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    This thread is a little light on the hyperbole that the other SHDHS game thread contained. Go figure. Congrats to Coach Listerman and his Birds; I am genuinely THRILLED for Sam to have the chance to play for a regional title and get a shot to play at Rupp before his career ends. He deserves that.
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    Impressive win for Western. The Warriors have never won a region title and have only once finished second, falling to Valley in 1977. It would be really cool to see them make it to Rupp!
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    1937 undefeated Male Bulldogs season. My Grandfather Bill Riley was running back on team. I took these pics from his scrapbook he made that season.
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    Kudos to Coach Miquel Coleman and the Crimson. Coach Coleman moved over to Manual this year from Seneca, where he had done a really good job. I believe the man can coach.
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    Personally, I think the biggest beneficiaries of this law will be current kindergarteners, 1st and 2nd graders. Think about it...you're supposed to be learning the building blocks of reading, writing and arithmetic at that point, and you were stuck doing so largely (or wholly) via Non-Traditional Instruction looking at a teacher and assignments on a computer screen. Having more time to get those basics down is going to be nothing but a bigger benefit in the longrun.
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    The Cincinnati Dragons will open their season at the Rocky Top Hoopfest this Saturday!! Top competition will include Atlanta (finished #3 in country last year) and Charlotte (#11 last year). Full schedule and livestream info is attached if anyone wants to tune in.
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    1. Lexington Catholic L to Madison Central in Quarterfinals 2. Covington Catholic L to #4 St. Henry in Quarterfinals 3. Ballard will play Manual in 7th region Finals 3/24 4. St. Henry L to #11 Highlands in Semifinals 5. DeSales will play Bullitt East in 6th region Finals 3/25 6. Elizabethtown will play Bardstown in 5th region Semifinals 3/26 7. Male L to Manual in Semifinals 8. Bowling Green W vs. Greenwood in 4th region Finals 9. Ashland will play West Carter in 16th region Semifinals 3/25 10. North Laurel will play Corbin in 13th region Semifinals 3/26 11. Highlands will play Conner in 9th region Finals 3/26 12. Trinity L to #3 Ballard in 7th region Semifinals 13. Oldham County will play Collins in 8th region Semifinals 3/26 14. John Hardin will play Washington Co. in 5th region Semifinals 3/26 15. Frederick Douglass will play #19 Dunbar in 11th region Semifinals 3/25 16. Fern Creek will play Western in 6th region Semifinals 3/25 17. St. Xavier L to #12 Trinity in 7th region Quarterfinals 18. Pleasure Ridge Park L to #16 Fern Creek in 6th region Quarterfinals 19. Dunbar will play #15 Frederick Douglass in 11th region Semifinals 3/25 20. Butler L to Western Rd.1 of districts
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    I mean he looked awesome last night. Finally was sweet to see it in person this year. The best part of his game last night was the sweet no look assists that he pulled off b/c so many times the Cru collapsed on him and he dumped it to Oliver/Will or whoever for the easy layup. A thing of beauty.....He is going to be an incredible hometown kid to watch at BB&T arena for the next 4 years. GO BIRDS!!!!!!!
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    After what happened Monday, we changed the RPKOD to TDDKOD. So I'm *grabs bracket and permanent marker* writing in Aric and the Camels to reach the finals.
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    I remember when that game was over, a friend said to me, "That was the Sweet 16 Championship game."
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    I see this being a real possibility. It already happens some now any way with some elite football players starting college in the spring semester. The thing is, I don’t see many kids getting a huge benefit athletically in terms of scholarship opportunities. If you’re not “elite” by your normal Senior year, most won’t make that jump to elite with the extra year. As someone previously mentioned, I think the real beneficiaries are the younger kids who missed out on valuable learning at the elementary level.
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    If the issue was an academic one, then why not allow the 5th year for academic improvement only? No clue why sports were tied into this one. In the end I do not believe that many school districts will allow for this to occur.
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    In my opinion, I think an individual should only repeat a year of school if there are major glaring academic issues. It just doesn’t sit well with me for someone to repeat a year of school, even though they are an A, B student. To me that takes away from the sole purpose of the 5th year, by making the return more about sports than academics.
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    Fair enough. Are you typing with one hand and crossing your fingers with the other though? 🤓
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    Bowling Green has trailed for 27 seconds in the second half this postseason, and led two of their three region tournament games wire to wire. There are at least some favorites relatively speaking.
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    I’ve seen it (not) happen too many times. As a for instance, 2004 state tournament quarters, Mason County against Trinity, Royals down 3 with seconds to go. Everybody in Rupp knew that Chris Lofton would make the shot if he wasn’t fouled. Everybody listening to the radio knew it. Everybody everywhere knew it. We’d already seen that scenario play out in the finals of the Lexington Catholic holiday tourney against Catholic with Tubby Smith in the building No foul. Shot made. Game eventually went to triple overtime with Mason County winning. Their semifinal game was another classic with Scott County. Two of the best high school basketball games I’ve ever seen. But they never should have gotten to that semi.
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    Tigerpride--- I love those old photos and clippings. Thanks for posting them. I like Manual's goat mascot (ram). Didn't Wally Butt go on to coach Georgia Tech? Why do all the players look like they are 30 years old? Is it the photography or the newsprint? They look like pretty tough customers.
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    Just imagine the logistics nightmare too. In an extreme example, 70% or so of parents want to redo the year for kindergarten so you have a really small first grade and then you have a TON of kindergarten students because you'll get the hold backs, initial enrollees, and also any students whose parents held back because of COVID-19 concerns this year. As other say, this will all impact the lower grades more than high school if districts choose to do it.
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    "Laundry list of more offers?" No. More offers than he already had? Absolutely. D1 offer instead of D1 PWO? Almost assuredly. He'll be more developed, more experienced, and more than likely physically bigger after another year.
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    At least three, or maybe all six of these teams are going to be in the red before the Sweet 16. R5 - Elizabethtown and John Hardin R6 - DeSales and Fern Creek R11 - Douglass and Dunbar Ballard is looking better every day. Crazy year.
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    I tweeted this out yesterday, but it bears repeating here: It has been 4,762 days since a 4th Region team other than Warren Central has won a postseason game against Bowling Green. That was Greenwood in 2008. Since that time, Bowling Green has won a state title, seven region titles, eleven district titles, and has made the region title game 12 times. They're 11-8 against Warren Central in that span (3-6 in elimination games), and a staggering 42-0 against everyone else in the fourth region (40-0 in elimination games). Both Warren Central and Bowling Green likely wonder what might be if the other one was completely out of the way, but it is legit that Bowling Green could have won 13 region titles in a row by this point if Warren Central weren't around.
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    I just don't see Schools like the FTIS and Beechwood even considering this. I really don't! Highlands wouldn't even approve a Senior who met all Academic qualifications per se to leave after Christmas to enroll in College early just last year. Yes it was Sports related but it would of helped that Student get a leg up on his College classes. I get it, the more Kids in school the more the money but Highlands suffers from Overcrowded classrooms as it is. We shall see......I just don't see it happening. But whose to say that Student Athlete doesn't move schools if the FTIS doesn't approve it....Right? This could get interesting to say the least.
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    A good friend of mine who was a Bluegrass (10th and 11th Regions) basketball official at the time told me that before the game.
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    If he gets there no doubt Vinson will do the 9th proud.
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    My son mowed our lawn over the septic field yesterday. 😒
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    Congrats to Brianna McNutt Mason County Grad on a terrific career.
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    Personally, I don’t like it. The vast majority of the 2021 seniors played their seasons.
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    She had 16 points and I’m not certain on rebounds but I believe she had a double-double. She played very well, especially in the 3rd quarter when she had 9 of the Lady Owls’ 15 points and propelled them back into the lead.
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    Semi #2 in in Morehead is coming up shortly. Both teams are still going through pregame. The Vikings and Lions have a tough act to follow.
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    So now the KHSAA is going to start enforcing the Rules?🤣 I’m joking! Or am I?😁 So basically you’re saying that Financial Hardship/Divorce Cases will again be at a all time high? There’s more than One way to skin a Kitty!
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    I thought they both played bad Dunbar the last minute+ and Douglass the whole 4th quarter. Jackson just seemed to quit looking to score and looked like Douglass was playing not to lose instead of to win.
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    While me might all know it would be for athletic purposes how do you prove it? One district doesn’t allow students to repeat. A parent says they want their child to repeat. They transfer the student to a school that allows students to repeat. How do you prove it?
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    This is spot on. I'll take it a step further. We'll never know how serious a 5th year senior is about the academic requirements. Some may drop out the first Monday after their team loses a mid November playoff game. This happens a fair bit in college, right? Schools and coaches can't control this. But if there's a perception of "short term rentals" in a program, I don't see that washing off easily.
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    The first of two 10th Region Semifinal battles takes place Friday at 5:00, as the Campbell County Camels square off with the Montgomery County Indians. If this seems like a familiar postseason matchup, it's because these two tangled in the semifinals last season, with Montgomery taking care of business in a comfortable 76-59 victory. Aric Russell's Camels are the champs of District 37, but barely made it out of the Quarterfinals, escaping upstart Bracken County 71-64 in a double overtime first round thriller. The Indians and head coach Steve Wright outlasted Robertson County in Monday's nightcap by a score of 84-73. Who punches the first ticket to the 10th Region title game? Camels or Indians?
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    I wonder if anyone said that after this game.
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    Well....Ryan Hannigan (as I originally posted) is pushing 40...and is a catcher. So, not sure what he's got left in the tank. Ryan KERRIGAN (whom I meant to say)...is 32. He's had 11 sacks over the past 2 years, but played in just 38% of Washington's defensive snaps, which is the lowest of his career. I'd say it's worth a flyer on him. Even in situational usage, he'd give you another guy to put out there. I think the Bengals D-line was the best several years ago when they could go 6 or 7 deep and keep fresh bodies rotating in there. As to Kerrigan's availability, the longer this goes on, the more I feel he's not coming. There was always speculation that he could re-sign with Washington. Now I'm seeing that the Giants may be interested in him as well.
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    It will be a barn burner for sure. Smith & Alcorn will bring their A game the key is Mattingly hitting some shots and rebounding. Boyle is tough around the rim and the second opportunities are huge for them. If LC stays out of foul trouble and Mattingly hits some 3's LC prevails and heads to the big dance again. If Boyle gets second and third opportunities its a long night for the Pats and Rebels advance.
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    Always tough to beat a solid team 3 times in a season, especially when the losing team played poorly in the first 2 match ups. Go Purples! Good effort Gators!
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    He was an absolute stud in grade school on both offense and defense. Yes, he is considering it and will likely decide in the next couple of weeks. I consider him a better football prospect than basketball at the next level based on his skill set in both sports.
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    Player of the Year - Justin Becker, Robertson County Coach of the Year - Brian Kirk, Mason County First Team - Justin Becker, Jerone Morton, GRC; Hagan Harrison, Montgomery County; Terrell Henry, Mason County; Grant Profitt, Scott Second Team - Jared Wellman, GRC; Ricky Lovette, Montgomery County, Garrett Beiting, Campbell County; Kason Hinson, Augusta; Stephen Verst, Bishop Brossart Third Team - Tredyn Thomas, Pendleton County; Nate Mitchell, Mason County; Aydan Hamilton, Campbell County; Blake Reed, Bracken County; Carson Schirmer, Bishop Brossart Honorable Mention (by school) - Riley Mastin, Augusta; David Govan, Bishop Brossart; Parker Estes, Bourbon County; Nate Jefferson, Bracken County; Luke Ruwe, Calvary Christian; Ethan Mulling, Calvary Christian; Dane Hegyi, Campbell County; Aden Slone, GRC; Kaydon Custard, Harrison County; JD Soard, Harrison County; JT Woosley, Montgomery County; Dalton Davenport, Nicholas County; Ricky Washington, Paris; Braydon Kidwell, Pendleton County; Sabastian Dixon, Robertson County; Brandon Dice, Robertson County; Cameron Patterson, Scott; Chase Walton, St. Patrick
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    They had the second or third best team in the state. Just happened to draw Mason County in the first round, and gave them all they wanted.
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    Also...check out those $1 Xervac hair-growing treatments at Levy Bros Barber Shop. My man looks like he's paying $1 to sit in an electrical chair.
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    They were 2A in 19 86. They didn’t move down to 1a until 1991.
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    And from the looks of the picture, players in their mid-30s.
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