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    @Colonels_Wear_Blue, I know it won't strike fear into the hearts of PRP and Fairdale, but it could have been much, much worse.
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    I don't think so. We are working our way into the anti-vax crowd... In most places, everyone that wants one is now eligible to get one. The slow down was going to happen when we reached that group regardless of any temporary setbacks with J&J.
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    With this schedule, I think Trigg will have some early success. I see a realistic 5-6 win season. Step 1: Hire a head coach and a coaching staff. Good luck to the Wildcats!
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    Your Reds are back. Building a bullpen on retreads and other teams garbage does not make you feared in MLB. Not sure if blame goes to owner for being cheap, GM for being clueless or David Bell just appearing lost in the dugout. This team may lose 10 straight considering they go to St Louis and then Los Angeles.
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    I am really perplexed on this.....but hey it took them a long time to hire the football coach and most everyone including me was getting nervous and the early dialogue is that they found a good one with Sphire, so I am holding out for hope that they are going to hire a good fit for the program that is full of talent. I realize that there were some issues with certain parents and players.....which makes me scratch my head, b/c I didn’t see it. I saw a coach that treated my daughter with the upmost respect and a daughter that loved her interactions with Alex, Joe, Nina, and all the other coaches. Never ONE DAY did she come home from practice or games upset about ANYTHING........NEVER! You put Alex’s resume in front of me and change his occupation from Girls Soccer to Football coach and the results he had after what 8 years of Wief not getting out of region, I would think that all is right in the world.
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    Hi! My name is Johnny... Johnny Rain Cloud. No matter the situation I enjoy finding the negative in everything!
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    They lost to some top teams over the weekend in very close games a long way from home. I think they will be fine.
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    Kudos to those programs in the area that consistently report their stats to the KHSAA. But is anyone else shocked at how lax some schools are in reporting stats? Granted, I understand baseball is its own beast when it comes to statistical reporting/validity. But, surprising how many teams - including top teams - seemingly either don't care or don't have the resources to keep/report stats. Seems an incredible disservice to the kids and to media outlets who attempt to cover/report on teams while a vocal majority cry foul when coverage is - at best - slim. Thoughts?
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    Heartbreaking news has now been confirmed on a news site that Clarke was in a car crash and has passed away. Prayers are with him and his family. https://www.wkyt.com/2021/04/23/sources-uk-mens-basketball-player-terrence-clarke-dies-in-los-angeles/
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    Aug 6 at McLean County (Scrimmage) Aug 13vs. Russellville (Scrimmage) Aug 20 at Todd County Central Aug 27 at Warren Central Sep 3 at Murray Sep 10 at Fort Campbell Sep 17 vs. LaRue County Sep 24 - BYE Oct 1 vs. Paducah Tilghman (District) Oct 8 vs. Fulton County Oct 15 at Webster County (District) Oct 22 vs. Union County (District) Oct 29 vs. Caldwell County
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    The KHSAA tri-site State Swimming and Diving meets begin Thursday, April 22. Here are the nine Regional girls and boys team champions. Full team standings and individual results may be found in the PDFs below ~ Region 1. Girls - Murray | Boys - Murray Region 2. Girls - South Warren | Boys - Bowling Green Region 3. Girls - Elizabethtown | Boys - Elizabethtown Region 4. Girls - Manual | Boys - St. Xavier Region 5. Girls - Sacred Heart | Boys - Eastern Region 6. Girls - Boyle Co. | Boys - Boyle Co. Region 7. Girls - Ryle | Boys - Highlands Region 8. Girls - PL Dunbar | Boys - PL Dunbar Region 9. Girls - Madison Central | Boys - Model 🏆 Congratulations to the champions! Good luck to all at this year's state meets. 21regiononeresults.pdf 21regiontworesults.pdf 21regionthreeresults.pdf 21regionfourresults.pdf 21regionfiveresults.pdf 21regionsixresults.pdf 21regionsevenresults.pdf 21regioneightresults.pdf 21regionnineresults.pdf
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    The Reds will now be allowed beginning April 30 to increase stadium capacity from 30% up to 40%.
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    Was announced today that the Reds will be allowed to have 30% capacity for their home games as of now for the 2021 baseball season.
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    😺 UK 3 UW 1 - from the CHI Health Center Arena in Omaha. UK Volleyball reaches it's first Natty final. UK will play the winner of the No.1 seed Wisconsin vs No.6 seed Texas match, going on now. Congrats Cats!
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    Cats move to the the championship game defeating Washington 3 sets to 1.
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    Long trip to Mt. Washington in week 4 won’t be a cake walk. Looking forward to it & a lot of respect to Graves Co. for making the trip.
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    Let’s goooooo!!!!!
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    Welp, I'm benched for a while.
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    Tailing line drive to center. Naquin dives but can't get it. It goes to the wall. Bases cleared. 12-8. Now Carson Kelly sends one to the left field bleachers. 14-8. Jeez has this been hard to watch.
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    The Battle of the Equally Futile Bullpens.
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    India with his first ML home run to tie the game.
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    The one on top is from the school seal...used as the profile picture on their official Twitter account, and in various spots on the school's website. The one on the bottom is apparently used by the school for some other odds and ends. This picture's from the school athletic department's Twitter account.
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    The relief pitching stinkin' up the show lately, WOW!
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    I am with you, but I think 2-3 months is too far out there. I think we are much closer to that point. Some shortages may exist in places, but not many and if people want it, they can get it.
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    The job description on the list serv makes it sound like a great job to walk into.
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    For me, we are getting very close to opening things up completely. Once there has been plenty of time and opportunity for everyone to get the vaccine, I say open everything up. I am good on eliminating mask mandates then as well. I have said from very early on that the key to opening things up is minimizing the risk of death. The vaccines are doing that. In about 2 months, perhaps 3, everyone who wants the vaccine should be vaccinated. At that point, everything should be opened up IMO. If we are at 50% of the population vaccinated, those other 50% have made their choice. There will be continued deaths. A lot of those dieing people might even utter the last words "I proved my point" if they die from COVID. Or maybe they will claim they died from something other than COVID. Regardless, it will be no one's fault but their own if they die from it. No one can ever say they weren't warned nor offered the opportunity to protect themselves.
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    Justus is officially out, as he took the top assistant job at Arizona State.
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    Sims has a WHIP of 0.50, so I'm fine with putting him in the closer role. Antone's is 0.75, which is fine as well. But I think I'd keep him in a spot or two out, just because he can probably go multiple innings, if needed. The two things I look for in my back end of the pen...don't walk people...and don't give up the HR's. If you can strike people out, that's a plus.
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    Former Coach at Christian Co will join the staff of the Tornados as the new defense coordinator.
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    Coach Emmert talks about his programs red hot start.
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    I think he would be a good fit at Virginia. If he went to Xavier, wouldn't he be reunited with his high school competitor, Adam Kunkel? That would be kind of neat.
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    Tonight they won one in the bottom of the 7th 6-5 over Hopkinsville who had led most of the game.
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    I think I saw Boone County is at Tates Creek on October 29.
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    Rocking the baby better be put away, for quite awhile. Garrett's been given plenty of opportunities to be THE guy. Hasn't showed me he deserves it.
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    I've long said that Calipari has missed having Antigua on the sidelines. I would welcome his return.
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    Ryan did have a good day, placing first in the 100 - 11.40 (KY 1A #4) and 200 - 22.83 (KY 1A #2). That is nice that the girls and boys got their own meets, but I could watch a T&F all day. Glad you got to go. Did anyone else stand out?
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    Tilghman has hired Steve Lovelace as Defensive Coordinator, another great move in my opinion.
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    I think JCPS could greatly benefit from a bigger gym that all JCPS schools can use. Not to mention, they could use it as a revenue source by renting it out for other events.
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    I'm assuming Somerset Christian will eventually become the 4th team in that district. There have been rumors for a few years of realignment within the 12th (Lincoln dropping to the 47th, Pulaski or Somerset dropping to the 48th, etc.). The addition of Danville Christian and Somerset Christian may have silenced much of that.
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    In this day of analytics, any coach who does not pay attention to stats isn't much of a coach IMO. I noticed this lack of stats earlier in the year. I checked a number of good baseball programs and found stats missing on half of their games.
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    Another night of Q&A With Barry Larkin. Tonight's topic class is - Allowing batters to be comfortable. Jeez!!! Shoot me.
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    Good call on the gym at Villa Madonna. It's a little architectural gem.
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    I admire that they scheduled tough and if you’re really good that can make you battle tested for sure but let’s look at this from the other side with a young team if they get smacked around and go 3-7 I think that really hurts a teams confidence going into the playoffs.
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    Congrats to Coach Hawkins! The Lunch Lady's at Apollo thing he's a GREAT MAN!!
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    Coach Peach is a solid coach who accomplished very good things at his time at Anderson County. By and large I would say of the candidates available this is a fine to very good hire. With that said.... nothing about Peach's resume is more impressive than what they already had in the Coach they choose to let go. For that reason... I am giving this hire a D-
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    Led Zeppelin - Your Time is Gonna Come
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    "How to raise your IQ by hangin' with Oldog75" -ScienceFriction
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    "Dining on Mince and Slices of Quince" - Runcible Owl
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