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    Coach stipends have implications on more than just other coach's salaries. There are Title IX issues involved, general budgeting and others. Some of you are correct in stating this isn't college. And the booster money some are suggesting might be even more closely monitored than the general fund money for just these kind of reasons. There's this thing in public schools called "Red Book" that governs all expenditures and it doesn't compromise.
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    Highlands isn’t the target. There are some fans who have made themselves an easy target. Highlands Football will be fine when the script is finally flipped and what matters most is what matters to the players! When the players can be free to just play hard, work hard, have fun, & enjoy their high school playing years without the pressure of folks who have already had their playing days. When the players can stop seeing & hearing these folks talking negatively about their team and their coaches. Just let them be high school athletes & it will all work itself out the way it is meant to be!
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    Highlands will be back. Everyone knows it, winning is what HHS does. Just a matter of how long it takes.
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    One thing I can say for sure is Trinity did their due diligence and should not be doubted based on what success they have shown across multiple sports.
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    Don’t mind Sweep. He’s salty his football program is mediocre and can’t get anyone to take the open coaching position.
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    If he wasn't part of the search committee, then that will go down as one of the biggest mistakes in this whole process!
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    So where are you getting your information from? Obviously there is a leak somewhere in the house.
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    Those people aren't to be taken serious, IMO.
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    Agreed. Only thing I’d add to that is if you were also set up at a place to be successful year in year out- w the above? Why would you leave where you are for Highlands? For what exactly? Not being smart, but I’d genuinely like to know. That’s been my stance since it opened...the first time.
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    I wouldn't call CAL a defense-oriented team. They've given up 86, 84 and 94 in their losses.
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    Whew...and what a game it was! The Red Colonels of Dixie Heights went into Ft. Thomas with a ‘W’ on their minds, and they almost pulled it off. This Double-Overtime affair was a tough match start to finish, and not trying to take the spotlight off of the Birds in their victory, but this year’s Dixie team has something to say. This was a fun game to watch with both teams setting the pace early by knocking down some decent shots. Vinson of course got his with lots of help from sophomore William Herald showing that he’s the real deal, and is a sure keeper for the Birds in the next couple of years. Herald can knock down the 3, and does a nice job getting to the rim. Luke Muller was probably 3rd in scoring for Highlands tonight, but I’ve not the benefit of any stats, so I’d guess Vinson got his 30+, Herald probably close to 20, Muller perhaps 10-15, with a handful more from their supporting cast. Read, Barth, and Ryan I believe also contributed to the scoring column, and forgive me if I forgot anyone else. For Dixie, Jason Summe had a big night probably in the 20 something range if not more. He’s quite a player who is efficient all over the court. He can really get to the basket at will, and still knock down the 3. He pretty much was the man for the Colonels in the 1st half, with still much contribution the rest of the way. He did sit out a few minutes in the 3rd quarter as he was served with a ‘T’ that Vinson cashed in on at the line, and then turned around with a dunk for the exclamation point. Sr. Ian Snelling, Jr Jay Flynn, and Jr. Logan Landers helped keep pace as well with good shot efficiency, and also The Colonels has the great fortune of great ball handlers all around. Can’t miss talking about Jr. big guy Billy Wogenstahl who probably dropped in nearly 20 himself, and is a decent inside threat with limber quickness with his lanky frame. Jr. Keirnan Geraci, who from past game stats is a big time scorer was mostly quiet through 3 periods but came to life in the 4th with some big shots to keep a game that was getting away from them close again before going into overtime. Dixie was up 23-18 at the end of 1 quarter. Then it was all knotted up at half at 36. Highland started to pull away in the 3rd ending the quarter up 52-46. In the 4th they got it to 54-46 before Dixie started chipping away at their lead. Highlands truly could’ve put them away, but weren’t efficient with the clock in the last 3 minutes of regulation and couldn’t connect on a series of ill advised shots where the Colonels were tough on the defensive boards and continued to capitalize in the last couple of minutes with Vinson missing a last second 3 sending it into the first overtime period, knotted at 66 all. Highland got a lead out of the gate in the 1st overtime, but Dixie would not be denied, and again Vinson had the chance to end it but didn’t sending it to the 2nd overtime tied at 75. 2nd overtime is where Dixie’s luck would run dry with Vinson connecting on a circus shot and 1, and Muller connecting I believe 4 more from the line, where Dixie couldn’t quite hit their FT’s down the stretch, and the Birds sneaked out of there with the ‘W’ final score 88-81, but the Red Colonels sure did give them all they wanted. I think that we can safely say that Dixie is right on board with the likes of Highlands, St. Henry, and Beechwood. They beat Conner by 20 recently as well, and Conner recently took good care of Holy Cross by a bunch. Of course teams like Holy Cross and NewCath are both missing a big key player: McClendon for HC, and Pangallo for NCC, and they too might be closer to the top 5 than we’re presently seeing, but after CovCath, St. H, Highlands, Beechwood, and Dixie are too close to call and securely in the Top 5.
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    Sounds like he isn't leaving Male unless it's for a school in Texas then.
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    Where was Dale the last 5 years when he was asked to assist and help out? I will hang up and listen!
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    I got to make the trip down the AA to see the Polar Bears against the Rams. Those big Rams thought they were rolling coal, but the Polar Bears stopped those 1500’s in their tracks. If there’s one thing we know in Bracken County it’s big ole trucks. So we had those Rams right where we wanted them. Coach Reed drew up the perfect play, Blake Reed taking the ball coast to coast for the game winning layup! Hes so smart, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had drawn that up before the game. The court clairvoyant is at it again. This team is running on All Cylinders and it’s only January. I hope coach and the boys keep up the good work, and the 4D chess continues all the way to the dream: games at the Fieldhouse!
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    So far, CC has had a hard time dealing with Kalle. Kalle is much better than he was last year. He doesn't foul as much this year. If the Colts guards could learn to deal with CC's press & they can find the best way to feed Kalle then DeSales might have a chance. CC does look pretty good though!
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    It is safe to say this...if he wanted out, he would already be out.
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    He needs to apply for the Superintendents position to make that!
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    From conversations I've had with other coaches that would know.... .I believe the answer is no.
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    Thank you!! Been an outsider for a year or so, really have enjoyed reading BGP for awhile, finally made the jump into the official party!
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    Congratulations and Welcome Home.
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    @BigErn's profile picture definitely ranks near the top of my personal "best current profile pictures" list here on BGP, too. #ItsLameNotToHaveAProfilePicture #ItsTheHighlandsFolksWhoLoveHashtagsRight?
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    Here's my main problem with @BigErn. No less than 4 times now, I 've gone from this message board straight to YouTube to watch clips from Kingpin. Such a great character.
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    This is an understatement.
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    This is probably a discussion for another thread, but it seems like Wolfe may just want out of Male, for whatever reason. Showing interest in Highlands and Trinity at basically the same time.
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    Westlake played Lake Travis back in 2016 and sold out Westlake's 10,500 seat Chaparral stadium. Tickets at Westlake are $8 and in just this game the gate receipts were $84,000. The Westlake coach's salary would be paid off in 2 games on gate receipts alone. A Kentucky public school would be negligent to pay someone that kind of money to only be a football coach. https://www.statesman.com/NEWS/20161012/Westlake-Lake-Travis-game-nearing-sell-out
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    They most certainly will....but every year it becomes tougher to win a State Championship in 5A or 4A. Have had people tell me that 14-1 without winning it all is an unsuccessful season and that I just don't get it.
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    You honestly don’t believe Highlands is a target in football? Every school that plays them right now is relishing the thought of not only beating them, but beating them soundly because of past history. As for past player comment, it comes with the territory. I always thought it was “Play To Win” and the fun part was in winning. I also have heard from many that it was not “fun” to play football at Highlands the past few years. So you are correct in that it needs to be fun and the kids have to want to put in the time, but that starts at the top and trickles down. I agree it is time to flip the script and give the kids what they deserve, a fun experience where everyone is all in for the team and not out for themselves. There is no “I” in team and that means ALL players get the same treatment whether they are stars or backups. I will say this to the kids since they read and hear this and are influenced by it. You get out of things what you put into them. You want to get better then stay after practice and work on your craft. Coaches need not be present. This helps bring comraderie and unity to the team. Don’t believe all of this rhetoric about lack of talent, believe in yourself as a football player , work hard and good things will come your way.
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    What exactly makes Highlands so attractive now? It’s a $9,000 coaching stipend which is comparable to pretty much everywhere else. It’s located in one of the more expensive areas in the state to live. It’s a job that expects you to win quickly and consistently with what some on here have said is a lack of talent. The only pro I see anymore is they have a great tradition and support from the administration. As an outsider looking in I can’t say it’s a job that would make me want to leave where I’m at if I was making comparable money somewhere else with equal support.
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    Too much Justin Becker spelled the demise of the Brossart Mustangs, who were deprived their third consecutive 10th Region "A" Title, on Thursday night in Alexandria. Becker would lead all scorers with 33 points on the night, connecting on 16 of 21 free-throw opportunities. The Mustangs kept it close, causing the Black Devils some anxious moments, having been defeated narrowly by our Mustangs a year ago in both the 10rh Region "A" Championship Game and then in OT in the 10th Region Tournament at GRC later in the spring. Robertson County led by a point at 26-25 at halftime, but the Mustangs managed to keep them in range, being within two possessions at 47-42 with 2:26 remaining in the ballgame. Besides Becker, Sebastian Dixon netted 10 points as the only other Black Devil double-figure scorer. On the other side of the ledger, Gabe Smorey knocked down four 3-point goals to lead the Brossart effort with 14 points. Stephen Verst was our only other double-figure scorer with 13 points. Ironically, Brossart was victimized 22-8 from the free-throw line on this night, the same venue that the Mustangs used to advantage to defeat Bracken County on Monday night. The Black Devils now advance to the All "A" State Tournament, scheduled to commence on February 17th at EKU in Richmond, Ky.. Their opponents will be the champions of Region 13. We too, offer our congratulations to Coach Kelsch and the Black Devils, and wish them the best in the "A" State Tournament. Apparently there was no All-Tournament Team this year. Justin Becker would have been named the MVP.
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    The Trinity players that I have talked to since the announcement really like Coach Cobb. Go Rocks!! 🏈🏈🏈
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    I hear what you are saying. I would expect my significant other to speak up BEFORE I accepted the job.
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    What is a food that is stereotypically only for children that you still eat regularly? Mine are goldfish crackers and chicken nuggets.
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    One word seems to describe it, repetition.
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    Cov Cath has a really decent team. Good depth and aggressive press. They keep their hands very busy on Defense. I wouldn't be surprised if they make it to Rupp.
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    Great points Coach. So old I remember you as an assistant at Paris. I always felt assistant coaches make suggestions....head coaches make DECISIONS. In my mid 50s served as assistant head coach to a 25 year old that had asked me to take that position.....after an extremely tough loss told her she could fire me, but if you don't do what I'm telling you when we walk in that locker room we're done. She listened....and we ended season in the fieldhouse regional final losing to a great Montgomery County team.
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    St.X beat them 60-45 so Cov Cath should handle them.
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    When you state 24 coaches applied, how many were Head Coaches.....at a High School (Varsity level) or are these coaches a few HC with a lot of assistant coaches....just wondering.
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    Agree with some of this, but some of it is being spun in a different direction than what I was talking about. I wasn’t talking about targeting to beat HHS. That is the nature of the sport and has nothing to do with years past. Every opponent should want to beat & beat soundly whichever team they are playing. Yes, there is fun in winning and should be “Play To Win”. I played sports and never thought “Play To Not Win”. No player or coach would put in the time, sweat, & tears to go intentionally lose. I have also talked to many players in past years and currently who have said the opposite. They do have fun, even in the crazy COVID practices/games. Other stuff in your post, makes sense.
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    It also depends on how much snow we're talking. NFL teams do a good job of clearing the fields before games, it's not like it's going to be a foot deep unless it's just snowing that hard during the game.
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    He said in the CJ article this is only a 5 yr plan for now. He is looking to hire a new DC and OC, and made it clear he wants young guys who want to be head coaches.
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    To me the big picture is that HHS should be glad the problem came to light now rather than 2-3 years down the road. Few people will remember this episode once the new coach is in place. It's not that big of deal in the whole scheme of things.
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    Bert Bathiany sounds like a head coach's name.
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    Coach Cobb has one of the hardest gigs in coaching.... Following THE Man... Good luck.
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    When my number is called I will take it. I get having reservations. But on the other hand it cracks me up to know most people ingest things into their bodies daily, that for a FACT harm your long term health; yet, they will not take this specific vaccine for reasons such as long term health benefits, the idea you will be tracked, that Bill Gates is watching you, and that it is a ploy to control population.
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    Those Harp-coached Danville teams of the 1990s were something else. The question wasn't whether they'd win but by how much.
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    In the above mentioned runs of Boyle and Danville at the turn of the century in 3 out of 5 years of Boyle's state titles, Danville also won 3 state titles. Meaning in the old 4 class system that 50% of the state titles up for grabs 3 times returned to the county ranked 111 out of 120 in area.
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    I used to be big on Urban Meyer. Anymore, I just don't feel like he is of high character.
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    Girlfriend got her first dose on Wednesday. She had no issues other than a sore arm for a day or so.
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