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    The players aren't asking for a raise. The owners are saying they need 1billion dollars back to operate. The players asked to see the books. The owners are saying the players just have to trust them. That is 90% of the fight. About 8% is trying to expand the season 2 games. The rest is fluff. The players have agreed that a rookie wage scale should be in place. They said there are 2 things they will not budge on..1bill and 2 games. It's all over the billion though.
    At the end of the day they both need each other. Owners sign the checks. Players give up their bodies and health to perform. The one factor they both need more than anything are the fans. I don't see Pro Football taking the dip MLB did. It never recovered. I wish the fans were smart enough if they miss games this season to say you want to screw us we'll screw you. For X amount of games fans bond and don't buy a single hotdog, beer, pop etc. They never think about the little guy.

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    I will never side with the owners because they are acting like they need more money and they broke off the deal. I also can't agree with anyone wanting these guys to play two more games. They should probably play two less, but its about money and money only. They now know the medical research about head injuries and they push for more games? Absurd.

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    If I was you I wouldn't like me either. #Views #justdoit

    I will never side with the owners either. They locked the players out. They are asking the players to take a 15-18% pay cut(would any of you take that much of a pay cut) and people seem to be forgetting that in case of a lockout the owners get to split 4 Billion dollars from Directv. How can I be for the owners when they are making money off of the lockout?

    The 18 game schedule is off the table for at least the next 2 years last I saw. The schedule isn't an immediate issue causing the lockout at the moment if I am not mistaken.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5wide View Post
    I lean toward the owners on this issue. There are a lot of what if scenarios that could possibly arise depending on what happens from here.

    I don't think the owners should have to open their books. I think there are unforeseen ramifications of that happening. What happens when these owners see each others' books? How does that affect their decisions with regards to revenue sharing, etc.? Opening the books could be a pandora's box, IMO. Once its out there and everybody sees it, I don't think anyone can predict the fallout and ultimate result.

    It's hard to say what will happen now that it is in the court's hands. I have a feeling that this is going to change the NFL. Maybe not immediately, but I think this could be the beginning of the end of what has allowed the NFL to flourish...parity. Players and owners both may end regretting their inability to compromise.

    We'll see.
    I assumed the owners already got to see each other's books.

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    Let me tell you something about hard times, brother!!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by woodsrider View Post
    I assumed the owners already got to see each other's books.
    If that happened, they'd have to cut off the parasite that is Mike Brown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CatsCatsCats View Post
    Hey you guys could come to the dark side and become college football addicts. I can live without the NFL, even though I enjoy watching the games.
    I like the Bucs, but I love the Bulls. No better way for USF to build the fan base, than to have the competition for the sports dollar, sitting on its hands.