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    Possibly because Bowling Green wouldn't agree to using 9th Region referees... 😎
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    "They" can say whatever "they" would like to. And you can say whatever you would like to. In the last 7 seasons, Cov Cath has two state titles and an overtime loss from the Sweet 16 semis that prove they can hang just fine when they are playing without local officials on the court. Everyone knows sour grapes when they hear them. Fact is, northern Kentucky officials call a tighter game than officials generally do in some of the other regions of the state. And that's fine. Other officials in other regions let things be more physical underneath...and that's fine too. Cov Cath went on the road and lost to North Laurel, Cincy St. X rolled into Park Hills and beat them at home, and they went to St. Henry and lost to the Cru....I didn't see one post from Cov Cath fans about being jobbed. I read about learning from the losses and taking lumps and using them to improve on shortcomings. But I heard a lack of boohoo-ing otherwise.
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    In 2 years, they’ll be a legit final four contender. Their best days are ahead of them.
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    Overwhelming. How else to describe it. Covid. Tragic accidents. Suicide. Cancer. The list goes on. Never seen anything like it in my lifetime. So many people are hurting because they have lost loved ones. I've had 5 and 1/2 years to recover from the loss of my Dad. Really no words to describe how much I loved him, the impact he had on me, and how much I depended on him, even up to the very end. I still find myself on Saturday mornings after a ballgame, starting to call him on my phone. A few days ago I walked in the house and Emma asked me what was wrong. I told her I was just really missing her grandfather. It still overwhelms me at certain times. My mom died just a few weeks ago. But, her suffering was so awful, it was a relief and I praised God that her days of anxiety and fear were over. The fact that she did not die in a mental institution was a miracle to be celebrated. Her passing was the end of an incredibly difficult journey. I love my Mom very much and I am thankful beyond words that she is well and whole as you read these words. A miracle that only Christ could make happen. So... how in the world do we do this? How do we keep going when our hearts are broken? I sure don't have all the answers, but here are some things that have helped me. I hope this can help others. 1- Praise God because I know I will see them again. I know this because of Jesus Christ. 2- Praise God in the details. When I am particularly sad and missing my Dad, I start remembering specific details about our times together. Over the past five years, I've walked across the wet field of grass in the rain, headed toward Commonwealth Stadium, to watch the Cats play Tennessee (November, 1973) many, many times. On that walk, I remember him talking about my great grandfather and that I need to pick a job based on what I love doing.... not what will make me the most money. I think that talk sealed the deal on coaching HS football. I have many more, but you get the idea. 3- I praise God when I see my family and know that my Dad would be so proud and happy. With my Mom's mental illness, he endured much more than he ever let on. There is no doubt in my mind that he did so to help me have the life I have now, and to have his family continue to grow and serve Christ. 4- I talk to his old players whenever I can. Or his friends. Or guys he coached with and against. Anyone that knew him. Anytime I visit with those guys, it feels like he is right there, even if just for a second. 5- I talk to others about him. Tonight, Cole Lanter (Boyle player/good friend of Trosper's) got to hear my Dad's dream... when he was at Boyle, he wanted to build one stadium where the Fairgrounds are located that would be used by both Danville and Boyle. He thought it would be great for the entire community. Obviously, that didn't work out. But, I want to be like my Dad in that regard... I would rather dream big and things not work out, than dream little and yes, you got little. 6- Look through old scrapbooks from when he coached. Read his words. 7- When I get up each morning, go out and be who I am... a follower of Jesus Christ and John Buchanan's son. That gives me a challenge each day to do my best, serve others, love others, and to have a GREAT attitude while I do it. 8-Look over at the field (our practice field/his old Mercer game field) and his old fieldhouse/lockerroom each day I go to the complex. That sidewalk is a time machine for me. I know they're not there, but it sure FEELS like my Dad and Robert Allen are standing on that sideline, late at night after a game, or during practice. Sometimes, I do feel like he is laughing at me when I get frustrated. That's a good thing because it feels like we are together on that field for a moment. 9- Thank God that I had a great Dad. I would rather have a great Dad and he is no longer here, than have an awful Dad and he is still here. 10 - I remember them the way I choose to remember them, especially my Mom. Her mental illness... that was not her. When I think of my Mom, she is her best. And...that is who she is NOW. Praise God. 11- Listen to old music... what he enjoyed and also what would be on the radio when I was with him and was growing up. 12- All of this... do it ONE DAY AT A TIME. When I think of a lifetime without my Dad, no way. But, TODAY, I can do this. I will get up tomorrow, and do it again. I hope this can help someone. Praise God... He gave us the people we love, He will never abandon us, and He has given us the ultimate & eternal victory in Christ Jesus.
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    Great game in Latonia. Holy Cross stormed to a double digit lead only to see the Birds storm back in the second half and take the lead for good in the 4th. Lots of offensive firepower in the gym tonight.
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    Those underdogs from Park Hills are going to try and upset their way to another 9th Region title. 😇
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    I'm curious to see how the 1st day of Workouts went later tonight once Kids start sharing some things with their Parents. I'm hearing that the Fieldhouse was lit up at 6 a.m. this morning. Coach Sphire got into town late Sat and went right to work. Excited for the young Men in our town. We have a lot of work to do..... Go Birds!
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    My father was on that NewCath team, he was captain, and I have a signed letter from Frank Leahy asking him to come play at Notre Dame. 1st team All-Cincinnati. He loved Al Howe. All the Dougherty brothers were/are a presence at the Bellevue Vets, and played Knothole under the tutelage of Jim’s younger brothers.
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    Final per the Scoreboard. Good win for Boone.
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    Thanks you said it much better than I would have. I'm pretty sure I would have made a reference to sarcasm.
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    According to KHSAA Rebels have Danville, Danville Christian & Garrard left on schedule for district games. They play as good as they did tonight looks like an undefeated district run.
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    The Tomcats didn’t have a good game vs. Simon Kenton. There is no team in the state going to beat Covington Catholic at Cov. Cath. with the free throw margin 32-2. (Only lost by 9) they had 26 pts from the free throw line. I commend Ashland for having nerve to step outside the 16th region to play that level of competition. I don’t see too many teams playing the level of play that Ashland is playing. They will be rolling in the post season.
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    Yep. Back in the comfortable confines of the 16th....
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    A few stats. Incomplete. Ashland 14 23 18 12=67 Boyd Co. 20 15 15 7=57 Scoring Ashland: FG 23-38=61.1%, FT 12-15=80.0% Villers 26, Porter 22, Sellers 9, Ashby 6, Carter3, Marcum1 Boyd Co: FG 20-45=44.4% FT 11-14=78.6% Walter13, Newsome 11, Deboard 10 Webb 10, Gibbs 4
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    Tigers win 1st round game of LIT. Will play winner of Bullitt East/Moore tomorrow.
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    Glad to see Miss back and performing well. It adds another dynamic for teams to defend when he’s out there.
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    Kentucky River at the Frankfort locks will be just below major flood stage by Tuesday evening and crest sometime on Wednesday.
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    Can Lyon win it? Sure, why not. But this team hasn’t played Madisonville or Hopkinsville. They beat a mid-tier University Heights club by two at home. Until I see otherwise, my pick for second region winner will always come from District 7 or District 8.
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    yep. Very difficult stretch. I have commented several times now about the differences in this team pre- and post-quarantine, but at some point you are what your record says you are. It's getting late to turn things around - somehow, there are only 5 games left in the regular season (!). South has never made its living on the defensive end, but that philosophy can work (and has) if you are scoring enough. As the season has progressed, this team has 3 kids who can be relied upon to score consistently. And I'm not talking about a 24 ppg scorer - each of them can be counted on to give you around 15 a game. So that's 45 points you can safely assume. The problem is no one else is reliable yet to score points. In short, the team is averaging around 67 points per game - which isn't enough to be merely mediocre on defense. Thanks for the preview, ColonelMike....
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    Nice Covid pick up game for both teams, hopefully both teams can work out a future home and home.
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    Murray opened up OVC play this season with a win in Dean Hood's first game as head coach. It was a defensive slugfest with a 7-3 score for most of the game before both teams scored in the last 5 minutes. There was around a 2 1/2 hour delay due to weather. Murray had over 5 inches of rain by game's end with it still pouring. Having been to several practices for the Racers, it played out just as expected. They defense is much better than the offense.
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    The Second Region is one of the toughest in the state. It would be nice to see Lyon do some damage.
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    I believe because the Mid South Conference tourney was in Bowling Green and as such, the BGHS gym was being utilized, in some capacity.
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    I was told these thing. Really nice turnout considering basketball, baseball and track going on right now.
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    Aug 20 vs. Central Hardin Aug 27 at North Hardin Sep 3 vs. Meade County Sep 10 at Ryle Sep 17 vs. Pleasure Ridge Park Sep 24 vs. Henry County (District) Oct 1 at Fern Creek Oct 8 at Christian Academy Louisville (District) Oct 15 vs. Western Hills (District) Oct 22 at Mercer County (District) Oct 29 - BYE
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    They might as well join North Hardin’s district they play every team in it except Barren Co.
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    To put it nicely, Zeb Noland stinks.
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    I think that’s why NDSU played one fall game. It was basically just an opportunity for the scouts to come see him one more time. Now they’re starting a transfer from Iowa State, who, let’s be honest, is not a first round draft pick!
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    Tell me about it. So last season (2019), they had the #1 player in the nation in Trey Lance. As a first year starter the dude went an entire season without throwing an interception and was a heck of a dual threat. Fast forward to 2020 and the Bison play one (bizarre) game in October in front of no fans and that was the conclusion of his career; he is projected to be a top 10 draft pick. Same with some others not playing this Spring. Anyways, congrats to the Racers. Hopefully coach Hood is able to turn around their program.
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    Evansville schools aren't an option anymore. The Southern Indiana Conference expanded to ten teams and IHSAA teams only play nine regular season games. For right now, Owensboro playing Evansville teams isn't likely or even possible.
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    They have a garage at the northwest corner of the stadium that's going up right now. There's also a garage under the main concourse and staircase along the main entry at Central.
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    1. Lexington Catholic (17-0) - The Knights finished a tough week 4-0 with wins over South Laurel, Paul Laurence Dunbar, Covington Holy Cross, and Tates Creek. PLD gave Lexington Catholic their toughest test to date as Lex Cath pulled out a narrow 2 point win on the road in a game where Ben Johnson poured in 32 points and became the all time leading scorer in Lexington Catholic history! Congrats to Ben! This week the Knights host Tates Creek and Dunbar again before a HUGE showdown with North Laurel and phenom Reed Sheppard. 2. Frederick Douglass (11-1) - The Broncos picked up 2 wins this week over Bardstown and Scott County and continue to show they are a true threat to Lexington Catholic. Senior guard DaShawn Jackson continues to stuff the stat sheet as he is averaging 23.3 points per game and 6.5 rebounds per game. This week the Broncos face off with Sayre and Scott County. 3. Paul Laurence Dunbar (8-4) - The Bulldogs finished the week 1-2 with a big win over West Jessamine and narrow losses to Lexington Catholic and Trinity. Although they lost 2 games this week, Dunbar has shown they are for real and a serious threat to anyone on any given night. This week Dunbar faces off with Lexington Christian, Lexington Catholic, and Ashland, another week of tests for PLD. 4. Madison Central (12-7) - The Indians finished the week 1-2 with a win over Montgomery County and losses to North Laurel and Covington Catholic. The Indians will never shy away from competition and this week gets no easier as they face off with George Rogers Clark, Pulaski County, and Henry Clay. 5. Henry Clay (8-4) - The Blue Devils only played one game this week and fell to cross town rival Lafayette. Henry Clay is back in covid quarantine from everything I can tell. The Blue Devils have had a rough go of it this year when it comes to that stuff. Hopefully they can get it together for a run in March. This week the Blue Devils are scheduled to play Lafayette, Scott County, Sayre, Tates Creek, and Madison Central. 6. Lexington Christian Academy (10-7) - The Eagles finished the week 2-1 with wins over Woodford County and Harlan, in the first round of the All A State Tournament, and a 1 point loss to Tates Creek. LCA continues play in the All A State Tournament this week as they face off with Pikeville in the second round. Also, scheduled for this week are 43rd District games with Paul Laurence Dunbar and Lafayette. 7.Great Crossing (8-9) - The Warhawks had a big week going to 2-1 with wins over Western Hills, which locked them into the 1 seed in the 41st District, a big win over crosstown rival Scott County, and a loss at South Oldham. Great Crossing has been up and down all year but won the games they needed to finish as the 1 seed in the district. This week the Warhawks are scheduled to play Lafayette, Bryan Station, and Paris. 8. Frankfort (12-6) - The Panthers finished the week 3-1 with wins over Frankfort Christian Academy, Franklin County, and Rockcastle County, and a 2 point loss at the buzzer to Great Crossing. The win over Franklin County caused a 3 way tie for the 2 seed in the 41st District and I would be willing to bet nobody wants to draw the Panthers. This week Frankfort is scheduled to play Nelson County, Mercer County, and Model. 9. Scott County (7-7) - The Cardinals had a great start to the week picking up wins over Scott County and Sayre then ended the week with big losses to Frederick Douglass and Great Crossing. Scott County is another team who has been hit bad with quarantines and just cant seem to find a rhythm. This week Scott County is scheduled to play Henry Clay, Franklin County, Frederick Douglass, and Bardstown. 10. Sayre (7-4) - The Spartans finished the week 1-3 but opened some eyes by nearly upsetting Scott County on the road. They did managae a win over Western Hills and a close lose to Estill County before falling hard to West Jessamine. This week Sayre is scheduled to play Franklin County, Frederick Douglass, Henry Clay, and Middlesboro. 11. Lafayette (7-11) - The Generals make a big jump this week after going 4-0 with wins over Henry Clay, Garrard County, Franklin County, and Tates Creek. Quite an impressive week for Coach Mendenhall and the Generals. This week is another week full of tests as Lafayette is scheduled to play Henry Clay, Great Crossing, LCA, and Frederick Douglass, all teams currently ranked ahead of them, another good opportunity to climb the rankings. 12. Madison Southern (7-9) - The Eagles went 1-2 on the week with a blowout win over Western Hills and losses to Corbin and Lincoln County. Madison Southern has shown they can beat teams ahead of them but since this is a week to week ranking this is where they sit currently. Up next the Eagles are scheduled to play Berea, Central Kentucky Homeschool, Model, Pike County Central, and Garrard County. 13. Bryan Station (5-7) - The Defenders finished the week 1-3 with a win over Tates Creek and losses to Scott County, Knox Central, and Harrison County. This week the Defenders are scheduled to play Scott County, GRC, Great Crossing, and Woodford County. 14. Tates Creek (5-12) - The Commodores went 1-3 this week with a win over LCA and losses to Bryan Station, Lafayette, and Lexington Catholic. This week Tates Creek is scheduled to play Lexington Catholic, West Jessamine, Henry Clay, and Franklin County. 15. Franklin County (9-8) - The Flyers finished the week 1-2 with a win over Nelson County and losses to Frankfort and Lafayette. Franklin County is still without starters Zac Cox and Phillip Peiffer and its showing. Hopefully those two guys are back this week for FC. The Flyers are scheduled to play Sayre, Scott County, Frankfort Christian Academy, and Tates Creek this week. 16. Western Hills (7-11) - The Wolverines finished 1-3 this week with a win over Frankfort Christian Academy and losses to Sayre, Great Crossing, and Madison Southern. This week Western Hills is scheduled to play Owen County and Montgomery County. 17. Model (8-11) - The Patriots finished the week 2-0 with wins over Williamstown and Trinity Christian. This week Model is scheduled to play Madison Southern, Menifee County, and Frankfort. 18. Berea (3-5) - The Pirates picked up 2 wins this week over Powell County and Owsley County and dropped a game to Estill County. This week Berea is scheduled to play Burgin, Bell County, Bath County, Nicholas County, and Pineville. 19. Frankfort Christian Academy (4-12) - The Royals dropped two district games this week to Frankfort and Western Hills. Up next the Royals are scheduled to play Franklin County and Casey County.
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    I am more so interested to see how interested the teams are. Rosters are also whacky right now. NDSU lost for the first time in 39 games to SIU 38-14. The mood around my neck of the woods is not near the same as it normally is.
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    6th Region after week 8 A great week of games has caused some movement in the rankings - let's see what's going on in Region 6! (season averages in parenthesis) 1. DeSales (12-5) The Colts continue to play all comers. They won two close games this week against quality opponents - winning @ Collins (53-48) and vs. Doss (75-73). Senior Devin Perry has continued to impress, cementing himself as the likely player of the year in the region, raising his season average to 20.9p a game. Sekou Kalle continues to be a force (19.2p/11r) inside to give DeSales possibly the best 1-2 punch in the Louisville area. The Colts, like most of Region 6, play in the LIT this week - opening play on Tuesday @ home. 2. Fern Creek (7-4) The Tigers had wins this week over Manual (56-51) and Bullitt East (66-56) Jr Darian Lewis is pacing the Tigers (14.6p) in scoring, and sr. guard Jaden Rodgers has returned from injury to play some minutes the last couple of games. FC also got news that FL transfer TJ Toney will be eligible this week - which will give their backcourt a boost. LIT this week! 3. PRP (9-2) The Panthers had very solid week - Going 3-0 with wins over Evangel (94-56), Bardstown (77-70) and Fairdale (89-49). Soph Zee McCown has raised his scoring average to 19p a game, and jr. Vic Lado (11p/7r) and sr. G Nevin White (11p) are giving PRP a balanced attack. LIT this week! 4. Doss (7-3) The Dragons are another team that have really challenged themselves with a challenging schedule. Doss had two great wins over Oldham Co. (54-50) and @ Bullitt East (69-61) before losing a heartbreaker to DeSales (75-73). Senior Tony Moss (16.8p/ 8r) is leading their balanced attack, but all 5 Doss starters average 9p a game or higher. LIT this week! 5. Butler (4-2) After being on a pause for Covid - the Bears got back to action this week - losing to CAL 77-65 but then upsetting highly ranked John Hardin at home 83-77. Sr. Tae Dozier leads the Bears (17.2p) and had 33 in the win over JHHS. Butler is another team that spreads the wealth - they have 4 players all averaging between 8.3 to 10.8p - LIT this week! 6. Western (5-4) Western had two good wins this week - defeating Spencer Co.(49-47) and Bullitt Central (64-38) So. Trent Hinkle (14.1p) and Sr. Janhoi Lee (13.3p) lead the Warriors in scoring. LIT this week! 7. Bullitt East (8-7) Bullitt East played well but came up short this week vs. Doss (69-61) and Fern Creek (66-56). The Blanford's, jr. Tucker (15.5p) and sr. Will (13.5p) and are pacing the Chargers, with sr. Collin Powell chipping in (10.7p). LIT this week! 8. Jeffersontown (2-5) The Chargers finally returned to the court on Sat - losing @ Eastern 76-62. No stat report filed. LIT this week! 9. Southern (7-3) The Trojans went 3-0 this week with wins over North Bullitt (82-81), Waggener (73-65) and Washington Co. (55-43) Sr.'s Camden Pfeister (18.4p), 6' 9" C Evan Frederick (15p), and Xavier Shobe (13p) lead the Southern attack. LIT this week! 10. Holy Cross (12-5) The Cougars of HC also went 3-0 this week - getting big district wins over Fairdale (56-47) and Valley (56-48) as well as beating Portland Christian (79-66) Fr F Jacob Hand is leading HC in scoring (16.6p). LIT week! 11. Evangel (6-9) The Eagles had a busy week - losses to PRP and North Hardin, but wins over KCD (68-63) in the all A sectional and No. Oldham (73-71) So. Dawson Black continues to lead Evangel in scoring (20p) but the additions of 10th grader C Cyr Malonga and jr. G Gage Mabry will change the attack for the Eagles going forward. They get back to action on 3/2 playing Somerset in the All A semi-state. 12. Beth Haven (15-4) Beth Haven got 2 wins this week - defeating Cloverport (81-29) and Atherton (64-45) Jr. Luka Mateski continues to pace Beth Haven (22.5p/10r) and sr. Luke Easley, who scored his 1000th point this past weekend, is averaging 14 a game. LIT week! 13. Bullitt Central (9-11) BC went 2-2 this week with wins over Meade co (61-58) and Iroquois (67-48) and losses to Thomas Nelson (66-65) and Western (64-38) Jr. Hunter Coleman (19.1p) and Sr. Gavin Hedges (17.2p) continue to lead the Cougars. They play again on 3/1 hosting Grayson Co. 14. Moore (3-6) The Mustangs won both their games this week - North Bullitt (81-77) and Iroquois (68-53) Sr. Darius Carver (16p) is leading the team in scoring. LIT week! 15. North Bullitt (6-12) North Bullitt went 0-3 this week with losses to Southern (82-81), Moore (81-77), and Shelby Co. (74-54) The Geary brothers - Ryan (14.4p) and Dalton (12.6p) are pacing the Eagles. They will play in the LIT this week 16. Valley (1-5) The Vikings got back to the court this week with a loss to Holy Cross (56-48) Armani Carr is leading the team in scoring (11.2p) LIT week for Valley 17. Iroquois (1-4) The Raiders returned to action this week, losing to Moore (68-53) and Bullitt Central (67-48) LIT week! 18. Fairdale (2-9) The Bulldogs went 1-2 this week, losing to Holy Cross (56-47) and PRP (89-49) and defeating CEC 88-45. So. Dalton Hicks is pacing the team (15p) LIT week! 19. Whitefield Academy (0-15) The Wildcats lost games this week to KCD, Brown, and Cloverport. Sr. guard Nicholas Flores paces the Wildcats (15p). They next play Nelson co. on 3/1.
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    Bluegrasspreps.com 16th Region Week 8 Week 8 was a much better week in the 16th region. All region teams played games this week. The feature of the week was a clash of the Titans when Rowan County visited Ashland. The game was everything it was expected to be as Ashland got the win in overtime. Some of the district seedings are becoming clear while others are headed to a drawing to determine the seeds. Numbers 1-3 are pretty set. Then, the rankings become much more difficult. Numbers 4-8 could really go in about any order. Arguments could be made for any of those 4 teams to be #4. Time will show how they should be ranked. 1) Ashland (Week 2-2 Season 10-4) Last week #1 Ashland had a very busy week, playing 4 games this week. Ashland hosted Rowan county in a big 16th region battle. Ashland got the win in overtime. Following that, The Tomcats went on the road with away games at Cov Cath and Simon Kenton. Ashland was on the losing end of both of those games. Ashland finished the week with a road win at Fairview. The Cov Cath and Simon Kenton games should benefit the Tomcats down the road. Ashland 4 games scheduled again this week with only 5 regular season games left on the schedule 2) Rowan County (Week 1-2 Season 8-3) Last week #2 Rowan was able to get back on the court this week, playing 3 games. The Vikings went to Ashland, losing to the Tomcats in overtime. Following that, the Vikings hosted a very good Highlands. They ended the week with a home blowout against Bath County. 4 of the Vikings final 5 games are scheduled for this week, including a back to back home/away against Boyd County. 3) Boyd County (Week 2-1 Season 11-4) Last week #3 Boyd County’s scheduled game with Rowan County was cancelled due to COVID. 4) Russell (Week 1-2 Season 9-6) Last week #5 Russell had a home win against Fairview, followed by two losses, one to Paintsville and one to district rival Lewis County. Russell has a big game with Raceland this week. Win that game and Russell is the number 1 seed. Lose the game and if Lewis County beats Fairview and Russell, Raceland, and Lewis will tie for top seed to be determined by a draw. 5) East Carter (Week 2-1 Season 5-1) Last week #6 East Carter finally was able to have a full week of games this week. The Raiders played 3 games this week. All 3 games were on the road. The Raiders got the win against Rose Hill and Elliott County. The Raiders came up short against Boyd County. Currently the Raiders have 4 regular season games scheduled, with 3 to be played this week. 6) West Carter (Week 3-0 Season 9-3) Last week #4 This was a 3-win week for the Comets. In their biggest game of the week, the Comets got the win in the All-A first Round against Robertson County, in overtime. The Comets will be hosting St Henry on March 2. Other than the all-A, the Comets currently only have 1 regular season game left on the schedule. 7) Raceland (Week 2-1 Season 7-6) Last week #7 Raceland played 3 games this week. 2 of the games were seeding games. In those games, the Rams split with a loss to Lewis County and a win against Greenup County. March 4 is a big day for Raceland. A win against Russell and a little help from Lewis County will result in a 3 way tie for top seed. 😎 Lewis County (Week 2-1 Season 9-8) Last week #8 This was a great week for Lewis County. The Lions went 2-1. Fortunately for them, the 2 wins were against district foes Russell and Lewis County. Those 2 wins coupled with a win this week against Greenup and Lewis County could find themselves in a tie for the number one seed. In their other game, the Lions were on the short end against Bishop Brossart. 9) Bath County (Week 1-3 Season 4-10) Last week #9 Bath County had a busy week this week. The Wildcats played 4 games. The started off with a road win at Menifee County. The Wildcats followed that off losing the next three to Augusta, Lawrence County, and Rowan County respectively. 10) Fleming County (Week 1-3 Season 4-9) Last week #10 Fleming County played 4 games this week. The Panthers started the week with 3 losses to Robertson, Bluegrass United, and Mason County. After those three, the Panthers righted the ship against Nicholas County. 11) Morgan County (Week 1-2 Season 4-3) Last week #11 Thankfully, Morgan County was able to get back on the court after a long COVID break. The Cougars has a win against Menifee County and 2 losses to district rival West Carter. 12) Elliott County (Week 2-1 Season 2-5) Last week #12 Elliott County played three games this week. The Lions had a loss to East Carter and wins against St Patrick and Fairview. 13) Greenup County (Week 0-3 Season 4-13) Last week #13 Following 3 losses this week, the Musketeers are on a 7 game losing streak. However, Greenup has shown flashes of very good play. An instance was a 50-48 loss to a good Boyd County team. Greenup is set as the 4th seed for district play and waiting to see who they will end up playing. 14) Fairview (Week 0-4 Season 4-15) Last week #14 Fairview went 0-4 for the week. The Eagles had losses to Russell, Elliott County, Phelps, and Ashland. Jaxson Manning played well this week averaging 23.7 points a game this week. 15) Rose Hill (Week 1-2 Season 4-15) Last week #16 Rose Hill went 1-2 for the week. Their highlight was a 60-56 win over Greenup County. The Royals also had losses to East Carter and Pike County Central. 16) Menifee County (Week 0-4 Season 1-17) Last week #15 Menifee County dropped 4 games this week. They had losses to Morgan County, Bath County, Lee County, and Raceland.
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    I'm curious if avid followers of these FCS schools are focused/interested in their teams as they typically are in the fall? Especially if your school has a basketball team that could potentially make the NCAA tournament or a really good baseball team playing in good weather.
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    With 2 weeks to go in the regular season, the regional rankings are becoming clearer. Muhlenberg now has wins over every team inside the top 6 of this poll. Catholic will have to prove they can overcome the loss of senior forward Gray Weaver, who may be lost for the season. Owensboro still has a high ceiling and positioning themselves for the stretch run. It’s hard to see a path to a regional title outside of any team in the top 3. 1. Muhlenberg County Mustangs (12-1) - SAME – The Mustangs went 3-0 this past week, with their biggest win coming on the road against Owensboro Catholic. They handled the Aces by 14 to make the definitive #1 team in the 3rd Region. They also scored wins against Apollo and Grayson County. Cole Vincent knocked down a last second 3 pointer to beat Grayson County on Saturday in a wild finish. Nash Divine had a great week, averaging 22 points per game in the 3 wins. Muhlenberg will try to keep their 9 game win streak alive with games against Russellville and Hopkins Central. 2. Owensboro Catholic Aces (12-5) SAME – Bigger than the 0-2 week for Owensboro Catholic, is the loss of senior forward Gray Weaver. Weaver suffered a severe ankle sprain late in the All-A loss to Clinton County and may not be able to return this season. His absence was felt in Friday’s double digit loss to Muhlenberg. The Aces have a busy week to get things right, with games against Hancock, Daviess County, Greenwood and Apollo. 3. Owensboro Red Devils (6-4) - SAME - Owensboro had a much better week this week, opening with a very impressive win over South Spencer Indiana. They opened district play with a win over Daviess County on Saturday. Getting Kenyatta Carbon back has been huge for the Devils. They have games against Apollo, Bowling Green and Ohio County this week. 4. Mclean County Cougars (13-6) - SAME – It was a 2-1 week for the Cougars this past week, scoring wins over Grayson County and Whitesville Trinity, before falling to Allen County on Saturday. The win over Grayson County came in over time. Travis Phillips emerged as an offensive threat for the Cougars, pitching in to help Brady Dame in the scoring column. Mclean has games against Hopkins Central, Cloverport, Pleasant View and Dawson Springs this week. 5. Ohio County Eagles (10-6) UP 1 – The Eagles are starting to turn the corner. They went 3-0 this past week and have now won 5 straight games. Q Jennings emerged to lead Ohio in wins over Hancock, Meade and Webster County. Jennings averaged 23 points in the 3 wins. It looks like the team is finally learning how to have success without Sophomore Elijah Decker. They have games against Edmonson, Owensboro and Greenwood this week. 6. Grayson County Cougars (9-7) DOWN 1 – The Cougars went 0-3 this past week but lost some hard fought battles. They opened the week with a gritty overtime loss to Mclean. They erased a large 4th quarter deficit before running out of gas in overtime. They came back with a tough shooting night against Hancock County before pushing #1 Muhlenberg to the wire on Saturday. Grayson has proven they are going to be a tough out come tournament time. They look to bounce back with games against Bullitt Central and Breck County this week. 7. Hancock County Hornets (3-8) UP 7 – This is where the drop off in the 3rd region begins. Hancock moves up 7 spots this week after winning 3 of their past 4. They scored tough wins over Grayson and Meade County this week. Devyn Powers is leading the way for the Hornets with 15 points per game and has really emerged over the past few weeks. They will look to stay hot against Owensboro Catholic, Whitesville Trinity and Adair County. 8. Meade County Greenwaves (5-8) SAME – Meade has now lost 7 straight games, including 2 this week to Ohio and Hancock County. They have games this week against Campbellsville and North Hardin. 9. Butler County Bears (3-6) UP 4 – The Bears have been battling Covid and mother nature but went 2-2 this past week. They have Henderson and Apollo scheduled this week. 10. Daviess County Panthers (5-10) DOWN 2 – The Panthers went 1-2 this past week, scoring a win over district rival Apollo on Friday. They lost games to Logan County and Owensboro to close the week. Sophomore Cole Burch leads the team in scoring and rebounding but needs some other guys to step up around him. They have games against South Warren, Owensboro Catholic and Bethlehem this week. 11. Apollo Eagles (3-10) – DOWN 2 – Apollo went 1-2 this past week with a win over Whitesville Trinity and losses to Muhlenberg and Daviess County. Apollo is now looking at their 3rd straight losing season and their worst 3 year stretch in school history. They have games against Owensboro, Butler County and Owensboro Catholic this week. 12. Whitesville Trinity Raiders (5-12) – DOWN 2 – The Raiders went 0-3 this past week, with losses to Butler County, Apollo and Mclean. They look to bounce back with games against Henderson, Hancock County and Calloway this week. 13. Edmonson County Wildcats (6-9) DOWN 1 – The Wildcats went 1-3 this past week but have lost 7 of their last 8 games. Their lone win came against Breckinridge County. They lost games to Hart, Logan and Madisonville. The Cats will try to get back on track with games against Ohio County, Green County and Russellville. 14. Breckinridge County Tigers (6-9) DOWN 3 – Breck split games this week, losing to Logan County before knocking off Cloverport. They have home games this week against Hart and Grayson County. 15. Cloverport Aces (1-16) SAME - The Aces scored their first win of the season this past week, knocking off Whitefield Academy. They will look to keep it going against Butler County, Mclean County and Burgin.
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    1. Lyon County (18-3): The Lyons lost to Murray but bounced back to beat Crittenden County and McCracken County in Week 8. The duo of Travis Perry (27.1 ppg, 4.8 rpg) and Jackson Shoulders (14.7 ppg. 9.2 rpg) lead the Lyons. Lyon County is scheduled to visit Trigg County (March 2), Webster County (March 4) and Madisonville-North Hopkins (March 6) in Week 9. 2. University Heights (7-7): Following a loss to McCracken County, University Heights notched back-to-back wins over Christian County. The trio of KJ Crump (18.2 ppg), DJ Quarles (17.4 ppg) and Amani McGee (13.4 ppg) paces the Blazers. McCracken County (March 1, away), Webster County (March 2, home) and Hopkinsville (March 4, home) fill the Blazers' Week 9 schedule. 3. Madisonville-North Hopkins (9-4): The Maroons excelled throughout Week 8, registering wins over Owensboro, Dawson Springs, Hopkins County Central and Edmonson County. Kale Gaither is continuing to lead the Maroons. Hopkins County Central (March 1, away), Dawson Springs (March 2, away), Christian County (March 4, away) and Lyon County (March 6, home) are upcoming opponents for reigning 2nd Region champion Madisonville-North Hopkins. 4. Webster County (14-7): The Trojans faltered in Week 8, dropping games to Paducah Tilghman, Crittenden County and Ohio County. Destin Allen (17.1 ppg, 6.9 rpg) and Hunter McNaughton (14.6 ppg, 5.7 rpg) provide leadership for the Trojans. Webster County is slated to meet University Heights (March 2, away) and Lyon County (March 4, home) for games in Week 9. 5. Hopkinsville (4-3): The Tigers topped Caldwell County and split a pair of games with McCracken County in Week 8. Alijah Watts (15.0 ppg) and Jamarcus Burks (11.3 ppg) rank as the Tigers' top two scorers. Hopkinsville is scheduled to face Christian County (March 1, home), University Heights (March 4, away) and Christian County (March 6, away) in Week 9. 6. Henderson County (7-9): In Week 8, Henderson County defeated Evansville Christian before falling to Paducah Tilghman. Henderson County's upcoming schedule is comprised of games versus Butler County (March 1, away), Whitesville Trinity (March 2, away), Graves County (March 5, away) and Central Hardin (March 6 at LaRue County). 7. Union County (12-8): The Braves beat Trigg County in between losses to 1st Region members Murray and Marshall County. Union County's Week 9 schedule includes games versus Trigg County (March 4, home) and Caldwell County (March 5, away). 8. Crittenden County (7-7): The Rockets dropped games to Lyon County and Paducah Tilghman in Week 8. In between the two losses, Crittenden County knocked off Webster County. The Rockets are slated to face Trigg County (March 1, home), Caldwell County (March 2, away), Carlisle County (March 5, away) and Livingston Central (March 6, away) in Week 9. 9. Trigg County (7-6): Showing improvement, Trigg County claimed a pair of wins over Livingston Central in Week 8. The Wildcats dropped a game to Union County. Trigg County has upcoming games scheduled versus Crittenden County (March 1, away), Lyon County (March 2, home), Union County (March 4, away) and Webster County (March 6, home). 10. Christian County (0-7): The Colonels lost to Greenwood then dropped back-to-back games to University Heights in Week 8. Christian County has upcoming games scheduled versus Hopkinsville (March 1, away), Warren Central (March 2, away), Madisonville-North Hopkins (March 4, home) and Hopkinsville (March 6, home). 11. Caldwell County (5-13): The Tigers won two of three games in Week 8, defeating Dawson Springs twice. In between the wins over Dawson Springs, Caldwell County dropped a game to Hopkinsville. Caldwell County has upcoming home games scheduled versus Christian Fellowship (March 1), Crittenden County (March 2) and Union County (March 5). 12. Hopkins County Central (3-5): The Storm won three of four games in Week 8, defeating Dawson Springs, Todd County Central and Livingston Central. Hopkins County Central dropped a game to rival Madisonville-North Hopkins in Week 8. The Storm are scheduled to face Madisonville-North Hopkins (March 1, home), McLean County (March 2, away), Dawson Springs (March 4, away) and Muhlenberg County (March 5, home) in Week 9. 13. Livingston Central (2-15): Remaining in the loss column in Week 8, Livingston Central dropped games to Christian Fellowship, Trigg County and Hopkins County Central. Trigg County topped Livingston Central twice in Week 8. The Cardinals' Week 9 schedule is made up of games versus Dawson Springs (March 1, away), St. Mary (March 2, away), Mayfield (March 4, away) and Crittenden County (March 8, home). 14. Dawson Springs (0-10): Continuing to slide in Week 8, Dawson Springs dropped games to Hopkins County Central, Caldwell County and Madisonville-North Hopkins. Caldwell County defeated the Panthers twice in Week 8. Dawson Springs is scheduled to face Livingston Central (March 1, home), Madisonville-North Hopkins (March 2, home), Hopkins County Central (March 4, home) and McLean County (March 6, away) in Week 9.
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    Could be player of year in two conferences. Not sure if that has ever been done before.
  44. 1 point
    Cincinnati is looking to have minor flooding by Wednesday or Thursday.
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    The game of the week, was indeed, the game of the week as Trinity knocked off Ballard in 2 overtimes 102-85. Trinity has been red hot winning 8 straight. Trinity now has wins over DeSales, Fern Creek, and now Ballard. The Louisville Invitational Tournament starts this upcoming week with Ballard having the #1 seed. Potentially there could be a rematch between St.X and Trinity in the third round, but St.X will have to get through Bullitt East who are a good team in the 2nd round assuming no upsets in first round. Noticeably absent from the tournament due to Covid is the Male Bulldogs who would be one of the favorites to win it. Even without Male, it will still be a very competitive field. After Ballard's loss to Trinity they rebounded with an impressive 61-45 win over Bowling Green. 1. Male (5-2) RPI: .71699 No games this past week. Next game: 3/9 at Doss at 7:30. 2. Trinity (12-4) RPI: .65039 Beat Ballard 102-85 (2OT). Beat Paul Dunbar 57-54. Next Game: 3/3 TBD LIT Tournament. 3. Ballard (11-1) RPI: .71699 Beat Eastern 76-63. Lost to Trinity 102-85 (2OT). Beat Bowling Green 61-45. Beat Bardstown 70-62. Next game: 3/3 TBD LIT Tournament. 4. St. Xavier (14-4) RPI: .65244 Beat Central 68-49. Beat Waggener 82-50. Beat Conner 72-69. Next game: 3/1 vs. Atherton in LIT Tournament. 5. Christian Academy-Louisville (15-8) RPI: .60447 Lost to Elizabethtown 91-78. Beat Butler 77-65. Beat Highlands Latin 95-54. Next game: 3/1 vs. Iroquois in LIT Tournament. 6. Seneca (4-4) RPI: .54903 No games this past week. Next game: 3/9 at Seneca. 7. Manual (4-6) RPI: .49686 Beat Eastern 59-56. Lost to Fern Creek 56-51. Next game: 3/1 vs. Holy Cross in LIT Tournament. 8. Eastern (5-4) RPI: .52201 Lost to Ballard 76-63. Beat North Oldham 57-43. Lost to Manual 59-56. Lost to Oldham County 61-43. Beat Jeffersontown 76-62. Next game: 3/1 vs. KCD in LIT Tournament. 9. Central (4-7) RPI: .50291 Lost to Spencer County 58-43. Lost to St. Xavier 68-49. Beat Shawnee 58-48. Next game: 3/1 at Southern in LIT Tournament. 10. Collegiate (4-6) RPI: .44340 Beat Holy Cross 58-56. Beat Waggener 61-53. Lost to Anderson County 48-38. Beat St. Francis 58-46. Next game: 3/1 at Western in LIT Tournament. 11. Waggener (1-5) RPI: .37496 Lost to Collegiate 61-53. Lost to St. X 82-50. Lost to Southern 73-65 Next game: 3/1 vs. North Bullitt in LIT Tournament. 12. Kentucky Country Day (9-10) RPI: .46803 Beat Shawnee 73-47. Beat Whitefield Academy 69-27. Lost to Evangel 68-63. Beat Portland Christian 80-61. Next game: 3/1 at Eastern in LIT Tournament. 13. Walden (2-3) RPI: .44787 Lost to Calvary Christian 61-50. Next game: 3/1 at Henry County. 14. Atherton (2-6) RPI: Not rated. Beat Brown 68-43 Lost to Beth Haven 64-45 Next game: 3/1 at St. Xavier in LIT Tournament. 15. St. Francis (2-4) RPI: .36607 Lost to Collegiate 58-46. Next game: 3/5 vs. Taylor County. 16. Shawnee (5-6) RPI: .39115 Lost to KCD 73-47. Beat Highlands Latin 70-61. Lost to Central 58-48. Next game: 3/5 at Southern. 17. Brown (3-7) RPI: .35992 Beat Cloverport 67-42. Lost to Atherton 68-43. Lost to Eminence 61-52. Beat Whitefield Academy 79-48. Next game: 3/1 at Pleasure Ridge Park in LIT Tournament. 18. Portland Christian (8-10) RPI: .41179 Lost to Holy Cross 79-66. Lost to KCD 80-61. Beat Danville Christian 65-60. Beat Heritage Academy 88-54. Next game: 3/1 at Ballard in LIT Tournament.
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    Yes, they are a private school. They are restarting their football program. Many players have transferred in from other high schools. Evangel will be loaded with talent.
  47. 1 point
    Wow. Hard to imagine that being a coincidence.
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    Could be at St.X/Trinity rematch in 3rd round.
  49. 1 point
    My Tigers went from 12 to 6 seed. I think that’s about right for them.
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    I remember when the LIT was something really elite....it's still a nice tournament, but not quite the same prestige as back when it was the top 12 ranked teams in Jefferson County plus 4 of the top teams located just outside of Louisville. Now, it's pretty much just a combined "6th and 7th Region" tournament preview....not so much of an "invitational" anymore.. People used to wait with "baited breath" to see if their team would get an invitation... Again, still great fun, and something to look forward to - but ...
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