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    That tournament run was the greatest perimeter shooting display most likely in Kentucky high school postseason history. They had the best player in each game but ran into some teams that were arguably overall more talented. Felt like they just couldn’t miss and because of that shooting, players stepping up, and superb coaching, they got the job done.
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    Highlands has broken the tournament record for 3 pointers which was held by Trinity.
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    Awesome job by Coach Listerman and the birds! This was a fun journey to watch. There were some dark days early on when Coach Listerman took over the program where he was reviving/building the program but he had a vision and stayed the course. Couldn’t be more happy for him.
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    Thank you @DevilMayCare for the thorough, and thoroughly fun tournament coverage. Outstanding work sir!
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    Really do not know. But, I do believe this.... all of us have a clock at the school we coach. At some point, that clock runs out and we need to move on. If Shula and Noll had a clock... we ALL have a clock. Although , looks like Saban may be the exception. 😄
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    Got my second dose of Pfizer yesterday. Arm is a little sore, but not as much as after the first one. Other than that no issues for me.
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    They do in Basketball. Different types of athlete's.
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    Agreed. Pay the man or let him finish out the contract that both parties agreed to. Actively looking for reasons to fire a coach is a terrible look for the entire athletic department.
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    It’s a drag when your team loses in a big game. We all get that. You have a great team, and a lot to be proud of. They had a great season for sure.
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    We here in the 9th Region couldn’t ask for more than to have a team in the finals considering that many thought that only CovCath could have done that this season, but the Birds are showing their worth without doubt, and you don’t just settle for getting there, you’re playing for all the marbles. Not surprised that they won their first 3, but this game does have me worried. E-Town is just so quick with savvy fake out moves to the basket, smart, and totally in rhythm with each other in their dynamic quick passing, and sharing the ball. They have balanced double figure scoring from an all senior starting line-up, and use their shortness to their advantage in their ball thievery, and while both teams could suffer from tired legs, the Panthers seem less likely to be affected. I’d like to see Herald get hot to take some of the pressure off of Vinson & Muller. Harris will have to be a beast on the boards and be aware of the quick hands around him. Barth can be pesky too on ‘D’ so hopefully he turns it on both defensively and offensively. The Birds, even while it’s not unusual to rely on your top scoring leaders in big games like this, I think that Highlands will need balanced scoring to match E-Towns balanced scoring. Go Birds!!!
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    I’ll have to agree with you. I don’t care how much hard work and dedication you put into getting better and winning, population numbers do matter.
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    So you're telling me that you don't stand more of a chance of having a very good player or players in any sport when you have double and triple the population? It looks like me and you are going to have to agree to disagree if thats the case.
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    melman7080, Rikkijoe, teeroy, and *?* mcpapa with the savvy pick of Elizabethtown over Ballard on their brackets. 19 other folks, including Parker, just discovered a long lost lighter.
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    Wow! Not surprised E'Town won, but really surprised by 16 points.
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    If a football game breaks out, give me Ashland for no other reason than Hunter Gillum.
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    Sad to see Boyle go down, but winning a game at the state tournament is still a nice accomplishment for the season. It'd be a nice story for Ashland to go all the way since their undefeated year last year was interrupted by COVID.
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    Yes, I realize I accidentally used the football bird. It's always football season in Fort Thomas anyway, right?
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    Peach has as good of resume as you will find outside of maybe 10 current coaches in Ky. Solid hire for Danville.
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    Final. Congratulations to the Fort Thomas Highlands Bluebirds, your 2021 state basketball champion.
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    I type this up as I patiently await the tip-off of the State Finals matchup. You might as well label this entry as the "Boyle County Praise Article," even if their season ended rather ugly at Rupp yesterday. Boyle County's Trip to Rupp The Rebels rightfully ended their season as one of the last 8 teams to be competing in the state. They got their one win of the trip with an opening round victory over Paintsville 70 to 56. Luke Sheperson led the way with 25 with Jagger Gillis getting 19 and Luke Imfeld 17. The Rebels did what they had to defensively, keeping all of the Paintsville shooters mostly in check and winning the game decisively inside. Friday was not so kind to Boyle County. The Rebel defense was futile on the perimeter against the hot-shooting Tomcats of Ashland. The final score was 80 to 44 in favor of Ashland. Top Players Player of the year has to go to Kade Grundy of Somerset who did some remarkable things and set records for the Briar Jumpers. DeAjuan Stepp finished up his career for West Jessamine in impressive style as well. Sheperson and Imfeld stood out for a crowded Boyle County group. And even though a top 5 in this region is tough to do, and it can be argued that's no necessarily what I'm doing, I would be disappointed in myself if I didn't include Jaxon Smith, the heart and soul of the Lincoln County Patriots, who, after a rough start and some delays, hit all cylinders at the end of the season to fall just short of a trip to Rupp. Dennie Webb Coach of the Year discussion this year really should begin and end with Dennie Webb of Boyle County. After an up and down debut season that showed flashes of incredible potential, Webb's 2nd year showed what the Rebels are truly capable of under his leadership. Looking to next year This part is the one I am sure there will be the most discussion on. With Smith back for Lincoln County, the Patriots are going to be just as dangerous as ever. Boyle returns Owen Barnes, Imfeld, and Hagan Webb but loses Gillis and Sheperson. West graduates Stepp but returns Daniel Waters and Gavin Salva. And don't sleep on Pulaski County, who returns Cayden Lancaster, Zach Travis, and Barek Williams. East Jessamine, Danville and Somerset will all have work to do to fill huge holes from graduation. Thanks for another great year. This is truly one of the most exciting regions to cover.
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    Thank you. It's been a long day, but very enjoyable. I'm just happy to see these kids get a chance to play out their season and crown a champion.
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    Congratulations Coach Listerman and the 2021 Kentucky State Champion Highlands Bluebirds!
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    WE FINISHED!!!!!!! What a weekend! GO BIRDS!!!
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    The Kings of the North are now the Kings of the Commonwealth. Congratulations Highlands Bluebirds!
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    I hope Rose Hill keeps you all out of the region tournament next year.
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    Congrats to Coach Kevin Listerman! Awesome!
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    The 2021 KHSAA state basketball championship will be decided on conditioning and determination just as much as Xs and Os and shot selection. E'town has the edge in recovery time, with Highlands not finishing off Ashland until a quarter past three o'clock. Does Sam Vinson have enough left in the tank to deliver one last Mr. Basketball caliber performance, or will the Panthers do what they've done to everyone else so far and run, run, run to a state title? Elizabethtown is seeking its second state basketball championship, with the first coming in 2000. Highlands is in search of its inaugural title on the hardwood to compliment its trophy case full of football hardware. Game time is set for 8pm.
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    Honestly I truly believe the 9th was so good this year, I’m not surprised by Highlands dominate play down there. It could have been the crusaders or colonels as well! What a great year for NKY, I believe there were 4 teams in the top 10 of state at one point in time.
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    Herald had the hot hand for Highlands in the first half. If it's not VInson, it's Muller. If it's not Muller, it's Herald. If it's not Herald, it's Barth. And if it's not Barth... then it's almost certainly back to Vinson.
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    Well, it’s halftime and Highland is up by 21. I’m officially turning in my high school basketball prediction card. 😄
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    Just call me Scut Farkas. You can be Grover Dill, if it suits you.
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    Final. Once again, all five E'town starters were in double figures. Such a balanced and unselfish lineup.
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    Enjoy your family time and between that and meals out again you are living the high life!
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    It was a fair question, for sure. To be honest, our daughter and son-in-law came to visit today for the first time in 14 months. That’s what really matters. But rubbing Parker’s snotty nose in it is a real close second.
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    I haven’t looked at the “standings” for a while. I think several more people picked HHS than E’town. I’ll work up the final scores reasonably soon after the final. To be honest, I’m just happy if I defeat Parker and Can’tcoach. That’s a win in my book.
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    The Bluebirds have been prolific all year from beyond the arc. Two tournament records are within reach tonight: Highlands has made 28 3's in three games. The record is 33 by Trinity in 2017. Luke Muller has netted 13 treys of his own. Chris Lofton of Mason Co. set the record of 17 in 2003. Whether they break records or not, I think Highlands has the means to beat any team, and enough left in the tank to win tonight.
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    That's because there is about double or triple population in the Cinci metro area than the Huntington/Wv tristate area. If things were flipped you would have more state Champions from the Ashland area.
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    I do think timing is a definite advantage for Etown but being from NKY I am going to go with Vinson and the Birds.
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    Savvy: adj. Shrewd, knowledgeable, having common sense and good judgment.
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    If the shooting prowess on display by the Bluebirds and Tomcats in the quarterfinals is any indication of what's in store for the semis, the KHSAA should ready itself to update the record books. The teams combined for 21 threes and have all the necessary tools to carry that over into the next round. Three of Highlands' sharpest tools include Luke Muller (seven 3s against McCracken), William Herald, and Zachary Barth, who've connected on 260 threes this season and shoot 49% from long range as a group. That doesn't even include Sam Vinson, who happens to be Highlands' (28-4) best player, averaging 22 points and 9 boards per game. Ashland (22-4) is no slouch in the perimeter shooting department themselves. The trio of Cole Villers, Ethan Sellars, and Colin Porter have combined for 168 made threes this season and collectively shoot 42%. Freshman Zander Carter is in the mix as well, after going 4 of 5 from behind the arc against GRC. The Birds and Tomcats tipped off the season against one another on January 4th, resulting in an 84-75 Highlands win. Vinson went for 30 and 10, while Villers netted a game high 32. Highlands led throughout, but Ashland closed to within three late, before the Birds salted it away. Time to find out how far these two have come since then. Game time is set for 2pm.
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    I don't know, if you let Vinson run wild I think you lose.
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    I think I’ve said “X team” will win the state championship every day this week and each time that team has been eliminated. For the sake of everyone remaining I’m not going to pick anymore winners.
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    Pretty impressive win for the Panthers, to say the least. Proving to be a handful for anyone. Good for them. I’m originally from that area, and E-town was the rival - couldn’t imagine cheering for those uppity folks under any circumstances! Heh. Now, it’s funny, none of that matters anymore and I found myself hoping they wouldn’t cough up that lead. A function of years, I suppose. Just looked at Ballard’s roster, and they get just about everyone back, plus Jack Edelin will presumably return. They will be loaded for bear.
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    Both of you are spot on. And there are two things working against the Big Four right now: 1) There isn't an immediate list of sure fire replacements that there has been in the past. For years there were guys like Calipari, Donovan, Stevens, etc. whose names would have been mentioned for opening at Kentucky, Carolina, Duke, or Kansas. Who is in that crop now? The list isn't as appealing. 2) Kids don't have to play at one of the Big Four to make the NBA. They don't even have to play in college with the G-League doors opening. We've seen number one recruits go to Washington, Georgia, and Oklahoma State in recent years. So taking a job at Kentucky, Carolina, Duke, or Kansas doesn't necessarily guarantee you all of the top talent and sure fire championships. Neither of the two points above existed fifteen years ago. They do today.
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    There's a Listerman in the Highlands box score. Interesting. Thanks gc.
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    That game was a lifetime ago, 😆. This stage of the tournament, with 2 evenly matched teams, give me the squad with the best player, and that would be Highlands and Sam Vinson. Birds in a close one.
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    The move up to Class 3A has kicked Trigg in the tail. One playoff win in 10 years. The first thing they have to do is figure out the defensive philosophy. They can't keep giving up 40 points a game to everyone and 60 points to Tilghman every year. The pieces are in place but the new coach needs to get the right people in the right positions
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    Not sure people understand how hard it is to find a suitable replacement at these big time universities.
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