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    Somerset Senior, Madison Ruble went 2 for 2 on PATs becoming the first young lady to ever score a point in a Somerset Football Game!
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    I understood it that when it gets to semi-state it will be ranking both east and west by RPI and 4 plays 1 and 2 vs 3. With that being the case, and Somerset beats LCA then Beechwood would travel to War Memorial and Somerset would travel to West Carter. If LCA wins then LCA would host Beechwood and Mayfield would travel to West Carter. I know they did it like that last year.
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    I agree Mustang. My take on Commissioner Tackett was one of "subdued exasperation." I think some of the board members were too self absorbed with their own interests and failed to pick up what the Commish was putting down. Disappointing for sure...
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    Wow, this was 35-0 Hendo in the first half. You gotta love the fight and grit on display from Daviess to come back, even if they ended up losing. Both teams are to be commended.
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    Final. Hoptown picks off Calloway in the waning momemts, then takes a couple of knees to seal it. Great November playoff football tonight in Murray.
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    Congrats Ludlow. Ludlow has done a great job establishing themselves as the consistent second best team in the district. Now keep building it up and get to that top spot. Next week is another step in that direction! Great win tonight!
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    Jj Richardson 7 catches 188 yards 1 Td 1 interception on defense Austin Oppel 260 yards passing 129 yards rushing
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    SK jumped all over Dixie quickly. Dixie comes back after being down 23 (at least 20) to take the lead with 5 minutes to go.
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    Great job by East to battle back and make this a game. They get the ball to start the second half, with an opportunity to cut even further into what was a 26 point deficit.
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    SR RB Javy Bunton takes the screen and rumbles 40 yards to the house. BG goes for 2. Cooper keeps for the 2 pt conversion. BG 14 GW 0 still in the first quarter.
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    Sorry late getting going tonight. Jumpers lead 6-0 midway through the 1st. Somerset ball on the D 41
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    @859Radio Is going to be livestreaming a broadcast of tomorrow's game at 4:00pm. https://www.meridix.com/event/176543?fbclid=IwAR38WHob29eiVXcFoLi3vEk-fYG9cPRoQr1FDhNpgLYCzpaLp9ekP1Q3roo
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    Time will tell. Fields is really the first guy that has been all Day. Fields success is clearly having an impact. Similar to what Clemson is seeing with Lawrence following Watson and DJ U (not even going to try to type his last name) following Lawrence. It takes one guy to spring board. Oklahoma and USC are probably the top 2 schools that people generally dub, “QBU.” Ohio State and Clemson have basically built off the success of one guy and are building an embarrassment of riches off of that one player.
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    That 4 mile trip on Scottsville Rd can seem like an eternity depending on how many lights you hit (at least when I lived down there). BG keeps their winning streak alive against Greenwood tonight. Could be a competitive 1st quarter, maybe half, but BG will just be too much for the Gators. BG - 38 Greenwood - 7
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    Oddly enough for two programs with long histories of football success this will be the first ever playoff meeting between Tilghman and Trigg.
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    Round 1 Results: Bethlehem 37 Campbellsville 19 Eminence 21 Frankfort 20 Kentucky Country Day 62 Berea 8 Ludlow 39 Dayton 20 Nicholas County 36 Paris 16 Paintsville 55 Betsy Layne 8 Pikeville 49 Sayre 14 Pineville 21 Harlan 14 Williamsburg 42 Lynn Camp 0 Phelps at Hazard 1 pm Saturday Here is the link to the bracket: https://scoreboard.12dt.com/scoreboard/khsaa/kyfb20/tournament_187001
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    Pretty classless IMO! NO excuse for a score like this.
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    No score. Apollo holds at 1 yard line.
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    26 yard pass by Worley, TD Knox Central 2 pt try good WC 28 – KC 46 2:37 4th
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    Danville Scores from 1 yard out 48-14 Under 2:27 to go
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    Hendo attempts to outrun the Panthers again Usually, when you're rematching an opponent you scored 44 points on the first time, you like your chances of coming out on top. But in the case of Daviess County, the 44 points they scored against Hendo on October 16th still fell three scores shy of the winning side of the scoreboard. The Colonels hung 63 on the Panthers that night behind a pulverizing rushing attack that produced 564 yards, over three hundred of which came from quarterback Ben Dalton. Daviess featured a more balanced offense, with 215 yards through the air and 238 on the ground. The Panthers will look to duplicate what Henderson County did last year: lose the regular season game and then flip the playoff script.
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    The best QB prospect since Trevor Lawrence analyst say. What a pull by Ryan Day and Corey Dennis out of Texas!
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    Belfry 23 carries, 303 yards 354 yards total Dixon 3 carries, 115 yards, 3 TD 1 rec, 51 yards, TD Dixon Season Stats 99 offensive touches, 1402 total yards, 26 total TD's
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    42-6 and running clock at the 10:26 mark of the 2nd Quarter. Dixon has 4 TDs already but his night should be over it appears.
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    Are you saying no one was holding Zion Mason on that play? Dragging him backwards by his right arm?
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    GRC takes opening drive of second half....Mundy-Lloyd scores on a 3 yard run Oldham blocks the PAT OC 21 GRC 13 8:15 to play 3rd
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    Braedon Sloan 23 yard TD WC 6 – KC 0 11;51 2nd
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    3 yard td pass from charlie j to ethan sharp. 6-0 10:34 1st.
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/CH1RqFphlTF/?igshid=ppirxb1r8gqc Jeremiah Lee Pass.mp4
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    No Kentucky 2A Classic this year.
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    Wow, big game for Dunlap against the Cardinals. He sacks Murray to preserve the win for the Seahawks. Two sacks and 3 QB hits. Not the first time that a player has left the Bengals and his career skyrockets again with another team.
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    Dang. Hope you feel better, brother. Hopefully the rest of your clan remains symptom free.
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    Pshhhhh... Amateurs! -Corn on top of the mashed potatoes, gravy on top of that every other helping. -Mac and Cheese, but only if it has the light breading of corn flakes or Ritz crackers. Don't you dare insult our overthrowing of an indigenous people with Kraft. -A combination, you could call it a salad, of Coleslaw, Green Beans, and Broccoli Casserole(again with the breading). -Keep things simple for dessert. I prefer Pumpkin Pie with a dollop or two of Cool Whip, though I could get behind just about any type of pie. Or, at my grandma's, I'll take the Banana Pudding. I don't eat Banana Pudding anywhere but there though.
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    Under the radar matchup with lots of potential craziness. Bullitt Central averages 26 ppg. and allows 43. However, the RPI was kind and they're the home team against Louisville Western. Western won two and lost two (one win was later forfeited due to an ineligible player), averaging 33 ppg. and allowing 42. Add to it, Western's coach recently resigned to take over at Evangel Christian. Calpreps says Western wins, 44-31. This one has potential for a lot of points and excitement.
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    Video: https://www.nfhsnetwork.com/schools/murray-high-school-murray-ky/football
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    Just finished the “Topics” episode. I want in on the sports pod.
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    Exactly. Not sure what HoopJunkie is basing this off of. Definitely not a middle school schedule. I haven’t seen the Tomcats run from anyone. Look at their schedule this year.
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