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    Breathitt County 51-0 over Corbin 2002 Danville 42-7 over Beechwood in 2003 **Should probably go in the "Coaches Quote" thread, but following the Danville win....Coach Harp took my dad (Marty Jaggers, then Offensive Coordinator) into the press conference after the game...reporter made the comment/asked dad... Reporter- "Coach Jaggers. You all only attempted one pass in the game, comment on winning as big as you all did despite not being very BALANCED." Dad- "I think we were really balanced....this RB had 26 carries for over 200+. The other RB had 27 carries for over 200+." 🤣
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    For me, all of the above mentioned is most probably very close to a 100% true analogy. However, what is so beautiful about a new coach and a new coach that doesn’t know the Jimmy’s from the Joe’s or the legacy names etc, etc, is the fact that “he” and “he” alone will make the calls that will give the program the best shot at winning and winning big again. A very good coach that is experienced as Bob is will immediately see the talent and athletes and evaluate where they have been or are going and will get the best out of a kid even if it means having a kid move to a new position. I hope as parents that everyone is telling their kids to do whatever is best for the team and that there could be a very good chance that a young man maybe asked to change positions. There will have to be sacrifices and some maybe much bigger and more noticeable than others.
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    Granted....it was two years from the time I was fired (was then stated/made public I resigned), but the same Superintendent that fired me in December of 2014 at LaRue County was the same one that reached out, "ok'ed" on hiring me back in April of 2017. I never hesitated on taking the job back. I worked for him again just for the first year back, 2017-2018. We squashed things. Shook hands. Moved on. But again....it was a 2 year hiatus deal there, not the matter of weeks/month(s). I hope it happens.
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    I couldn't agree more with your comment regarding the parents. I hope the new Coach send a very clear and definitive message to the parents. The sooner the parents understand their roles the much faster their child will see success.
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    Totally agree with this and it will benefit the program as a whole. I think the group that is in for the hardest "awakening" is a lot of the parents. The sense of entitlement from some of the parents in the program is mind boggling.
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    Gym teacher... perfect timing considering the middle school just posted a position.
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    I don’t know a lot about the whole situation but an email was sent out to all the players this morning around 9:00 that Coach Fox will no longer be the head football coach at Oldham County High school. I don’t know if he got a new position somewhere else or if this was due to personal reasons in this stressful time.
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    Thought it would be interesting to look at the Strength of Schedule (SOS) thus far for all the teams in the 10th Region. Compiled on February 5, '21 The formula used: Weighted two-third (66 2/3%) for the opponent's record and one-third (33 1/3%) for the opponents' opponents record. I suspect we’ll see a lot of shifting in this as the season progresses.
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    Here's the full version of that scoreboard picture. Well done.
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    Coach Ivan McGlone passed away this morning. Coach McGlone was coach at Russell for 38 years. Among his resume is 2 state championships, a career 316-151 record and is #10 on most wins all-time in KHSAA. Coach McGlone coached players, their dads and even their grandfathers. He IS Russell Football. Was a class act and a model to all. It is a sad day in this part of the state.
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    Complete class act. I had a chance to sit and talk with him one afternoon back in 2006. At the time I was doing sales and when I mentioned I was from Belfry he made it a point to talk football, gave his respect for Coach Haywood, and joked about how the Semi-Finals game the previous fall made him a nervous wreck. What an impressive and humble man he was! I know one thing, that Russell community lost an icon.
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    Move on folks, nobody cares about what happened in the past other than we need a coach that can build on top of the building that was built before them and I believe the administration as others have said hit a “grand slam” Lets start supporting Coach Sphire, the young men and the program more than ever before. Highlands football will be great again!
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    Exactly what I was going to say. His time in Georgia 7A, several years with a traditional power, having a history of Ky high school football and a KY State Title under his belt makes him just about a good of a hire as you can find to handle HHS in the situation they find themselves in right now.
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    This was not an upset. These are two very good teams. Holy Cross shot lights out....50% from the field, 42% for 3 and 91% from the Free Throw line. Teams that shoot as good as that don't lose. Holly Cross has not shot like that all year. They also had 40 rebounds to Beechwood's 20 Rebounds, the real difference in this game. Beechwood shot 42% from the field, 30% from 3 and only 50% from the FT line. That's the difference. Great games by Will Downton with 31 pts for Beechwood and Jacob Meyer from Holy Cross with 32. There was alot of talent on the court tonight. A very talented district and fun games to watch.
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    Some were saying this was an upset. I really don't feel that way. The style that HC plays translates very well to the up tempo style that BW plays. This district is insane if you ask me. So much fun to watch
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    Are there any parents still wanting to move their kids to other schools?
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    Beechwood Will Downton 31pts Scotty Draud 16pts Cameron Boyd 13pts Ty Eviston 3pts Cameron Decker 2pts
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    Holy Cross Jacob Meyer 31pts, 6 rebs, 4 asst Brandon McClendon 15pts Jeremiah Hicks 11pts Blake Robinson 10pts Zach Arlinghaus 8pts Brandon Ward 5pts Sam Gibson 2pts
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    Awesome, glad they both will be in the school walking the hallways encouraging the best and all athletes in the school to play football.
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    Thankful for him that his suffering is over. Thankful for the Friday nights he was on the other sideline, especially when the Royals traveled to Flatwoods. Coach McGlone, those great games, big games, his kindness and friendship... very tough to know those days are over. Those were some of the best days and were great days. The impact he had on others can inspire the rest of us to emulate him. We will miss him, and never forget him.
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    Interesting to see who OC might target as their next coach. I would consider this to be a very good job. They compete in a district that is challenging, but very winnable and the resources in Oldham County are good as a whole.
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    So you would have played all three together? So you would have benched both Keldon Johnson, and Hagans? Then last year you Quickley was the SEC player of the year playing off the ball. Maxey also very good off the ball. Yet you would have wanted to force one of them to play the pg spot instead, so Juzang could get more minutes? I get it, Juzang and Baker leaving sucked. My favorite players at UK has always been the guys who can shoot. With that said, in both their cases it made sense to have short leashes with them, because of the guys they had around them. It doesn’t mean it would have stayed like that every year if they stayed. They would eventually improve in the areas Cal wanted them to improve on too. We forget a lot of the great shooters we have had in the past who were known as just mainly shooters, before Cal. Most of them didn’t play as much early on, and they didn’t become the players we all remember until their junior or senior seasons. Yet now people are upset those guys aren’t playing more right away. Just like shooters in the past, most of them do need to be in college longer. So they get better at the other areas, so that they can truly not be a huge liability out there.
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    If it happens and Clay is rehired watch Danville be right back in the title hunt over the next two years.
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    After diving in a little bit more into the situation. There are rumors going around that Fox most likely is headed to Trinity as there new Deffensive Corridnator.
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    Agreed! Put your work boots on and get after it. I always tell mine play like there is no tomorrow. As Bear Bryant would say “it’s not the will to win that matters - everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters”. Players are made in the offseason get to work!
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    Picking favorites in the Lexington 6A district is a tough task. It seems like teams rise and fall quickly. Station took a big step last season. It will be interesting to see if they can maintain and move forward.
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    I love it, fresh eyes.....I think to your point the players should be doing a few things right now...hitting the weights, drinking the protein shakes, running, running, running. Most importantly hitting the books and getting good grades! There is a new Sheriff in town and he is going to work your tail off to get the most out of you....do your best to be ready, b/c if you think you are ready you are not. GO BIRDS!
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    Prayers for the repose of Coach McGlone's soul and for the loved ones that he left behind. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in peace, Amen.
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    Good call. I was wrong. I hope it works out for Highlands. I hope it works out well for EVERYONE!
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    And for 1 of the 4 people who liked what he stated I am sure you were liking the part to go get Wolfe.
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    Many folks will soon know who Kaydon Custard is! Freshman that plays like a man. Kid is about to dominate the 10th region for several more years. Kudos to Coach Brooks changing culture so soon. Harrison is young, they will be competitive for next 3 years.
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    Same here, and I HOPE like no other that this happens.
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    Locally here there has been a HUGE groundswell of support for Coach Clevenger. Many sponsors of Danville athletics have publicly been pledging to cease their financial support with the termination of Coach Clevenger. Including Bob Allen Motor Group who is the title sponsor of their bowl. I stated in a previous post that Danville's Superintendent is in year 3 of a 4 year contract and has little hope of the contract being renewed. She may indeed continue to play her fiddle as Danville's stadium burns but I'm starting to think there may actually be enough community support to undo the termination. Something I didn't think was possible until a few days ago. But when the money stops, things can change. If you want to keep up with the new developments just follow Larry Vaught on Facebook. He and a couple of others are leading the charge. I thought Coach Clevenger might actually end up at Boyle or Mercer and be rehired when a new Super is hired in 18 months or so. But I'm not so sure there might not be a chance he gets his job back sooner.
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    Right out of the gate Dixie came out swinging like they had something to say in this 34th district battle match. They looked smart and savvy with points in transition hustling position, finding the open man. Looked clinic-perfect, making them immediately look like the team to beat, getting out to an 8-2 jump start. St. Henry not being a team to be intimidated or panic, composed themselves and got it in gear to ultimately end the 1st period up 18-12. The 2nd quarter saw Dixie maintaining a good showing battling back and holding their own. I personally thought that there were a decent amount of questionable calls in the first half, but being that they went equally bad both ways I guess you could say it all balanced out as the half ended all tied up at 27. Bessler for St. Henry had to sit the last 2 minutes of the quarter with 3 fouls. The 3rd quarter saw Wyatt Vieth score 8 unanswered points right away putting the Cru ahead 35-27 which really set the pace for the rest of the game as the Colonels could never quite recover after that, though they did manage to pull as close as 3 soon after only to fall away again with the score St. Henry 51-40 at the break. Congratulations to Jude Bessler as it was in the 3rd quarter that he netted his 1000th career point with a 3 ball from the left corner. Such a great impact player Bessler has been now for the last 3 seasons for the Cru. Dixie scored first in the 4th to cut it to 8 then it was St. Henry pulling away from there on out to victory with a final score of St. Henry 69 Dixie 57. St. Henry was certainly favored going into this game, but kudos to the Red Colonels of Dixie Heights for putting up a good fight, and an honorable showing. They are truly a much improved team this season, and nothing to sneeze at. They certainly still have the ability to make some noise come regional tourney time.
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    Danville returns a some really good upperclassmen who have started for a couple of years. I think they will be better but the trouble is that they are in the same district as LCA who might have their best team ever next year. Plus Somerset who loses some good players but also return some really good ones. If they were in a different district I think they play until the 3rd or 4th round. But with the district they are in, they will be going home after playoff week 2 or maybe ever week 1. I haven't said it in a while, but I hate the intra-district first and second rounds.
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    Chris Holtmann The Ohio State Head Coach Big South, Big East, Big Ten Coach of the year and grew up a KY fan from Nicholasville Ky would be a Homerun hire to take over for Cal.
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    Pulaski County travels to Boyle County on Saturday 2/6/2021 for a 12 Region matchup. Pulaski is 3-2 in the Region with wins over Southwestern, Somerset and Casey. Pulaski's 2 loses are Lincoln and West Jessamine. Boyle on the other hand is 4-1 in the Region with wins over Garrard, Lincoln, Southwestern and West Jessamine. The only lose was to Somerset who Pulaski beat. But Pulaski lost to Lincoln and West Jessamine who Boyle beat. This is going to be a good game, who wins and thoughts.
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    Imagine the crowd in Park Hills if the public was allowed?! Would be one of those CovCath sell-outs and an electric atmosphere. Will be a BEAUTY!!!
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    You seem to keep bringing up Hagans, EJ, etc like it is Cals fault that they made dumb decisions to leave early. How is that his fault again? Those guys left, because they most likely had guys in their ears telling them, that they were better than they are and would be drafted high still. I’m sure Cal would have absolutely loved to have had Hagans, and EJ back for junior seasons. Just look at the huge jump Richards made by coming back for his junior season. Players who have decided to stay, have all usually improved greatly each year they stayed. Cal can’t make the guys stay though.
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    Potentially. I have no clue what Mathews could have been at UK but probably just as good. For Wiltjer, I bet he probably benefitted from playing in a lesser conference.
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    I feel like he’s just scratching the surface on what he can do, “entering his prime,” if you will.
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    I have never owned a pickup truck but love looking at them. Personally, I like the look of the Dodge Ram.
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    There are 2 markets I think Toyota has missed out on. 1. 3/4 ton and/or diesel truck market. Tundra has been successful that I'm surprised they haven't gone further with it. 2. Jeep market. FJ Cruiser should have had a removable top and went directly after the Jeep market. It would've been 100 times more successful than the FJ Cruiser with its stupid half rear doors and huge blind spots.
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    I wouldn't take him over Calipari, but if Calipari decides to leave, Holtmann would probably be on the top of my list.
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    I couldn’t agree more with the intradistrict playoff format. I feel like it really holds lesser teams back from growing and firmly established teams on top. The state has RPI, surely they could divide it East/West and seed teams according to RPI. RPI Seeding gives 3/4 seed teams in elite districts a chance to win a playoff game which is a huge boost for their program. i hope Danville finds the right guy, it’s a program I’ve always admired
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    KSR said today he threw Allen under the bus on his + - while on the court. Allen is the only kid he takes shots at. It’s getting ridiculous.
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    So hard to believe for an old guy, at one time WC had one of the top football programs in Kentucky.
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