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    Joe Bryan is moving from athletic director at Russell Independent to head boys basketball coach at Raceland.
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    2021 All BluegrassPreps.com Boys Basketball Team Continuing its tradition of leadership in Kentucky high school sports information, news, and discussion, BluegrassPreps.com announces its tenth annual All-BluegrassPreps.com Boys Basketball Team. BluegrassPreps.com honors the state's top 10 players, with emphasis on building a true team. The All-BluegrassPreps.com team recognizes 10 players whose versatility and all-around contributions to their respective teams sets them apart. Maker Bar, Ballard Jaquias Franklin, Elizabethtown Kaleb Glenn, Male Ben Johnson, Lexington Catholic Sekou Kalle, DeSales Isaiah Mason, Bowling Green Kelly Niece, Simon Kenton Reed Sheppard, North Laurel Jevonte Turner, Knox Central Sam Vinson, Highlands PLAYER OF THE YEAR: Sam Vinson, Highlands
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    Kentucky is in the 2020 Final four. They are just now having the 2020 Tournament due to covid. Kentucky will take on Washington Huskies on Thursday 4/22/21 in the Semi-Finals. Go UK!
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    Henry Clay and Johnson Central will be playing week one.
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    Seems like a good spot for another of the Chris Wolfe assistants to surface as a head coach.
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    Listened to the BCJ Podcast yesterday with Coach Miller. Gotta like what you're seeing and hearing from him so far if you're a UC fan.
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    Kudos to those programs in the area that consistently report their stats to the KHSAA. But is anyone else shocked at how lax some schools are in reporting stats? Granted, I understand baseball is its own beast when it comes to statistical reporting/validity. But, surprising how many teams - including top teams - seemingly either don't care or don't have the resources to keep/report stats. Seems an incredible disservice to the kids and to media outlets who attempt to cover/report on teams while a vocal majority cry foul when coverage is - at best - slim. Thoughts?
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    Reds play the Diamondbacks again already. They will do it for two games without Castellanos as the MLB upheld his suspension. Dumb.
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    The Shamrocks go to15-0 with their win yesterday in Clarksville.
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    Just came across these shots of the new gym in Eminence:
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    McCracken County's relatively new gym has already hosted numerous district and regional champions. 3300 capacity.
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    They lost to some top teams over the weekend in very close games a long way from home. I think they will be fine.
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    My Dad would have turned 67 today. He was a good Christian Man and a pretty cool dude. He loved Bob Dylan, Simon and Garfunkel, and the Animals. He taught so many people about Jesus in Bellevue, Batavia, and Latonia.
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    Welp....that's on me. Thanks for clarifying @se7ens!
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    Well, it appears this job isn’t open after all. Coach Dawn is retiring as principal but not coach.
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    The Ads have had Wayne, Mason, Allen County, Shelby Valley, Bell, Bardstown, Madison Central, Madison Southern and John Hardin all appear in various iterations of their last couple years' non-district schedules. Mason had an open date on 10/1 so that might be the game for that date. Madison Central and Bardstown are yet to put out a schedule. And I think Douglass and Bryan Station are the only to FCPS programs with schedules out yet.
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    Brausch did a good job for two seasons. We were lucky to find a coach like Mike Sizemore. He did a tremendous job and is doing very well at Clay County now.
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    Better be glad that he's pitching tonight instead of tomorrow.
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    That happened last year 😬 ...Grant is currently assistant principal at St. Henry. I think Grant is more than likely the man for the job.
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    Josh Kattus commits to UK. A 3 star TE out of Cincinnati Moeller.
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    No pics but my daughter played in a tournament there during her 8th grade year (2016) and there were 2 half court lines, almost like using the volleyball lines on each side of the half court line. It took both teams a few possessions to get comfortable with all the lines.
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    First, cicadas, then snow? Oh the humanity!
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    Reds lineup tonight. 1. Jesse Winker LF 2. Tyler Naquin RF 3. Eugenio Suarez SS 4. Joey Votto 1B 5. Mike Moustakas 3B 6. Nick Senzel CF 7. Tucker Barnhart C 8. Jonathan India 2B 9. Luis Castillo P
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    Per the listserv, Coach Peach is still looking for games on the 17th & 24th of September. No word here on who the opponents are for Oct 1 & Oct 29. Aug 20 vs. Garrard County (at Lincoln County Bowl) Aug 27 vs. Lincoln County (Danville Bowl) Sep 3 at Boyle County Sep 10 at Mercer County Sep 17 - OPEN Sep 24 - OPEN Oct 1 - ?? Oct 8 at Somerset (District) Oct 15 vs. Washington County (District) Oct 22 at Lexington Christian Academy (District) Oct 29 - ??
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    Pieced together from other published schedules for the 2021 season... Aug 20 at Lincoln County (PBK Death Valley Bowl) Aug 27 - OPEN Sep 3 at Beechwood Sep 10 vs. Paintsville Sep 17 at Corbin Sep 24 - OPEN Oct 1 at Hazard Oct 8 vs. Danville (District) Oct 15 at Lexington Christian Academy (District) Oct 22 vs. Washington County (District) Oct 29 - OPEN
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    No pics but I seem to remember it being regulation size. It is the old Catholic school multi-use setup with bleachers on one side and a stage on the other.
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    The sun coming thru the windows can make that gym tough to see in.
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    Does anyone have photos of the gym at the original St. Henry HS on Dixie Hwy. in Erlanger? Seem to remember it from back in the 60's that it wasn't a full length court, and had two half court lines.
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    If you're cool with sitting shoulder to shoulder with a stranger, Williamstown hosting a tournament is one of the cooler atmospheres. The 2017 district tournament and 2020 All A stick out to me. The 8th Region Tournament at Henry Co. is a must see in a typical year too. In general, I'm a fan of Augusta's gym. I've always liked Eminence's gym, but they're getting a new one next season. Villa is a very unique setting too. And I'm partial to Western Hills, where I scored my first Varsity points. Across the river, the gym from "Hoosiers" is very cool to look at, but not nearly as much fun to play on from what I gather. Mason in Ohio is a tremendous facility as well.
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    Great points. The brutal reality is that even some of the top programs have 1) stats guys that THINK they know how to keep stats and don't; 2) coaches who just either don't care about stats AT ALL or don't have the time or support staff to do them appropriately, and 3) as you noted above, biased scorekeepers either blatantly cooking the books for some or all kids or fudging the numbers to protect the integrity of the struggling program. Now kick those two issues down to the programs that are lacking. So, yeah, tough nut to crack here. I love the idea of training score keepers, but understand that's just likely not something you can mandate when the lack of attention to the issue is so widespread and systemic of other program/coaching situations. I wonder has a clinic ever been offered? Perhaps even offering an online clinic for scorekeepers would be an option. The other issue is, especially in baseball, there's just such a divide between those that believe stats are important and those that just see all the issues above and realize there's no perfect solution or anything close to it. That said, I truly admire and appreciate the programs and coaches in the state who do see great value in the stats and take great care to put people in place to assure they're done and done properly.
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    McCracken always does well till they get to the playoffs. Usually they are one and done?
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    No... But my guess is if CJ wasn't willing to stay home and play for Mick, odds are he isn't going to UC and playing for a coach he has no prior history or relationship with. I'm really surprised Notre Dame hasn't been mentioned or involved.... Unless CJ's ultimate goal is to just get back closer to home.
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    Harvey (UC Santa Barbara) and Gabe Madsen (Utah) Chris Vogt and Mamadou Diarra are both technically in the transfer portal as well but are utilizing the extra year of eligibility and have already graduated. Should know today what Eason plans on doing. I believe returning to UC, staying home and playing for Washington, or LSU are the options.
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    This is Kentucky's first trip ever to the Final four.
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    1. South Warren 2. Ballard 3. Lafayette 4. Boyle County 5. Central Hardin 6. Male 7. Butler 8. Warren East 9. McCracken County 10. Assumption 11. Henderson County 12. Daviess County 13. Woodford County 14. Marshall County 15. Johnson Central 16. Pulaski County 17. Estill County 18. Christian County 19. Oldham County 20. Great Crossing 21. Pendleton County 22. Green County 23. Lexington Catholic 24. North Laurel 25. Barren County 25. Greenwood
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    Lyon County freshman, Travis Perry, was named third team freshman All-American today by MaxPreps. Each team consists of five players per. https://www.maxpreps.com/news/_BmLkhEu7Ea4Lnrvz6s7iw/2020-21-maxpreps-freshman-all-america-team--derik-queen-headlines-high-school-basketballs-best-from-the-class-of-2024.htm
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    Here you go...cool little gym with wrap-around wooden stands. Apparently still there as part of the Central City Convention Center. They host youth basketball tournaments, beauty pageants, wrestling matches, and all kinds of other stuff there.
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    I think this is about the 4th "Congrats to Ron Dawn on a great run" thread in the last few years. Or at least it seems that way. 😇
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    John Brannen is looking for a job. Just sayin.
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    I've heard that UofL didn't even recruit him, which is concerning to say the least. On multiple occasions he (allegedly) said that he'd like to go to Louisville, but they weren't really recruiting him. The reason I bring that up is that maybe this kid just wanted to stay home, and that's why he chose UK over the other big name schools? That does happen occasionally, where a high profile athlete prefers to stay closer to home. Kudos to UK, they went after him and got the job done. Maybe he doesn't ever play for UK, but I'd say that's most likely at this point. I wouldn't assume UK would lose him to one of the other schools.
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    It would be very simple to use CalPreps/MaxPreps. They cap every victory at 36 points for their ratings and it would give a much truer account of the strength of out-of-state opponents. The current RPI is NOT a reflection of strength of schedule. It rewards being able to schedule "wins" against teams that can also schedule "wins".
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    Was he in the mix for the head coach job at T? Possibly a case of hurt feelings?
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    No blinders here... I always call it how it is whether positive or negative in regards to UC. I'm just tired of the "he got a raw deal and was treated unfairly" opinions that have no facts to back it up. UC has never once said why they relieved him of his duties (and aren't obligated to), so how do we know he got a raw deal and whether or not he has leverage in a legal battle? Nobody knows the exact details of the situation and what ultimately led to the decision. At the end of the day, UC made a great hire with Wes Miller and that's all pretty much every UC fan cares about right now.
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    I am in agreement with much of what you posted, but to provide my commentary: For perspective I watch 10 times the amount of NBA to college where the level of play is vastly superior as are the athletes on the court. RE: Lane widening. It can get clunky in the college game. I don't know if the players possess the skill level for it to matter much. RE: Elimination of the 1 and 1. I much prefer how the NBA does it. It is not as much about the 1 and 1 a it is you can be at seven fouls in a matter of minutes. I want something that allows for a reset. Why can the women's game go to quarters but the men's game cannot? I don't get it. RE: Use of technology. Seems like a no-brainer. RE: Six foul rule. Just make it six fouls. Why are we legislating when the fouls can occur for players? It does need to be bumped up from five, imo. Right now the foul limit is equitable with the NBA game. Again, the NBA players are more skilled. Other idea is to keep it at 5, but over 5 the team is awarded 2 FTs and the ball. RE: Held ball to defense. Heck no. Jump the ball up, please! RE: Timeout limits. Again, this is an NBA rule (kind of) where teams can only carry a couple timeouts into the final minutes. They also allow for ball advancement which is a cool twist. I am fine with this. RE: 10 second backcourt. Heck no. The game is slow enough already. RE: Declining FTs. Why? So a team can keep lobbing it up to a 7 footer, get fouled, take it out until the time runs out? RE: Goaltending. I am open to it if it goes for both offense and defense. RE: Walk/travel. I don't understand what they are changing here? RE: Five second closely guarding rule. I already thought that this was all but gone from the game? But yes, eliminate it.
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    When I caught a game there back in those days, you had to get there early to get a seat and I always sat in last row below the "prison" windows shown in the background just to stand up and get some air. Place got hot at times.
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    I have always like Holmes.
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    I wish I had a dollar for every track and field championship that comes down to the 4X400.
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    In Covington the small street where the near century old Glier's Meats & Goetta company is located is known as "Goetta Place". That's fine, but considering the area also has its share of heroin addicts, prostitutes, and other various shady characters that would have pedestrians be on guard, I wouldn't mind seeing the street name being chanced to "Goetta Way".
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