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  1. Let me get this started by saying that Campbell County will be a better team next year than either of the two previous iterations that Lickert put on the field. I know they lost Durham, but that just may be what leads them to being better as a team. Two yrs ago they found Durham in time for the district and won the regular season. Last year they, and everybody else, knew what they had in Durham. They won the District again but SK sold out to stop Durham and won the game. CC did not have enough other offense to turn to when Durham was struggling to get yards nor enough to keep SK honest. This year I expect to see a complete team, ....and another district championship.



    IMO the deffence was the problem,not the offence.

  2. Last year the CC freshman did not have a winning season, however the previous three years prior they were very successful winning seasons, so why all the talk about CC freshman coach. As for the CC red devil coach if my memory is correct he has been an avid Newport Central Catholic fan for a LONG time and wasn't there a vacancy there?

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