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    I think a lot of kids who come back will be kids who just enjoy sports. There’s nothing like high school athletics. And if you get the chance to play a sport you love for an extra year, then why not jump at that opportunity? Especially with football, for most once they’re done they never put those pads on again. And if they do it’s not the same as those Friday nights, it’s more of a job and a grind.
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    This is awesome news! Congratulations to Derrick Barnes! Always thought that he had what it took. https://www.rcnky.com/articles/2021/05/01/holy-cross-graduate-drafted-nfls-detroit-lions
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    Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse:
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    I saw MJ the other day. His arm’s in a sling from patting himself on the back.
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    Congratulations to Ben! Well deserved! Ben was also named 2nd Team AP All-State for both OL & DL, and made Honorable Mention on the Courier-Journal's All-State team.
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    Mintz as of now still hasn’t decided. Neither has Brooks.
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    Yes sir. Came in as Assistant Principle first, became baseball Head Coach in '73, then basketball Head Coach for the '75-'76 season.
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    Coach T is awesome! Love that guy!
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    Louisville Flaget vs. Covington Catholic - 1971 For the Braves, the year of their last championship season, the famous 7-7 tie with Thomas Jefferson in the title game. For the Colonels, the year that star Keith Stowers passed away. Pregame statewide Litkenhouse Ratings - #3 Flaget and #12 Cov Cath. Final score from Ludlow's Rigney Stadium - Louisville Flaget 28 Covington Catholic 22. From this series: Cov Cath's future college players - QB Tim Murphy (Xavier, OH), and all-state T Ken Kreke (US Naval Academy). [1] Cov Cath's Mark Reardon (#80) tackles Flaget's Jim Cordery (#44), with Colonels Bill Trenkamp (#85) and Kreke (#77) closing in.
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    There haven’t been any rankings yet. But I would expect us to be #1 nationally as we are the only undefeated team left and have played against good competition.
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    Where are the Dragons ranked nationally?
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    Dragons win the KC Crossroads Tournament with victories in the semifinals over Milwaukee (50-21) and finals over Kansas City (64-31). The Dragons are now 15-0 on the season!! Next tournament will be in Atlanta on May 15.
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    Yo, Randy "Tuco" Parker, it's Runcible "Blondie" Owl! You know how this ends, right?
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    The older you get the more that "get off my lawn" part of your brain gets.
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    When I said turning into an old man on the porch, I really just meant turning into @mcpapa
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    Severe thunderstorms are expected across parts of Oklahoma and far northeast Texas into the middle Mississippi and lower Ohio Valleys on Monday. Damaging gusts, large hail and a few tornadoes will be possible with this activity. Storm may grow upscale late Monday night into early Tuesday morning across southeast MO/southern IL and spread eastward into the lower OH Valley with a continued damaging wind and tornado threat. The Storm Prediction Center has a portion of Kentucky under a category 2 Slight Risk Area. East of that area the rest of Kentucky is in a Category Marginal Risk Area.
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    I believe most of the players coming back will be top players who missed out on the D1 full ride they were expecting like Dixon and Hergott and perhaps late bloomers who want to play at the next level and did not get an offer.
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    Coach Shaw talks about revamping the Generals as he looks to bounce back from two challenging seasons. #BigThings
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    If the majority of fans are in the same boat in that they are less invested in college football, the college playoffs are getting some pretty impressive ratings on just three fan bases (granted two of those fan bases I imagine are #2 and 3 in size of fan bases). My guess is the fan bases of SEC, ACC and Big 10 conferences are very interested and the Big 12 to a somewhat lesser degree but most of those fan bases agree with the rest of college football fan bases that expanding the playoffs should be done.
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    Dragons finish the day 3-0 in pool play and will go into tomorrow's tournament as the #1 seed. Dragons are now 13-0 on the season. You can catch tomorrow's semifinal game live here on Dragons Facebook page at 10:30 Eastern time tomorrow morning. Scores from today's games. Dragons 68 Milwaukee 37 Dragons 65 Nebraska 27 Dragons 72 St Louis 39
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    Tigers win 2nd game of the day.
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    This team could.be worse than last year at this rate.
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    🏀 Looking for a small gym with both character and championship pedigree? Welcome to the cozy confines of "The Finn" at Covington Holy Cross. Completed in time for the Indians run to the 1965 Boys Sweet 16 final, the gym features mid-century modern wooden beams, and all 780 seats offer great views of "George Schneider Court." 50 years later Holy Cross would hoist the 2015 Girls Sweet 16 Championship banner. I love this place; lots of great memories here. The Rev. Thomas B. Finn Activity Center ~ In the stands and on the court, at the corner of 36th and Church Streets in Latonia.
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    Since St. X's last title in 2009, their season has ended at Trinity's hand in `10, `11, `12, `14, `15, `16, `17, and `20. The Shamrocks were state champions in seven of those eight years. The Tigers suffered heartbreakers against T in the 2012 and 2014 playoffs and lost by 10 in 2016. I don't usually get caught up in hypotheticals, but I like X's chances of winning at least a title or two during those years, were it not for Trinity's unparalleled level of excellence. Also throw in that aforementioned 2018 team that beat eventual champ Male in the regular season, but lost the playoff rematch by 10. St. X has consistently been a top 3-4 team in 6A. Trinity has simply been that good.
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    Research Kevin Kelly out of Arkansas. While WC isn’t Pulaski Academy it is an analytic choice.
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    I’ve never been less invested in college football, and the majority of fans that aren’t part of the Alabama, Clemson, or Ohio State fanbases are in the same boat. This is the worst system they’ve ever had as currently comprised.
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    The only people who should get a do over year are fort knox and fort campbell kids since they were the only ones who didn't have a season, and they aren't allowed to have a do over year anyways
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    Aug 20 - BYE Aug 27 vs. Louisville Holy Cross Sep 3 vs. Seneca Sep 10 vs. Southern Sep 17 at Moore Sep 24 vs. Doss (District) Oct 1 at Pleasure Ridge Park Oct 8 vs. Western (District) Oct 15 at Fairdale (District) Oct 22 at Bullitt Central (District) Oct 29 at Shawnee
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