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    More undisciplined football from a Stoops team.
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    Local hospital numbers from yesterday morning, from Tampa General (1000 bed level one trauma hospital) and BayCare (15 hospitals with 3480 beds). At TGH 46 Covid patients, 18 in ICU. 4% of total bed count. Drug overdoses outnumber Covid patients 10 to 1. Trauma 2 to 1. BayCare reporting 309 Covid patients, 40 in ICU. 8% of total bed count. These numbers are down from a month ago. It may be coming, but I'm still not seeing hospitals being overwhelmed. In fact, the total admittance in local hospitals is lower than previous years. That may be due to reduced elective surgeries or the snowbirds are staying home this year.
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    He’s setting up his post-game response where he’ll say the Birds were unprepared when they get blown out again by CovCath.
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    Two years in a row for Eminence beating Frankfort in the first round. Congrats to the Warriors.
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    No charge to watch and/or listen to Mark Wehry and Kevin Connor!
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    Bowling Green defeats a pretty good Greenwood team. BG very rusty in the first half with a ton of penalties and the offensive line didn't look in sync at all. But QB Conner Cooper plays a terrific game and the BG defense played well all game. On to South Warren for the one that matters.
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    Correct on all counts. The fairly unexpected win over Tennessee just postponed the inevitable. Before the season started, my better half - who always looks at everything through blue colored glasses kept saying that this team was one of their best ever. When the all SEC schedule was rolled out, I felt compelled to tell her that a .500 record was the best they could do.
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    This game for St.X will come down to the QB play. Can he make throws needed to keep the offense on the field. He has a good release and arm, but at times seems to hold the ball a bit too long.
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    A #4 seed has won a State Championship. Believe it was 1997 that Bourbon County beat a #1 seed Boyle.
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    Well, they are Covington Catholic, not Park Hills Catholic.
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    Kirtland's coach, Tiger Laverde, is now 185-17 during his time there. They've won six state titles in the last ten years and only missed the state finals once during that time. Incredible by any standard, but especially Ohio's.
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    Always good to have you guys, thank you, should be a good one.
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    (859) Radio can't wait to bring this one to the football fans around the state. Going to be lots of running today as both teams have both thrown for just over 300 yards each. Boyd has the three headed monster of Stevens, Staten and Kelly who each have over 500 yards rushing. Holmes will counter with the Calloway twins: QB Quantez has rushed for over 1000 and Tayquan has almost 800 yards on the ground. Holmes comes in the home favorite having beaten the Lions 26-15, but that was almost 6 weeks ago and the Lions are hungry. Click here to listen. Also, no fee to watch and listen. On me!
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    I agree.. BG definitely looked rusty. You could tell that they were without almost their entire line for 2 weeks due to quarantine. I believe I was told they came back on Wednesday. Defense wise, BG wasn’t as polished as normal. Which is to be expected after not playing for 3 weeks and then practicing without 14 players for 2 weeks. GW still just didn’t have the manpower to hold off that Defense that was hungry to get stops. They had several chances within the red zone and couldn’t finish!! Offensively, GW really wasn’t letting BG get a lot of ground game going. So they went to the air.. and dang...it was pretty! Cooper threw for 300 yards and with the dropped passes would’ve been 400 yards easy! He was a gun slinger last night. So many talked about the ease and patience he had in the pocket.. it was exciting to watch! He was throwing 50 yard bullet touchdown passes. If BG uses that, it can be the game changer that they need for the playoffs! Even with some EASY dropped balls that would’ve been TD’s, the receivers made some incredible catches last night! I can’t wait for this BG vs SW matchup. Great Thanksgiving week ahead!!
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    Head Coach Shawn Thompson announces retirement on post game radio show after 17 seasons as head coach. Amazing coach, mentor, and man. Will be missed. Really turned this Wayne County program around.
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    West Carter (8-1) is coming off a 36-6 win over Prestonsburg and Shelby Valley (8-2) a 29-22 win over Martin County. These two teams met up in the regular season and West Carter handed Shelby Valley a 53-14 loss in Virgie. Predictions? I like the Comets to repeat as district champions and win by 4 scores.
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    Final what a beat down. Its hard to believe that it was just 7-3 after one quarter then Bama went on a little 56-0 run to put it away.
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    I’d say this year you’d rather play mayfield than LCA.
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    I applaud Lloyd for their grittiness and determination this season and pulling out a win over a team I thought was much better in Newport...and doing it without the services of several top players. That last drive and the previous drive that resulted in the game winning TD - for those of you that may not have seen it - were both masterful strokes of art by Kyle Niederman, his staff and those kids. That said, the Juggs season will come to a quick ending Friday night. I was stunned at the sizable difference between Beechwood and Lloyd in the regular season matchup. We'll see that difference once again on Friday night. As a wise posted said above, if you can't move the ball through the air against Beechwood, it's going to be a long night. My prediction - Tigers 53, Lloyd 6 Also, regarding RPI, as much as I want to hate the RPI for some of the stuff this year, I prefer it to the old system. Ultimately, I like that the better/higher ranked teams get to host in rounds 3 and 4.
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    Are you thinking of Tilghman in 2009? They were 4-6 in the regular season and ended up winning 3A. They were a three seed, though.
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    I don't gamble but I did win a bucket of beer by taking the Steelers straight up this past week. At the end of the day I agree with you Walter, they don't ask how, just how many. Go Bearcats!
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    I expect WW 4 between these two. First game LCA was able to get pressure on the QB while Somerset could not pressure the QB. That basically was the difference in the game. So as usual I think which ever team wins up front and gives their stars time and room to operate wins this one.
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    The 3rd round is based on RPI so it would depend on who wins in District 5, District 7, and District 8. District 5 is Walton-Verona (RPI: .49113) vs Carroll County (RPI: .45980) District 6 is Beechwood (RPI: .67171) vs Lloyd (RPI: .50354) District 7 is Breathitt County (RPI: .58646)vs Leslie County (RPI: .47617) District 8 is West Carter (RPI: .6842) vs Shelby Valley (RPI: .58927) If chalk prevails it will be Walton-Verona at West Carter and Breathitt County at Beechwood. You never know till the games are played though.
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    The writing was on the wall for this season's results once the Covid adjusted schedule was made. UK fan's expectations were sky high with their preseason Top 25 ranking. I tried to tell some of my friends that are huge UK fans that a .500 record would be a big accomplishment for this team. It isn't that the team is really bad or anything--it's just that without the bought and paid for 3 wins (and what would have been a probable win against UL) their final record wasn't going to be great even if they were close to as good as last season. If they had those other games on the schedule they could have went 3-5 or 4-4 in the SEC and ended up with 7 or 8 wins. There was no way this team was going to finish over .500 with 10 SEC games including games with Auburn, Georgia, Florida, and Alabama. The slip up against Ole Miss made 5-5 the ceiling and the Missouri loss sealed a losing season.
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    Final. Bearcats go in to Orlando and come back from a 14-3 1st qtr deficit to improve to 8-0.
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    Any team in this district could’ve ended up as champs. People say on any given day, but it’s rarely true that any one can win on any given day. It was definitely true in this district this year. Not much separated all 5 teams.
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    It just happened. Four seed Boyd County just drilled top seeded Holmes.
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    Yeah, I agree...at times your boys looked like crap today. That said, I never felt they were going to lose. Always made the plays needed to keep IU in the rear view mirror.
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    Former Mason County and UK standout will be playing in OKC.
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    558 in 4th quarter, score is now Hazard 37 Phelps 14.
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    Overall it was an ugly win for the Birds over a bad Conner team. If the Birds aren't able to establish some type of passing game against a much better CovCath defense, it's going to be over quick and be a 27+ point win for CovCath.
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    MD ... you missed your chance .... the post should have said: On to Covington.
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    I was expecting more by McCracken honestly.
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    Mutual agreement to call it off after 72? “Double mercy rule” (dibs on intellectual property).
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    Congrats to the Colonels. Sam Young two TD passes and a pair of TD runs. OC had lost 48-28 last month to GRC
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    Then the starters should have come out long before the end of the first half. No high school team should ever score 80 points in a blowout.
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    I'm guessing the All A is next on the hit list.
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    As a parent of a spring sport athlete, I appreciate them trying to not have them miss two seasons. Those kids missed an entire season, not playoffs, or late start or abbreviated season. None at all. Pushing it into July is a complete no go. 1) for baseball and softball that is club season 2) as I found out with my senior last year by the time June and July rolled through no one cared anymore about proms and graduations. I can't imagine graduating seniors would care about games in June unless it was the state championship. I also have a basketball player who is super excited to play and I understand the need for cash influx, but you can't sacrifice the spring kids again. Heck even the basketball kids probably don't want to play in spring because that cuts into AAU.
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    5A playoff teams are hanging out all like...
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