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  1. I’d take Boyle over FD and Cov Cath. I think Boyle would win the 5A this year. On a given night Boyle could knock off Male or Trinity but in a best of 7 series Male and Trinity would win.


    Objection, your honor!.....Speculation.


    Honestly though, it's really hard to say. This Boyle County team is one of the more special teams that we have seen recently outside of the big 3 from Louisville. The whole team has bought in and seem to be on a mission . It's almost too good to be true.


    Getting back on track in reference to this game. Scott seems to do some good things offensively by being balanced but they seem to turn the ball over a little too much. We all know that Boyle County has been turning turnovers into points. If Scott turns it over a few times early then this game will be ugly early. And if I'm being a little blunt I truly don't think it will matter if they turn it over or not.

  2. The Rebels defense is playing faster and with fewer mistakes than when these two played earlier. I think they will hold the Knights to fewer points than the first game and Boyle will score at will. Another running clock.


    I agree. I can't see an outcome with Lexington Catholic winning. Boyle County will limit Lexington Catholic's offense and will score at will.

  3. It's round 2 of the Class 4A playoffs. It's win or go home.


    On Friday, Lexington Catholic (7-4) will travel to Danville to take on the Boyle County Rebels (11-0). Game 1 between these teams did not go as planned for the Knights as they got routed by Boyle County 64-28.


    Can Lexington Catholic keep this game close and even winning it or will this be another running clock for Boyle County?


    Lexington Catholic is coming off a 43-23 victory over Bourbon County. Boyle County dominated Anderson County 64-14.

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