMO.
  23. Their first loss of the season will either be December 2nd at Charlotte (4pm start for a west coast team going east) or December 5th at Toronto (2pm start). I think that once someone breaks the proverbial seal, they will look mortal. I see them being very close to their 67 win total of a year ago, but falling short of 70 wins.
  24. I love both guys...1 and 1A as I have said in the past. The one concerning point for me is that Westbrook, without Durant, doesn't seem to elevate his team as much as I expect him to. I think about missing the playoffs last year. I just watched OKC lose to the Knicks at home without Durant. That is a slight chink in his armor considering Steph is the lead dog on the NBA defending champions and defending MVP. All that being said, I might change my answer next week- seriously, that is how great both those dudes are.
  25. Are you surprised by that or was this the "word on the street"?
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