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    Some coaching background knowledge. These are some notable head coaches in our state, current/former...where they are most known for and some background at their previous stops before taking/getting BETTER jobs. Robbie Lucas- Somerset 09-Current Head coach at Lincoln County in 02 & 03, compiling a 4-16 record. He goes back to Somerset as an assistant, takes over for Jay Cobb before the '09 season. Won it all in 2019 and constantly has his Briar Jumpers in the mix, and ALSO had an O'fer season is maybe 13 or 14? So you're talking three years at two different schools where his teams went 4-27, despite all the success he/they've had. Ty Scroggins- former Head Coach, Lou. Central., 07-16 Head coach at Doss 03-06, 18-24 record, only one winning record, no playoff wins. Central had always been a good program, but he took a corvette and turned into a supped up Maserati. Chris McNamee- Pikeville ('10- Current), Two State Titles & 1 Runner Up Head coach at Pike County Central 05-08, 16-26 record, never had a winning record, no playoff wins. Goes back to Pikeville as an assistant in '09, gets the HC job there in 10 and the rest is history. Doug Preston- John Hardin (formerly of Franklin-Simpson from 12-19) Head coach at Paris (97), Rowan County (03-05), Lou. Western (06-07), Bullitt East (08-10). Has a combined record of roughly 10 games below .500 at those stops (was the 4A State Runners Up at Bullitt East in 08) before getting the Franklin-Simpson job in '12. Goes 3-9 in 2012, then proceeds to make THREE STRAIGHT TRIPS to the 4A finals his last 6 years, winning back to back titles in 17 & 18. John Edge- Apollo (formerly of Owensboro Catholic 134-66 and 3 State Runner Ups) He also went to South Spencer (IN) for the 18 & 19 seasons & went 3-17. Sam Harp- former Head Coach, Danville ('88-'11), winner of 7 State Titles Before coming to Danville in '88 (replacing Tom Duffy who left for Highlands), Coach Harp had been FIRED at Calloway County, then heads to Anderson County as their HC where they win the Region Title in '87. Kevin Wallace- St. X (Formerly of Bowling Green '96-'17), winner of 5 State titles. From early/mid 80's- same of the 90's, he's the head coach at Warren East High School for 10 years. NEVER had a winning record, NEVER won a playoff game.
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    First, I have no dog in this fight. Second, I do believe that Highlands is a top job in the state and likely always will be. To me, this is the classic demographics battle that many public schools with changing demographics, but great tradition, have to face to stay relevant. Some examples on both sides of the river: Princeton, Anderson, Lloyd and Bellevue. All of these schools have won state championships at some point, but found themselves in the middle of a changing demographic (some decades ago) that impacts their ability to field competitive teams. Here is what I mean: 1. Ft. Thomas is landlocked... and any new home construction is likely past a million bucks. 2. Ft. Thomas is no longer affordable for your average middle class family. Why are you going to pay $260k for a 3 bedroom tudor built in the 1920's when you can build a brand new four bedroom home in Kenton or Boone County for that ? 3. Ft. Thomas' population is older. No one moves out after their kids go through the schools and why should they... their home investment continues to skyrocket. 4. The correlation between high income earners and disinterest in football. Can these problems be fixed? Sure. But it's going to take Highlands going back to a Beechwood style approach for kids out of district. One last point, these high school public jobs are tricky to fill because you really have one of two mindsets to a job like this. The first group would be KTRS "lifers" meaning that fulfilling the years requirement to vest in the retirement system is important. In other words, not a lot of public school head coaches from another state (who have their own retirement system) are going to pack up and start over. Think about it. In the whole state of Kentucky, how many current public school head coaches do you think are even qualified for the Highlands job ?? Ten, maybe ?? The second group are those who don't have a lot of years in any one system and could be looking at a job like this as a stepping stone to the college game. Of course, there are exceptions to everything, but these are some of the obstacles I see to filling this job... which is still a top job in the state !!
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    So the kid jumped around to 3 different schools in 3 months, ends up back where he started, and loses his sophomore year of eligibility in football because he wanted garbage time at CovCath so desperately? Do I have this correct? Who the hell is advising this kid. Back off and let him have a life. Wow.
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    Right you are. That he did, but he also is “double dipping”- he is getting KTRS full pension + what he’s making at X. If he could’ve made at BG what he’s making now COMBINED, he’d have never left. Serious financial move on his end. That was/is the exception.
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    Highlands needs to hire him. I believe it will be a big mistake if they don't get him. He has been on some programs that would be hard for any coach to win. With Campbell he had them going in the right direction. Now with NCC, they went deeper in the playoffs each year he coached and this year they lost to the eventual state championship. Highlands is the guys dream job, he knows the Highlands formula to win as well. Would be a big miss for Highlands and a blessing for NCC. If he stays at NCC they will return to what Eddie had going and win some more state championships.
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    I believe the "transfer portal" culture is creating situations like this. At some point it might be time to look in the mirror. I know when he left HHS the football program got crushed by people saying they were running him off by not having him play varsity football. Now he transfers again because he isn't getting what he wants at CCH. At what point does it stop being someone else's fault?
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    I got to visit with Coach Eviston this week to learn some football. Impressive, outstanding young football coach backed by an administration that wants an elite football program. CovCath is going to be really good for a long time.
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    If he wanted to stay at Male he wouldn’t be flirting with leaving. To me it is really that simple. I love my wife. Therefore I don’t flirt with women. I’m happy as hell. I hate my job and the day I can find a job paying me what this job pays then I’m gone. It’s. That. Simple.
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    Week 2 saw the 10th crown an All-A champion, Covid begin to affect the schedule, and the Region's top team distance itself even further from the competition. Without further ado... 1). Clark County (6-0) Jan. 12, 90-51 win at Bourbon County; Jan. 14, 89-65 win vs. Evangel Christian; Jan. 16; 93-61 win vs. Great Crossing. Previous rank - 1 This week - Jan. 19 vs. Tates Creek; Jan. 23 vs. Robertson County. The Cardinals have scored no fewer than 89 points in every game this season. The stats (through 5 games) have two Cardinals (Jerone Morton and Jared Wellman) averaging at least 20 points and 8 boards per contest; with Trent Edwards not far behind; and the team is shooting 50% from the field. 2). Montgomery County (2-1) - Jan. 12, 73-52 win vs. Pendleton County. Previous rank - 2 This week - All games cancelled per Covid policy. Hagan Harrison went for 27 in the big win over Pendleton; with Ricky Lovette adding 16 along with 14 rebounds. The Indians are not scheduled to play again until January 25 at Bracken County; starting a busy week with 4 games in 6 days. 3). Robertson County (4-0) - Jan. 12, 81-55 win vs. Calvary Christian; Jan. 14, 58-46 win vs. Bishop Brossart; Jan. 16, 75-58 win vs. Richmond Model. Previous rank - 3 This week - Jan. 18 at Ashland; Jan. 22 at Paris; Jan. 23 at Clark County. Congratulations to the Black Devils on their second All-A 10th Region title in school history (and in the last two years). Coach Kelsch's squad avenged a narrow loss in last year's All-A matchup, but Justin Becker wouldn't be denied this time around; pouring in 33 point's in the final vs. Brossart. Becker's 26 points per game leads three teammates averaging in double figures; along with Sebastian Dixon and Tanner Horn. This week's schedule will give us an idea of just where the Devils stand; with 16th Region power Ashland as well as George Rogers Clark on tap. 4). Bishop Brossart (4-2) - Jan. 11, 81-64 win vs. Bracken County; Jan. 14, 46-58 loss vs. Robertson County; Jan. 16 58-38 win vs. Newport. Previous rank - 5 This week - Jan. 21 at St. Henry; Jan. 23 vs. Campbell County Two wins bracketed the loss to Robertson County in the All-A. Stephen Verst scored a career-high 30 in the All-A semifinal against Bracken County; while a quartet of Mustangs reached double figures in the win over Newport. Only two games scheduled this week; but they will be challenging - a trip to Ninth region All-A champion St. Henry; then the annual knockdown drag-out against the Camels that often determines the 37th District number 1 seed in the postseason.. 5). Scott (1-2) - All games cancelled due to Covid. Previous rank - 6 This week - Jan. 20 vs. Bracken County; Jan. 21 at North College Hill (Ohio); Jan. 23 vs. Harlan County. Not much to report on the Eagles this week, as a trio of games were cancelled. We will see if the break helps or hurts. 6). Mason County (4-1) - Jan. 12, 71-63 win at Campbell County; Jan. 16, 73-52 win vs. Augusta. Previous rank - 8 This week - Jan 19 vs. Paris. The Royals make a move upwards in this week's rankings with the (relatively) unexpected win on the Camels' home floor and a 21-point spanking of Augusta. Terrell Henry continues to shine, putting up 28 and 12 against Campbell County; while averaging just under 20 per contest on the young season. Nate Mitchell had a team-high 20 (adding a handful of assists) in the running-clock win (it was 62-26 early in the third) over the Panthers; while Henry added 16 to go with nine boards. 7). Campbell County (4-1) - Jan.12, 63-71 loss to Mason County; Jan. 15, 70-67 win vs. Harrison County. Previous rank - 4 This week - Jan. 18 at Walton-Verona; Jan. 19 vs. Covington Holy Cross; Jan. 23 vs. Bishop Brossart. The Camels drop a couple of spots this week on the heels of a bit of an upset at the hands of Mason County at home, followed by a narrow win over Harrison County; also at home. Dane Hegyi, Eric Davie and Kason Jackson paced the Camels in the win over Harrison County with 19, 18 and 17 per WCYN and Randy Parker. Three testers on this week's slate of games, culminating in the much-anticipated showdown with Brossart. 8). Bourbon County (2-3) - Jan.12, 51-90 loss to Clark County; Jan. 16, 74-55 win vs. Nicholas County. Previous rank - 7 This week - Jan. 19 vs. Scott County; Jan. 22 at Bryan Station; Jan. 23 vs. Shelby County. The Colonels took one on the chin when Clark County came to town; falling on the short end of a 90-51 before rebounding against the Jackets. Parker Estes (through 4 games of reported stats) leads the squad in points and rebounds (12.0/7.2). 9). Harrison County (1-3) - Jan. 15, 67-70 loss at Campbell County. Previous rank - 13 This week - Jan. 18 vs. Bracken County; Jan. 19 vs. Powell County; Jan. 22 vs. Great Crossing. Harrison gets a bit of a bump this week. The Breds only have one win to show for it, but have been playing some of the top teams in the region about as tough as anyone; this week's loss by a bucket to the Camels in Alexandria illustrating the point. Bracken will provide a decent test on Monday, as will the Friday matchup with Great Crossing. Kaydon Custard (one of two Custards on the roster; where do they all come from?) heads up a balanced scoring attack with four Breds averaging double figures). 10). Augusta (2-2) - Jan. 11, 71-56 win vs. Fairview; Jan. 16, 52-73 loss at Mason County. Previous rank - 9 This week - Jan. 19 at St. Patrick; Jan. 22 vs. Bracken County. The Panthers hold the number 9 spot on the strength of a double-digit win over Fairview, before committing a slew of turnovers in Maysville on Saturday evening. Kayson Hinson led three Panthers against Fairview with 18 in the win over Fairview; with Riley Mastin Chipping in 15; while Connor Snapp paced the Panthers with 13 at Mason County. This week features the always-entertaining rematch against local rival Bracken County. Hey - at least they've been back to playing each other again the past couple of seasons. 11). Bracken County (2-4) - Jan. 11, 64-81 loss at Bishop Brossart; Jan. 14, 61-59 win at Raceland; Jan. 16 61-71 loss to Tates Creek. Previous rank - 10 This week - Jan. 18 at Harrison County; Jan. 19 at Model; Jan. 20 at Scott; Jan. 22 at Augusta. The Bears fought gamely against Brossart in the All-A semifinal with Blake Reed erupting for a game-high 33. Reed then scored the last-second winning bucket at the road at Raceland; and followed those heroics up with 39 in the Tates Creek contest. Will the Polar Bears have any gas left in the tank for the Augusta rematch on Friday? 12). Pendleton County (2-2) - Jan. 12, 42-73 loss at Montgomery County. Previous rank - 11 This week - All games cancelled; you know why. The game in Mt. Sterling ultimately resulted in several upcoming cancellations for the Wildcats and the Indians. Tredyn Thomas (Dontaie Allen's brother; you may have heard of that guy) averages 22.5 a game. 13). Calvary Christian (2-2) - Jan. 18 at Ludlow; Jan. 21 vs. Heritage Academy' Jan. 23 vs. Highlands Latin. Previous rank - 13 Last week - Jan. 12, 55-81 loss to Robertson County in All-A semis. Luke Ruwe is scoring just under 20 points per contest for the Cougars, who look to get above the .500 mark this week. 14). Paris (0-3) - Both games last week cancelled. Previous rank - 14 This week - Jan. 19 at Mason County; Jan. 22 vs. Robertson County; Jan. 23 vs. Johnson Central in Flemingsburg. Things don't get any easier for Coach Baker's Greyhounds this week. 15). Nicholas County (1-5) - Jan. 5, 11, 48-87 loss vs. Ryle; Jan. 15, 28-69 loss to Henry Clay; Jan. 16, 55-74 loss to Bourbon County. Previous rank - 15 This week - Jan. 21 at Villa Madonna; Jan. 22 vs. Morgan County; Jan. 23 vs. Prestonsburg. Brady Switzer averages 21 per game but has only played in three of the six. Back-to-back-to-back games out of the region this week. 16). St. Patrick (0-6) - Jan. 13, 25-61 loss at Lewis County; Jan. 1, 32-61 loss to Russell; Jan. 15, 42-74 loss to Ludlow. Previous rank - 16 This week - Jan. 19 vs. Augusta; Jan. 20 at Felicity (Ohio); Jan. 23 at Covington Latin. St. Patrick continues to struggle putting points on the board, with Chase Walton (14.3) the only Saint averaging over 6 per game. I don't know anything about Felicity (there's a lot I don't know; ask anybody); but I believe the Saints will notch a long-awaited victory on the 23rd. No pressure. Again, congratulations to Patrick Kelsch on the All-A win!
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    You mean somebody like Dale Mueller?
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    Look, NewCath is NewCath. It’s a family atmosphere up there with a proud tradition of their own and Lickert was a fantastic hire for them. He is a great leader for those kids and that program. No doubt I believe Lickert will win and win big someday at NewCath. This imo will put him in the driver’s seat to someday make his choices. Who knows, it might be sooner than later. And who knows he might wind up being a career guy at NewCath with lots of championships.
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    I’m not sure I’ve seen an entire team shoot the lights out more than Ashland did this game. Impressive performance.
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    It's not that surprising that Shepard would say that. He grew up in Georgia. I'm sure he doesn't have the same affinity for UK that folks born and raised here have. Like many former players, they would do anything for their coach and that's where their loyalty lies. Based on the way that some of the top kids in KY have been treated (or looked over) by Cal , it's not surprising at all that he doesn't want his kid to play for him. Tom Izzo, Jay Wright, Bill Self just to name a few are all coaches I would rather see coach my son than Cal.
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    Coach Cobb has been an outstanding football coach for a long time. He is respected across the state. Congratulations to Cobb and the Shamrocks!
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    Male is going to be really good for the foreseeable future. I think it is more a case of people WANT Coach Wolfe to leave because they are tough to beat. They were very young in 2020. He and his staff do a great job. Sounds like a lot of wishful thinking.
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    Who would’ve thought that after being hired and fired at UT that Greg Schiano would be at a better job... at Rutgers... Yikes.
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    If you have heard this from different sources, chances are good that same rumor has reached Lickert. Would explain some frustration... He’s a top quality individual and nobody wants to be treated unfairly.
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    What you, and many like you, fail to understand is that the two goals are not mutually exclusive.
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    I heard Schiano is not available for the Tenn job now. He clearly got the last laugh.
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    Going into the 2021 season, since 2009: Alabama National Championships: 6 Tennessee Head Football Coaches: 5
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    I appreciate the time that you took to shed light on the struggles that schools have in finding enough folks who feel comfortable with the PA/Broadcasting duties et al. I once gave it a whirl and just froze on the air. LOL! Imagine that, B-Ball-fan who can’t stop typing can’t find a word to say when he’s like a deer in the headlights. Yes indeed, it takes a special kind of person to feel comfortable behind the mic. I do like your idea that @nkucardsfan concurred in finding bright kids eager to establish, and nurture their announcing/public speaking talents. In truth I meant no offense with my petty little pet peeve to whoever was manning the mic for this game, and I certainly appreciate any effort that schools make in providing keyboard/recliner warriors like me the opportunity to keep up with the games, and though there’s nothing like being there; be able to enjoy them in the comforts of our homes. Thanks again for the insight BrosefStalin, and glad you found a good platform from which to express it. We owe a lot of thanks to those offering their time, talents, and dedication for providing us with essentially a free service to keep us sports enthusiasts pacified and entertained. It’s really nice even more so now because of the complications that COVID has surprised us with, so that parents, families etc... can take joy in staying in tune with their children's school activities.
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    I have a bunch friends up at Alter! They do it right up there! Great program!
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    Archbishop Alter also throws a great fundraiser called Alterfest. I’ve helped their sports programs a good deal over the years at that thing lol.
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    Or going down a class. If your 6A and can win a title every once in awhile but can go to 4A where the odds might be a little less stacked against you. Maybe you coach 5A and can make some progress but drop to 1A and make deeper runs. In Coach Wallace case I don’t think he leaves Bowling Green for anything past maybe three or four so jobs. He probably has less of a teacher work load and has more resources at St. X. Worse case is he gets let go and he’ll have his pick of a number of good jobs. I’m not saying he will get let go. How many coaches qualify to be the HC at HHS? I’d say more than 10. How many check all the boxes for what they want? I’d say more than 10. Maybe not many more but more. Let’s face it Coach Haywood could apply and not get the job because he runs an option based offense. Mattney for JC could apply and not get it because of the style of offense. McKee would be in the same boat. All three are more than qualified but wouldn’t get the job because of offensive style alone.
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    Elements are pretty easy, cheap fixes. That being said, you've certainly gotten what you would have expected out of the water heater in terms of service, and tank failures are probably your biggest worry now, and they get more and more likely as it continues to age. The advantage to replacing the heater at this point, is you won't have to worry about tank failure anytime soon, and any new heater will likely be way more efficient, and cheaper to operate than your existing tank. For this reason, I'd probably lean towards replacing the heater instead of just the element, assuming that fits in your budget.
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    I still stand by this, and you’d have to go back some 25-30 years IMO to prove otherwise. But (few) coaches leave state title winning/always in play jobs for those same jobs. Highlands very well may snag one, and if they do- I’ll eat crow. But I’ll have to see it to believe it.
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    His son is a sophomore at North Laurel HS, currently averaging 40+ PPG.
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    Right. Make me an offer I can’t refuse and if not stays at Male.
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    Congratulations and best of luck, Brad.
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    What you don’t see- 2 district titles at CC. First time in over fifty years I believe. Hosted and played in more playoff games than any other coach in CC history. Beat Highlands, first time in how long? Winningest senior class in CC history. 2018- CC went I believe 8-3 and hasn’t won since. Product of Lickerts program? I would say so.
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    Starting to wonder if Cal walks away after the season.
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    In 29 seasons,, we have been 1-9 & 2-8....our staff and kids did a great job. Awful injuries. Kept the wheels on. Finished as strong as possible. Bounced back strong the following years. I could not disagree more with disqualifying a coach with that record. If you don’t give up.... you emerge from it a much better coach.
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    South Oldham hosts Bullitt East in Crestwood on Wednesday, 1/20/21 at 7:30 pm ET. The Dragons (0-1 currently) are scheduled to play North Bullitt on Monday beforehand, on the road, before returning home for their home opener against BE. Bullitt East (2-1) will be idle until Wednesday. Thoughts? South looked very resilient in an opening-day loss to Oldham County, 59-51. Ben Michel had 17 points and Cole Davis 11 to lead the Dragons, who shot 60% from the floor in the loss and made 10 of 17 threes. South went ten deep in the game, and nine players scored. Davis and backup Andrew Nunley both hit 3 of 4 from beyond the arc. The Dragons inability to get to the line (just 1 of 4 for the game) was costly, though, as Oldham outscored them by 13 at the charity stripe, and the Colonels' dominance on the glass helped give Oldham a huge advantage in shots taken, with OC getting off 49 attempts to just 33 for South. Bullitt East owns an impressive victory over CAL, 84-76 (to compare, the Centurions, who have played a brutal schedule, lost to Trinity by 6, DeSales by 6, and Covington Holy Cross by just 1 - all strong contenders in their respective regions). The Chargers also beat Grayson County, but lost their most recent game by 19 to John Hardin. BE has only posted the stats for the CAL game, but they shot 54% in that contest, led by junior Tucker Blanford (24 points) and senior Will Blanford (22 points). Where does this one go? Free live video coverage begins on Wednesday at 7 pm at www.pegasussportsky.com.
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    I was thinking the exact same thing as I read that.
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    St. X was down 4 or 5 at half and came back for the win.
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    I’m beginning to think that Coach Wolfe might just enjoy schools pursuing him. Boost to the ego and boost to bargaining power. Just a thought
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    I think with its age, I am probably going to just get a new one. Last time I had an element go out, I ran into what CWB was talking about...the threads and inside just crumbled away. Thanks everyone.
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    This is the best way to do it, it creates a great broadcasting opportunity at every school. Highlands, St. Henry, Cooper, Conner, and maybe more are all using this model.
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    @GrantNKY Ruckert back, great call by you. We might have the top TE in the country next year. That will certainly help a brand new QB.
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    Commited as preferred walk on. Congrats!
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    I dunno... I can't say that I love the Chiefs. For having no chance to win that game the Browns sure came close. Got a bad break just before the half when the refs missed the penalty on the tackle that caused the ball to roll out the back of the end zone. Seven points there and the score on the first drive of the 2nd half and there is a big momentum change. I know... blah, blah, blah. I am merely pointing out how close this game was. They nearly made it to the AFC Championship. The Browns and Mayfield had a pretty fine season. Neither were given much of a chance going into the season or early on. I think the Browns players believe in themselves. That's fun to watch for a fan.
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    Lexington Catholic kept Highlands from getting into a flow just about the entire game, and pestered them with intense relentless defense. Most every shot by Vinson and crew was rushed. Highland at one point late in the game cut the lead to about 8, but then LexCath responded with a tear of their own to put the game away. Johnson, Potter, Gromann, Russell, and Sparks all had decent games for the Knights. Vinson for the Birds got 19, but tried to do too much and was effectively shut down for the most part, and had to rush everything in chaotic fashion.. Herald was mostly silent in this game, and Barth and Muller filled in the gaps with a handful of 3’s.
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    You have a much more understanding significant other and family than some. That possibly could be a recipe for a disaster. Being a coaches wife is hard enough. Being a coach and especially a HC is almost impossible without your significant other being fully onboard. If they aren’t someone is either jumping ship or getting thrown overboard.
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    I have mixed feelings on this one but I don't think the Highlands job is near what it was 10 years ago.
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    He was just at State with FC, so don’t see the job being too BIG for him. I think he showed a lot of character and respect for both programs. He did not say anything about HHS either way and apologized to FCHS.
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