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  1. Based on my understanding of the rule and the reporting that has been done over the last 24 hours, there are specific parameters that are outlined for calling a technical foul. I think the review can clarify the grey area that can come with "common sense" rulings. Where does referee discretion begin and letter of the law end. If this scenario is posed again, what are the options for the ref?
  2. ESPN does this statistical analysis called Win Probability. Games are analyzed based on specific scenarios and the chances of winning are determined based on this analysis. I wonder how the win probability would have been impacted based on the various scenarios at the end of the game. That called technical must have shifted the win probability dramatically, I bet.
  3. I disagree with anyone that says this isn't the type of thing that the conference should investigate. That being said, nothing meaningful will come of it for UK. There may be some clarity provided for officials in the future as to how to handle this type of end of game situation.
  4. Disagree...the team that had bodies at the end won. UK lost 3 guys during the game and one of those was due to injury.
  5. I think Cal could have chosen anyone not on the floor. The issue would have been Willis' ankle. Could he have shot free throws with the injury? Plus, what if he missed the second and had to get back on defense? He couldn't have been a viable option, IMO.
  6. Anyone can be an entrepreneur in this great country of ours without a degree. Didn't Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg both drop out of college to pursue their companies? Those dudes declared early for life and it worked out well for them. My point is that a degree doesn't correlate to success in the NBA, so I can't see the logic behind requiring a degree. In many aspects of the working world, we don't require the degree. Basketball mirrors many of those careers. The amount of money generated by the players has zero to do with the degree they would receive, so I can't see the sense in forcing this route on players.
  7. I almost feel like it was better for him to walk out than to say something dumb in the heat of the moment.
  8. When I saw this, I felt a little differently about his press conference. Listen to the audio of the Broncos player having his post game presser within ear shot of Cam. https://youtu.be/-H7t46cBCzc
  9. I hope beyond all hope that Mark Jackson gets this gig, as a Knick fan. If not him, I would LOVE to see this be Patrick Ewing's first shot as the head guy.
  10. Can't see that happening. Knicks fans feel like UK fans do about the dude...remember he left the Knicks to take the UK gig.
  11. It worked for Carson Palmer. Maybe he wants a change of scenery. I would venture to guess teams would be willing to offer up 3rd or even a 2nd round pick to Detroit for his services.
  12. Right now, it is Steph. My main reason for it is his team's dominant performance and the fact that he leads them. Add to this the fact that Lebron and Westbrook can't beat this guy, and it clinches it for me. It is still a very close debate, however.
  13. Calvin Johnson told Detroit Lions he plans to retire
  14. Megatron has communicated to Jim Caldwell that 2015 was his last season. Shocked!
  15. I agree with everything you said here. Even agree with the part about quitting. This being said, I am seperating the emotion from the logical reasoning. Ben put in his time and played hard for two thirds of the season. He has nothing left to prove, but more importantly he has nothing left to gain playing out the string. We actually see this all the time in sport. Time to hang it up and declare, if one and done is his intention.
  16. If your argument for why he should keep playing is about 5 more shot attempts per game and playing for the Sixers, then I strongly disagree. 1. Regardless of if he declares in the next 30 seconds or finishes the season, the Sixers are a possible destination. 2. Even with 100 more shot attempts, the analysts today said Simmons isn't aggressive enough (and, mind you, his team was winning by double digits at the time). Today was not the first time this has happened. Check his box scores. Watch his games. His team mates freeze him out, unimaginably. His coach doesn't feature him, unfathomably. People are nitpicking his game for things that aren't in his control, IMO.
  17. His talent and hard work may have had just a little to do with his status as a number 1 pick, wouldn't you say? He was that dude out of HS and he is still that dude.
  18. If his team mates won't follow, he can't lead. If his coach won't provide the opportunities, he can't be a good team mate. His opportunity has nothing to do with a decaying society or a high school junior's opportunity. That really is a red herring, IMO. The bottom line is he is not in a situation that is good for his future development as a player. He has dealt with 20 games of adversity. He has learned lessons. He put in enough to cement his place at the top of the NBA Draft board. Ben Simmons is being failed by LSU. His team mates get time in front of NBA scouts because of him. His coach is not developing him as a basketball player as he should. LSU makes hundreds of thousands, if not over a million, dollars in merchandise, ticket sales and tv revenues because of him. He is getting the short end of the stick. Time to cut bait. It isn't about emotion, it is about reason, IMO.
  19. What in the world makes anyone think that Ben Simmons plays on a team that is anywhere close to the team that Anthony Davis played for? He doesn't. That is a part of my argument. Davis played with the number 2 pick in the draft and multiple other first round picks so that he could showcase his full abilities. He also played for a coach that knew how to utilize his unique defensive prowess. Simmons plays with guys that don't get him the ball in crunch time. One of his best attributes is his passing ability. The coach doesn't draw up enough plays for him to be a facilitator and his team mates show no sense of urgency to get him the ball. Again, this is a part of my argument. Facts are what they are, IMO. He has played two thirds of the season. He has nothing left to prove or gain playing for this LSU team and a lot at risk. It is time to move on, IMO.
  20. We have the benefit of hindsight. I agree- he should have NEVER come to LSU if he plans on being one and done. He can do his best to make up for his mistake, at this point, by declaring for the NBA Draft RIGHT NOW!!!
  21. UK definitely needed to finish this in regulation. Running out of bodies and fatigue in our backcourt didn't bode well for the Cats in OT.
  22. Would love to see these guys again on a neutral court in March...or April!
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