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    2A player of the year, wow!!! Cameron Hergott should have been the 2A player of the year. He leads the entire state in total yards and has 38 combined TDs, and his 3 playoff performances have been incredible. He also currently sits at a 76.8% completion percentage, which would be the 2nd highest of all time for a single season. Sheron is a great player, and I wish him well at UK, but it’s a shame that votes just get cast based on a name or a school that somebody is committed to. Hergott has had the best season out of anyone in 2A when you consider how much of the offensive production has come from just him alone.
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    Great kid from a fantastic family. His older brother, dad, and all of his uncles played football at Cov Cath. His grandpa was one of the guys on the committee that helped procure the property for Cov Cath to finally get a football field back in the late 70s. Luke started at linebacker last year, but was starting at tackle on defense this year, and started at RT on offense.
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    I thought Luke Stegman #65 might have been CovCath's best player last Friday. I believe he played OLine quite a bit, but was a standout to me on the Dline with 12 tackles, 1 TFL and 1 sack. Terrific effort. Puzzling about BG not throwing in down field more, but is what it is.
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    Couldn’t agree more! Our offense is playing defenses that aren’t allowing many points a game. The level of competition again isn’t 2A and 3A teams. I don’t know about you.. but I don’t care if we score on the ground or in the air.. as long as we score. Believe it or not, until you talk to the players, there’s a lot that we as fans don’t see and tend to just blame on the Offensive Coordinator or the QB. A few players admitted to running wrong routes last Friday .. that takes away that pass that forces Cooper to scramble and “tuck” the ball quicker and run. Fortunately, his speed and agility has tremendously helped the Purples in the Playoffs. He has kept so many drives going with his legs when we were 3rd and 12 or more that I can’t even count. I believe if you go back and watch film, Bunton dropped 3 passes that he had a wide open lane to run. Fortunately, the boys don’t nit pick like we do. They go out and just get it done. Im with you as well, Dingle has started to play a different role postseason. He’s became a blocking machine. Honestly, during season, he dropped a lot of open-field passes. Plus, they know there’s other weapons they can use. Forcing him the ball for the fans sake is definitely not going to win us the State Title. It seems at this point, these boys are doing what they have to do against some amazing competition. Every game might look different, and that’s ok. The ones were criticizing the most are the ones that have pulled us on this journey with them. I gotta thank them for this exciting ride. But hey, we wouldn’t have anything to write about if they were perfect! Lol I think they are going to ride their heavy hitting horses that got them here.. and that’s ok. Everyone on Kroger field may not touch the ball on Saturday.. and that’s ok too. As long as we’re up at the end.. that’s what matters. GO PURPLES!
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    We'll hear from Coach Fallin and Coach Spader on today on Live at 5 on 1027 The Game. You can listen in here: https://www.owensbororadio.com/player/?playerID=606 REALLY looking forward to another chapter in this storied rivalry. It's going to be a really fun week.
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    Their last two HC came from out of state. One of which ended up at IMG after a stop in IN. Beatty came from Missouri. Both coached on the college level before and Wright is at IU now.
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    Lawrie played fantastic, and IMO will be better than his older bro who dominated at times last year.
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    The D Line of CCH was by far the strength of the unit. They have dealt with numerous injuries throughout the season and didn't have but half the games with them all healthy. Even on Friday one of them was playing with a stress fracture in the lower back per the broadcast. I did think it was odd that BG didn't try to throw the ball down the field more. When teams have had success against CCH D it has been attacking the DB's down the field.
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    Bowling Green finished with 240 yards of total offense to CovCath's 207 yards. Game felt more lopsided than that, but I guess the +4 turnover margin in favor of the Purples made it feel that way. The Colonel defense has presented problems for the Purples the past two seasons.
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    Charlie Dieruf and Willie Rodriguez were two really nice athletes on the freshman team. The kind you put anywhere on your roster and they're going to thrive. Watching Rodriguez play freshman ball this past season was reminiscent of watching Sam Dressman play, for those who have followed Cov Cath closely for the last decade or so. Dieruf, I'm told, came in as a baseball player first, and a football player second. He would absolutely be an asset to the football team next year, but I have to wonder after injuring his elbow this past football season, if he isn't considering dropping football and sticking with baseball. No inside information there or anything - just curious on my part. Freshman kicker Alex Brock will be the varsity kicker next year, no doubt. And I would assume Jackson Gronotte will be the long-snapper. Jackson is Trey's younger brother. Started practicing long-snapping with his dad and brother three years ago when Trey started kicking...he's good at it, haha. Casey Bir was another really nice contributor on the freshman team. I believe he was a fullback and inside linebacker. Ran the ball hard, and hit hard. I'll be interested to see where they use him next year. I've got the feeling that Eddie will end up using Evan Pitzer as his starting QB next year instead of Adam Holtz. Holtz is a good athlete and does well on defense, and he's probably a stronger running QB at this point, but Evan has a height advantage over Adam, and Evan's arm was very strong as a freshman. Carter Newborn, Ben Reeves, Luke Rabe, Braylon Miller, and Kai Knasel were all some names we heard several times over during freshman games this last year too.
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    I am one of a handful of people who can say they have been to every one of Beechwood’s state championship games. Can’t wait to keep up the streak on Friday.
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    Heard he's looking at houses in Ft. Thomas..................
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    The All "A" Committee posted on their website this evening that the 2021 Kentucky All "A" Classic Statewide Basketball Tournament will be played at EKU in Richmond from February 16th through February 21st. Gave times will be announced at a later date. This is three weeks later than the traditional "A" State dates, with the addition of Tuesday, Feb. 16th. This allows for six games per day, with the semis on Saturday, the 20th and finals on Sunday, the 21st.
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    King of the Carpet Contest (Round 5) Welcome to the 2020 King of the Carpet Contest! The format is simple. I select six games with point values of 1 - 6, all you have to do is pick the winners. The highest total of the week wins, and the total score of each round of the playoffs will be added together for a grand prize winner (contact theguru for your grand prize). Additionally, if you have NEVER won a contest, you are eligible for a weekly prize as well! So two winners each week! If this is your first contest ever, say "Never Won" at the top of your entry and we will get you registered. Your entry must be in this format: "Never Won" (for those eligible) 6 point game winner 5 point game winner 4 point game winner 3 point game winner 2 point game winner 1 point game winner Tiebreaker (total points scored in the 6 point game) (2nd tiebreaker will be time of post) FAILURE TO POST YOUR SCORE IN THIS FORMAT WILL RESULT IN A SCORE OF 0 FOR THE WEEK. The weekly winner gets his/her normal prize: Contest Prizes The deadline for all entries is 11 am ET Friday. Here are the Round 5 games: 6 point game - Bowling Green / Owensboro 5 Point Game - Elizabethtown / Ashland 4 Point Game - Paintsville / Kentucky Country Day 3 Point Game - Lexington Christian Academy / Beechwood 2 Point Game - Boyle County / Franklin County 1 Point Game - Trinity / Male
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    For @Randy Parker: Honest Trailer for A Christmas Story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=paWSduN6CTk
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    The play calling this year has been quite iffy, it almost seemed to me that the OC was being very conservative and didn’t want to take any chances. As mentioned above, Stegman is a UNIT.
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    😂 😂 😂 Simple. Trinity > Highlands
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    Thomas Schramm is a sophomore, and started all season at guard on the offense. The KHSAA's cumulative stats pages are quirky when it comes to imputing all of the data, so he isn't showing up there as having played any games for some reason, but I believe Jones and Schramm are the only two starting sophomores we had at the beginning of the season.
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    I looked back at the 2018 last meeting between BG and Owensboro, these players played in 2018 and will be playing again on Saturday: Gough - had 13 tackles, 4 TFL and 2 sacks, carried the ball 4 times for 28 Avery had 8 tackles (now the RB) Flaherty caught 3 passes and had a tackle Tinsley, Millay, McHenry, Stevenson On the BG side: Dingle caught 4 passes for 46 yards and a TD and 1 tackle Jones had 5 tackles and 1 TFL Cooper had 2 tackles
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    In my humble opinion this is where Eddie takes CCH to another level. This years Freshman class was 7-1 (1-1 vs Highlands). This class had a pretty special run in CYF. One thing that is hard to teach is speed and their is a lot of it. I think the freshman coach's did a good job but Eddie/Brown and all the Varsity coach's will add the technical part that is needed. Their are some hidden gems that did not have an opportunity to shine. Example: Lot's of talk about Brock at kicker BUT there's another kid by the name of Coby Klumb who can kick and very fast (His Dad was VERY good at Elder). Again, just cant wait to see the "progression"!
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    Congrats brother, so happy for you and your young men!!
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    Player of the Year 1A - Reggie Thomas, Campbellsville 2A - Kaiya Sheron, Somerset 3A - Keontae Pittman, Ashland 4A - Will McDaniel, Boyle County 5A - Gavin Wimsatt, Owensboro 6A - La'Vell Wright, North Hardin Coach of the Year 1A - Eric Dick, Holy Cross 2A - Doug Charles, Lexington Christian 3A - David Buchanan, Mercer County 4A - Justin Haddix, Boyle County 5A - Jay Fallin, Owensboro 6A - Phillip Hawkins, Bryan Station Congrats to all!
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    More food for thought. I think the attachment with Cameron's numbers more than speak for their self. CameronHergott2020_Round4.pdf
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    @ApolloFan98Haven't you seen at the zoo "Don't feed the monkeys"... @Purple88
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    Yeah, Dingle does so much during the game blocking and recently rushing the qb on 3rd downs that helps us win games. And Burwash is the best athlete on the field and I agree hes our biggest deep threat receiver regardless of stats. My point was I just know when our offense is clicking their are usually 4 or 5 guys catching balls and making plays. Burwash is the deep guy, but Dingle and Strode have been moving the chains when the offense is really clicking. And of course Bunton can run it and catch it. I just think if we want to dominate Saturday we got to get Dingle, Strode, Burwash, and Bunton involved and show the total package. Defensively, the jungle d will have to get used to the speed that ball is coming out and the great timing the qb has with Tinsley. But I'm not to worried about that D. They are pretty dominant.
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    Dingle has 34 receptions and is BG's leading receiver and that is with every team the Purples have played setting their defense to take him away. The biggest contribution Dingle will make in this game is on defense getting pressure on Wimsatt.
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    Also want to add, Dingle does a lot. I don't mean that. He's become a beast of a blocker and that is underrated. He's been playing some defense and making an impact there as well. So Dingle does so much that doesn't show up on the stat board. I just know we need another receiver to throw to, he fits the mold and I can't figure out why we can't get him the ball some.
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    Absolutely! We got some guys on defense that when they get the ball in their hands they can find the endzone. It's hard to pick the 'best' DB on our team because every one of them are talented. Echols, Millett, Rainville, and Burwash are the seniors, so the younger guys follow after them! I'm excited to see that Jungle D!
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    I've been saying all year they need to find a way to get Dingle the ball. Burwash is great too, Strode has made some good plays. They need to be able to throw to those guys both in 15+ yard routes and 15 yards and shorter. We need to throw successfully more then we did against CC. And not turn the ball over. If we can do those two things the running game will take care of itself and take a little pressure off the defense. I still say Owensboro will have a hard time scoring. Their schedule was weak. FD was impressive that's for sure, but really they should have loss that game too. I think BG can score on their defense too. 28-14 BG is my prediction.
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    I'm just not sure what exactly you're looking for in an offense is what I'm saying. One post I might see that we gotta throw the ball, the next post is that we have to pound with Bunton? I agree with you that when BG is not turning the ball over they are fun to watch. I'm also saying there isn't much credit being given to the competition the Purples are actually facing. This isn't Barren County or anyone else from that old schedule, the competition has increased. So to expect us to beat up teams and score in two plays or less is very unrealistic. I'm very proud of our boys and what they've accomplished on both sides of the ball.
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    There were a lot more issues with the offense Friday then just a few dropped balls. And the offense has struggled on/off all season. Just depends on the game. And it's not "dogging" the offense. It's discussing and being honest about the issues and that it needs to be better, more consistent. When BG's offense it gives them a much better chance to win then when it's off.
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    The vaccine has been administered at the OSU Wexner medical center this morning as well. https://twitter.com/osuwexmed/status/1338511370984296455?s=21 We are so close to getting this behind us. We’ve known the vaccines were coming, but it’s great to see them actually taking place now.
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    I don't know about that. Anything is possible in a 1 score game. But once BG scored on the two short fields from turnovers, the game was essentially over.
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    Couple other thoughts on these guys. I really liked Max Lawrie when he got some time this year. Will be a nice player next to Wilson on the DL. Casey Bir is a slot receiver and safety and think he’s going to contribute next year and maybe start at safety. I think Braylon Miller could start opposite Zion at corner next year with his length and movement skills. I think we’re going to be really young again next year but I’m not sure there’s going to be much of a drop off at some of these positions and in some cases, we’ll see an upgrade.
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    I've been thinking about this since Friday night. I kind of feel like there's a stronger possibility now than ever. Im sure his mind is already made up. If he does retire, we'll know as soon as the game ends.
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    Glad Calipari went on and made the switch now before the season gets too far away from them. It's easy as a fan to say you would've made that move after the Richmond game, but it is not that easy when you are dealing with highly touted recruits. Clarke is simply more comfortable with the ball in his hands, whether he is a natural PG or not. I am hoping each game we see one player come into their comfort zone to maximize team potential. UK will run the table from here. We got this.
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    Great questions, @ChiefSmoke. You sound like a great coach to work for.
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    The Cincinnati Dragons are excited to announce our first college wheelchair basketball commitment. Our senior captain and point guard Kerwin Haake from Henry Clay HS in Lexington KY has committed to the University of Arizona to continue his education and play collegiate wheelchair basketball for the Wildcats!!
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    Nobody is saying run 4 seam routes. Not sure what game you watched, but Bg only had 2 dropped balls Friday. Their were only 6 completed passes and only Bunton and Burwash were targeted all game. BG can't get away with that Saturday. They will need to spread it out and get more guys involved and Cooper will need to move around a little to buy some time keeping eyes down field. To out score Owensboro he will need to complete more than 6 passes for 58 yards. Not sure whhy that has anything to do with being a Madden coordinator. The defense won't give them the ball inside the 10 yard line 4 times Saturday. BG never drove the ball the whole game. Other than Coopers long run there was never a drive BG got over a couple first downs.
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    BG vs Owensboro is going to the most interesting. But I'm looking forward to seeing those Franklin County boys play! They've got something very good brewing up there (Elkhorn Middle School won the 2020 state title, so the incoming freshman should be impressive - Keep an eye on Kalen Washington (RB)).
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    If we are talking about ND losing to Clemson, I'm not sure there's a point spread that would cause them to get left out... I understand biases towards recent results, but I just don't see any scenario where ND doesn't get in. The only way I see that happening is if Clemson boat races them AND say Ian Book suffers an injury that would keep him out of the playoff.
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    I have recovered from my 24 hour mourning period. I am very excited about the future of the program. With that said, there’s a storm brewin in Ft. Thomas. Cov Cath needs to really work hard to stay on top. In fact, this off-season is critical. There needs to be big chips on shoulders. Kids thrive on it. I know I did.
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    He was injured. Bieger started and and played the whole way, in the title game. Hladon started in ‘88 and may still have the record for most completions in a single game, on the biggest stage. He was awesome in that game against Paducah Tilghman. Hladon definitely played in the ‘87 season, but was injured somewhere along the way. Hladon led a great late comeback against the Birds in the ‘87 regular season, that really sparked the team. And, to magnify how the game has changed in 30 years, Bieger was 5-5 in the ‘87 title game. Five pass attempts. Side comment - Don Bieger is one of the all time great field leaders to ever step on campus. It had nothing to do with ability. Just a tremendous competitor.
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    Trevor Wilson is VERY impressive. The future is bright. Go Colonels!!!
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    The reality is I would never be embarrassed by anything this group did on a football field. My guess is 99.9% of Colonel faithful agree. These kids accomplished more in four years than almost every program in the Commonwealth. In fact, they were one unfortunate, late turnover away from having a chance to set the state record for most consecutive victories. They have earned too much respect for a 20-0 loss in the semis to be considered remotely embarrassing. Regarding our three year starter at QB. What a career. He’s the only sophomore QB in CCH history to start in a state title game, and, he’s the only underclassmen to start at QB and win a state title at CCH. I didn’t see the criticism that someone evidently posted. If true, get a life. I bristled at a comment yesterday, that, true or not, felt like piling on. Again, my opinion. In hindsight, I wish I had put the phone down, because nothing productive was accomplished. As I said in the prediction thread, BG is an all time great sports program in KY. They deserved and received all of Cov Cath’s respect. I’m not a fan of one of their posters, but I’m sure that feeling is mutual.
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    I'm so extremely proud of this Tomcat team and especially my nephew Jack Alley. He has worked so hard the last 4 years, and it's so exciting to see him reap his rewards.
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