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    Last night was very uneasy. Today, things seem much better. Thank you to everyone who has supported our kids playing. And, I genuinely believe having our kids in athletics will hold down Covid numbers. Turning them loose right now would be a disaster. Also, one reason I have supported BGPreps and theGuru over the years is how he keeps the conversation civil. Without civility, there is no dialogue. Especially in 2020, we need all the civility and dialogue we can get.
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    Coming to you live from the Fort Thomas Pub...
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    This so bogus it makes me want to puke. There are untold number of laws that restrict freedom that people follow every day. Wear your seat belt; no drunk driving; concealed carry; speed limits; stop signs; no smoking. I could go on and on. Indiana just passef a law that people cannot hold a cell phone while behind the wheel, even at a red light. You enforced many of those laws. To act like wearing a mask in this situation is some great, unbearable infringement on freedom is totally bogus.
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    December - March is conditioning LOL... Nobody new this pandemic was coming. These questions were put in place to give fans an inside look of what has happened with this season. BW answered them as how they were asked, and even said “we are not making excuses, every team is in the same situation”... When did he ever blame the turf install on being the “failure” of the 2015-2016 season (semi state finals)... Also Highlands doesn’t run 6-7 plays 🤦‍♂️ You Highlands “faithful” will do anything to get this man out of town even if it comes to lying. To the game, I believe Highlands has a shot, but they are going to have to play one heck of a game to come out on top! Go Birds!
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    Greetings from the Buckeye State! Just thought I'd pass along what's happening up here this weekend for those of you who may be interested. Our 6-week regular season ended last week and tonight starts the playoffs for teams that "opted in". Usually teams are seeded based on our famous Harbin computer rankings but this year, coaches seeded the teams who opted in by region, by class and they are playing at their higher seed beginning tonight. For those teams that did NOT opt in to play in the post-season, they have the choice to either end their season OR they could schedule a game against another team that also opted out or otherwise had the night free. Where it gets interesting...if your favorite team loses tonight, it may NOT be the end of the season! In an effort to give as many teams a shot at 10 games, if the schools really wanted that, they are permitted to schedule up to 3 more weeks of games against teams that are out of the post-season, by loss or by choice. Will be an interesting month ahead for those of us North of the Ohio River. Best of luck to everyone in the Bluegrass on your continued seasons and hopes that everyone stays health and avoids and Covid shutdowns. -CardinalsFan
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    I saw this letter from a Corbin family making the rounds and thought it was well worth sharing. In short, various forms of this is what I hear from multiple people. Dear KHSAA, Good afternoon to each member and well wishes for the day. I am writing on behalf of myself, my husband, and our freshman son. As parents of an very active current multi-sport athlete and former KHSAA athlete, we are very appreciative of the steps taken by the board and the dedication shown to our children as well as all the student athletes in Kentucky. We are also asking and pleading for the student athletes to get to play as scheduled without further delays. We understand the risk involved with COVID-19; however, we are very concerned with the mental impact this has had on our teenager as well as the rest of Kentucky’s student athletes and asking to please honor their commitment to play as planned. Our son is a freshman player at Corbin High School who has dreamed of stepping onto the same football field wearing the same number his father and brother wore before him. He has went to high school football games since he was an infant, took some of his first steps at the football field, and grew up under the lights on Friday nights. When he was old enough to play flag football, he played with the heart of all the high school players he watched. As he transitioned into middle school, he was even more proud of put on the pads every game day. He has counted the days till he was a part of those true Friday Night Lights on Campbell Field. His goals have been set for so many years and he has put in work day and night to earn the playing time he has longed for. Having played in the Kentucky Middle School Football State Championship this past year, his goals only intensified to get to the high school level of football. He is the one of MANY who have had this dream across the state of Kentucky. As a three sport athlete, our son has played or practiced nearly every day for the past 10 years of his life…until mid-March when the world stopped and we watched our son fall into a deep depression. As fear and anxiety grew over what the pandemic was bringing, our son held on to getting to play sports. Baseball was officially cancelled. Basketball camps cancelled. Football camps cancelled. We watched our son’s dreams slowly fade as his depression grew. As a healthcare worker and mother, my worry grew from contact with the virus to what mental state my child and other student athletes had fallen in. I had to reach out to a Behavioral Health provider to request help with the treatment of depression. My college student stepped up and used what he had learned in psychology and pre-med classes to help his little brother cope with sudden loss of sports. He told us over and over that he could not imagine the reality of having not getting to finish his 8th grade year with baseball as our younger son had ripped away and the fear of not knowing if he would get to play football as a freshman as he too had always dreamed of. Answered prayers came with his travel baseball team. We literally watched our son do a complete change of emotions when he learned he could at least get to play travel baseball. His entire mood, attitude and emotions changed. We witness our son happy again and his faith restored that he would have his chance at playing football this fall. We truly realized after seeing him step on the baseball field again, the positive impact of playing sports has with children. The Corbin Redhounds High School football team, like many other schools in Kentucky, has done every requirement asked of them by the "powers that be" (my words here). With 84 players, 13 coaches, one manager, one athletic trainer and one custodian, all working and diligently following safety protocols, there are currently ZERO cases of Covid-19. Fear has slowly turned into hope as each day grows for the players. They have gave their heart in each practice with expectation of getting to play on Friday nights. When it was announced a week ago that "there was a recommendation" (my words here) sports be pushed back, cancelled or moved to Spring the fear returned to our student athletes; however, instead of letting fear control the outcome of their playing time, they have pushed forward continuing to work hard at each practice and praying their determination will pay off at tomorrow’s meetings. Never before have I witnessed athletes be more concerned with KHSAA meetings as I have with tomorrow’s meeting. You have their attention. You are holding the key to their future. As a healthcare worker of 18 years and wife of a 18 year veteran firefighter, we as a family have seen countless number of risks associated with our jobs. We have seen the worst of many situations; however, COVID-19 is nowhere compared to those risk. We as parents have full understanding of the risk of COVID-19; however, we are also aware of the statistics in Kentucky for this virus. Currently, we are just over 5% for the positivity rate in our state. What is not being discussed is the other 95% of our state. When we factor in the increased depression, anxiety and other mental health cases, those fall into the other 95% of Kentuckians, including the KHSAA student athletes. The other 95% of Kentuckians’ mental health is being ignored and forgotten. Our athletes mental health is being ignored. Increased suicide and drug cases with children are being ignored. Our children are begging to go back to school and holding on to every shred of hope of being able to play football this fall. When we watch our children and student athletes suffer, we as parents feel helpless and join the increasing cases of depression and anxiety. Please take into consideration the other 95% of Kentucky and let them play. Please let them have the chance. Please let all their hard work and dedication of safety for themselves and teammates be ripped away. Moving fall sports to spring is only going to increase these rates due to false hope. Every precaution has been made by these athletes and coaches to play this fall, many will give up and say it didn’t work when they tried the first time and multi-sport athletes like my son will be forced to choose between two sports he loves, baseball or football. Our family is very confident in KHSAA will make the decision to choose the planned return to play plan and set the highest safety standards for our athletes, who are facing more challenges than COVID. Please let the parents and players make their own decisions to take the risk. We respect those who feel it is not safe for their child, but praying you will make it possible for those of us who do and stand behind these athletes who have been committed these past few weeks and be the hope they need. Sincerely, The Neal Family Mike, Charley, Tyler and Mikey Neal
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    Even with a vaccine people will still get the corona. Eventually we have to decide to stop living in fear and move on.
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    I already said much of what I'm about to repeat a couple pages ago, but I really do think that the strength of the Cooper coaching job cannot be emphasized enough and deserves as much respect as can be given. You got to travel at whatever time they got there, and then sit through a 2 hour lightning delay in the other teams' middle school gym. And yet, to start that fast, with that game plan, and constantly force the other team to have to adjust to what you were doing, it was just really, really impressive. Really well done.
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    Sweep - let’s call a spade a spade, you were “tip of the spear” when it came to chiding CCH fans during those tough years for the Colonels. All kinds of humorous hash tags and quips re: aspects of the CCH program that you found amusing. It’s all good. But, I don’t see anyone jesting/joking/poking fun, quite the way you did, many, many times. I admire you being on BGP when many of your brethren have run for the hills, but, I don’t see any real pokin from CCH faithful. I maybe wrong.
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    ...and at the time, we heard all about those criminal beat downs, repeatedly. There was plenty of bear poking when the tables were turned. Plenty. Conversely, I don’t see a ton of bear poking here. Whatever gets you goin, I guess. Anyone worth their salt, associated with CCH, respects the football program in Ft. Thomas. Moreover, all associated with CCH football should do everything they can to stay out in front of their rival. I hope they do. There’s still a lot of score settling left to do. A. Lot! I hope everyone in Park Hills keeps that in mind. I hope everyone at Cov Cath remembers that long losing streak and some of the embarrassing scores. Cov Cath has to maintain the challenger’s mindset when it comes to playing their rival. It’s not just another game on the schedule. CCH has to maintain the right mindset and put in the hard work because somewhere along the way, maybe even later this year, they’re going to get the Birdies’ best punch.
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    All about the boys upfront tonight, my game balls go to the DLine. The reason we looked different is because 85 is on the field again. Trevor Wilson was an absolute animal and I think this is the first time he’s been out there this year. He’s a difference maker. Dickhaus and Stegman both got after it today as well like usual. Great job to the guys up front, there was a big difference between the teams. CovCath was under 4 ypc against Dixie and BW earlier this year. Do you know what helps that? Having Highlands be out gapped almost every time we had a tight end. I was laughing all game watching them line up knowing we’d get 6 yards running the ball, at minimum, just by alignment. That’s a big reason why we ran for like 350 along with just physically being much much better than them up front. I never would have expected some of our best offense to have Caleb running down hill, let alone scoring on power read from 31. Props to him for developing as an athlete over the last couple years. We’re going to need more of that down the stretch. I think he only had 1 catch, but it’s nice to see Benke get in the end zone. Kid is a player and a good compliment to Reardon. Charlie Noon...I like that guy. Good athlete, strong arm, really good things ahead for him. He just needs some help! No big picture stuff tonight, love beating Highlands, hope the guys enjoy it.
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    Here below is the link from Matt Jones to the pregame speech that Coach Hallock gave to both teams before their game tonight and why they made the trip to Louisville. Great stuff!
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    Pretty cruel to Bishop Brossart who is not on trial here. We haven't "withered" into anything. We are a fourteen year old program who are very much in the successful process of building a program. The fact that CovCath has 600 boys in their program, and Brossart has less than 150 should eliminate any comparison of the two programs at all
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    Came across this chart. Looks pretty safe for young people.
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    If I were a private school, would be very tempting to go on their own and play a regional or national schedule. Many of their students are there for athletics. They need to play athletics to survive as a school, hold on to students to pay the bills. And, if they can draw the best kids from the public schools in the area, could play with most any program in the nation. Could take their football program and school to a whole other level. Crises reveal leadership. The cream rises to the top. The schools and programs that handle this the best will go to an entirely new level. Those that do not, will struggle for some time to come. Personally, I'm just fighting like crazy to make sure that we are working our tails off at Mercer County and doing all we can do to make our program the best it can be, during this time and in the future. Things are so up and down right now... mentally taxing... can wear you down. We're just trying to focus on our kids each day. One thing about it... sure do appreciate a day of football practice much more than I use to. Want to brag on our guys... we practiced all week, 7 am - 9 am... ZERO unexcused absences. Next week we are 6 am - 8 am. Guys have to arrive by 5:45 am. If we can do that again, will be very pleased. Wishing everyone a "COVID news free weekend!" 😀
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    Coach Buchanan from Mercer County on the new meeting and football in general:
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    Let's not get carried away. 😂
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    Agree with a lot of this. Talent is not what it was in the heyday of Dale, but Highlands teams have won with supposed lesser talent in the past. I have said this several times before, the program is stale and has gotten progressively worse over the last several years. Not sure all coaches are even pulling in the same direction which causes even more concern. BW has given many good years to the program as a defensive coordinator and that should not be forgotten. Based on the events of last night, I just hope things can be civil over these last few weeks and nobody says or does something that they will regret for the rest of their lives.
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    I always thought the Fort Thomas Jr Football League's strength was focusing on learning, participation and retaining as many kids as possible. Not traveling and competitiveness. That's why Highlands has had so many kids that know football. They weren't chased away because only 2 kids get the ball out of 40. When you focus on the competitiveness that young you burn kids out, chase them out. That strategy misses out on late bloomers and hard workers. Fort Thomas used to keep it light and fun and teach the fundamentals and make sure every kid got some time. Sometimes that kid that only plays in the 2nd quarter develops into your star running back. Sometimes the kid on the competitive team that gets the ball every play doesn't even play football by the time he is a sophomore. I've seen exactly that happen. The Ft Thomas league was set up to win when they're 18, not when they're 12. My friends kid who is pretty good was about to quit because they traveled out to Boone Co to play and he didn't get in one play. I know, I know exactly what you are thinking.... it doesn't sound very tough to have an instructional league... So does 23 state championships sound tough at all? It all reminds me of when Coke changed their flavor. We already have this figured out, stop fixing it.
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    It was a long ride home. First I want to congratulate South Warren on a hard earned win. They made the plays they needed to in order to win the game and that's what they did. I felt the first half was a complete draw. Yes, South had a few more opportunities but IMO the BG defense made better plays in that half to negate those. In the second half, South used their bubble screen and timely runs to march down the field and get the points they needed. For Bowling Green, in the second half, they completely abandoned the pass and tried to run the ball on 80 yard drives against a defense that is built to stop that. Everyone knows this. I don't understand that. When they finally broke out of that on the last drive they went down and scored their only possession in the red zone. Where were the roll outs for Cooper with run/pass option that worked so well against St X and PRP? What could have been? No rest either with a very good McCracken County team coming to BG next week. But I hope the Purples get another shot at the Spartans this year.
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    I hate to be "that guy", but I think I had this. 😏 From the prediction thread: "Maybe no one will have to, because we have a 10-7 type defensive game where special teams play a crucial role. I think that's way more likely than a shootout, given how good both teams are, defensively." I'm not right very often, so let me savor this. 😁
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    It sounds like it didn't matter what was presented. People were going to believe what they wanted...
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    Thanks, man. As long as the content is half way decent and folks seem agreeable with it, I'll accept the credit. But if it's just bad writing and people have gripes with it, I'll just lay it on you. 😂
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    1. Boyle County (2019: 14-1, State Runners-Up) - Last year, the Rebels rolled up the competition by no less than 17 point margins all the way to the title game, but a missed PAT proved to be their undoing in a 21-20 loss to Johnson Central. 19 seniors departed from that stacked squad, but the cupboard is never bare at Boyle County. Leading rusher Will McDaniel returns, averaging over 7 yards per carry while amassing 887 yards and 17 TDs a season ago. Jagger Gillis has transferred in to fill Reed Lanter’s big shoes at quarterback. Speaking of big shoes to fill, Justin Haddix enters his first season as HC, replacing the legendary Chuck Smith, coming over from the highly successful Corbin program. The Rebels open up with Mercer County, who they defeated 43-7 a season ago. 2. Johnson Central (2019: 15-0, State Champions) – The Golden Eagles could count to 15-0, pulling ahead of Boyle County in the third quarter of the title game and holding on for the narrow 21-20 win, capturing their first state title since 2016. Dylan Preston is the leading returning rusher for the powerful Johnson Central ground attack, running for 588 yards on 77 attempts last season, and also led the team in solo tackles on the defensive side. Mason Lemaster (132 total tackles) also returns for an always stout Johnson Central defense. The Golden Eagles have made five title games in a row, and that trend doesn’t figure to slow down this year. 3. Franklin County (2019: 11-1, Second Round) – The Flyers opened the year 11-0, but their lone close win in that stretch proved to be a harbinger. After squeezing by Central 14-12 on the road during the regular season, they fell 18-7 in the playoffs. Franklin County averaged almost 41 points per game last year, and should have little difficulty exceeding that with the weapons returning. None are more important than Nick Broyles, who threw for a stunning 32 touchdowns against just 4 interceptions last year. He was the team’s leading rusher as well, with 959 yards. His #1 target, Fred Farrier, is back as well, after hauling in 11 TDs with 794 yards last year. Sophomore Peyton Ledford leads the defensive effort, with 64 solo tackles in 2019. 4. Central (2019: 8-6, State Semifinalists) – It was a rough start for the 2018 3A champions, starting 1-4 against a tough schedule, but the Yellow Jackets rounded into their usual champion form, winning their district by avenging a two point loss to Franklin County and jumping out to a surprise lead against Boyle County before falling by what was then Boyle County’s closest margin of the year 31-14. QB Vernon Duncan returns for his junior campaign to lead the Yellow Jacket offense, but it should be the defense that leads the way as usual for Central. They held eight opponents to single digits a year ago, including four shutouts. Malachi Williams (45 solo tackles) and Von Johnson (3 interceptions) should be defensive leaders. 5. Wayne County (2019: 10-2, Second Round) – The Cardinals averaged 45 points per game last year, and will probably still exceed that lofty amount this year. RB Braedon Sloan was phenomenal in 2019, posting 2,804 yards and a mind-numbing 48 rushing scores last season, while averaging over 10 YPC. He added six touchdowns and 461 yards receiving for an added headache for defenses. Throwing for those scores was Brody Weaver, who returns for his fourth year as the trigger-man for Wayne County. He had an efficient 1,822 yards and 20 passing scores a season ago. Their October 23rd matchup with Corbin should build on two classics from last year, and decided homefield in the playoffs for the district. 6. Corbin (2019: 6-5, Region Runners-Up) – The record wasn’t the prettiest, but the 2019 Redhounds were as tough as ever. Three of their five losses came by a combined four points. Tom Greer takes over for Justin Haddix, and will be aided in his efforts by a strong, young corps. Sophomore Cameron Combs returns as starter at quarterback. In his freshman campaign, he threw for 16 touchdowns against just five interceptions for 1,876 yards, averaging almost 10 yards per attempt. Fellow sophomore Dakota Patterson is his top returning target, with 565 yards on 33 receptions in 2019. RB Treyveon Longmire should continue his progression, averaging 6.76 YPC on 75 attempts last season. Corbin starts with Beechwood, who dealt them their largest loss by a 26-10 margin last year. 7. Lexington Catholic (2019: 7-5, Second Round) – No team may face a taller task than Lexington Catholic has in replacing Beau Allen. Allen was the driving force behind over 4,000 yards of offense for the Knights, and their ability to replace him will define their season. They return a pair of 1,000 yard receivers in Jackson Corbett (72 receptions, 1,139 yards, 11 touchdowns) and Blake Busson (56 receptions, 1,098 yards, 12 touchdowns). Who will be throwing the ball will be a question, as Jack Gohmann and Joshua Brownell combined for just 17 attempts a year ago. No player returns that rushed for more than 100 yards a season ago as well. Defensively the returning outlook is brighter, with several returning starters led by Kimwanga Mafuta, who led the team with 40 solo tackles a year ago. 8. Hopkinsville (2019: 8-4, Second Round) – After several years of bumping against the ceiling in District 1, this may finally be the year the Tigers surge to the top. Last year it was Madisonville in the way, denying Hoptown in two matchups by a combined nine points. Hopkinsville was not immune to graduation losses, losing QB Javier Bland and his 2,408 yards passing, but they lost less than the rest of the group. Likely district POY Reece Jesse returns, who put up 1,184 yards on 67 receptions last year, with 15 of those going for touchdowns. Jayden Dillard is back for his junior year at the RB position, with 763 yards and seven scores last year. 9. Holmes (2019: 8-4, Second Round) – Only seven seniors depart for a Bulldog squad that captured the top seed in District 6 before falling against Scott in the playoffs. The Calloways will lead the way again, headlined by Tayquan Calloway, who ran for 1,268 yards and 15 scores last year. QB Quantez Calloway was the second leading rusher, with 310 yards and 11 touchdowns, and going 62/129 for 1,061 yards and 9 touchdown passes through the air. Tayquan Calloway and Keyandre Larry return to headline the secondary, with five interceptions apiece last year. Holmes will open with Louisville Holy Cross, looking to avenge a 21-14 loss last year. 10. Logan County (2019: 8-3, First Round) – For the first time since their renaissance in the program, the Cougars are going to be without Tyler Ezell and Gary Hardy, their leading passer and rusher in school history, respectively. Both Braxton Baptiste and Corbin Rayno had some experience behind Ezell a season ago, with Baptiste serving as the primary backup, and the more likely candidate to open the year as starter. Anthony Woodard returns as the primary receiving weapon for whoever does gain the starting job, with 818 yards and 14 touchdowns last season. Zach Yates should anchor the defense from the middle linebacker position, with 70 tackles a year ago, including two sacks. Crosstown rival Russellville will be the first to take on the new look Cougars. The Next Five to Watch (Alphabetically): Franklin-Simpson Harlan County Madisonville-North Hopkins Scott Waggener
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    Going on BGP and seeing this type of thread about an actual sporting contest is exciting to me. Keep 'em coming.
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    Y’know the word that he used is what the Brits refer to as a “cigarette” in England, so that’s all that he was probably saying. Y’know, that such and such city was one of the “cigarette” capitals of the world. All kidding aside, just reading through the comments here personally gives me a great feeling that we as a culture have progressed, and very much so over the last 10 years or so. All of you are a good reflection of that. I feel honored to be a part of a message board where there is such a high level of intelligence, decency, and respectability.
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    I am thankful that the KHSAA really considered the requests and concerns of the people who had contacted them.
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    Oh please, I wish they would just leave the schedule as is. I feel sorry for the athletic directors and head coaches trying to juggle all of this. As a statistician, I have made at least 4 different changes already to my team's schedule on 3 different websites. Is the virus going to be any better or worse on Oct 2 as it is on Sept 11? Let's play.
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    That is the thing the possible heart inflammation complication from COVID-19 is not an unknown. The heart complication it can cause is called Myocarditis. Myocarditis has always been around, a person can develop myocarditis from viral and bacteria infections. Myocarditis can be formed from things as simple as the common cold, or strep throat. All things that mostly everyone has had or dealt with at some point. So people all the time are at risk to develop it. Myocarditis is usually found in young athletes and is the common reason for the sudden deaths that we sometimes happen in previously young healthy athletes. So the possibility of developing myocarditis has always been there. It honestly makes no sense to why now, people are more worried about it. When it is something that has always been a possibility. While rare, it is something that people develop and usually never show symptoms of unless tested. It can be detected by having an EKG and or blood test. If detected, you usually need to stay away from strenuous activity for 3 to 6 months and you can fully recover from it. Which is why for years I have wanted it to be a new requirement for sport physicals to also do an EKG. EKG takes less than 5 minutes to do too, so it doesn’t add much time to a normal sport physical. Sports should not stop for fear of that, because developing that has always been a possibility long before COVID-19 came around. However, a simple change in how we do sport physicals, is something that could help prevent that rare but tragic incidents from happening. The point is it’s not an unknown, and it has never stopped sports from being played before. So it shouldn’t stop sports now.
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    I think they need to cancel or play but stop the delaying. I know my kid is not alone with the feeling they are just going to cancel the season one month at a time until there finally is no time left. As far as Covid Sept will be no different than August and Oct no different from Sept. Either decide to play or stop procrastinating and giving people false hope. I realize KHSAA wants to save football at all costs but to move it to spring would kill many small schools. Does a kid play football or skip baseball, track whatever for a second straight year? and what does it do to these teams?
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    By every virus measurement I have looked at, Indiana is SIGNIFICANTLY WORSE than Kentucky. This is the point I have made several times here on BGP. Kentucky is one of the the best states in the US in managing the virus. Using the virus measurements to make the playing decisions, if Kentucky can't play football then no one should be playing. Performing well on all of the restrictions has to be rewarded at some point. Time for Kentucky to get some positive reinforcement for what has been accomplished in controlling this virus. Time to play football.
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    Our KY HS football coaches have been united, working together to have workouts and do our best to protect the vulnerable. Overall, we have been successful in doing so. I believe we will play this fall.
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    Either, whatever, let's play ball.
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    I just think that if we really think we’re keeping kids from spreading this by not playing sports we are living in a dream world since all these kids hang out and go to parties where they have a lot closer contact then playing sports but it seems to me that they won’t be playing sports.
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    Breaking News: Masks work. Wear them.
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    As of today we are planning a 2020 Gardner Law King of the Bluegrass. It may look a little different...but we are working on several options.
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    If everyone keeps treating a positive result in a kid as a death warrant we will never play sports again, anywhere anytime. Isolate a known positive if you have to and then react and monitor for symptoms in the others. If we don't start reacting and treating this like we do the seasonal flu (for kids) football is over. 2 years ago we had the flu ravage through my sons team taking out 7-8 kids for a week, the team played through it and no one batted an eye.
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    I mean isn’t that kind of what we did with not allowing smoking inside restaurants? Isn’t that why there’s no smoking at sporting events? It’s to make other people feel more comfortable. Kind of similar to having to wear a mask if you ask me. 🤷🏻‍♂️
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    The only school he would leave Male for is Highlands. And other than selfishness, nobody would blame him. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to return to their Alma Mater and return it to the glory days?
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    Nope. Disagree completely. Players from Paintsville KY get D1 scholarships. Coaches will find talent and players can go to camps to get exposure. Hergott has played in a state championship and was the MVP. That exposure would not have happened at Highlands. This happens all the time season after season with players. The people who know the players always think they are going to get a bigger scholarship. Look at AJ Mayer and all he accomplished at Covington Catholic and he ended up with a MAC scholarship.
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    As of today, under the old format the third round would be: South Warren/Bowling Green at Owensboro Fairdale at North Bullitt Covington Catholic at Frederick Douglass Madison Southern at Southwestern Then people would be fussing because the semifinals are blowouts.
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    Great night for Coach Herbst and the Greendevils. Tied 8-8 at the half and they turned it in the second half. Jordan Marksberry is a beast. 3 Rushing TD & 1 Punt Return TD. He deserves to get some looks by colleges this season, was close to the top of the state in scoring last year and should be again this year. He hit the weight room hard this off season and is up to 6’ 200lb and still kept his speed. Good luck to the Greendevils the rest of the way!
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    Fleming Co had a positive case and they isolated the person, did some testing and continued on. No mass quarantine. So it can be done if you have proper protocols in place before hand.
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    Yes. I would want football to begin with no more delays. Crowds can be full capacity. You are outside. If you feel the need for a mask then wear one. Most people I see at football games sit already with the same people they are with at home, mainly with their families. If players or coaches test positive, then that person quarantines till cleared. Not the whole team. A lot of unnecessary shutdowns IMO. Most of the states teams have practiced with hardly any issues. Some but not many for the amount of kids practicing. Time to get the show on the road.
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    Athletics will be played this fall, winter and spring. As of right now, that plan includes the KHSAA. But, if something were to happen and there are no public school HS athletics in KY, many athletes and families will find a way and a place to play. It may be a private school playing a national/regional schedule. It may be a club sport, private, AAU, etc. It may be in another state. Many KY athletes will play sports this fall. It is my hope, and I believe in the best interest of kids, that athletics take place through their HS here in KY. And, the people in charge know that. They also know the benefits of getting kids with their coaches and all that goes with athletics. They also know the negatives if that does not happen. Covid 19 is real. Absolutely. So are the detrimental effects on kids if we don't have public school athletics. And, as in most things, those that are most vulnerable (socially & economically) will suffer the most. I don't envy anyone in a position of leadership right now. This is tough and getting it right is tough. But, the kids are counting on us to get it right and we owe them our absolute best.
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    I've figured out how the Reds win it all, double headers are only 7 innings this year, flood the field every other game, never use the pen and collect a ring.
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    Now that it keeps getting talked about, the way our society handles smoking is the same way we could look at Covid. You can smoke in your home, you can smoke in your car, you can smoke outside. What you can’t do is smoke inside of a restaurant because it protects the people inside. I don’t hear anyone shouting about their liberties being violated by not being allowed to smoke inside. Its basic common sense that yeah smoking inside around other people is a very inconsiderate thing to do. Not wearing a mask is also a inconsiderate thing to do under the circumstances with Covid. There is no difference. Why are we looking at requiring masks as such an abhorrent abuse of our civil liberties, when smoking laws have been around for basically my whole life time?
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