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    I watched an interview with him before the state championship on YouTube. I liked what he had to say and was about. I especially like to hear he gets heavily involved with the youth league in the community where he coached, that is a recipe for success.
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    That was genuinely fun to watch. It’s been a minute since that’s been true of a Kentucky game for me.
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    Glad this is over and an excellent hire.
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    The article said that the job had been offered and he had the weekend to "think about it." Now, if that was true, then shame on everyone associated with it, but based on the article not being there, I can only assume there was a spicy phone call from someone at Highlands to whatever the NKY Tribune is to say hey, if you ever want us to answer a call again, take it down. I mean, what was with the tweets with the riddle and riding from the South. I mean, I get it, don't get me wrong, but I'd honestly prefer a long @Colonels_Wear_Blue post as a better example of journalism than whatever this guy is doing.
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    Not many people would know that he did this but thx for sharing . Iam glad he has his priorities straight. 😁
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    In his interview he ended with "Beat Colonels" . My kind of guy!
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    Video of the game-winner Video of Vieth’s game-tying shot
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    This is a great hire. I think EJ will succeed at Highlands.
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    I can do better from Facebook:
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    If you like offense this was the game for you. Both teams up and down the floor all night long and a very entertaining game to call on Holy Cross Radio. Holy Cross led by as many as 13 before CAL made a big run midway through the 3rd quarter and eventually took a 6 point lead. Holy Cross would answer with a couple threes by senior Blake Robinson and from that point it was back and forth the rest of the game. Holy Cross held for the last shot tied at 85. After a missed 3 point shot junior Dylan Arlinghaus got fouled on the rebound in the paint with less than a second left. He would make the 2nd free throw to give HC the win. Holy Cross was led by sophomore Jacob Meyer who finished with a career high 40 points. Senior guard Blake Robinson finished with 14 and senior Jeremiah Hicks added 11. The Indians again played without starting senior guard Brandon McClendon (14 ppg). They will travel to take on North Laurel (at Southwestern) this afternoon at 4:30 pm. On the CAL side I was very impressed with this team. Athletic, can shoot the 3 and can get up and down the floor. They are perimeter oriented but this team can play. I had them for 14 made threes on the night. Brayden Daniels and George Washington have NBA range and are really fun players to watch. CAL will stay in Northern Ky and take on NCC tonight "up on the hill" in Newport at 4:30 pm. Unofficial from Holy Cross Radio - CAL - 16 16 27 26 - 85 HC - 23 15 22 26 - 86 CAL (1-1) - Daniels 21, Wearsch 19, Washington 13, Erhardt 13, Lagestee 9, Hodge 5, Haun 4, Wilkinson 1. HC (1-1) - Meyer 40, Robinson 14, Hicks 11, D. Arlinghaus 8, Ward 8, Z. Arlinghaus 3, Pulsfort 2. Free Throws - CAL 17/24 HC 17/29
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    Congrats EJ !!! I'll be honest, being a Boyle Co. guy there were times in the last few years that I wasn't exactly shedding a tear for the Bluebirds after a big loss. But, being a huge fan of football, and KY high school football in particular, the state of Ky high school football is better when HHS is HHS. With this hire I think they will be HHS football again sooner than later. Congrats on a very good hire.
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    Cal was pumped up on the sideline with the team's performance tonight.
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    Just so pleased with how UK played today. A very solid team win on the road. You can tell their confidence is coming back and they're really starting to trust each other.
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    Easily the best game of the year, which really isn't saying much. But they looked pretty solid. Brooks really looks like he has made some strides. B.J. Boston looked pretty good too. Tuesday will most assuredly be a huge test, but I like what I saw today.
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    I will just say that its been a real pleasure reading the comments from his Twitter and Facebook posts announcing his decision. While sad, people are effusive in their praise for him both as a coach and a leader in the community. Honestly, cannot wait.
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    27-26 CAL is very sold team, right now Washington carrying them across the Delaware river again.
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    What a game-the CRU have made their point this week that they should be a Top-15 team in the state.
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    I LOVE it, The Battle of the Eddies!!
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    Congrats to Coach James and to Highlands. I thought of James as a possibility until I read his background and saw he was coaching at his alma mater. I discounted him as an option because of that. The fact that Highlands was able to get him as coach is testimony that Highlands is considered one of the premiere jobs in Kentucky, as Coach James said in his statement. I am looking forward to the battle of the Eddies in the coming years.
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    Girlfriend got her first dose on Wednesday. She had no issues other than a sore arm for a day or so.
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    Great question. He was my HC at Frankfort for three years. I think his passion is his girls’ basketball team, so I’m not sure he’d want to sacrifice that to be HC for football.
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    I wouldn't believe anything until Matt Bertasso announces it himself. The process has been frustrating but this is a hire that has to be done right. Parent and player frustration is warranted because its past its time now to get a coach in place to get ready for next season. The AD never should have said that a coach will be named by Jan. 1 to a local media outlet.
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    I don't know if he would be interested or not, but any program that could get Chuck Smith should hire him. He may have more gas in the tank than people realize. And, he is a GREAT football coach. I've coached with him, learned from him, had to coach against him over the past 37 years. I am biased... he has been a great friend and helped me to be a much better coach and person.... but I do believe there is no one better.
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    Not much of a reaction, just felt really tired rest of day, one co-worker got really flushed cheeks and was really fatigued, but have not heard of any major reactions.
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    Said before the season, and I'll say it again now...quite possibly the best player in the state no one knows much about because the Indians have been so down. If you put this kid - who is a legit winner in every sense of the word - on a CovCath, Beechwood, Highlands, SK, Dixie....where he would have had an experienced, talented QB and OL, he would have been getting the type of publicity the best WR's in the state have been getting. Really happy for this young man and hope - as noted above - this performance gets him some looks and offers he otherwise might not have received.
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    Newport Central Catholic and Kentucky High School sports have lost one of the all-time greats. 44 years...I can't even imagine how many lives the man helped mold in that time. Rest in peace, Coach Schneider.
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    The Cru were down by 18 with about 3:30 left in the 3rd, came back, and at one point went up by 6 about halfway through the 4th, then it was pretty much neck n’ neck after that. Missed FT by Vinson with :11 to go with Birds up 3, then a nice clutch 3 by Vieith to tie it with just a few seconds to go. Teeten intercepted the inbound pass right at the baseline, and laid it right in for the St. H win. A perfect storm had to happen for the Cru down the stretch to get the win, and it happened. Nice win for St. H coming off of a nail biter of an overtime loss at LexCath just two days before.
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    Wow! That is a heck of a score to put up on Cincinnati St. X.
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    Final per the scoreboard.
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    Askew has gotten much better as the year has gone on. However, he still has a lot of room for improvement when teams start really pressuring him hard. Which will start to happen more often, until he handles it better.
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    Any early names for this job? Any assistants on staff that may want/be qualified for the job?
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    Kentucky looks much better in all aspects of the game tonight. Maybe Brooks returning will offer a little more stability for the younger players.
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    CAL (1-1) traveled north to play back to back games. After losing last night 86-85 to Cov. Holy Cross they take on NewCath (2-0) up on the hill at 4:30p
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    Wow, congrats South Laurel.
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    Congrats to Coach James! Congrats to Highlands! It's a tough process, but I think this is a terrific hire! Best of Luck!
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    Yes it is. Those guys at Lincoln do a top notch job on all of their broadcasts.
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    What did I miss was Kristofer Hivju from GOT named coach?
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    This should be a fun game. After calling the CAL/HC game last night on HC Radio and from what I saw I have to imagine this game with be an exciting one. Pace should be up and down.
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    What the heck. I go outside and clean my gutters, come inside and balance my check book and then look on the computer and wham!!! all of this. Today is Saturday right?
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    You know, that's fair, and I appreciate the fact that he's putting prep sports info out there, but I think I'm just uncomfortable with how this whole thing may be going down (I can't claim to know how it is going down). And you're also right that it's not cool to put it all on Don, but I guess I'm just stuck thinking about making sure whoever the new coach is that he gets to tell his current players, families and community that he's leaving on his terms. I may be very excited about the future, but I also want the people on the other end of this to get their time to handle it internally as well. That may be wishful thinking, I know, but still.
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    Can't remember year. It was a Saturday night game at Newport Stadium. During pregame noticed it took clock about 12 minutes to run 10 minutes in time. We told coaches we'd keep time on field, but Mike wanted to just use clock. Bob agreed....and wore them out in fourth...which was more like fifth quarter. Either late 90s early 2000s.
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    I haven't read the previous pages of this thread nor will I. No. It is not time for Cal to go at UK. I'll always be amazed at how fickle this fan base is.
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