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    The address to send donations for the fund set up for Coach Scroggins' children's education: Republic Bank and Trust 4808 Outer Loop Louisville, KY 40219 Attn: Scroggins' Children's Education Fund Please share. Please contribute. #LoveYouCoach #ThankYouTy
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    Jared Peck hit a home run with that article. He cut through the smokescreen and told the truth.
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    Jared Peck had a good article about this today in the Lexington Herald-Leader, noting that the argument of keeping teams in their district for the first two rounds because it was done in other sports wasn't a good analogy because basketball, baseball, volleyball, etc. allow two teams go out of the district level to regions whereas football doesn't do that. Since football is single elimination you start at the regional level from the jump and basketball, baseball, and volleyball all use cross-districting regional tournaments to decide who advances to state. I thought it was an insightful look at the issue.
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    Good job working this out All A and school leaders.
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    For those wondering if there will be a change or not... the KHSAA has all the proof they need not to change anything from the wording of the poll and ya'll not even realizing it. 😄 "23.3% supporting current playoff structure" Our Translation- 23.3% of the KFCA like the current playoff structure. KHSAA Translation- 23.3% of the KFCA love the current playoff structure and never want to see it changed. "76.7% supporting a change to the current playoff structure." Our Translation- 76.7% of the KFCA wants to get rid of the current playoff structure. KHSAA Translation- 76.7% of the KFCA loves the current playoff structure so much that they want all proposals to be changed to the current playoff structure.
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    Notice the first 2 rounds don't have specific game dates. The games just need to be played by a certain date. That builds in some flexibility for weather and re-scheduling other games. Thank you All A Committee
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    Behymer was not a middle school PE teacher. He is an elementary gym teacher. The middle school position is open from retirement of a teacher.
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    Denny Caple was a phenomenal football player at Ludlow and by all accounts even a better man. Rest in Peace Denny.
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    Nice win for Boone, Cole Shumate with 31, Boone was up big until mid fourth when Cooper cuts the lead to five, big free throws down the stretch by Parker Fields, Cole Shumate. Boone played with a lot of fire, they head to Ryle Saturday morning for another big district game.
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    Terrific coach. He’s been winning games at a small school for what seems like forever.
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    Ashton Gullion at the buzzer!! IMG_3878.mov
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    Middle school PE teacher...elementary gym, sounds like I was close but no cigar. My point still stands.
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    I agree RP. JA blows a lot of smoke but that post is on target.
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    Johnson Elementary to be exact. I don't think he's leaving his position with the FTIS. He does a Excellent job with the Kids at Johnson and is admired by many throughout the City for his commitment to the Children.
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    I don't remember what grade I was in, but sometime in elementary school I got banned from being on the bus for a week (Oh no, banned from something I hate, whatever will I do?). Story was that I was upset at the bus driver for something, and after I got off the bus, she claimed that I called her an expletive. When they told me this, they would not tell me what it is that I was supposed to have said (I inferred later on that it was a female dog). But what always stuck with me is that the claim was that I had said this in my yard after getting off the bus. I didn't claim that - they did. So I was off of school grounds, out of school property, and on my own private property. I really don't see how they had any authority over me at that point, but I hated the bus, so a forced absence from it didn't really phase me. May not fit the category of "dumb" in the way some of these others do, but I always thought it was super dumb.
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    Let me set the scene. Fall 1974. Freshman Typing class at Moeller High School. Teacher was Gerry Faust (yes, him, also the famous head football coach who won several National Championships and Ohio state championships and went on to coach at the University of Notre Dame). Faust knew very little about typing so he usually had a cassette recording playing for the students so that he could be out of the room (talking on the phone probably to Woody Hayes or Joe Paterno about a player or two). The school had just received brand new IBM Selectric typewriters. We quickly figured out that you could put a spitball on the middle hammers inside the typewriter, hit the "H" key and send the spitball from the back row of the classroom and hit the blackboard in the front of the room. I was in the back row and we were having a blast, launching missile after missile, while the typing recording was going on. I was in the process of reloading with my head down when Faust came back into the room. Everyone else had stopped. I let one more go, barely missing his head by about a foot as the spitball hit behind him. Faust didn't say a word. He motioned for me to meet him in the middle of the room. I slowly walked up with head down. Our eyes met. Without changing his expression, he took his right fist and planted it in the middle of my chest. I couldn't breathe. He turned and back to the front of the room. I stumbled back to my desk. Lesson learned. Count that as one thing that a teacher could do in 1974 that he or she could not do in 2021.
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    Flicking a paper triangle football in class. The padre made me write 500 words on jet propulsion as a punishment.
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    I was wrong on my earlier post, here is the new bracket. I don’t know how they decided which teams played.
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    No offense to Coach James but I believe Bob Sphire is a better hire for the Bluebirds so it worked out.
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    No excuses, just stating facts and I said congrats to BCHS. They were the better team tonight. And you right Paul, it was a nice win.
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    Well, that’s about what I was afraid might happen. I know I’m harping on the same point....but the South team in games 5, 6 and now 7 - after two long Covid breaks - bears little resemblance to what we saw in games 1-4. Just one stat to show this has come a little undone: South had 57 threes in the first 5 games, 5 threes (by just two players) in game six, and tonight 4 threes (all by one player). The way this team is designed to play, and the only way for it to be successful, is to shoot and make threes. Defense is not its forte. They have very few kids who can break a defender down and get in the paint. They have very few kids who can score from the post. Moving the ball around, players moving freely and maintaining good spacing, and then from that making perimeter shots....that’s how they win. With these long breaks, they’ve gotten away from that.
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    Can’t anyone just lose on any given night without excuses? Boone had a nice win, I’m sure Coach Sullivan will have Jags ready to go. Keep playing boys
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    Cheer, cheer for ol’ Gallatin High!! Couldn’t be happier for Coach Jones and the team. Let’s go!!
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    Great win for GC! They just out hustled Beechwood and answered every basket. Congrats to Coach Jones. Just amazing what he’s been able to do at Gallatin.
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    Has Niece got many college offers? Seems like he could have a nice college career somewhere if it's the right fit. Kid knows how to score.
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    I will do that. Just looking for that opportunity.
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    LOL - I hope the "commodes" aren't full tonight!
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    Seems like a poor/hard time to be bringing a team to a new area. In almost any sport, in almost any city right now.
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    Oh yes, in those days parents sided with teachers. I got punished twice. Also, almost every male teacher had a paddle to administer swats. Some were custom built with aerodynamic futures to made sure the corporal punishment message was received effectively.😱
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    Too bad that the NKY team folded. I look at the list of teams and I don't even see a viable regional rival for the Louisville Xtreme. Here is the list of teams in the league from Wiki. eam Location Arena Capacity Founded Joined Head coach Arizona Rattlers Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix Suns Arena 18,422 1992 2017 Kevin Guy Bismarck Bucks Bismarck, North Dakota Bismarck Event Center 10,100 2017 2019 Rod Miller Duke City Gladiators Albuquerque, New Mexico Tingley Coliseum 9,286 2015 2020 Martino Theus Frisco Fighters Frisco, Texas Comerica Center 3,500 2019 2020 Clint Dolezel Green Bay Blizzard Green Bay, Wisconsin Resch Center 8,600 2003 2010 Corey Roberson Iowa Barnstormers Des Moines, Iowa Wells Fargo Arena 15,181 1995 2015 Ameer Ismail Louisville Xtreme Louisville, Kentucky Freedom Hall 18,865 2012 2021 Mark Stoute Massachusetts Pirates Worcester, Massachusetts DCU Center 12,339 2017 2021 Patrick Pass Northern Arizona Wranglers Prescott Valley, Arizona Findlay Toyota Center 6,000 2020 2021 Dominic Bramante Sioux Falls Storm Sioux Falls, South Dakota Denny Sanford Premier Center 10,678 2000 2009 Kurtiss Riggs Spokane Shock Spokane, Washington Spokane Veterans Memorial Arena 10,771 2006 2020 Billy Back Tucson Sugar Skulls Tucson, Arizona Tucson Convention Center 8,962 2018 2019 Dixie Wooten
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    I completely agree with you. But that main objective and winning championships doesn't have to be mutually exclusive, as some tend to believe.
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    If I’m not mistaken, I think @The Professor mentioned something about sectionals weeks ago after Owsley County won the 14th Region. I was riffing off that while making my post. No matter what caused the change, I’m just glad it’s being played!
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    Y'know that you were the first to suggest this on here, so I wonder if the powers that be read your post and figured it might me worth looking in to. If so kudos to you for putting it out there. Great idea. 👍
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    Okay, besides that. 🤣 Seriously, that's one heck of a debate there.
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    Prayers are with him and his family! He was an amazing man, and is part of such a great family. So sad when I heard about it this morning! He was one of the good ones!
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    Absolutely was one of the nicest man you would ever meet!! He touched so many lives and was a great role model for everyone!! He was well respected within the Northern Kentucky community. Denny will be missed but never forgotten. Prayers for the PANTHER family and to The Caple Family!!! ❤️❤️❤️🙏🙏🙏
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    Heard about this earlier today and just hate to hear it. Much too young. Denny was a great guy and will be missed by the many lives he touched. Prayers to Thea, the kids and the Caple family.
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    I had the pleasure of working with Denny and Danny at Duke energy, one outstanding individual and family, God bless.
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    Him wanting to leave the state is the only hope. If Marrow is after an in-state kid it’s usually over. I’ll be keeping a close eye on this one with you, great prospect.
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    Administration on a power trip can ruin many good jobs and places to work. Personal agenda seem to be the most important thing to some in administration. In a job where it is suppose to be about the kids, these people seem to forget that sometimes. Its never good for a coach if this is the issue and they aren't on the inside with the administration and there agenda.
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    Wow, no love for the Hamilton kid from Campbell County. My guess is he could replace any player in the second five. Much more rounded player, just my thoughts, and I'm no relation to said player.
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    I never understood the hatred of the checkerboard unis. My complaint is the new stickers on the Rupp Floor that aren't laid out the same on both sides of half court. One nearly touches the 3 point line while the other one is two feet away from the 3 point line. One nearly touches the sideline while the other is close to two feet from the sideline. One is a foot or less from the mid court line and the other one is probably 5 feet away. Plus, the design is horrible. It looks like they were made using "MS Word."
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    It ain’t the denim, it’s what’s in ‘em.
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    Along with CAL sitting high on the Hog with no motivation with his lifetime contract.
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    Well, now we finally know the real reason that UK basketball stinks.
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