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    That pretty much locks it up for me, coming back is the right decision for Cam. Congrats Cam!
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    That tweet isn't correct. Boyd County won the region in 2001. Raceland's last (and I believe only) baseball region title came in 1991. They lost to Knott County Central in the first round of the sectional that season.
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    Here is a picture of Cam in some EKU gear, hopefully it is the first of many offers:
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    Bingo! And anyone who DOESN'T get it and continues to ignorantly criticize Cam or his decision needs to just stop. Time to move on.
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    The rule was put in place for those who struggled academically, not those who didn't like their scholarship offers. His decision has nothing to do with his academics. You can't fault the kid for making the decision he did, but you can fault those who allowed the decision to occur. I don't care what anyone says, my mind will never be changed in this instance and any instances where the kid is coming back strictly for athletics.
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    Pitching for the Reds. And I might not be the worst pitcher on the team this year lol.
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    I'm a garbage man. Getting to do this always seemed like THE biggest job perk of all time...
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    The four teams playing at UK are all very tough - Beechwood, Danville, and Lafayette have all won over 30 games. The Harrison/Campbell winner is likely the fourth best team and Harrison is 32-5! ***The winners of the two games will play the next week at the Legends Stadium. Just wanted to clarify.
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    That is a very tough first round opponent.
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    ⚾ Final from Taylor Mill per James Weber. Congrats πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺ πŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺπŸͺ! Campbell Co. (25-14-1) will meet 11th Region champion, #9 Lafayette in a Saturday Semi-state at UK.
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    Source confirming that former Garrard County coach Ryan Young has accepted the position as head coach for the Briar Jumpers.
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    The NKY East-West Football Game is back on this year. I am not sure if there will be a live stream but it will be nice to see a lot of these kids play at least one more time. The 2021 @StElizabethNKY All-Star Series kicks off this Thursday with the East-West Football game at Dixie Heights! Kickoff is set for 7:30!
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    Trinity gets good outing out of Colin Murphy who pitched complete game. Trinity was able to get just a little more offense. Congrats to Trinity!
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    I'm assuming Cam's reclassification from Class of '21 to Class of '22 basically wipes out all of the college offers he had previously. Prior to committing to Akron, where he was a preferred walk-on, Hergott had received offers from Mount St. Joe, Centre, Dayton, Butler, Valparaiso, Morehead State, Bryant. He had also gotten attention from Miami Ohio, Toledo, Middle Tennessee, EKU, Cornell and Penn, but did not receive offers from any of them. I'll be curious to see which of those programs express continued/renewed interest, and whether or not he has anyone new looking at him.
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    They've won it one time ever prior to this year and that was thirty years ago. I've said for years a regional title is the pinnacle for about 75% of the schools in Kentucky. If you are a 1A school who wins a regional title, bring out the fire department, police, ambulance, constable, dog catcher, and everyone else!
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    Bowling Green boys had themselves a heck of a year. Football, basketball, and baseball titles.
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    Tied up at 2 heading into top of 4th.
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    Game was at Meinken Field, Covington. Scott HS was the tournament host. (E - RO) HC: 0-4-1 0-0-0 0 \ 5 CC: 2-0-5 0-1-0 0 \ 8
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    No politics everyone. Speculation about the "intent" of the Kentucky Supplemental School Year Program (SSYP) is inherently political in nature and not a topic allowed under our Terms of Service. In short, intent doesn't matter at this point, student-athletes are allowed to repeat a year and play sports period.
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    I'm not sure. I heard it went over the pole, but the radio guys said there was a 6 man crew and the ump was looking right at it.
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    I tried doing a google search myself and came up with nothing. If I see something, I will post it.
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    Cam has now received a full scholarship offer from EKU.
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    Corey Hoskins took the job then 10 days later resigned to join Perry Central's staff. Owsley AD Bobby Bowling was then named head coach.
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    Congratulations to Ryan Young and good luck at Somerset!!!!
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    Sounds like the Top 4 would get byes and the remaining 8 would play each other on the higher seeds home field. I like it, Ky could conceivably have a small chance to make it. Undefeated Teams in non power 5 conferences should get their chance at the Big Boys just like College Basketball.
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    That made me laugh out loud. Maybe they had to ride inside the truck but they still got to put the wet stuff on the hot stuff.
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    Meetings in Chicago July 17th and 18th to talk a 12 team CFP Expansion. Officials on campuses, in conference offices and in the television world have expressed an openness toward a 12-team playoff as the most likely result. A 12-team version would answer a lot of the immediate looming issues with the College Football Playoff β€” lack of diversity of programs, access for Group of Five and the erosion of the importance of supposed top-tier bowl games outside the CFP thanks to player opt-outs. How would 12 teams work? The basic thought is automatic bids for the five major conferences β€” which also juices up their league title games as play-in games β€” and one for the highest ranked Group of Five champion. The other six spots would be at-large bids. That gives automatic bids to some of the have-nots and more potential spots for the more powerful leagues CFP Expansion Plan
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    That’s a very appealing semistate game. Both teams capable of winning.
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    πŸ† The Diamond Aces claim their first 3rd Region title since 2005. Congratulations! Up next ~ Owensboro Catholic (32-5), the 2021 All "A" Classic champs, meet 2nd Region winner Lyon Co. in Saturday's semi-state at WKU.
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    I've heard that Mason County's girls have a couple of scrimmages on Thursday night, I think I'll make the trip down the AA to congratulate Kevin in person and watch his Lady Royals play!
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    How is the bracket filling up? Eight teams have clinched Regional titles. Championship games are scheduled today in the 4th, 6th, 7th, 10th, 14th 15th, and 16th Regions, with the 8th Region finale on Wednesday. β€’ Region, PBR ranking, Team, (Record & RPI) Upper Bracket: R9 #13 Beechwood (31-6 .692) vs. R12 #2 Danville (38-3 .672) βˆ† R11 #9 Lafayette (33-7 .646) vs. R10 NR Harrison Co. (32-5 .615) / NR Campbell Co. (24-14-1 .580) βˆ† R5 NR Elizabethtown (24-14 .523) vs. R8 #22 Oldham Co. (22-11.589) / NR Collins (26-12 .590) βˆ† R1 #4 McCracken Co. (32-5 .683) vs. R4 #5 Bowling Green (33-5 .668) / NR Franklin-Simpson (22-13 .640) βˆ†βˆ†βˆ† Lower Bracket: R3 #3 Owensboro Catholic (32-5 .656) vs. R2 #16 Lyon Co. (28-7 .630) βˆ† R13 NR Whitley Co. (29-9 .622) / NR Middlesboro (17-14 .480) vs. R16 #28 Raceland (30-7 .625) / NR Ashland (15-21 .509) βˆ† R15 NR Johnson Central (26-13 .592) vs R14 NR Hazard (28-12 .591) / NR Estill Co. (20-12 .553) βˆ† R7 #1 Trinity (36-2 .696) / #8 St. Xavier (28-12 .635) vs. R6 #14 DeSales (31-8 .610) / NR Fern Creek (21-6 .554)
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    Which teams from the final PBR rankings have survived through the Regionals? 14 of the top 25 are out. Three of the top eight face elimination today. How wide open is this year's state tournament? Updated team status with current record ~ X - eliminated during District/Regional.
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    Sorry I missed this. No, thank goodness, just a measuring stick/ranking tool for all sports except football.
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    Thus concludes the incredible high school athletic career of three sport star Kade Grundy. - A top baseball prospect and Louisville commit - Somerset's all-time leading scorer on the hardwood - An All-State wide receiver He was special.
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    Beechwood much more fundamentally stronger team tonight. CCH had a bad error and several passed balls which led to several of the runs. First time watching Beechwood this year and their coach seems like a fun guy to play for, seems like a players coach.
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    πŸ† Congratulations Tigers! Complete game win by tournament MVP Brett Holladay. At the state tournament, Beechwood will meet 12th Region champion Danville in the opening round.
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    I think the point was that many people around the greater Cincinnati area have long commutes every day so it is a non-factor if you want something.
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    I'm still just...... 😦 Do you think Manual and Shawnee high school are pretty similar too? Both are JCPS schools. Only separated by about 6 miles.
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