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    Our football postseason is too tethered to districts. I proposed a plan a few years ago that would eliminate these same playoff meetings between the same teams over and over again. The proposal was fairly well received and thanks to @ChiefSmoke it even made it to the KHSAA desk, although they didn't seem as interested. My worry is that continuing to hold a postseason where weaker district teams are guaranteed to play and subsequently get hammered by teams like Owensboro in the first round that it will slow the potential growth of the sport at schools like Breckinridge County. There are better ways to do things but we have to be willing to think bigger.
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    I got to call this one on the radio and I never felt it was a situation of Owensboro running up the score. Breck fumbling multiple kickoffs, not to mention 3 defensive scores(one with the starters out) led to the final score. Owensboro was scoring in one play even with their 2nd and 3rd string in the game. Tyler Reynolds, who scored the last TD, had only 5 carries all season. Outside of taking knees, I'm not sure what else Fallin could have done here.
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    As an official at both levels...I can tell you that this is the closest answer to the proper interpretation. The umpire should not be standing over the ball and holding up the offense in high school football unless the clock was stopped previously (maybe a timeout or penalty administration) and the Referee is just waiting for his crew to get into position...in those scenarios, though, the game clock would not be running. If the previous play ended in bounds and the game clock is still running...the offense can then snap the ball as soon as the umpire is out of the way from spotting it. In the original scenario listed above...the officiating crew would spot the ball as quickly as they could and get out of the way as quickly as they could. The offense could snap the ball once the umpire is out of the way. If the defense is still on the wrong side of the ball, it would be a foul for "Encroachment" ...also commonly known as Offside by the Defense, and the officiating crew would shut the game clock down to administer the penalty yardage. In this exact scenario, the offensive head coach (offended team) would have the option to start the game clock when the center snaps the ball or when the Referee blows the ready for play whistle. If the offense is out of timeouts and needing to score before the end of the half or end of the game...they would choose to start the game clock on the snap. Foul - Encroachment, 5-yard penalty, game clock will start on the snap. Hope this helps!
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    Another great matchup between two traditional powerhouses of old. This rivalry has been one sided as of late until this year when Rock was able to snap the Bobcats' win streak against them in a great matchup that seen Rock win 13-7 clinching the district title and forcing the Bobcats to travel back up to play at the Rock. Who comes out on top in this 2nd round matchup?
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    Cats and dogs battle for district supremacy The Redhounds are in attack mode following an impressive 24 point win over a very solid Lincoln County squad in round 1. The Patriots had previously given Corbin one of its fiercest challenges this season. Knox Central is riding high as well, after emerging victorious from a shootout with Wayne County. The trio of Brady Worley, Ethan Mills, and Brock Abrams proved too much for the Cardinals to contain. Corbin dispatched the Panthers 34-7 in the regular season, but KC has averaged 46 points per game since. The Hounds have upped their offensive game lately as well, averaging 43 points a contest since the defensive struggle with Lincoln County several weeks ago.
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    Sheron storms back to the forefront of the Mr. Football conversation after winning the week against Danville. A Tomcat torpedoes his way back onto the watchlist, while two other EKY backs continue to produce big with minimal touches. A second half surge of horsepower by Bradley extends McCracken's season. And the "Wayne County Wonder" takes a bow. (Alphabetically) Hunter Bradley (RB), McCracken County Season to date: 134 carries for 1,081 yards and 13 touchdowns - 226 receiving yards and a touchdown Round 1: Trailing by six to Apollo in the third quarter, McCracken County was in search of a spark. Cue Bradley, who was sitting on just 28 yards rushing in the first half. He bolted 44 yards to paydirt midway through the third frame to put the Mustangs ahead and ignite a monster second half performance that saw Bradley run for 178 yards and two scores to propel McCracken to victory. Nick Broyles (QB), Franklin County Season to date: 82/111 for 1,405 yards and 17 TDs/0 ints. Round 1: Returning to the field for the first time in nearly a month, Broyles showed no ill effects from whatever sidelined him for Franklin County's last two regular season games. He completed 10 of 13 throws for 185 yards and three scores as the Flyers routed Shelby County. This week's district title game against Central is crucial to his candidacy, one way or another. A win that includes an impressive stat line doesn't necessarily make him a favorite, but a loss essentially ends any chance he might have of remaining in the conversation Leetavious Cline (RB/DB), West Carter Season to date: 164 carries for 1,559 yards and 24 touchdowns - 38 tackles/1 pick-six Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2ENvac Round 1: Cline played a central role in the Comets making short work of Prestonsburg. He rushed for 156 yards and three touchdowns, and along the way, set a new single season standard for rushing yards at West Carter. He stands approximately three hundred yards shy of the school's all-time rushing record, and barring an upset, is in good position to break that one as well. Isaac Dixon (RB/DB), Belfry Season to date: 96 carries for 1,405 yards and 22 touchdowns/165 receiving yards and three touchdowns - one kickoff return touchdown Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EfmBW Round 1 Dixon made the most of a stat padding opportunity against Magoffin County, scoring a touchdown all four times he touched the ball, offensively. He carried three times for 115 yards and three touchdowns, in addition to a 51 yard touchdown reception. Another likely stat padding game fell by the wayside when Covid forced Lawrence County to shut down for the season, handing the district title to the Pirates. Clay Games (QB), Elizabethtown Season to date: 98/152 for 1,582 yards and 22 TDs/0 ints. Round 1: E'town ran roughshod over Thomas Nelson, with Games going a cool 9 of 11 for 181 yards and a pair of touchdowns. Any real chance he has at getting his name on the tongues of voters begins in earnest this week against Bardstown. Games outplayed the Tigers' Brady Clark on October 27th, throwing three touchdown passes in E'town's dominant win. Keontae Pittman (RB), Ashland Season to date: 103 carries for 1,018 yards and 18 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EfiaH Round 1: Pittman got a week's head start on Thanksgiving by carving up Greenup County's defense like a turkey at grandma's house. His 272 rushing yards represent a career high, to go along with four touchdown runs, three of which were 55 yards or longer. Watching Pittman score from 55, 67, and 77 yards out was like watching Secretariat at the Belmont. When he sees daylight and takes full flight, everyone else looks like they're running ankle deep in mud. Dylan Preston (RB/LB), Johnson Central Season to date: 90 carries for 1,193 yards and 22 touchdowns/4 receiving touchdowns/6.5 sacks/1 pick-six Round 1: JC pounced on Harlan County early and often, cruising to a first half running clock. Included in the onslaught, was 144 yards (75 rushing/69 receiving) of total offense and a pair of touchdowns by Preston on eight touches. He ranks second in class 4A in scoring and his production against the Black Bears slides him up to #2 in rushing yards. He also ranks sixth in sacks, despite not being a full time defender every week. Kaiya Sheron (QB), Somerset Season to date: 97/159 for 1,785 yards and 14 touchdowns/4 interceptions - 407 rushing yards/8 touchdowns Highlights: http://www.hudl.com/v/2EfX6c Round 1: Just in case you forgot who Kaiya Sheron was after being shelved for a month with an injury, Somerset's date with Danville served as a blunt reminder. Seemingly fully recovered from his banged up knee, the future UK Wildcat turned in a career night against the Ads with 477 yards of total offense and five touchdowns. He completed 19 of 26 throws for 386 yards and three scores, plus another 91 yards and two scores with his legs. The LCA rematch beckons, and with it, an opportunity to take a giant step forward in the chase for Mr. Football. Braedon Sloan (RB), Wayne County Season to date: 153 carries for 1,607 yards and 27 touchdowns Round 1: And just like that, the storied career of one of the most productive running backs in recent memory reaches the finish line. The end came quietly, amid a season forever stained by forces beyond our control. He went out on his shield against Knox Central, with 192 yards rushing and two scores, plus a touchdown reception. Opposing coaches and defenders surely won't miss him, but the fortunate observers in Monticello who have witnessed the enormity of his talent, certainly will. Sloan carved out a legacy at Wayne County that will stand the test of time, and achieved football immortality within the borders of the Commonwealth by supplanting Alexander the Great as the single season touchdown king last year. Noteworthy performances from Round 1: Brady Worley (QB), Knox Central: 357 passing yards and four touchdowns against Wayne County Fred Farrier (WR), Franklin County: 159 yards receiving and two touchdowns against Shelby County DeShawn Hamilton (RB), Fairdale: 203 yards and three touchdowns against Doss Ben Dalton (QB), Henderson County: 168 rushing yards and two touchdowns against Daviess County
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    I would like to see KHSAA create an "Open Class" where teams that are clearly overmatched in their district be able to be placed on an Open Class where their teams could actually compete with teams somewhat similar to them. Breckinridge County, Caverna, South Laurel, Seneca, Iroquois, Lewis County, Nelson County, Ballard Memorial, Fulton County, Bellvue, Berea, among others. I am thinking of the Major European Soccer league that lets the bottom team in the league drop out and the top team in the lower league come up for a set amount of time. Call it 4 years for a set # of teams. Teams that continually lose in my so called Open Classification would stay and the top 1 or 2 teams would return to the big leagues and 1 or 2 that also get hammered can drop down. You would be invited to do this. And you could opt out at the beginning. I would envision a State Championship for this level as well. I realize scheduling would be tough for all but it is now. Maybe they play less games to be in this open class. This would have to be known way in advance say 2 years or similar to how KHSAA realigns the 6 classes now. Just a thought, but this is stupid having a team like Breckinridge County play Owensboro in the playoffs. Will this outcome change? I'd say in the next 10 years if nothing changes, Owensboro would host Breckinridge County another 8 or 9 times and wins by at least 50 every time. Can't we do something different. If you do this open class, can you get rid of the first round games? Win, win IMO. Only Warren East proves this wrong this year and is definitely the exception and not the rule. What do you think? Sorry to thread jack, but only so much to do with an 81-6 game. Maybe I'll bring this up a little after the state championships are done.
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    In the playoffs though? I would MUCH rather my son lose 81-6 TRYING, than to lose 55-6 and have the story and video say "Owensboro took a knee on every play of the 2nd half". That would be much more embarassing. I get it - everyone is different. It's hard being in O's shoes here as every run and screen pass goes to the house. 2 of Wimsatt's long TD's were simply screen passes that went to the house. You could tell the last running back (I don't know who he was - 10th stringer?), "Hey as soon as you are hit, go down". Problem was he wasn't touched.
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    RPI Implications for Round 2: ** Overall RPI Rank in (parenthesis) ** WESTERN SEMI-STATE 1. Lexington Christian Academy (1)- .74357 2. Mayfield (3)- .67770 3. Somerset (5)- .63045 4. Hancock County (6)- .62305 5. Murray (9)- .59584 6. Owensboro Catholic (11)- .58905 7. Metcalfe County (14)- .53563 8. Edmonson County (17)- .50922 EASTERN SEMI-STATE 1. West Carter (2)- .68421 2. Beechwood (4)- .67171 3. Shelby Valley (10)- .58927 4. Breathitt County (12)- .58646 5. Lloyd Memorial (18)- .50354 6. Walton-Verona (19)- .49113 7. Leslie County (24)- .47617 8. Carroll County (28)- .45980
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    ROUND 1 RESULTS: #7 Murray 35 #8 Caldwell County 28 #10 Hancock County 36 Todd County Central 0 Owensboro Catholic 40 McLean County 22 Edmonson County 26 Clinton County 12 Metcalfe County 34 Monroe County 6 #3 Somerset 48 #5 Danville 14 Walton-Verona 41 Shawnee 8 Carroll County 46 Gallatin County 9 Lloyd Memorial 20 Newport 13 #9 Breathitt County 66 Knott Central 26 #6 West Carter 36 Prestonsburg 6 Shelby Valley 29 Martin County 22 Teams Advancing Via Bye or No Contest: #1 Lexington Christian Academy #2 Beechwood #4 Mayfield Leslie County Round 1 Thoughts: - The Murray/Caldwell County game once again lived up to the hype. Two very evenly matched and competitive teams went to battle until the final horn but Murray was able to prevail. Murray RB Charvelle McCallister was a monster finish with 194 yards from scrimmage on 20 touches with 2 TD's. - Owensboro Catholic exacted revenge on McLean County for last season's upset in a very un-Ace type of way. The Aces, widely known for their wide open passing attack, lit the scoreboard up by rushing the ball 39 times for 328 yards and 5 TD's. QB Braden Mundy and RB Hunter Monroe combined for 273 of those yards and four of the scores. - Somerset simply out-classed Danville after a competitive First Quarter. The Briarjumpers looked healthy and withstood Danville's initial effort. Once the Jumpers were able to open up the lead behind Kaiya Sheron's magnificent performance (386 passing, 91 rushing, 5 total TD's), the Admirals desperation led a free fall resulting in the lopsided win. All told Somerset gained well over 600 total yards. - Jacob Davidson and Amari Riley accounted for all but six of Lloyd Memorial's 304 total yards as the Juggernauts earned a hard fought win over Newport on the road. - Shelby Valley was nearly the lone notable upset of Round 1 as Martin County gave the Wildcats all they wanted before falling in defeat. The Cardinals used a powerful ground game that gained 375 yards led by Logan Procter and Kolby Sparks who both eclipsed the Century mark, but Shelby Valley was able to fend off the challenge thanks in large part to a 99-yard PIck 6 by Ethan Bentley which proved the difference. Round 2 Current Lineup: #7 Murray at #4 Mayfield Owensboro Catholic at #10 Hancock County Metcalfe County at Edmonson County #3 Somerset at #1 Lexington Christian Academy Carroll County at Walton-Verona Lloyd Memorial at #2 Beechwood Leslie County at #9 Breathitt County Shelby Valley at #6 West Carter
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    I have no issue here. Stop them or suffer the consequences.
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    Warrior spirit encounters Maroon resolve in district title tilt This one seems destined to be another defensive oriented war of attrition that's decided late in the fourth quarter, or even overtime. In the last five meetings, the twenty point threshold has only been broken once by either team. Southwestern has scored 64 points (12.8 ppg) total during that time, with Pulaski County right behind them at 63 (12.6). This rivalry has been as hotly contested as any in the state over the last few years. One team or the other has been the district champion every year since 2009. The Maroons looked like the district favorite last year until the wheels fell off following a crippling injury. This year, despite similar circumstances, they appear to be in more stable condition.
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    Ryle (6-3) and winners of 5 straight host Dixie Heights (5-3). Ryle is coming off a 1st round defeat of Conner 34-14 and Dixie Heights is coming of a razor thin win of 34-33 over Simon Kenton. Earlier in the season, Ryle defeated Dixie Heights 44-14. Can Dixie Heights make a better showing in this 2nd match than the first? Can Dixie Heights pull the upset or does Ryle keep on rolling?
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    The Colonels have put together their longest win streak over the Birds, with victories in the last 6 games played between these two teams. The regular season matchup in October was Cov Cath's second largest-ever win over Highlands, with a 42-0 shutout for the Colonels. In the fifty-three year rivalry between these two teams, and in the course of 72 games played between the two, one thing Covington Catholic is yet to manage is two consecutive playoff wins. Even with a pair of back-to-back state championships in their program history, and appearances in each of the last three 5A state championship games, Cov Cath still has never beaten Highlands twice in a row in playoff meetings. Is this Friday the day the Colonels finally get a consecutive playoff win over the Bluebirds?
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    Titans and Centurions to decide "group of death" If you've ever watched even one FIFA World Cup, chances are you've heard the term "group of death". It's a distinction bestowed upon the group of teams in pool play that is deemed the deepest and most challenging in the tournament. When you scan the 3A landscape this year and last, District 4 immediately fits that description. Mercer County, CAL, and DeSales have all three been fixtures in the BGP top 10 since the start of last season. Some teams around the state have an easier path to Kroger Field than the D4 trio have to a district title. When the Titans and Centurions crossed swords in Week 3, CAL rallied from a fifteen point deficit in the final six minutes to force overtime, but Mercer County ultimately prevailed on a 27 yard field goal after CAL missed one of its own. The Titans also defeated CAL by three in the regular season a year ago, but the playoff rematch is one they'd probably just as soon not be reminded of (sorry, @ChiefSmoke). How well the Centurions recover, both mentally and physically, from a grueling win over DeSales last week could go a long way toward deciding the outcome. They probably feel like they've already played a state championship game in the first round. Such is life in the "group of death".
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    An interesting matchup looms Friday at Bryan Station HS in Lexington as the Oldham County Colonels (5-3) travel to face the Bryan Station Defenders (9-1) in the second round of the KY Class 6A playoffs. Oldham, who lost to Bryan Station in the final moments earlier in the year, 25-20, comes into the game riding a two game winning streak after defeating North Oldham 37-17 in their regular season finale, and then beating George Rogers Clark on the road in the first round of the playoffs, 32-21. Oldham County trailed, 3-0, after the first possession of the game against North Oldham, but the Colonels haven't trailed for the last 90 minutes of football action, and the Colonels' offense seems to have finally found its groove, having scored its two highest point totals of the season in the last two weeks. The Colonels knocked off GRC last week in a game they led from "gate to gate", bolting out to a 14-0 lead after one quarter, withstanding a late Cardinal rally that pulled GRC to within 24-21, then salting away the win with a time-burning 7 minute drive that produced a touchdown for the final 31-21 score. Bryan Station has won nine straight games since dropping its opener, 7-6, to Scott County on the road. Bryan Station is 5-0 at home. The Defenders were the regular season district #1 seed, winning all three of their district contests. The Defenders outlasted an underdog Madison Central team last week, 14-13, when the Indians' potential game-tying PAT in the fourth period was blocked. A LOOK BACK AT THE REGULAR SEASON GAME: Oldham County gave the Defenders their closest shave of the regular season, leading 20-19 with barely three minutes to play, when the Defenders got what ultimately was the game-winning TD to win 25-20. The game was a back and forth affair. Oldham went out to a 7-0 advantage on a TD run by junior QB Sam Young, but Bryan Station senior QB Mikaleb Coffey connected with AhTraivon Jenkins three straight times - from 2 yards, 69 yards, and 53 yards - to stake Bryan Station to a 19-7 lead with 3:27 left in the third. About the only thing that went wrong for the Defenders during that stretch was two failed two point conversions. Oldham rallied, however, with Young connecting with Greyson Huff for back-to-back passing scores from 11 and 32 yards. The PAT was blocked on the second score, but Oldham had a 20-19 advantage with 7:09 to play in the game. That set up Coffey's heroics, as the Bryan Station signalcaller took it in from 1 yard out with 3:04 left. The two point conversion pass attempt failed, but Bryan Station held on for the 25-20 win. Bryan Station overcame three turnovers - Oldham had none - in the contest. Joseph Bond leads the Defenders with 1,194 yards rushing and 11 TDs, but the Colonels held him to just 51 yards on 12 carries in the regular season game. But Amodeus Taylor more than compensated, rushing for 84 yards on just 9 carries for the Defenders. QB Mikaleb Coffey was 15 of 20 and accounted for all four Defender TDs, with 3 touchdown passes and 1 TD rushing. He threw one pick. WR AhTraivon Jenkins had 6 catches for 195 yards and 3 TDs receiving. Like Coffey, Oldham quarterback Sam Young was responsible for all three scores; Young completed 15 of 26 passes for 206 yards and 2 TDs (no INT), and also rushed for 74 yards and a score. Oldham's Greyson Huff led all receivers with 8 catches; he had 114 yards receiving and 2 touchdowns. SO, what happens this week? Bryan Station has a balanced, potent attack, averaging 223 yards rushing and 202 yards passing per game. Coffey has completed 71% of his passes, with 13 touchdowns and 5 interceptions. Bond is averaging 119 yards rushing, and Amodeus Taylor compliments him well, averaging 60 yards per contest on the ground. Jenkins has 34 catches on the season, but Carl Munford leads the Defenders with 44 catches and 641 yards receiving (plus 5 TDs). The Defender defense is holding opponents to less than 180 yards per game, and just 15.9 ppg. Taylor is among the leaders defensively, with 68 total tackles (#2 on the team) and 11 tackles for loss (tops on the squad). Jason Hocker leads the team in tackles with 74. Oldham County leans on the passing and running of junior QB Sam Young, who has passed 1,504 yards and 13 TDs, with just 5 INT. Young is connecting on a deceptive 56% of his passes; the Colonel signal caller completed well over 60% of his passes as a sophomore, but Oldham struggled with drops by its receiver corps early in the season, resulting in a lowered percentage. Young also leads the Colonels in rushing with 516 yards and another 6 TDs. Oldham's receiving corps has matured as the season has progressed, and with it, the Colonels' offensive production. The Colonels started the year 2-1, but averaged just 16.7 ppg with a high of 21 points in a loss to South Oldham. They scored 23 and 20 points while going 1-1 against district foes Madison Central and Bryan Station, but have scored their three highest point totals of the season in the last three contests - 28 points against GRC, 37 against North Oldham, and 32 against George Rogers Clark last week. Young has spread the ball around; thirteen different players have caught at least one pass, with Greyson Huff leading the way (37 catches - 417 yards - 4 TDs). Only twice this season have fewer than 6 players caught passes in a game (5 against GRC last week and 4 against Campbell County in game 2). Linebacker Jalen Stratton has 55 total tackles on the year to lead Oldham defensively. Thomas Dempley and Brian Monteleone each have 9 tackles for loss. Who wins? The game will be broadcast by the Pegasus Sports Network - live video - beginning at 7 pm. Go to www.pegasussportsky.com where you will be redirected to the broadcast link. CM
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    Bishop Brossart won the first meeting 42-34 giving Nicholas County it’s only loss of the season. Brossart is putting up close to 30 points per game and giving up over 20 points per game. Nicholas County is averaging close to 39 points per game and giving up just over 14 points per game. Who wins this matchup? Will it be another shootout?
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    Hendo aims to tame and saddle Mustangs a second time In Week 7, Henderson County leaned on its defense to keep McCracken County at bay for a 21-14 win. The seven point margin was all that separated two evenly matched teams that night. A single yard was the difference in total offense between the two teams, according to Hendo's stat keeping. The Colonels and Mustangs had to survive first round scares to get here. Henderson County watched a 35 point lead evaporate against Daviess County, before holding on for a 49-42 win. McCracken's star running back, Hunter Bradley, breathed life into a dormant Mustangs offense in the second half against Apollo to help them escape, 21-13. All signs point toward a four quarter, edge of your seat battle for the District 1 championship.
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    Final what a sad day all the way around. I'm just sick at my stomach right now. Even Burrow said that he would be back next year. I sure hope so!
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    I will post updates to this thread during the game. CM
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    Could be a dandy of a game in Alexandria Friday night. Mustangs coming off of a three-week layoff, while the Blue Jackets defeated Paris going away (36-16) a week ago in Carlisle. The 42-34 Brosart win at Nicholas County came in three OTs in an ask and answer event. The score at the end of regulation was 20-20 and not quite the shootout that it appears. Winner claims District 5 championship, which would be a first for the Mustangs. The prize behind Door Number Two is a trip to Pikeville on December 4th.
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    Well here we are. The main event is upon us. Great write-up as always Purple88. I don't see BG being able to pull this one out. I don't believe they have enough offense to be able to beat South Warren. The Purples didn't look good against Greenwood at all and you don't want to be limping into the game against South Warren. BG's defense is really good and it played out of its mind during the first matchup and BG couldn't pull it out. If Bowling Green is going to be able to win here is what must be done (in no particular order): 1. Win the turnover battle 2. Change the play calling. The play calling during the first game was the worst I've seen. I don't think they could have came up with a worse game plan. 3. SPEED BURST! Have called plays for Conner Cooper to run the ball outside. They have to run outside with someone fast enough get around the edge and outside. I think Cooper and Burwash are the two that could do that. Some QB runs outside and maybe even some option plays would be great. Bunton isn't quick enough off the ball to make the edge. 4. ATTACK DOWN THE FIELD! BG must be able to throw the ball over the bulk of the South Warren defense to get in the open field. So passes of 15 yards or better. SW is just a brick wall 10 yards in to the line of scrimmage. Can Cooper throw accurate passes down the field under duress? I have my doubts. BG's O-line has to find away to protect Cooper which I don't know if they can do against the South Warren Defense. 5. WHERE'S DINGLE? Get Dingle the Ball! I don't care if they are doubling him. If Dingle is as good as he is supposed to be, he's got to find away to make plays. He should have the size advantage over anyone else on the field. FIND HIM! Give him some chances to makes plays. I love him playing some defense too though. 6. BUNTON THE BEAST! If the Purples can get some outside runs and some passes down the field, then that should open things up for Bunton. Bunton is a beast, but just running between the tackles or the short side of the field every time isn't going to be enough. They've got the help him out and spread the defense out some otherwise Bunton will just be running into a wall every time. 7. GET OFF THE FIELD! BG'sdefense has got to get off the field and no whole quarter drives by South. South Warren got way too much on first downs during the first meeting. The Purples have got to get them in second and third and long. Second and short will kill them. With all that said I don't believe BG has enough to win and what I saw against Greenwood worries me even more. I believe South Warren controls the game and it will feel like a much bigger loss because of BG's offensive struggle. SOUTH WARREN 21 BOWLING GREEN 7
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    Pulaski 6-5. That’s right. I realize I’m not in the baseball forum.
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    Not 2020 Mayfield. It’s tough these 2 have to play in 2nd round but I’ll roll with Kaiya Sheron and the briarjumpers! Somerset 28-21
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    Here are the results for this week's King of the Carpet contest. As always, the results won't be final for 24 hours. All contestants should use that time to check their score for errors. After that time period has passed, the contest is final and the winner should use the following link to claim the prize of choice. If you think your score is incorrect, please send me a PM and I will look into your claim. Winners click here to claim your prize: Contest Prizes Results of the games in this week's contest: Murray 35 Caldwell County 28 Christian Academy Louisville 7 DeSales 3 Knox Central 46 Wayne County 36 Hopkinsville 21 Calloway County 17 Highlands 27 Conner 16 And the winner of this week's contest is one of our participants who has actually never won a contest! Congrats to @ItIsCLeeR 👍 15 ItIsCLeer 15 16thBballFan 15 Jumper_Dad 15 Squirrel 15 Tones 15 WCardinal 14 BWTigers 14 Tomcats1990 13 Randy Parker 12 tomcat1984 11 BBN_34 11 colonel-fan 11 Rebel 11 The Flea Market 11 Tigerpride94 10 Pacman69 10 SteamBird 9 Thatattack 8 Cheese 6 DevilMayCare 6 NukeLaLoosh 5 InsideSlant 4 Jack of all Trades 3 gchs_uk9 0 BrosefStalin
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    Because Alabama is that much better than Kentucky, especially when Kentucky plays as poorly as they did.
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    5 star WR Caleb Burton the #2 receiver nationally, #15 overall player is a Buckeye! He’s close friends with Quinn Ewers, man Day is on fire!
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    Highlands:Total Wins: 49Playoff Wins: 13Shutouts: 13Total Points Scored: 1754Average Score: 24.36Average Margin Of Victory: 20.08Covington Catholic:Total Wins: 23Playoff Wins: 6Shutouts: 6Total Points Scored: 1191Average Score: 16.54Average Margin Of Victory: 18.30
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    Good point - I didn’t want this to get lost on bottom of page 2.
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    This is the rule but in all my years of watching football I have never seen that call at any level. Now that might be for a couple reasons. 1. The defensive teams coaches have instructed their players to get across the line to avoid the penalty. 2. The refs deliberately wait for the defense to get back across. IMO it’s probably a little of both.
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    Pretty sure this exact situation happened with the fiancée and I last night.
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    Just horrible but from looking at the video I am not surprised.
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    A Fish Called Wanda, Animal House, Stripes
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    MRI revealed more damage than anticipated: Bengals’ QB Joe Burrow tore his ACL, MCL, and suffered other structural issues in his knee. Per Shefty.
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    He would have kicked it with Haubeil in my opinion. I almost like the fact he didn’t put Seibert in a tough spot again, after already missing a big kick. He knows he needs Jake confident for the next few years.
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    I’m not quite as down as JA is, but my concerns are getting bigger and bigger every week. Fields played the worst game of his career on Saturday. Just made some absolutely bone headed decisions that he NEVER makes. At the end of the day though, Fields will be just fine. No concerns at all about the receivers. The running back room is getting better week by week. The OL up the middle, specifically Josh Myers, is a concern for me. Stud and Day have to get the communication better between Fields and Myers. Too many missed assignments leading to free rushers. Overall though the OL has been solid, just have to communicate to get guys in the right position. They are handling their blocks really well especially Munford and NPF. Just have to get the A gap under control which has been the biggest issue so far. The front 7 is playing extremely, extremely well. Top to bottom this is the best the front 7 has played since at least the national championship team. Obviously we’re missing a Chase Young or a Bosa, but they are playing lights out still and the linebacker play has been great. Man the secondary is just brutal though. Especially Marcus Hooker. Some serious changes need to be made because this unit has regressed to a level I’ve never seen an Ohio State secondary play to. At this point, I’d consider moving Shaun Wade to safety because we can’t keep getting beat over the top like we did against Indiana. Hooker is constantly out of position. I’d like to see us roll with Proctor and Wade deep and then let the young guys get some action at the corner spots. Make teams go on 10-15 play drives and force them in to mistakes. The way the front 7 is controlling the line of scrimmage up front, if we can just keep the ball in front of us, we’ll be fine. Would we beat Bama, ND, or Clemson if we played today? No. Do I still think we can beat them if we can get the secondary sured up? Absolutely.
  42. 1 point
    On paper, I think this is a toss up game. But Manual hasn't played in a month. It's a crazy year and they crushed Butler 55-0 in that game. They have only played 4 games all year. Only the opener against LaSalle was close. That was a long time ago. St. X expectantly crushed PRP last Friday Night. I think that's a big advantage just to be on the field and play last week. I think Manual will be really rusty in this game. I do think Manual has more guys to worry about than X does this season, but may be a work in progress to make that matter in this game. I expect a hard fought tough ball game. I expect Northington to make a play at the end to win it for Manual. But it won't be easy. Manual 21 X 20
  43. 1 point
    As a Beechwood Tiger fan you want your toughest opponents out of the way, especially with Mayfield being ahead of us in RPI. But I see no way Mayfield loses this game. The winning tradition in the playoffs is engrained in all the minds of everyone that will be around or in this game. The Cards win this one.
  44. 1 point
    Wow flip a coin here. 2 great teams. I think BG has grown enough from the first game to win this game. Their offense has become a little more diverse and I believe it will get them over the top. A little higher scoring compared to first game. Purples 21-13
  45. 1 point
    Info on Owensboro’s 81 points. Owensboro ran 20 offensive total plays in the game. Varsity offense ran 11 plays - 8 pass and 3 run (9 in first Quarter and 2 in second Quarter). JV ran 9 plays. Scoring drives - varsity 2 plays, 1 play, 1 play, 1play, 1 play. Junior varsity enters 1 play, 5 plays, 1 play, 1 play. Defense 3 TD’s - varsity 2 JV 1. Scoring plays: 17 yard run Stevenson, 11 yard run Avery, INT return Goodwin, 69 yard pass Wimsatt to Tinsley, 44 yard pass Wimsatt to Flaherty, fumble return Barksdale, 25 yard pass Wimsatt to Flaherty, INT return Clark, 52 yard pass Boone to Early, 47 yard run Carbon, 47 yard run Robinson, 3 yard run Reynolds (first carry of year).
  46. 1 point
    My son has been supporting himself by bartending while he finishes school. On his last night, before the bars closed (again), two customers handed him a $100 bill. One customer he knew, and one he did not. There are always great people in bad times.
  47. 1 point
    I think BG after losing in close one will get it done this time. I’ll say BG by 3.
  48. 1 point
    I'm confused. I thought when the Big 10 said it wasn't going to play, it was devastating for Ohio State fans because this might have been their best team in decades. Did something change, someone opt out? Or are they just not as good as everyone thought heading into the season?
  49. 1 point
    Owensboro varsity offense only played 2 plays in 2nd quarter. Wimsatt only threw 8 times in game. He was 4 for 8. It was 21-0 before his first completion. Breck turned it over 8 times. O defense scored 3 times. JV and under scored 4 times. The last 3 times were a defensive TD and 2 run plays, I’m not even sure who the last kid was that ran it in. He has 0 carries on the year. Other than taking a knee in the entire 2nd half or refusing turnovers I’m not sure what else O could have done.
  50. 1 point
    Pretty classless IMO! NO excuse for a score like this.
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