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    Coming to you live from the Fort Thomas Pub...
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    December - March is conditioning LOL... Nobody new this pandemic was coming. These questions were put in place to give fans an inside look of what has happened with this season. BW answered them as how they were asked, and even said “we are not making excuses, every team is in the same situation”... When did he ever blame the turf install on being the “failure” of the 2015-2016 season (semi state finals)... Also Highlands doesn’t run 6-7 plays 🤦‍♂️ You Highlands “faithful” will do anything to get this man out of town even if it comes to lying. To the game, I believe Highlands has a shot, but they are going to have to play one heck of a game to come out on top! Go Birds!
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    Greetings from the Buckeye State! Just thought I'd pass along what's happening up here this weekend for those of you who may be interested. Our 6-week regular season ended last week and tonight starts the playoffs for teams that "opted in". Usually teams are seeded based on our famous Harbin computer rankings but this year, coaches seeded the teams who opted in by region, by class and they are playing at their higher seed beginning tonight. For those teams that did NOT opt in to play in the post-season, they have the choice to either end their season OR they could schedule a game against another team that also opted out or otherwise had the night free. Where it gets interesting...if your favorite team loses tonight, it may NOT be the end of the season! In an effort to give as many teams a shot at 10 games, if the schools really wanted that, they are permitted to schedule up to 3 more weeks of games against teams that are out of the post-season, by loss or by choice. Will be an interesting month ahead for those of us North of the Ohio River. Best of luck to everyone in the Bluegrass on your continued seasons and hopes that everyone stays health and avoids and Covid shutdowns. -CardinalsFan
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    I already said much of what I'm about to repeat a couple pages ago, but I really do think that the strength of the Cooper coaching job cannot be emphasized enough and deserves as much respect as can be given. You got to travel at whatever time they got there, and then sit through a 2 hour lightning delay in the other teams' middle school gym. And yet, to start that fast, with that game plan, and constantly force the other team to have to adjust to what you were doing, it was just really, really impressive. Really well done.
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    Sweep - let’s call a spade a spade, you were “tip of the spear” when it came to chiding CCH fans during those tough years for the Colonels. All kinds of humorous hash tags and quips re: aspects of the CCH program that you found amusing. It’s all good. But, I don’t see anyone jesting/joking/poking fun, quite the way you did, many, many times. I admire you being on BGP when many of your brethren have run for the hills, but, I don’t see any real pokin from CCH faithful. I maybe wrong.
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    ...and at the time, we heard all about those criminal beat downs, repeatedly. There was plenty of bear poking when the tables were turned. Plenty. Conversely, I don’t see a ton of bear poking here. Whatever gets you goin, I guess. Anyone worth their salt, associated with CCH, respects the football program in Ft. Thomas. Moreover, all associated with CCH football should do everything they can to stay out in front of their rival. I hope they do. There’s still a lot of score settling left to do. A. Lot! I hope everyone in Park Hills keeps that in mind. I hope everyone at Cov Cath remembers that long losing streak and some of the embarrassing scores. Cov Cath has to maintain the challenger’s mindset when it comes to playing their rival. It’s not just another game on the schedule. CCH has to maintain the right mindset and put in the hard work because somewhere along the way, maybe even later this year, they’re going to get the Birdies’ best punch.
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    All about the boys upfront tonight, my game balls go to the DLine. The reason we looked different is because 85 is on the field again. Trevor Wilson was an absolute animal and I think this is the first time he’s been out there this year. He’s a difference maker. Dickhaus and Stegman both got after it today as well like usual. Great job to the guys up front, there was a big difference between the teams. CovCath was under 4 ypc against Dixie and BW earlier this year. Do you know what helps that? Having Highlands be out gapped almost every time we had a tight end. I was laughing all game watching them line up knowing we’d get 6 yards running the ball, at minimum, just by alignment. That’s a big reason why we ran for like 350 along with just physically being much much better than them up front. I never would have expected some of our best offense to have Caleb running down hill, let alone scoring on power read from 31. Props to him for developing as an athlete over the last couple years. We’re going to need more of that down the stretch. I think he only had 1 catch, but it’s nice to see Benke get in the end zone. Kid is a player and a good compliment to Reardon. Charlie Noon...I like that guy. Good athlete, strong arm, really good things ahead for him. He just needs some help! No big picture stuff tonight, love beating Highlands, hope the guys enjoy it.
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    Here below is the link from Matt Jones to the pregame speech that Coach Hallock gave to both teams before their game tonight and why they made the trip to Louisville. Great stuff!
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    Agree with a lot of this. Talent is not what it was in the heyday of Dale, but Highlands teams have won with supposed lesser talent in the past. I have said this several times before, the program is stale and has gotten progressively worse over the last several years. Not sure all coaches are even pulling in the same direction which causes even more concern. BW has given many good years to the program as a defensive coordinator and that should not be forgotten. Based on the events of last night, I just hope things can be civil over these last few weeks and nobody says or does something that they will regret for the rest of their lives.
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    I always thought the Fort Thomas Jr Football League's strength was focusing on learning, participation and retaining as many kids as possible. Not traveling and competitiveness. That's why Highlands has had so many kids that know football. They weren't chased away because only 2 kids get the ball out of 40. When you focus on the competitiveness that young you burn kids out, chase them out. That strategy misses out on late bloomers and hard workers. Fort Thomas used to keep it light and fun and teach the fundamentals and make sure every kid got some time. Sometimes that kid that only plays in the 2nd quarter develops into your star running back. Sometimes the kid on the competitive team that gets the ball every play doesn't even play football by the time he is a sophomore. I've seen exactly that happen. The Ft Thomas league was set up to win when they're 18, not when they're 12. My friends kid who is pretty good was about to quit because they traveled out to Boone Co to play and he didn't get in one play. I know, I know exactly what you are thinking.... it doesn't sound very tough to have an instructional league... So does 23 state championships sound tough at all? It all reminds me of when Coke changed their flavor. We already have this figured out, stop fixing it.
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    It was a long ride home. First I want to congratulate South Warren on a hard earned win. They made the plays they needed to in order to win the game and that's what they did. I felt the first half was a complete draw. Yes, South had a few more opportunities but IMO the BG defense made better plays in that half to negate those. In the second half, South used their bubble screen and timely runs to march down the field and get the points they needed. For Bowling Green, in the second half, they completely abandoned the pass and tried to run the ball on 80 yard drives against a defense that is built to stop that. Everyone knows this. I don't understand that. When they finally broke out of that on the last drive they went down and scored their only possession in the red zone. Where were the roll outs for Cooper with run/pass option that worked so well against St X and PRP? What could have been? No rest either with a very good McCracken County team coming to BG next week. But I hope the Purples get another shot at the Spartans this year.
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    I hate to be "that guy", but I think I had this. 😏 From the prediction thread: "Maybe no one will have to, because we have a 10-7 type defensive game where special teams play a crucial role. I think that's way more likely than a shootout, given how good both teams are, defensively." I'm not right very often, so let me savor this. 😁
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    With a new coach this year, they get an extra two weeks of practice and a chance to end the season with a win. I think it's a good move on Moe's part.
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    The only school he would leave Male for is Highlands. And other than selfishness, nobody would blame him. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to return to their Alma Mater and return it to the glory days?
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    Congrats to Cooper’s players and staff for excellent game planning and equally excellent execution. They are steadily improving and Lee is the best all-around player in NKY in my opinion. What a super game by the Jags. No one should be quick to pile on a team when they are down. Birds will be back after enduring what is headed toward one of those rare Highlands losing seasons.
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    Don’t tell me the talent isn’t there when the Freshmen team consistently wins. How can BW not find 15 kids to go play 85% of the game and win?!?!
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    Perhaps the end of fall regular season sports if Jefferson County can't control the virus. If they are allowing postseason to continue, will that also be true for football in 3 weeks? My complaint on this is football teams doing the right things with no virus cases are penalized by the conduct of others.
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    Nope. Disagree completely. Players from Paintsville KY get D1 scholarships. Coaches will find talent and players can go to camps to get exposure. Hergott has played in a state championship and was the MVP. That exposure would not have happened at Highlands. This happens all the time season after season with players. The people who know the players always think they are going to get a bigger scholarship. Look at AJ Mayer and all he accomplished at Covington Catholic and he ended up with a MAC scholarship.
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    Great job by OHS to add St X to their schedule. I'll be interested to see if there are more changes coming in 2021. As for Moonlite vs Old Hickory...... there is no debate. Its Old Hickory and its not close. Moonlite does have a great buffet spread with some tremendous deserts but if were going pound for pound BBQ buffets, i'd even go Ole South over Moonlite. Old Hickory is the best BBQ you're going to find anywhere.
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    @LongTimeReader Old Hickory has the better BBQ - especially Mutton (Lamb) and Sliced Pork (Boston Butt). If you want a buffet head to Moonlite - good veggies, macaroni, mashed potatoes, burgoo, etc. But @Purple88 has it right, if you want some great BBQ it's Old Hickory and it's within a mile of Rash Stadium right off Frederica (the main drag).
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    As of today, under the old format the third round would be: South Warren/Bowling Green at Owensboro Fairdale at North Bullitt Covington Catholic at Frederick Douglass Madison Southern at Southwestern Then people would be fussing because the semifinals are blowouts.
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    And there is the Spirit that will not die...I love that attitude and wish Highlands was taught this but more importantly believed it.
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    Well this was the tale of two halves. In first half, I thought there was going to be a repeat of last week's South Warren/BG game with the same result. It was a back and forth grind fest with both offenses sputtering and the defense's shining. BG's offense was pitiful the last six quarters, but for some reason in the second half BG's coaches decided to actually open the playbook a little bit and that got them going. Letting Conner Cooper run in the second half was a big turning point. He's fast and beter mobile than sitting the pocket. When he started doing that he completed some passes and had some good runs. This spread the defense out and took some focus off Bunton. After that Bunton was able to run wild since the offense was no longer one dimensional. why BG waited 6 quarters to do that I have no idea. The offense still wasn't great, but the second half was much better than the previous 6 quarters. BG's defense was outstanding again. Once BG took the lead I never felt McCracken had a chance because they were totally shutdown offensively. Nice bounce back win BG!
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    Well 2020 will definitely be a year to remember (and likely not fondly) from all the hurdles and constraints we have had to jump through to even get this far! With that said, there has been some pretty darn good football played to date and I'm hoping it can continue on through the end of the year. Below you will find my 2020 Mid-Season list of teams from Western Kentucky arranged based on their work to date regardless of classification. 1. South Warren Spartans (3-0) 5A - The Spartans outlasted Bowling Green 10-7 last Friday night to earn the top spot here. A big test remains at likely #2 in the State - North Hardin. And they haven't even had their best player, SR S/WR Jantzen Dunn, on the field yet! 2. Bowling Green (2-1) 5A - The Purples didn't hit the offense switch until it was too late and could not overcome a talented South Warren Defense. Still a terrific win at 6A St Xavier. This week vs a good McCracken County team will tell us alot about the banged up Purples. The game at Trinity later likely is out of reach except to see if they can keep it below a running clock (this says more about Trinity than BG). All signs point back to the Week 2 Playoff game at South Warren for the one that really counts in this rivalry. 3. Owensboro (4-0) 5A - The Red Devils have significant talent all over the field. Their coaching staff has come a long way and everything is peachy on Frederica Street, except their schedule, which IMO will not prepare them for the State Semifinal game where they will finally face a team that has a chance to beat them - just like last season. But Hey, it you make it to the Semi-Final game every year - it's not all bad! 4. McCracken County (4-0) 6A - The Mustangs have smashed their competition the first 4 weeks of the season and now turn the bus to Bowling Green for their chance to make the State take notice! A great RB (Mr. Football Candidate - Hunter Bradley) and a very good OL will test the best DLine and team speed they have faced this year. 5. Hopkinsville (2-1) 4A - I am going on a limb a bit on this one. Hopkinsville had a BAD loss to Calloway County, no other way to put it, but prior to that had significant wins vs Henderson County and Caldwell County both of whom I think are good teams. Hoptown turned the ball over every time they touched it in the second half vs Calloway. It was a bad game. But I like their talent level, coaching and if they can get out of quarantine - to win their tough district. 6. Mayfield (3-1) 2A - This is not the best Mayfield team you have ever seen, but they are tough and gritty and still a team to be taken seriously. And Kylan Galbreath is a really good RB. 7. Henderson County (1-1) 6A - Decent team here and likely the top competition for McCracken County in 6A District 1. 8. Graves County (3-1) 5A - Solid team that has beaten Paducah Tilghman and a decent Ohio County squad and fell to Mayfield by 10. 9. Glasgow (3-1) 3A - Solid team that beat Allen County Scottsville and Logan County before losing at South Warren. 10. Paducah Tilghman (3-1) - I could be out on a limb here too, but I'm convinced there is good talent and coaching here, as evidenced by a 10 point win at always tough Murray. 11. Apollo (1-2) and Daviess County (2-2) 6A - These teams are the same to me. Clearly behind McCracken County and likely Hendo too. Still some very good players on these teams and during the Covid year you never know if there might be an upset or positive test to get you over the hump! 12. Greenwood (4-0) 5A - A bit of pyrite (aka - fools gold) here! Although this team has some good players and good coaches, they haven't played the competition that their district is about to unfold. Still, good solid team, but playing for 3rd in the District is likely the ceiling again this year. 13. Caldwell County (2-2) 2A - The 1-point loss at Mayfield help float the Tigers to this line. They should get another shot at Mayfield next month! 14. Owensboro Catholic (4-0) 2A - Could flip-flop with Caldwell, but feel a 1-point loss at Mayfield is worth more than a 37 point home win vs McLean. JR WR/DB Braden Munday is a player!!! 15. Crittenden County (3-1) 1A - The Rockets are a very good team and can make some noise in 1A, except for probably the Top 2 1A teams. Would have loved to have seen the Paintsville game from a logistics standpoint alone! Great for even getting it on the schedule! 16. Logan County (1-2) 4A - The Cougars were bitten by the injury bug again with their star SR QB Braxton Baptiste breaking his leg in the Greenwood game. Tremendous adversity to deal with. Now they head into unknown and challenging district waters. 17. Allen County Scottsville (2-1) 4A - The Patriots lost a barn-burner at Glasgow on week one, but head into District play (perhaps as the favorite now) already with a win at Franklin Simpson! 18. McLean County (3-1) 2A - The Cougars have a strong group this year, but fell hard to an old district foe Owensboro Catholic, who had revenge from last season on their mind. But they should still get back for another game in Owensboro in the playoffs for a much better game. 19. Murray (2-2) 2A - The Tigers have beaten the teams they were supposed to beat and lost to the teams they were supposed to lose to. I look for that to continue. 20. Tie - I'm going to reward some teams that don't get much love on this board with a 3-way tie for this last spot: Hopkins County Central (1-3) 4A - Yes, the Storm are 1-3, but that 1 was HUGE! A 40-35 road win at Rival Madisonville North Hopkins! First win vs their rival since 2003! Congratulations! Russellville (1-2) 1A - Yes, the Panthers are 1-2, but just like above the 1 was HUGE! A 14-12 home win vs old foe 4A Franklin-Simpson! Calloway County (2-1) 4A - The Lakers pulled off one of the biggest upsets of the year upending District Foe Hopkinsville 14-7! Congratulations and you now share a lead for always tough 4A District 1 with Hopkins County Central - Yes it the year of Covid-19! Likes/Dislikes - What would you change?
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    Neither team should be allowed to pass more than 3 times in a half and only 5 passes total in the game. That would truly be an Owen Hauck Bowl.
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    Good competition helps your team. This will only help LCA and FD get better.
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    1. That's up to ownership. Are they willing to pay market rate? Are they willing to pay for long-term contracts? If so, how sure are you of a guy lasting that long? How much money do you realistically have for payroll? Heck, even just this past year, Anthony Rendon left a team he helped lead to the World Series, because they couldn't afford both him and Strasburg. 2. This is every team. Like it or not, free agency destroyed the "team" concept back in the late 70's. Players move around. Some chase the dollars. Some chase a lifestyle. Some chase championships. But loyalty to a city? Come on, man. 3. This is what every player does. Every. Single. One. 4. A token of appreciation? Really?!? When was the last time you know of someone who turned down a payraise? And however much more he is worth now than when he arrived...is solely due to what HE did. It's not like the Reds were playing stellar defense behind him, and scoring 8 runs a game when he pitched. He dang near needed to pitch a complete game shutout just to have a chance at a W.
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    Also what was mentioned in that thread. Was that Cooper had a lot of guys who were just now getting their first varsity experience. Including 4 of their 5 lineman being new varsity starters this year. So some were a little to quick to be saying some of those things. Especially when 2 of their first 3 games were against teams such as Desales and Covcath. It takes some time to get things going with so many new starters. Those games also probably helped prepare them for how they are doing now. Since that Covcath game. They have now won 3 of the last 4. With their only lost being a 7 point lost to Conner. Which was a game that Cooper actually out gained Conner by over 100 yards.
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    Remember, KHSAA RPI is heavily weighted towards wins. Playing tough competition does not help much if you lose. Yes, Cooper has the best opportunity but they also have the two toughest opponents. They really need a win against one of those two to get the number two seed. Conner has the best opportunity to get another win and pick up points when they play GRC. I don't think Highlands gets points for beating an out of state opponent so Moeller is a non factor. For Highlands, it is all about beating Campbell County. This is very much up in the air and likely will not be decided till the last week.
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    Henderson County coming off the radar to shock McCracken like=
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    Hope to get some stats tomorrow on this game, I believe Scott had over 300 yards passing, Holmes had well over 300 rushing. As a Holmes fan, very glad this game didn’t come down to a field goal, was watching Scott’s kicker in warm ups and the young man was drilling them from 40 yards out. I know Scott had one pass play for 95 yards for a score. Proud of this group at Holmes, we thought this senior group should be pretty good. Home game for sure in the first round of play offs, just not sure who yet. Rumer is there is a possibility Holmes will be moving to 3A next year. Good luck to Scott, Holmes has senior night next week against Bellevue and end the regular season at Newport Catholic.
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    I thought that was your job? 😇
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    Untouched shot of a randomly selected Trinity alum in his natural environment:
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    Good for Coach Wolfe for speaking out on behalf of children. And while I am at it, I wonder if Coach Wolfe is thinking about other job opportunities moving forward? My gut says a return "back home" may be an option.
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    I talked in previous threads how I thought CovCath was 2 difference makers away from competing, well 1 showed up on Friday in Trevor Wilson at DE/TE. I’m also 99% sure Zion Mason at WR/DB is going to be another one when he shows up for the playoffs. I still think FD is better and maybe SW/BG but it gets a lot more interesting with CovCath adding those 2 guys.
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    I don’t care that they’re down, beating Highlands will ALWAYS put a smile on my face. I also believe that makes Coach Eviston and the staff 49-1 in their last 50 games. An incredible run of success that they should be very proud of.
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    That handle immediately goes to the BGP HOF.
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    Thx for at least respecting and posting the proper Bird CWB. What really would have rubbed the Highlands faithful wrong would have been if you would have used the feathered friendly bluebird instead, lol.
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    Some members placing way, way too much emphasis on "who you could schedule" when criticizing RPI. There are so many factors in scheduling, including distance, cost, school schedule, where you're spending money for your other school teams to go, team compatibility, not to mention it is a zero-sum gain only for lower class teams. I would love for Bardstown to take a crack at Belfry, but we went to Pikeville last year and played pretty well, but the cost was very high for us. I would love for Bardstown to try their hand at Male or Boyle (we used to play them years ago), but why would they play us? Not to mention should we risk getting trounced/injured just for a shot at a fraction higher RPI? Its really not at simple as saying "just pick up the phone and schedule better competition."
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    Yes and no. The KHSAA RPI leans too heavily on won loss record and not enough on strength of schedule. The SOS points you get in RPI come from playing up in class no matter how bad the team is. If a 1A or 2A team beats the worst team in 6A they get way too many points for that win. That plus just getting wins and no losses works in a team's favor. The way to schedule in RPI is schedule up against bad teams. That gets you points for wins and for playing up even though the team you play is bad.
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    A recent scene from Heaven: Lou Brock welcomes Bob Gibson as he arrives home. Two of my all-time favorite players have now passed away within 1 month of each other. Bob Gibson died on October 2nd, a month after teammate Lou Brock. I can honestly say that I have never been emotionally affected by the death of any celebrity. Even Lou Brock's recent passing, though it made me sad, didn't really "get to me". But now the combo of these 2 legends from my childhood passing away truly affected me. This image of these 2 Icons has evoked in me bittersweet feelings that I never expected. Good game, guys. Rest well.
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    I know Somerset is ranked first but I think LCA is the favorite in 2A. Somerset is the defending champ but they played twice last year, with both sides winning once and both games extremely close. There wasn't much difference in 2019 and I think LCA has taken another step forward.
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    Mayfield is having a bit of an identity crisis right now. Their unspoken leader on both sides of the ball is out for the year with an injury. Seems to me players look around waiting for someone else to step up and make plays. The McCracken game was first game of year, and it snowballed on them, so I kinda throw that one out. They looked like a Mayfield team against Graves (not first quarter, but rest of game), but they had a slight letdown against Union Co. Which version of Mayfield shows up will tell the tale. If they play like they did against Graves I think they win. If they play like last week, they take an "L" at home.
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