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    That was an excellent Cliff Notes version of the thread. The only other point that should have been included is that Sweeperboy should be the new Head Coach with JOAT and Tedfromvillahills as his assistants. It has been right in front of us the whole time. And I mean for years. Please nobody get their shorts in a bunch....it was a stab at a little humor. LOL.
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    I have time to do this. So, Highlands decided to let BW go (still not entirely sure if he was let go or resigned). Now, there were a couple of pages early on that re-litigated these circumstances with one side arguing that the talent is down, its not the job it once was and the Ft Thomas "mafia" needs to adjust their expectations. Then the mafia fought back and argued that there have been systemic problems within the program for years now, that not all good coordinators make good head coaches, there is nothing wrong with high expectations and a change needed to be made and the program will rise again. The middle pages are essentially wild conjecture from most people, but then these interesting vague little nuggets by some members who seem to be more in the know than others. It basically boiled down to one side arguing that the talent is down, its not the job it once was and the Ft Thomas "mafia" needs to adjust their expectations. Then the mafia fought back and argued that there have been systemic problems within the program for years now, that not all good coordinators make good head coaches, there is nothing wrong with high expectations and a change needed to be made and the program will rise again. The last several pages are really the most timely and give, what I understand to be, a pretty accurate accounting thus far of who has applied/interviewed, etc. However, within those pages, you should be aware that there is one side arguing that the talent is down, its not the job it once was and the Ft Thomas "mafia" needs to adjust their expectations. Then the mafia fought back and argued that there have been systemic problems within the program for years now, that not all good coordinators make good head coaches, there is nothing wrong with high expectations and a change needed to be made and the program will rise again. Honestly, just read like the last two pages, Guru is keeping a list of all confirmed candidates.
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    None that were public. Wolfe is a private man and we respect that.
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    He was unhappy with his playing time at Jtown.
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    These young St. Patrick Saints are in for a difficult year. Comprised of a single senior, three juniors, two Sophomores, a freshman, three 8th Graders and a 7th grader, they don't come close to stacking up to the competition presently facing them. They now have the unenviable task of playing Robertson County in the 10th Region "A" on Saturday. Hopefully, when the Covington Latins, Heritage Academies, and Rose Hills of the world roll around on their schedule they could possibly earn some satisfaction in being somewhat competitive. I wish Coach Moore patience and understanding in coaching these youngster, keeping things in perspective, and seeking improvement in each outing. I was impressed with the play of Junior Allan Briseno. Brossart came to Maysville with seven players sitting out due to injuries. Each of the remaining 12 put ink in the scorebook, with four sophomores scoring their first varsity points. Sophomores Brandon Bezold (13) and Mason Sepate (15) scored double-figures, behind our leading scorer Stephen Verst, who had 16. The Mustangs now await Nichholas County in a Friday night 7pm 10th Region "A" quarterfinals contest. The game can be accessed via NFHS or the BMustangs.com website.
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    Paintsville and Beechwood have inked a deal to play week 2 of the 2021 season in Paintsville.
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    Wow! Sad day in St. Matthews but what a greaT career and legacy he leaves. I know that many didn't always like or agree with him - even parents and Trinity fans - but no one can say he didn't get the best out of his kids/teams. Just heard a piece on WLKY (It's on Twitter but I couldn't get it to post) that said an opposing coach once said he was so good that he could "win with his kids and win with my kids." And from being around, watching them each year I tend to agree. He did it with commitment, hard work and quiet honestly an attitude where he didn't matter what anyone else said. He put his head down and worked. Amazing career.
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    Package came today! Always can use another shirt. I love the drinking cups and the wife likes the fresh blue musk! Thanks!
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    At this point, we'll leave this thread to discussion of Coach Beatty, his career, and Beatty's time at Trinity. For discussion about the open job at Trinity, about who would make good/bad applicants, and about what you're hearing about Trinity's hiring process, please continue that all in the "Open Job: Trinity" thread started by @All State Baseball.
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    They probably have offered the job and are waiting for the new coach to take care of things on his end before announcing.
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    Here's the first mention of him from any Kentucky newspapers. The CJ in late-April of 2000. They certainly didn't appear to see his hire as a bad one. And judging from Lampley's "I don't think I could be any happier" remark in the article, they were certainly very positive about the hire within the Trinity camp. Lol, I would assume they have been satisfied with his performance while he's had the job.
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    Here is your summary........nothing has happened. Lots of speculation which is what makes this fun to read. I do suggest reading all the pages. Its a good read. 😄 That being said you can scroll through the last couple pages and get the feel for who has applied and/or been approached.
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    Considering that playing time is zero at the current moment, I’m counting my statement as accurate. 🤪
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    I think Clevenger would be a good hire. Winning guy, winning attitude and gets a lot out of the talent he has. Not sure how he would handle the support he would get up there. From one extreme to the other.
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    23 unanswered is pretty good, I think.
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    Very interesting. Thank you CWB. I brought up the idea earlier about current Kentucky coaches and whether or not Trinity would be interested. Based on this list, I think it would benefit Trinity to at least consider Chris Wolfe.
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    This will be interesting. There will be plenty of applications and they will for sure have their 'pick' of some good coaches. Will be very hard to replace Beatty. Not sure these guys would be the guy but a couple of names - Trinity guys - that struck me: Jay Cobb - Current Trinity DC and I know from my buddy (kid is a junior) that the kids love coach Cobb and the others on the current staff Will Stein - Former Trinity and U of L QB and current QB coach at UTSA. Andrew Coverdale - he's at Cincy St. X now and was at Trinity a long time Sam Adams - former Trinity OC now a head coach in Alabama And I know it's a long shot but too bad there's not a Brohm to take over. I doubt Brian would want to do it at this point of his career.
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    Congrats. Well earned and well deserved. Bet lots of happy folks on Poplar Level & out Preston.
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    Right now, Beatty retiring per Jody Demling. No other info.
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    Don Owen disagrees.
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    What about former OC Andrew Coverdale who went to Cincinnati St. X?
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    I mean kids have to get all kinds of shots when they reach school age anyways. I don’t see how the flu or Covid would be any different.
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    Barking up the wrong tree. Totally unrelated.
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    One small thing to consider about the Beatty hire...this was Trinity's second shot at hiring a head coach in twelve months. At this point, they certainly have the benefit of program success to earn them some of the better applicants from around the country, but I also think, in the case of the Beatty hire, they probably benefitted from having just gone through that entire hiring process a year earlier. Usually I don't think I would see it as much of an advantage for a program to have to hire a coach two years in a row, but in that specific case with that specific program, I think it was. They had hired Kevin Wright away from Noblesville (IN) the year before. Wright improved on Trinity's 9-5 record in the '98 season by going 11-2 in '99 and only losing to St. X, locally. Then Wright headed back to Indiana, taking the Warren Central job after some family members back home started facing health issues. He won three state championships with Warren Central in 2003, 2004, and 2005. Then he went to Union High School in Oklahoma and was forced out after one year and a 7-4 record. Then he spent '07-'09 as offensive coordinator at WKU, followed by 5 years, 3 state title game appearances and 1 state championship at Carmel High School in Indiana...then he headed to IMG Academy, where he was head coach from 2015-2019. He spent last year as the tight ends coach at Indiana University. Ha....gotta wonder if Trinity doesn't reach back out to Coach Wright. For all of that experience, I believe he's only in his mid-50s.
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    Same. I think he would actually take the Rocks backwards. They need another homerun hire. Someone youthful, with longevity. Someone that wants to be there for a long time.
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    Skidmore is definitely the definition of a knockdown shooter. He was instrumental in the Wildcats late run at Grant County in the regional tournament last year. Dickerson may have had some jitters. First game running the offense without a lot of practice. He will be fine. The game was played at a frenetic pace with lots of turnovers. Gallatin took better care of the ball the last 6 minutes and made plays down the stretch.
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    We've had Coach Charles on many times and he wants to play the best and as he's always said if the best team you play is your last game you have done your team a injustice.
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    Clarke Boston Brooks Jackson all little to no production and we have won 2 straight SEC games. Cal did do a good job of drawing up that last play. Cats are learning to close games. You can’t tell me if Allen would have played early our record would probably be 6-3 not 3-6
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    A couple of years ago I was responsible for making sure the referees got safely from their halftime spot back to the field. As I walked with them heading into halftime you could tell they were all friends, they were chatting, making comments about good plays made by both teams. On the way back after halftime, one of the refs even stopped and thanked the cheerleaders for being supportive of their teams. Point being, there are lots of good people refereeing who enjoy the job and do it well. They also enjoy the atmosphere and making things better for all players, participants, and fans. Hopefully once Covid eases up their numbers will increase.
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    I have one scheduled for this Thursday at 2 pm, will update if any reaction.
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    Isparo the younger is going to be a major problem for other teams. Major. Only a sophomore.
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    In my experience, keep it short and sweet. If your resume is longer than a page, it's probably too long and they won't read it anyway. Agree with bugs, you can't go wrong with one of those templates.
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    Things like this annoy me and I have no idea why?
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    Younger days, probably Cocoa Pebbles. However now I must stick to All Bran to keeps things running, so to speak.
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    Central led by 5-10 points for most of the game. Scott County had a last minute surge at the end to tie it up, but Kenyetta Hardge dropped in that last bucket in the post above. Browne had 25 and Hardin had 20 for Central. Micah Glenn had 22, and Isaiah Haynes had 20 for Scott County. Glenn scored almost all of his points in the second half.
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    Boo! I want it to have more leaks than the titanic! It’s the off-season and we need entertainment besides me yelling at the TV to tell Coach Cal to play Allen.
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    Their best lineup is probably: Askew, Mintz, Allen, Jackson and Sarr. But Id maybe start Toppin over Jackson to help prevent foul trouble for Jackson.
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    Digital certificate is coming I’m guessing.
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    I do like the Birds this year.
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    Fun way to open the season for whoever gets the Highlands job.
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    Last season feels like forever ago. Hard to remember going 15-3 in conference.
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    Does anyone believe wearing masks will stop COVID? No. Wearing masks can help control it but it isn't going to stop it. It isn't a black or white world. The world is gray. "Only a Sith deals in absolutes."
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