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    Final from Park Hills per The Scoreboard. The Colonels have outscored their opponents 65-7 this season. Cov Cath improves to 5-0, Elder is now 4-1. Next up: Colonels host Scott tomorrow (5:15). Baseball is back! ✓ via Adam Duwel (Elder '21)
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    Yes, he'll be a senior next season. He's listed as an ATH, but he didn't get a single offensive touch in 2020. He predominately plays free safety. Definitely has the skill and athleticism to be a high level contributor on offense, if Coach McPeek chooses to utilize him on that side of the ball.
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    Beating Elder in anything is a huge win, congrats CCH!
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    What a competitive game. I watched the second half and both overtimes. The teams were evenly matched but I thought BG's constant defensive pressure was ultimately the difference in the game. Congrats to both teams.
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    Anybody else see this absolute gem of a tweet last night from the Buccs after they took their 14-1 shellacking from the Redlegs?
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    Watching that video you would not have thought that they got run ruled. Lol
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    The Reds are 4 - 1 and in first place in the NL Central!
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    Great teammate and quality person. If he is done, solid 8 year career - longer than most NFL RB's.
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    I hear you, but I have played, coached and watched a lot of sports and I have never seen a coach abandon his team like that. IMO - Big red flag to other problems and to his character.
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    And what if Vinson and Muller decide to come back?
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    What are some of the better songs made by artists that are more famous for something else? The Edge - David McCallum (Illya Kuryakin in "The Man from U.N.C.L.E" and Dr. Ducky Mallard in "NCIS")
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    Just saw a tweet that says Sean Miller is out at Arizona.
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    That’s basically the NCAA model.
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    Knott’ Central’s disadvantage in this game was the same that all 14th region teams faced this season, no height. The top 4 teams in the region were basically all guard oriented. That won’t work against teams such as Sacred Heart. I knew the 7th region was a tough draw for the 14th when drawings were posted.
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    If you look at the KHSAA's Football Playoff Attendance Comparison (1984 To Present), within the 6-class era: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium average attendance in 2 years hosting: 40,693 Houchens Smith Stadium average attendance in 8 years hosting: 39,524 Kroger Field average attendance in 3 years hosting: 49,698 I realize that average attendance numbers aren't everything...the cost of actually renting the stadium obviously applies as much or more. And also, there's no denying that which teams are playing where will have some applicability in numbers. But still, I have to look at the averages and think that Kroger Field's average attendance being almost 25% higher has to be a VERY pertinent figure when it comes to which stadium hosts the state football finals.
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    I've heard it said that some closers have a different mindset, so maybe that's part of it. But, I don't know if I'd have been "rocking the baby" today, after giving up 4 in an inning. I think that the Reds could slide in Sims and Doolittle to that 9th role spot pretty easily.
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    Roll on Reds! Good to see Castillo get back on track.
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    Since the trophy for the winner looks very much like the trophy for the runner-up..... 🥳🥴
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    They didn’t care about the cheating just cared he couldn’t win enough games while doing it.
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    They are dotting i's and crossing t's...which is the way it should be done.
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    That would be great and honestly the smoke machines mentioned in this thread would be nice. Hopefully the Commish is reading this thread and thinks about all the suggestions.
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    Farmer with a 2-run double makes it 5-0 at the end of one.
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    Sac Fly for India. 3-0. Let's keep racking up those runs!
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    Amazing how different the Reds thread rolls when the Reds are winning.
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    Thanks for posting. I watched a good amount of the 1st half and Sacred Heart was better in all phases of the game.
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    To spend more time with his family. He's already retired from teaching.
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    The latest release heading into the Sweet 16. Tournament teams in the Top 25: 1. Anderson County - R8 3. Bethlehem - R5 4. Marshall County - R1 5. Dixie Heights - R9 7. Southwestern - R12 8. Bullitt East - R6 11. Sacred Heart - R7 12. Russell - R16 16. Bishop Brossart - R10 18. Henderson County - R2 22. Franklin County R - R11 25. Pikeville - R15 Twelve ranked teams made it to Rupp and ten are repeat Regional champions. Any surprises? Agree or disagree? Who's not on this list that should be? The full rankings may be found here: https://www.maxpreps.com/m/rankings/list.aspx?ranktype=state&schoolid=139201a5-f87c-4ee5-98ee-27fba1df3b53&ssid=4294c805-e0f1-4024-8310-bfab78a36006&state=ky
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    That would be their play sheet. Teams are starting to use these over your standard baseball signs. Coach yells a number and players check their card. No more missed signs. There’s software available that will print out a new sheet for each game so the numbers change with each game. Impossible for teams to steal your signs.
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    Embarrassing. Never thought I'd see the day where Danville's football team would be put in the position where multiple candidates would turn down the head coaching gig.
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    And the first question to Brannen is, Why did you walk off the floor on your own team? All the he said they said arguments in the world can't explain away that one.
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    Veltkamp (6'5", 215 lbs) is a 3 star QB, currently rated as the #12 overall prospect and #2 QB in Kentucky by 247 Sports. Current offers Appalachian State Indiana State Kentucky Miami (OH) WKU
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    The only reason Askew was on a college roster this year was because Cal thought he had Cunningham locked up. That didn’t pan out and he had to ask Askew to reclassify. Kid should have been playing high school ball this year...
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    Better than I thought. So I guess Few is removed from the UK replacement list now? You are not going to convince me it doesn't make a difference playing in the WCC. Take Baylor. If you had their same team and put them in the WCC, I believe they would max out at a lower level than they did. It's only natural. It's why I get frustrated every year when Gonzaga goes 10-2 in the per-conference slate, then reels off 18 in a row against the likes of Pepperdine and San Fransisco, yet we get to hear "this year is different." They get a #1 seed in the west, then bow out early. And its not that I don't think they have a championship caliber team, but going 2-3 months with no challenge comes with its struggles in the long run.
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    KHSAA should since has grown and will continue to grow.
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    They need to get away from Ticketmaster. 2 tickets at $16.00 each ends up being $48.
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    Let's just tell it like it is... People want the finals at UK because it's UK, not because of convenience. The location is never going to be perfect for all 12 teams regardless of where it is so that shouldn't really factor that much. The state finals were just as good when they were in Louisville as they are in Lexington.
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    I may be glad I can't get get Bally Sports at home. My goodness Barry Larkin is grating on me. I'd much rather listen to Welsh.
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    Couldn't agree with this more...
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    You can't penalize someone for something said verbally more than someone who makes physical contact. If Molina had just barked back at Nick, then I very much doubt the Reds come out of the dugout. He was the one that escalated things.
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    Thanks for that, learned something today. The name Jaracz isn't real common, would have to think there's a decent chance she's somehow related to Thad who was a Rupp's Runt. If so, didn't know he lived in the area....
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    Trying to figure out the reason for the thread 🤨 Just a statement... A question... Or just attention 😂🤣
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    I haven’t looked at the “standings” for a while. I think several more people picked HHS than E’town. I’ll work up the final scores reasonably soon after the final. To be honest, I’m just happy if I defeat Parker and Can’tcoach. That’s a win in my book.
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    This should answer all the doubters that said Ashland was overrated all year and should be lower in rankings. And there was a bunch on here that constantly said that.
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