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    92 plays to 36. 'Nuff said.
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    Good for BG for scheduling the game. Hope injury free for both - as always .
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    I think so Tank! I'm hoping BG can keep it under a running clock. But more importantly not take a ton of injuries home! GREAT challenge next Friday. Not many want that challenge.
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    I apologize to everyone viewing this thread for my choice of words last night. Ironically, in calling out non-adult behavior by an adult, I in fact, exhibited the same behavior. Moving on...
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    Woofing at opposing players. Players who said nothing to him. Anecdotally, I’ve heard he is the most disliked HC in NKY football amongst people in the game. So, that’s why I said it. Admittedly, it’s based on second and third hand, but, people I trust, that aren’t prone to hyperbole. I hope he enjoyed the running clock.
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    Conner’s head coach is a zero. Total. Zero.
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