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    LOL. Oh boy. You might want to stay off messages board for while if you're that sensitive and upset. It's called discussing the game.
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    The seniors were 40-3 during their three years on the varsity roster. For the full four year run, there has never been a better span in CCH football history. 55-3 and the following accomplishments: 1. Undefeated at home in regular season 2. Undefeated against the birdies in varsity competition (second class in a row that can boast that) 3. Undefeated against all NKY competition 4. Two undefeated seasons 5. Three undefeated regular seasons 6. Four regional championships 7. Three state finals 8. Two state championships I fully understand that this class stood on the shoulders of giants. However, these numbers speak for themselves. So, forgive me for not giving a rip right now about what this team lacked - heard plenty about that, throughout the year, from our experts. I also don’t give a darn right now about who’s coming back. Time for that later. Someone from our own side commented that BG “wanted it more”. Really? How do you know? BG played better. Period. They were the better team, last night. Let’s not kick our kids in the shins by speculating that they “didn’t want it bad enough”. Congratulations to the 2020 Colonels and best wishes to the seniors - you created a lifetime of memories for yourselves and your families.
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    Did't get to see the game and just went back and read through the update thread. Great game by the Purples and Cov Cath has nothing to hang their heads about. 2 things I can say with certainty: -There are plenty of teams around the state that would love to have Eddie as their coach. -There are plenty of teams around the state that would have loved to have Caleb as their QB the last 3 years. When I looked back and saw some of the comments about Caleb and Eddie in the update thread, I couldn't believe it. Especially from the idiot calling Caleb the "worst QB in the state". The kid has a state championship ring, and a runners up trophy. I can guarantee you the errors last night (and maybe some during the season) probably resulted from him putting too much on his shoulders because he didn't have the supporting cast like he had the last couple of years. Thats not a slam on the talent this year but it's a compliment to the teams of the last couple of years. I'll take that kid in my foxhole any day over some jerk that wants to feel like a big man by putting down an 18 year old kid. By the way, this is coming from a New Cath parent who has rooted against Cov Cath as much as anyone.
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    Bowling Green has forced 20 turnovers in the last three weeks. I think it's safe to say they aren't being "gifted" these turnovers.
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    OK. I’ll play ball. Other than the QBs touchdown run, where was the boatrace? In other words, where were BG dudes flying by Cov Cath? I saw one big run and I saw several short field possessions. As I’ve said multiple times on here, BG’s defense was great. They had a mountain in the middle. He was awesome. The back 7 made some nice plays in what appeared to be zone coverage, to set up short fields. I just didn’t see dudes for BG blazin up and down the field. I also saw some mistakes that CCH made that had nothing to do with being slow. They had some chances against a great D and missed em. It happens. Those chances were limited because of a great BG defense. Lastly, I’m more of a fan of tipping your cap to an opponent after a win. Not a real fan of pointing out deficiencies, especially in the overt manner that KW59 chose to render. It seemed a bit over the top. Obviously, that’s only my opinion. You can like my opinion or not, I don’t care. It’s a judgment call. So, I don’t see a point in elaborating beyond that. The most embarrassing post I saw all week, was the ridiculous post that charging $15 for a broadcast “wreaks of privilege”. Now, that is embarrassing, especially after other posters laid out what others are charging on this side of the state.
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    Old Foes find a way to meet one more time!!! Bowling Green and Owensboro have met 81 times. BG is 40-39 and 2 against the Red Devils. This game was a staple for the 4th week of the season for many years. But times change and that dried up in 2018 and the teams have not met the past 2 seasons. There have been some out-right classics over the years! 2 games of note just to prime the pump: 2014 - BG 42 O 34. This was the game that Jamale Carothers (a future Mr. Football) as a sophomore broke out with 26 carries for 336 yards and 4 TDs to lead the Purples to victory! Then in 2018 in the playoffs - the Red Devils would finally get the Purple monkey off their backs and QB Will Warren threw 4 TD passes and 2 to Imonte Owsley to put away an undisciplined Purples squad on that night. Both of those games at Rash Stadium. Enough of history: the 2020 Red Devils are riding high after a THRILLING win 28-27 over a very strong Frederick Douglass squad. This game saw O open with 21 straight point and could have been 28. Give the Broncos credit as they did not quit and came all the way back to lead 27-28 in the 4th Quarter. But JR QB Gavin Wimsatt proved he is worthy of the hype by marching the Red Devils back down the field and earning the final score in amazing fashion. Owensboro is 12 and 0 in the year of Covid! A great record. They have not played a tough schedule, and that is the main reason IMO that MANY around the state either don't know about Owensboro or feel they aren't worthy of being considered as a top team in 5A. Let this game be an indicator to you that THESE CATS CAN PLAY! On offense they are LOADED with terrific players all over. Ethan Avery is their top rusher with now over 600 yards on the season. But their stable of WRs is stellar with their top wide out Treyvon Tinsley, the best player in the State that you likely have never even heard of. He has 35 catches for over 525 yards and 9 TDs on the year. The Owensboro defense is led by SR All-State LB Austin Gough who leads the team with over 100 tackles on the year. Owensboro has plenty of speed in the secondary and a good line as well. Lastly, I want to shine on Coach Jay Fallin, who IMO has brought his staff and this program A LONG WAY from their disappointing 4 and 7 season in 2017 with 3 at least 10 win seasons in a row and now playing for the whole ball of wax!!! Look out for Owensboro! The 2020 Purples entered the season with seniors all over the place on offense and only a few returning starters on defense. So when I took my Covid seat at St X for the opening game, I was like many Purples fans in not really knowing what to expect from the Purples defense so early in the season. BG defensively shut out St X in the first game and has slowly improved every game from there. In the playoffs, they have been lights out with roughly 18 turnovers in the last 3 playoff games!!! Amazing! Yes, the other team turned it over, but IMO this BG defense is "turning the other team over" putting A LOT of pressure on the opposing offense and this is the effect. Tonight BG traveled back to CovCath for another try against the defending 5A Champions at their very nice facility. After forcing the Colonels to punt, QB Conner Cooper faked the hand off and raced roughly 75 yards to pay dirt and an early 7-0. The Purples would tack on one more TD before halftime, but honestly could have had a couple more scores. BG would end up earning another TD in the game and the defense would not surrender any points. Excellent effort to finally get a win over a very fine CovCath squad! Players to know for BG on offense include SR QB Conner Cooper who has really shined of late. He is making smart decisions and using his arm and legs to cause the opposing defense problems. SR RB Javy Bunton has had a stellar year with over 900 yards on the ground and nearly 20 TDS. SR TE Jordan Dingle did not get targeted in this game, but he is a weapon every time he steps on the field. And I would be remiss not to mention SR FS, WR, RB, P Eli Burwash! The young man is the glue of this team. He just does whatever is needed. Maybe not alot, but when its needed he's there. And a 60 yard punt downed at the CovCath 1 didn't hurt either. On defense for the Purples, all 3 levels are peaking right now. This might be one of the best defensive lines Bowling Green has had with (all JRs) Bridger Knee, Jeremiah Lightfoot, Bradley Gurley and Mario Wilson with Jordan Dingle switching in and out. WOW! Rece Jones is a SR LB who has been the anchor of the defense and leads the team in tackles. The Purples secondary is getting better every game with CB/S Echols (who had several INTs tonight), Rainville, Nyembo, Millet and Kibawa ball hawking for BG! I am going to wait to give my prediction and keys to the game a bit later, but wanted to get this out there ASAP so we could enjoy it! Now's the time! I respect Owensboro immensely and miss playing them in the regular season a lot. But no time in this rivalry have they played with SO MUCH on the line! I am predicting a great game! What about you!!!!
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    Another poster made a comment about the lack of speed on offense for Covcath, which you all have even said was an issue. Yet you all get sensitive when someone else says it? What he said was probably true, Bowling Green played St. Xavier, Trinity, and South Warren twice. All teams that may have had more team speed than Covcath for this season. So I’m not sure why you and @Samcro took such offense to that comment. Then you have had Covcath people on here, trying to take away from the win by saying it was Covcath’s own mistakes, and nothing BG did. When the reality is, I’m sure many teams who have played Covcath the last few years. Probably felt the same, when they played Covcath. That they played their worst game of the year against Covcath, and made a lot of their own mistakes. Yet I don’t think many Covcath faithful would have liked, people saying it was more their own mistakes when Covcath has beaten them. Usually teams play their worst games, and make uncharacteristic mistakes when they play someone better than them. Which is what happened last night. At the end of the day the better team usually is the team that makes the winning plays, and also doesn’t make mistakes to hurt themselves. Which is why Covcath was the better team last season, and why BG was the better team this season. Losing sucks, but don’t try to act like you all have handled losing better than others. When this thread has shown that you all have said and done many of the same things, you all wouldn’t like people doing when your team had won.
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    Talent wise, FD may be better than SW, X, and Cov Cath, but discipline wise, no. Which is why they lost to Owensboro this year, despite having the most athletes of any team in 5A and debatably the state. I do think last night proved that Owensboro is legit, and this will be an outstanding game. As for any of those teams being better than Owensboro, I really don’t know, which is why this game is so interesting to me!
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    Not so fast. I will take Owensboro because they have a offense unlike CovCath and should put some points on the board. Clearly CCH was not the same team as previous 3 years and I think a lot of people gave them a ton of respect because of what they did the previous 3 years but I knew early on we were not even close the same caliber team on offense so shouldn't be surprised by the shutout victory. But congrats to BG for the win over my Colonels. I feel like Owensboro is getting no respect. They just knocked off the other state finalist from a year ago and FD had all that D-1 talent. I think it should be a very exciting game maybe even the best game out of all the 6 state title games. Plus BG has had their fare share of state title. Time for Owensboro to get one.
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    A couple thoughts on BG after watching them play last night: 1. If I'm Owensboro I'm loading up to stop the run and begging them to throw because I don't think they can do it consistently. 2. The back, Burton, is ok, he's certainly not going to beat you. The best offense they have is the QB run game. He's their best athlete and very fluid with the ball in his hands. 3. The defense is awesome. The front is big and THICK. 37 is a hoss at nose. It allows them to play 2 safeties deep because they can stop the run with 6 or 7 in the box. 4. Lot of good players in the secondary. I thought 41, 21 and 3 were really good players. They are tough to throw against and made some great plays on the ball and capitalize when they get the chance.
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    A lot of moving parts here. BG has a great defense - the best in 5A. Owensboro has 1 of the best offenses, I would say top 2 along with Freddie D in 5A. Owensboro allowed 27 points to 1 of the best offenses in the state with Neal, Cornett, Burton, Key and Crowdus. I think that says something about Owensboro’s defense. Freddie inserted Key and Crowdus in secondary in most if not all of 2nd half. Burton also joined them on at least the last series. While BG has a more mobile QB, Freddie has the better offense. I would think for BG to get 28 as I see in some predictions, it would have to be defense or turnovers deep in O territory. Owensboro’s offensive line did a great job protecting Wimsatt against FD, and Wimsatt is very agile and mobile. The offensive line consists of Millay 6-6 275, freshman center at 6-4 310, Madewell at 6-0 260, Tre Miller (converted from Dline and great athlete) 6-3 about 240 and Humphries at LG. Wimsatt, like Cooper from BG, can take off at any time. To me this comes down to ball control and not turning the ball over. If 1 team loses TO battle by 2 or more and gives up defensive TD’s, that team will lose. Mistakes are at a premium here. Wimsatt is the best QB at making all the throws that I’ve seen at the high school level, and is a once in 50 year player (at O a 1 in forever). Yes he still makes mistakes but if he can make good decisions I think O prevails in another tight one. Thanks @Purple88 great write-up. Owensboro 24-21
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    Got tickets since my nephew plays for Male. I think Trinity wins 35-7.
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    It was huge for West Carter to host this game and have the spotlight shined on Olive Hill. It's of little consolation right now, but much respect was earned around the state tonight by those young men in maroon. This is the kind of night that can inspire greater things in the future. Who knows? Maybe years from now, West Carter will be a top program in 2A year in and year out, and we can point to tonight as the night the spark was lit.
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    Posts in this thread need to be about the game. Period.
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    This thread has done the impossible. I am at a loss for words.
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    As an outside observer on the UK fan kingdom and a Notre Dame fan, I would hate to be putting my "shining star" on showing grit against a completely undermanned Notre Dame team with 7 scholarship players. Quite frankly there was no reason for this UK team to need to show grit and the ability to fight back in the 2nd half. I can't even fathom trying to explain how a team with that type of talent is down 22 at the half against a team that very well may finish in the bottom 3 in the ACC. Just thankful the Irish held on as I had every expectation that they were going to blow a 22 point half time lead. Further the one stat I thought the Irish had no chance in was rebounding and yet they outbound UK 34 - 30? I am ecstatic and really pleased with how this team has played Ohio State and UK.
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    Many even Covcath posters on here have stated all year that the team speed this year isn’t great. That is why so many was excited when Zion Mason was eligible for the post season, with how good and fast he is. No one ever said Covcath was slow, just that team overall speed especially offensively wasn’t really a weapon for them this season. Then the comment you took such offense too, wasn’t really even a shot or piling on. When you look at Bowling Greens schedule this year, there is a good chance that compared to a lot of the teams they played. Covcath may not have had the same team speed as others. Hey I get it, losing sucks. Which you all haven’t had to experience much of at all the last few years. However, there was nothing bad said there that started all of this.
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    At the end of the day it is a loss, and so it sucks. With that said the one positive may be that this team may have realized the energy they have to play with at this level. The second half the energy level was higher than it has been all year. So hopefully they see how that is how they have to play at this level. With that said, their offense still has a lot of work to do.
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    Hats off to a great legacy left by those seniors! You guys definitely gave Warren County and the rest of 5A a taste of dominance. I’m enjoying seeing Mayer be a factor for Norte Dame in Saturday’s! I’m sure this isn’t the last time these two squads will cross paths..
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    I don’t think either team could have wished for a better opponent to play for all of the marbles! There is so much history between the two programs, and in those years has brought us some memorable playoff games (some that come to mind 2008, 2009, and 2018) all of which that have been split in outcomes. I think defense wins this game, and BG has the better big down defense, they can get you behind the chains early and let their secondary eat on passing downs. Offensively, we need to cut out the mental mistakes along with the turnovers. Dingle has been huge when he’s been put down as wing to lead block for Bunton and Cooper. Having a healthy offensive line also helps! And Burwash has been playing inspiring football in this post season, I look for him to have a great game. Owensboro definitely has the dogs to play and win this game, especially with the field general Gavin. Our defensive line is going to the X factor in limiting his balance in the pocket, can’t let him sit back and throw dots over the middle. With that said I’m taking the bowling Green purples 20-6 in a hard fought championship caliber matchup!
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    I’ll make this short and sweet, if BG can continue to play great defense and move the ball better than last night, they’ll win. If Owensboro can stop the run and move the ball through the air consistently, they’ll win. There’s a lot more you could talk about, but it’ll be a great game and I’m excited for it! That being said my prediction is: Bowling Green 28 Owensboro 14
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    Show some class, take your win and move on. First time BG has defeated Cov Cath. Congrats on the .250 head to head winning percentage.
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    Just didn’t seem like CovCath had the skill and speed on offense this season compared to the past. Still a good club but it’s hard to beat a team as good as Bowling Green with what CovCath lacked.
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    Agreed. I feel for them, having the last game turn out that way. Such is life at times though. The seniors have a lot to be proud of and had a great run.
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    Congrats to the CCH Seniors: 40-2 over their Varsity career. Quite a career that you boys will talk about forever.
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    The CCH defense in my opinion played state champion football with the holes they were put in.
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    For those in the update thread concerned for ATLCat having to be on parent duty while the wife works on Semi Finals night, the two year old is down (he is the easy one) but does this look like the face of a baby who is going to let daddy watch football?
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    Tomcats and Panthers party like it's 1967 Regardless of who comes out on top at Kroger Field, Class 3A will crown a champion ending a decades long drought. Ashland hasn't won, or even played for a title, since 1990. Elizabethtown got a crack at hoisting the hardware more recently, in 2003, but hasn't won it all since 1969. The Tomcats and Panthers share a little championship history. Jack Hallum led Ashland to its first playoff era title in 1967, besting E'town in the Class 2A finals, 19-14. But enough about the past, it's time to focus on the here and now. Ashland's defense has been lauded all season as one of the state's best, pound for pound. Ten opponents have challenged that unit, and the Tomcats have answered the bell every time. Belfry was the latest victim, falling prey to some Tomcat toughness and a little Putnam Stadium magic in the semifinals. For its part, Elizabethtown kept CAL at bay in its semifinal win with balanced offense and a splash of timely defense and special teams. It was nothing new for E'town. They've executed all three phases of the game at a high level this season. The Panthers come in averaging 45 points per game, while Ashland has only allowed 45 points all year. Simply put, something's got to give. On an individual note, the 3A championship game will feature a clash of Mr. Football watchlist regulars. Clay Games has been Mr. Perfect this year for Elizabethtown, while Ashland's Keontae Pittman can strike opponents like a bolt of lightning. Other names to watch for include E'town's two way standouts Khia Sherrard (ATH), Camran McNeil (RB/LB), and Ryan Piles (OL/DL), as well as Ashland's JT Garrett (ATH), Caleb Tackett (LB/RB), and Hunter Gillum (DB/RB). Kickoff is set for 11am on Saturday, December 19th.
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    Some of them are either oblivious or just coming unhinged. Certainly not all but there are a few. Wow.
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    You must have been looking back in a mirror, with that first sentence in this post. If that is what you want to say. Especially since you basically just said the same things, that made me comment on it to begin with. Losing sucks, and you haven’t had to deal with it much at all the last few years. So I it does make sense, that you don’t seem to get what I was saying in that post. Back to this game. Covcath has had a great four year run, and their future looks bright for it to continue. Bowling Green has a great team this year, and it should be a great State Title game next week. Best of luck to BG next week!
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    Just curious.. Do you think they are one dimensional because that’s what they relied on to beat CC?? Have you watched them all year? When you have lots of weapons on the field, you may need to beat a team mainly through the air, solely on the ground, or come at them from both sides. That’s what you do to WIN! So ONLY a pass heavy team can win a state title in 5A????
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    How can it be gimmicky if it works there is nothing wrong in running whatever offense helps you win games.
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    Ashland is enjoying quite a run in sports. Their bb team was undefeated last year, as I recall.
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    I’ll comment as soon as I replay the first half for UK highlights...ok, I’m back.
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    Coach Beatty and the Rocks are 14-2 in State Championship games. They lost to Male in 2000, 34-14, and St. X in 2009, 34-10.
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    I do think Cov Cath was faster than given credit, especially on the defensive side of the ball. BG did have edge speed, but I feel like the play calling didn’t exploit it very well and Cov Cath’s corners were great at diagnosing the screen. The D-Line for Cov Cath was also great at keeping contain most of the night. I’m sure you all will be back even stronger next year after hearing how young the defense was.
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    Don’t forget the the fumble Seth Rainville picked up in the fourth quarter, it was a forced turnover as well.
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    Franklin County is just the second team in the six class era to make the 4A state finals after suffering a loss in district play, with both times that resulting in them entering the postseason as a 2 seed. The other was Johnson Central in 2017, after they lost to Ashland in a stunner in the regular season. To put in other terms, the 28 state finalists in 4A since the start of the six class system have combined for exactly two losses in district play. You'd have to go back to 2003 in the old AAAA of the four class system to find the last time a "4A" school won state after suffering a district loss and not entering the postseason as a 1 seed, that being Trinity after suffering a loss to Seneca. So history is against Franklin County on that. Also of historical note, the last four teams to win 4A and seven of the last eight champions were teams that had played in the previous state finals. What's more, three of the last four champions and five of the last seven champions lost the title game the year before. Boyle County, checks both boxes.
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    Some pictures from last night, courtesy of John Flavell for the Daily Independent. Leetavious Cline cutting around teammate Samuel Rayburn. Xavier Campbell and Avery Courtney sealing the edge for Cam Hergott. Hergott going above and beyond the line of scrimmage for a touchdown. The always classy Coach Rash meeting with Cline after the game. Coach Barker delivering his post game speech with the scoreboard echoing the agony of defeat in the background.
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    If this was your take away I’d ask if you watched the game. BG was obviously better last night, but this is just a silly statement. Without CCH playing their worst offensive game of the year with, much of it self inflicted its a pretty even game. CCH’s D line seems pretty fast as they were in the BG backfield all night. BG obviously had the advantage in backfield speed, but even with that the only explosive play was the QB on the second play of the game. CCH had open WR’s all night as well, just badly missed them or dropped balls that were on target. Weird take to basically say CCH was this terrible team that BG beat by 3 scores while being gifted 6 TO’s.
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    IMVHO - it's both. Felt that #7 would wear down - clear to everyone what X's plan was - but he never did. Credit to that young man. When #12 came in - that was obvious as well. Felt bad for him. He got hammered. T brought the house. But you can only do so much with what you have. Agree with tcjkbt - X vastly improved. See what X coaches do with their promising youth next year. Again, congrats on this season.
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    What exactly about his comment wasn’t classy?
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    A couple of thoughts....some obvious and some that may not be looked at with all of the DESERVED attention to Cam Hergott. * Brady Moore may be one of the most underrated players in NKY. After an oustanding sophomore year, he's backed it up with an even better junior year that has seen him emerge as one of the best two-way players. He's an unbelievable WR and S that does all the small things perfectly and makes big play after big play. His numbers overall are down bc of the many emerging weapons in the program, but, man, WHAT a player this young man has become. * WR Liam McCormack has developed into a dangerous down the field/BIG option for Hergott. In my opinion, the most improved player for the Tigers this season. He caught his 5th TD pass of the season tonight and has made some highlight reel plays amongst those scores. He's a winner and showing some of the flash and "it" factor his Dad showed in the early 90s with CovCath. * Sophomore Mitchell Berger returned this week after sitting out last week due to injury. He has been one of the top sophomore two-way players in NKY. An unbelievable/tough slot WR that Hergott has developed a great chemistry with. He made several big plays tonight on offense, defense and special teams. * Junior MLB Michael Hatfield also returns after a week off and made one of the plays of the game tonight...batting down the 4th down pass attempt from Orry Perry to Leetavious Cline. If Cline catches that pass and gets a step on Hatfield, who knows what could have happened. Hatfield - one of the best special teamers in the area - has turned into a tremendous MLB. * Junior DE/TE Tanner Jackson had a BIG BIG sack - I believe on 2nd down during the Comets' last drive. Tanner has been a playmaker the minute he started logging varsity minutes midway through the season. That sack was a brutal blow to the hopes of the Comets. * I still haven't seen really good footage of the 2-pt conversion play. But what a gusty call by Noel Rash in that situation. I have no idea how Hergott was unable to get out of that WC rush, hold his footing, reverse field, set his feet and firie that strike to Brady Moore. One of the best plays I've seen in many years in high school football. * That play, this game, last week's game, and the season he's had, combined with a state finals appears - his second in three seasons - should put him - AT MINIMUM - in the top 2 for Mr. Football. In my eyes, he is Mr. Football. But I do think the voting comes down to what Male and Beechwood do next week. * Sounds like Highlands might want to consider sending a group to Olive Hill this weekend to discuss offering Coach Barker the job at Highlands. Teams don't dig deep and do what the Comets did tonight without having an elite coach inspiring that. Daniel Barker is the real deal. That's the kind of coach Highlands should go find.
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    owensboro is really good and I am glad they won! I will make some enemies with the following comment and I accept that. Frederick Douglass is disappointing. The way I see it is Lexington was not happy they didnt have a big school contender. Insert FD. They have an influx of really good talent from the Lexington area. They are really talented and the rest of the Lexington public schools really suffer, especially last year. The stereotype of Lexington public schools is all flash and no discipline and grit. So FD has a ton of talent in the first year or two but realizes quickly they cant compete with Trinity, St. X, or Male. Somehow they bump down to 5A while the other Lex schools are 6A. They have as much if not more talent than anybody in the state but still don't win when it counts. Will they continue to drop down classes? I was very proud of Bryan Station and Dunbar this year! Hopefully Henry Clay, Lafayette and Tates Creek bounce back. I am glad we have Owensboro and Bowling Green in the fianls.
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    Instant. Classic. Lots can be said about this one, here are my Top 3 things: 1. Bravo boys! What a game. What a display of coaching. What heart. A truly great football game that was played very well. 2. Cameron Hergott is Mr. Football. Anyone else and this award needs to be done away with. Tonight was the equivalent of his "Heisman Moment". Come from behind win with a gutsy two point conversion to cap it. 3. Beechwood will have all the pomp and pageantry of the 2A Finals so let me just take this time to give an electronic standing ovation to West Carter. So impressive. Legit. Tough. Clutch. Just someone had to win and Beechwood was one point better. Here's your standing O Comets courtesy of one my all-time favorite movies as a kid!
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    There are a lot of opinions and factors that make it interesting. When you look at a number of different top level programs the HC has a job that allows them to spend more time of football. That of course is not the case everywhere but it is a factor. Would/does HHS place a HC in such a position? A very passionate fan base is a double edge sword. HHS has a very passionate fan base. Such fan bases can be extremely beneficial but can be detrimental if the coach doesn’t align with certain portions of the fan base. That same fan base at times appears to have varying opinions about the talent currently playing and available. Muller did a great job of convincing high school students that football was more important than a car or other distractions. The same fan base appears to want a certain style of offense. So if Rick Darlington, Tim Murphy, Rick Stewart, Kelley Lee, or Roger Holmes applied for the job would they want those individuals over some others? Scott Co is one of two or three programs that has won 10 games or more for over 10 years running Belly, Belly Sweep, Tackle Trap, Quick Pitch and Power. HHS is one of the top in all time wins which I believe Male and Valdosta HS but how many people know that or can name the top 5 without googling it? When a person goes through each state how many of the top programs can they name? How many can name the winningest program in each state? The combination of factors between expectations, and environmental factors make it a very interesting scenario. One doesn’t see all the different combinations on a regular basis. Maybe the word is intriguing instead of interesting though they can mean the same thing.
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    Absolutely. Coach Brown has been a huge asset to Cov Cath's success.
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    CCH defensive coordinator is a big part of their recent success. Give credit where credit is due.
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    BG was the much better team and deserved to win. Best of luck to those guys next weekend. Physical up front, athletic, didn't miss tackles in space and made plays on the ball in the second level of the defense. They're a really good team. Tough to win a game with 6 turnovers. I'm not going to pile on, but it looked as bad as the stats were. Defense fought hard and made some great plays, but no one is winning a game when the offense is playing like that.
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