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    There are a few things that give me faith in the evaluation of the bridge as being overall "structurally sound". 1) The bridge may be 57 years old, but that doesn't even remotely begin to make it innately "rickety" or poorly designed. The fact is, the Brent Spence is incredibly WELL designed. The thing that makes it such a dangerous bridge is the fact that it was designed to carry a single 3-lane expressway, and instead it's carrying two 4-lane expressways worth of traffic. 2) Bridges are "over-designed". Meaning they are designed to carry much more than need be. If they are going to have to hold 800,000 tons of dynamic load, then (just pulling numbers out of the air here) they are designed to carry 1,200,000 tons of dynamic load in case something adverse happens...like the Waterfront Restaurant breaking loose and drifting down the river into the Brent Spence pilings, or a tractor-trailer of caustic potash burning on the bridge. 3) The temperature at which cement begins to spall and burn is 212°F. The temperature at which steel melts is 1500°F. Those are drastically different temperatures, and the temperature of the fire on the bridge is estimated to have been around 800°F. The majority of the bridge steel is more than likely just going to need a good paint job prevent future rusting. The concrete, obviously, needs to be removed and replaced. That's doable within a month. Tall order, but doable. 4) Any engineer that signs off on the inspections has a lot to risk. A LOT. Legal precedent has developed in the United States in the last 20 years to allow for people to sue the estates of architects and engineers in the event of catastrophic failure of a structure they designed that leads to the injury or death of anyone. Meaning...even if the architect/engineer is dead and buried, if a building or bridge they designed falls down and kills someone, then the kids or grandkids of that architect/engineer can be sued for wrongful death. That's an incredibly scary legal precedent to have, if you ask me, but it is one that exists. The end product of that, though, is that in the last 20 years, our buildings and structures in the United States are all EXTREMELY "over-designed" when architects and engineers are involved in order to reduce risk. Now, granted the Brent Spence was built 57 years ago and not within the last 20 years, but the inspections that have taken place in the last week following the fire have to be signed off on by a team of structural and civil engineers, and those guys are now all on the hook for giving their thumbs up, so now they all have thrown their hat in the ring to assume liability for the catastrophic failure of the bridge. Believe me when I say that those folks are making sure the bridge is really, really, REALLY actually safe before they give the go ahead.
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    You are a walking talking fountain of information on this Dubs!
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    The inspection team determined that there are some beams they want replaced because of minor heat warping. I spoke to an estimator with a steel contractor who bid on the work today. His company was not the awarded steel contractor, but to paraphrase, he told me, "I didn't see any warping on anything aside from the steel expansion joint in the road surface, but they said replace the beams, so the beams are being replaced." To me, that's some confirmation of what I suspected as far as the repair being over-designed to mitigate any risk. The contract for the work has been let, estimated at $3.1 Million and not to exceed $12 Million. The steel beams were ordered last week from four separate mills (they had to go to 4 different mills to be able to find the stock already on-hand) and they'll be arriving this week at the fabricator's yard in Frankfort, KY for preparation.
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    Thanks for the welcome @DevilMayCare and @theguru. I agree the first round needs more competitive games, I'm just glad we are getting the chance to play one more time for our seniors!
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    First matchup up was a competitive back and forth game that valley ended up winning by 13 at the end. The cards are healthy for the first time in 2 years playing SV so it should be a good matchup.
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    Welcome to BGP, @cardinalalum. As a neutral observer, I'm hoping for a competitive game. The first round needs more of those.
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    It will be a little bit of adversity in otherwise carefree lives. It's good for them.
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    Too much playing "London Bridge is Falling Down" as a child?
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    It was a suspension bridge... I had walked away from the area that collapsed first. Me and a lady that were walking close to one another went into the water, and somehow grabbed one of the suspension cables and swung to the shore.
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    District 1 Seeding 1. Logan County 2. Calloway County 3. Hopkinsville 4. Hopkins County Central District 1 Storylines - The Calloway County 14-7 upset of Hopkinsville in late September was one of the more stunning results of the season, and the rematch in the first round is possible the best game in 4A this weekend. Many still consider Hopkinsville to be the best team in the west, but they’ll have to prove it on the road. - Logan County’s record isn’t quite as gaudy as some of the past few years, but they managed to navigate to the top seed for the first time since 2017, going 3-0 in district play. The Cougars have never advanced past the second round. This is clearly going to be one of their best chances to do so. District 1 Prediction Calloway County gave the toughest game against Logan County, dropping a 14-6 result at home. But a rematch would be on the road, and Calloway hasn’t won a game in a month. Hopkinsville fell by 24 at Logan County in mid-October. Look for Hopkinsville to get to a rematch, but for the Cougars to break through to the region final round for the first time ever. District 2 Seeding 1. Russell County 2. Allen County-Scottsville 3. Franklin-Simpson 4. Warren East District 2 Storylines - District 2 along with District 6 is the most competitive district top to bottom in 4A. Russell County handled Warren East by a 37 point margin, but won against the other two playoff squads by a combined nine points. Warren East enters their matchup off their most impressive performance of the year, taking down Logan County on the road by 11 points. Unbeaten Russell County is seeking their first playoff win since 2013, which was also the last time they hosted a playoff game. - Allen County-Scottsville hosts Franklin-Simpson in a postseason matchup for the first time ever, falling in their previous two postseason matchups on the road by a combined 76 points. Their 21 point win at Franklin in September snapped a six game losing streak in the series. Franklin-Simpson has not lost a first round game since 2012, but this will be their first road game in the round since that year. They have never won a road first round game since the playoff system began to allow four teams per district in 1991. District 2 Prediction While Warren East and Franklin-Simpson should make it competitive, expect Russell County and Allen County-Scottsville to have a rematch of their crazy 20-18 matchup in mid-October, won by Russell County. The game had seven first half turnovers, and the Patriots failed to convert a tying two point conversion with no time on the clock. Rain neutralized their passing attack in the first matchup – in dry weather, expect Allen County-Scottsville to reverse the result in an upset. District 3 Seeding 1. John Hardin 2. Spencer County 3. Moore District 3 Storylines - John Hardin is back on top of their district for the first time since 2016, an almost unfathomably long time for a team that used to feast on their district. This season resembled those old times, with all four of their wins on the year coming in-district by an average of 48 PPG. Only Spencer County stayed within shouting distance. John Hardin will get a bye into the second round. - Spencer County was the clear #2 in district play, winning by 23, 28, and 30 in their non-John Hardin matchups. The Bears pounded the ball on the ground in their 34-6 victory over Moore, rushing 48 times for 329 yards, as is their typical gameplan. Just two years removed from missing the postseason altogether, Spencer County should advance to the second round for the first time since 2016. District 3 Prediction Spencer County was competitive in the second half of their first matchup with John Hardin, winning the half 13-9 after falling behind 20-0 at the break. They’ll need to channel that second half effort to have a shot, but John Hardin should get back to the region final round for the first time in four years. District 4 Seeding 1. Central 2. Franklin County 3. Shelby County 4. Waggener District 4 Storylines - Central will have had almost a full month off by the time they take on Waggener, but the Wildcats will have the exact same timeframe off. The Yellow Jackets are a perfect 5-0, and have allowed only 26 points all season long. Central has not lost before the state semifinals since 2015, and have never lost in the first two rounds under the six class system. - Franklin County barely missed out on the top seed in the district and an unbeaten regular season, falling 18-16 to Central when Malachi Williams scored on a three yard TD with 8.9 seconds left. That was the only game of the regular season that Franklin County scored fewer than 36 points. Shelby County and Franklin County did not meet in the regular season, with the Rockets securing the third seed with a 27-20 overtime victory over Waggener. District 4 Prediction It’ll be Central and Franklin County in a rematch of their classic regular season matchup. Last year Franklin County got the regular season matchup, but Central flipped the script in the postseason. Why not see history repeat? Franklin County led by ten entering the fourth quarter this year before it slipped away. This time, they get the better of Central, sending Central home in the second round for the first time in 15 years. District 5 Seeding 1. Boyle County 2. Lexington Catholic District 5 Storylines - Only Boyle County and Lexington Catholic will be competing in the postseason, both receiving a bye to a second round matchup. - Boyle County has won 46 of their previous 48 games. They have allowed only 42 points all season, an average of five per game. Their season low score was 40, against second round opponent Lexington Catholic, who they shut out 40-0. They’re pretty big favorites. - Lexington Catholic’s final bow of the season must be mentioned. They pulled a stunning 29-28 victory over Covington Catholic, snapping their 22 game winning streak and handing them their first regular season loss in four years. It at least gives some hope heading into this daunting matchup. District 5 Prediction Come on. There’s only one team in 4A that Boyle County has to truly fear. District 6 Seeding 1. Holmes 2. Rowan County 3. Harrison County 4. Boyd County District 6 Storylines - Holmes was one of the few teams in the state to get their full nine games in, being relatively untouched by the madness until the exact wrong time, the postseason. They’re currently in a quarantine, but should be able to take on Boyd County in the first round. Their first matchup was very competitive, a 26-15 Holmes win. The Bulldogs led Boyd just 20-15 entering the final quarter. Boyd County has lost three in a row, but by a combined 13 points, with two of those losses coming by a single point. Boyd County lost a three-way tiebreak to fall to this spot. This is a 1/4 matchup to watch. -Rowan County will host a playoff game for the first time in a decade when they meet Harrison County, which was also the last time they advanced past the first round. The Vikings won a tight 41-34 contest the first time around, going on the road to beat Harrison County. Cole Wallace rushed for 209 yards in that game for Rowan County. Harrison County had just shy of 300 yards of offense in that contest, and LaDarius Conner is averaging over 100 yards per game on the ground. District 6 Prediction Holmes seems to be the most talented team in the district, but were pushed in their games against each district postseason team. They’re the tentative prediction for the district winner, with Rowan County the dark horse. District 7 Seeding 1. Corbin 2. Wayne County 3. Knox Central 4. Lincoln County District 7 Storylines - The district features three of the top ten teams in the state, and Knox Central at Wayne County is the only top ten matchup in the entire first round. The game carries extra intrigue as the two teams were unable to meet in the regular season. The road team won this matchup each of the last two seasons. Wayne County is the higher rated team, but Knox Central had less trouble in district play. Each team lost to Southwestern by a combined three points, but Wayne County wiped Harlan County out 42-0 while Knox Central eked out a 14-13 win. - Braedon Sloan of Wayne County deserves mention on his own. Sloan has averaged, averaged, 235.8 yards per game on the ground through six games played on the year, scoring 25 times on just 125 attempts. Just incredible. - Corbin suffered a 20-14 setback to Beechwood to open the year, but has not lost since. Ironically, their district result against Lincoln County was easily their closest result of district play, winning only 14-8. But it’s an illusion – Corbin is the clear favorite in this district. District 7 Prediction Corbin has a lot of advantages coming in, not the least of which is that they don’t have to face Wayne County or Knox Central right away. Their first year in 4A ended in a 14 point loss to Wayne County after falling by two in the regular season. And while they did not have to face Wayne County with Sloan during the regular season – winning 43-6 with Sloan on the sidelines – this year they reverse the result and get to the third round. District 8 Seeding 1. Johnson Central 2. Letcher County Central 3. Perry County Central 4. Harlan County District 8 Storylines - Johnson Central has won - *checks notes* - A LOT over the past decade. They’ve won 22 in a row coming into the postseason, and are 95-10 in the last eight seasons. They haven’t lost a postseason game at home since 2014, falling to Covington Catholic who no longer plays in the class. The last time they lost to a Kentucky team at home was in 2016. They are not going to have to go on the road this postseason before the state finals. They did not score less than 35 points in any game this year and only Belfry got within 30 points of them. -Letcher County Central is 5-1, with only Johnson Central knocking them off in the regular season. They defeated first round opponent Perry County Central 28-7 on the road in September. Winless just three years ago, they appear poised to advance to the second round for the first time since 2014. District 8 Prediction Johnson Central will be vaguely aware that they played two playoff games by the end of November.
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    District 1 Seeding 1. Mayfield Cardinals 2. Murray Tigers 3. Caldwell County Tigers 4. Ballard Memorial Bombers District 1 Storylines - The Murray/Caldwell County game looms large. Murray edged the Tigers 41-34 in OT and feel confident they can unseat Mayfield after an Overtime loss to the Cardinals. Expect plenty of offense as these two have been neck and neck the past two years. - Mayfield has ruled their District with an iron fist, but either Caldwell County or Murray could potentially end that reign. The Cardinals youth has been evident but they continue to make winning plays. Both games against the collective Tiger squads resulted in 21-20 wins and the Cardinals have pulled out several tight wins this year since losing their season openers. District 1 Prediction In November tradition, this one may be "too close to call", but homefield advantage at War Memorial and the uncanny knack to make the small plays that matter gives the edge to Mayfield. District 2 Seeding 1. Hancock County Hornets 2. Owensboro Catholic Aces 3. McLean County Cougars 4. Todd County Central Rebels District 2 Storylines - Most expected this District to be open for someone not named Owensboro Catholic to possibly upset the apple cart, but most expected McLean County to be the team after their shocking win in the 2019 playoffs. Hancock County took care of business and enters with the top seed and homefield advantage. Can the Hornets bring back the magic of the Travis Atwell season? - Owensboro Catholic played the superior competition and know only a lone point separated them from the top seed. The Aces lost three of the last four tilts including that loss to Hancock County, but have to feel good that they have enough weapons to avoid an early exit like last season. Their path starts with a McLean County squad they cannot take for granted. District 2 Prediction Owensboro Catholic will be motivated, but there seems to be something special about this Hancock County squad. Expect both Western Kentucky 2nd Round tilts to be classics but Hancock County brings some new blood to the Regional Finals. District 3 Seeding 1. Edmonson County Wildcats 2. Metcalfe County Hornets 3. Monroe County Falcons 4. Clinton County Bulldogs District 3 Storylines - An early season two point victory loomed large as Edmonson County defeated Metcalfe County by two points. The Wildcats entered the year with the edge in experience and that held true. They open against a Clinton County team they did not face in the regular season. - Metcalfe County has emerged as the clear contender to challenge Edmonson County and they laid waste to Monroe County in their first meeting. Gabe Zurmehly has had a phenomenal season at his RB position and behind him the Hornets feel they have a shot to keep playing for multiple weeks. District 3 Prediction Metcalfe County has played well since their early season loss and have found a nice rhythm behind a two-headed rushing attack and efficient QB play. It won't be easy going on the road, but Metcalfe County returns to the Regional Finals for the first time since 2007. District 4 Seeding 1. Lexington Christian Academy Eagles 2. Somerset Briarjumpers 3. Danville Admirals 4. Washington County Commaders District 4 Storylines - The District of Death lives. Three teams enter in the Top 5, but only one will be around for the Regional Finals. LCA proved to be the best team in the regular season by earning a hard fought win over both Somerset and Danville, as well as completing an extremely difficult non-District slate with their only set back against 5A's #1 team. The Eagles will be waiting for their challenger in Round 2 and hosting at their friendly confines. - Somerset needed the rest that the cancellations of the final week and delay of the playoffs presented. Somerset was battered and bruised with injuries and needed to heal in a hurry. Danville is plenty capable of ending the Defending Champion's run early, but in the first meeting the Briarjumpers proved to be a bad match-up of strengths and weaknesses. District 4 Prediction We feel like we have seen this play out before? LCA has had a rough go of ending up on the wrong side of winning the huge game in the regular season only to fall short by a razor's edge in November. The Eagles will be in for another war, but this is the year LCA wins twice and makes their march to the Finals. District 5 Seeding 1. Walton-Verona Bearcats 2. Carroll County Panthers 3. Gallatin County Wildcats 4. Shawnee Golden Eagles District 5 Storylines - Walton-Verona has owned this District and that trend is expected to continue. The question is whether this is a W-V team capable of making a deeper push? A late shocker against Louisville Holy Cross suggests they can make magic happen, but a late loss to North Laurel also suggests they have to bring their A-game every night. - Gallatin County nor Carroll County appear to be positioned to win more than a game, but this one should be very competitive. Both defenses ruled the day in the first meeting. Expect more of the same. District 5 Prediction Walton-Verona's District domination continues. District 6 Seeding 1. Beechwood Tigers 2. Newport Wildcats 3. Lloyd Memorial Juggernauts District 6 Storyline - Beechwood is the team to be reckoned with and a certified Championship contender. The Tigers get a BYE as a result of Covington Holy Cross opting out and will await a very strong clash between Newport and Lloyd Memorial. Both teams could have been major factors in several other Districts, but both are chasing Beechwood in a big way. District 6 Prediction Cameron Hergott is absolutely dominating the competition and the Tigers simply are a much better team with bigger goals than a District Title in 2020. District 7 Seeding 1. Breathitt County Bobcats 2. Middlesboro Yellowjackets 3. Leslie County Eagles 4. Knott County Central Patriots District 7 Storylines - Breathitt County went unblemished in District play, but it is clear the field has caught up and the Bobcats are not the same dominant force as the 2019 squad. They should roll into the 2nd Round, but it could be a much more competitive game awaiting them. - Middlesboro edged Leslie County in a super tight game and played Breathitt tough. Leslie County has the weapons to win this game, but they have not found that formula to suggest everything is clicking. District 7 Prediction Breathitt County but it will be tight. The Bobcats still have a lot of weapons on offense and neither Middlesboro or Leslie County has shown the firepower to outscore them. District 8 Seeding 1. West Carter Comets 2. Shelby Valley Wildcats 3. Martin County Cardinals 4. Prestonsburg Blackcats District 8 Storylines - West Carter's storyline in previous years would be whether they had a chance to win a few games, in 2020 it is clear their storyline is about just how deep and magical of a run they can put together. The Comets are loaded and will be able to host every game until the Finals. - Shelby Valley is building for the future but they know their path leads to West Carter. The Comets outclassed them in the early season meeting and the Wildcats have a lot of gap to close. District 8 Prediction West Carter checks the box after a better effort from Shelby Valley. The Comets are more than equipped to reach the Semi-Finals.
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    Playoff pairings, including BGP rankings: District 1 Breckinridge County at #5 Owensboro Grayson County at Graves County District 2 Christian County at #2 South Warren Greenwood at #3 Bowling Green District 3 Doss at #10 Fairdale Western at Bullitt Central District 4 Atherton at #9 North Bullitt Jeffersontown at South Oldham District 5 Cooper at #4 Covington Catholic Highlands at Conner District 6 Grant County at #6 Scott County Great Crossing at #1 Frederick Douglass District 7 Collins at Madison Southern West Jessamine at Woodford County District 8 North Laurel at #7 Pulaski County Whitley County at #8 Southwestern It's officially win or go home time, following the conclusion of one of the most uneven and disjointed regular seasons in history, one that a lot of teams are happy to move on from. Some have opted out of postseason play, but for those remaining, the brass ring is there for the taking. It'll be a shock if the two westernmost districts aren't straight chalk in the first round, with running clocks aplenty. Owensboro, Graves County, South Warren, and Bowling Green all hammered their first round opponents in the regular season and simply have too much firepower to fall prey to first round upsets. Gavin Wimsatt, Clint McKee, Caden Veltkamp, Javy Bunton, and the rest of District 1 and 2's heavy hitters should see just enough game action to shake off any rust that may have accumulated from the layoff. Fairdale's offense could prove too much for the rest of District 3 to contain, despite the fact that they haven't played since October 16th. Doss' only shot against the Bulldogs in the first round is to hope they can catch them flat footed after having a month off. Fairdale averaged a state best 52 points per game in the regular season, with their lowest output being 43 against Iroquois. The outcome of the other district involving Louisville teams should have a decidedly non Jefferson County flavor. Expect North Bullitt and South Oldham to easily dispatch Atherton and Jeffersontown, respectively, setting the table for a payback opportunity for the Dragons after laying a surprise goose egg against the Eagles in the regular season. In NKY, look for Covington Catholic to shake off the LexCath loss, because losing to a ranked team on the road in the regular season is one thing, but CovCath dropping a home playoff game in the first round is something else entirely. On the other side of the bracket, don't be surprised if the Highlands and Conner rematch is a tighter contest than the running clock margin of the regular season game would suggest. The Cougars ended the Birds' season a year ago, and would love nothing more than to duplicate that feat this week. With speculation and intrigue surrounding possible changes within the program during the coming off-season, the outcome on Friday may simply come down to Highlands' mental state. Did CovCath's loss renew Highlands' vigor for another shot at the Colonels, or have they passed the point of no return on the 2020 season? Conner is hoping for the latter. District 6 might be the most lopsided in the state, regardless of class. The Douglass/Scott County tilt that's been cancelled twice this season is all but guaranteed for next week, Covid willing. Shifting from 5A's most predictable district, to its most competitive, Madison Southern versus Collins should give the state its best look at a 4 over 1 seed "upset". The fourth seeded Titans topped the Eagles by eight points in the regular season. The other District 7 first rounder features Woodford County and West Jessamine, who are meeting for the first time this season. Each beat Collins and lost to MadSouth, but the scores dictate a slight favorite status for the Yellow Jackets. Rounding out Class 5A, we come to District 8, where Pulaski County and Southwestern host opponents they handled by three scores each in the regular season. The Warriors waited until the fourth quarter to get separation from Whitley County on October 9th, outscoring the Colonels 20-6 in the final stanza. A four quarter battle shouldn't surprise anyone. For the second straight season, the health of Pulaski QB Drew Polston could loom large over the Maroons' postseason fortunes. A healthy Polston puts Pulaski in the driver's seat for the district title. Without him, they might have to grind out a first round win.
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    The 6A playoffs kickoff with #1 Trinity defending their 2019 championship along with their multiple top 25 national rankings and every other team a small speed bump in their way. The biggest question will be who faces Trinity in the championship. The top contenders being Male, North Hardin, Manual, St. X, Bryan Station, Henderson County, and Ryle which are all in the 6A top 10. Ballard is absent as a contender because of being in Trinity’s district. Depending on who advances, they may be eliminated by drawing Trinity based on RPI and hard to predict who that may be at this point. The first round produces mostly mismatches so shouldn’t be many surprises, and the 2nd round is where it starts getting interesting with ranked teams being eliminated. Listed below are the district matchups. District 1: #1 Henderson County vs. #4 Daviess County Previous meeting: Henderson County 63-44 #2 McCracken County vs. #3 Apollo Previous meeting: McCracken County 45-21 District 2: #1 North Hardin vs. #4 Barren County Previous meeting: North Hardin 38-6 #2 Central Hardin vs. #3 Meade County Previous meeting: Central Hardin 38-18 District 3: #1 Manual vs. #4 Butler Previous meeting: Manual 55-0 #2. St. Xavier vs. #3 Pleasure Ridge Park Previous meeting: St. X 50-13 District 4: #1. Male (Bye) #2. Fern Creek vs. #3 Bullitt East Previous meeting: Fern Creek 41-14 District 5: #1 Trinity (Bye) #2 Ballard vs. #4 Eastern Previous meeting: Ballard 34-6 District 6: #1 Ryle (Bye) #2 Dixie Heights vs. #3 Simon Kenton Previous meeting: Dixie Heights 28-14 District 7: #1 Paul Dunbar vs. #4 Tates Creek Previous meeting: Paul Dunbar 42-0 #2 Henry Clay vs. #3 Lafayette Previous meeting: Henry Clay 7-0 District 8: #1Bryan Station vs. #4 Madison Central Previous meeting: Bryan Station 21-0 #2 George Rogers Clark vs. #3 Oldham County Previous meeting: George Rogers Clark 48-28 Note: Marshall County, Southern, and Campbell County opted out of the playoffs creating the 3 byes.
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    This very well could be the best game Class 1A has to offer in the first round of the playoffs. Two teams from the Bluegrasspreps Top 10 battle it out for a shot at Louisville Holy Cross. Bethlehem sits at 5-2 on the season with losses to Louisville Holy Cross and Kentucky Country Day. Campbellsville sits at 3-2 with losses to Bethlehem and Larue County. Campbellsville is looking for revenge in this matchup. Who wins this matchup? Does Bethlehem get another win over them? Does Campbellsville get the win when it matters?
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    Ludlow sits at 3-5 on the season but managed to get a first round home game knocking Dayton off by 10 points almost a month ago. Dayton sits at 5-3 on the season after starting the season with 5 straight wins, they have since lost there last 3. Dayton will be looking for some payback on this one. Who wins this matchup? Does Ludlow get win number 2? Does Dayton stop the bleeding?
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    Even if you are not a Formula 1 or racing fan, if you happened across this thread, it is your lucky day. The link below is to the highlights of yesterday's Turkish Grand Prix: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg3v8VKEtBc Yes, Lewis Hamilton with Mercedes won again, but it was how he won it. On a crazy wet track, slick as snot, qualified way down in 6th spot, which is way down for him. Hamilton displayed the patience of Job (in the Bible, for those of you that know that book) in the middle part of the race and just methodically made only 1 pit stop to take the race by about 30 seconds over a terrific effort from Racing Point's Sergio Perez (more on him in a minute) and Sebastian Vettel (more on him too) in 3rd. Followed by Vettel's Ferrari teammate and odd man out of the podium Charles LeClerc. Lewis Hamilton - is simply the best Formula 1 driver in the 70 year history of Formula 1! He tied the Great Michael Schumacher with 7 World Titles yesterday! Just an amazing effort from the ONLY black driver on the F1 circuit. He's an incredible story and how he rose up the ranks is also an incredible tale as well. I highly recommend taking a peek at F1 before he retires, as he is the Michael Jordan of F1. Sergio Perez - just a tremendous run for the Mexican driver yesterday to withstand a furious charge from the Ferrari stable and he just held onto 2nd place. The crazy thing is Perez does not have a F1 seat next year as of today and would be a real shame if he doesn't run next season. Sebastian Vettel - has had a terrible year by Ferrari's sky high standards, but the German got a tremendous jump from the standing start at the start of the race and jumped from 11th all the way to 4th basically by the first turn. He was fortunate that his team mate LeClerc made a small mistake to give him a gift at basically the last turn of the race to slip onto the podium. Charles LeClerc - is my favorite driver who drove a hell of a race only to see Perez run just wide of the 3rd to last turn. LeClerc bolted to the inside but found himself on marbles and lost control just for an instant to let Perez and Vettel just slip by. He was reportedly "inconsolable" after the race. But he will have many more races in front of him. And Ferrari (outside of some of LeClerc's best work) is just now starting to make some gains in a very disappointing season in which they have basically been serving drinks to Mercedes and Red Bull all year! As you can tell, I love F1 and is my goal to get to go to a race in the near future. Check it out! Next race is November 29th in Bahrain! Check out the link below: https://www.formula1.com/en/racing/2020/Bahrain.html The race will be on one of the ESPN channels about 9 am on that Sunday morning! Check it out!
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    Agreed CWB is killing it with the updates on the bridge.
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    Does this mean they're not allowed to be the favorite....?? LOL 😄
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    I left a key word out. I'm talking specifically defensive improvement here.
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    I think you are right. Oldham County hangs around but ultimately loses in a closer game than last time.
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    It's making streaming a real big deal....Pegasus Sports will be real busy in the 8th Region, covering the boys' and girls' from Oldham County, North Oldham, and South Oldham, and focusing on games against 8th Region opponents. As always, we'll also cover every game in the boys'/girls' 29th district tourney and the boys'/girls' 8th Region tourneys. Busy year CM
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    I don’t care when they say the bridge will re-open. That bridge has been a death trap my entire life. Every time I drive over it, I worry. That bridge needs way more work than they could possibly get done in the next month.
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    Being commercial policies I’m not 100% sure, they could have a clause in there to exclude civic properties but I would doubt it. The company I work writes private passenger and commercial policies, but we don’t write for hire commercial policies so those may be different. But I’ve never once heard of an exclusion for civic property. I wouldn’t think it would be any different, other than the scale, than someone damaging a guard rail and the liability limits paying for those damages.
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    No thoughts? So far, so good - the game is still "on".... South comes into this game favored, and the Dragons will try to knock off the Chargers with their typical multi-pronged running game. Senior fullback Kayden Anderson leads the South rushing attack with 335 yards / 2 TDs, and senior wingback Ethan Snider is right there with him with 331 yards / 5 TDs. Snider also leads the team in receiving yards with 178. Although the power running of Anderson, and the speed of Snider, give South a potent 1-2 "Thunder and Lightning" approach, the Dragons are deep in the backfield with two talented sophomores that have proven themselves to be more than capable. Sophomore wingback Jack McCubbin (211 yards / 2 scores) and sophomore fullback Jeffery Burton (292 yards / 4 TDs) have given coach Jamie Reed the depth necessary to always have fresh legs carrying the ball. Senior QB Alex Brown can also be productive with the ball in his hands, rushing for 205 yards on the season, with 3 scores. All told, the Dragon running game has rushed for an average of 239.4 yards per game. Defensively, senior linebacker Austin Covington (47 total tackles) and junior linebacker Kyle Smyth (44 tackles) lead the team Like South, Jeffersontown will try to get it done on the ground. The Chargers average 165 yards per game on the ground, led by Tyree Lacy's 343 yards and 2 TDs. Anthony Taylor has only 13 carries in 5 games, but is averaging 10 yards per carry (131 yards / 2 TDs) Jtown doesn't want to have to rely on their passing game to play "catch up"; it's important that the Chargers either have the lead or stay close enough to stay with their running game; Jeffersontown is completing only about 40% of its passes, with more interceptions than touchdowns. Defensively, Nick McGarry leads Jtown with 50 total tackles on the season. The senior lineman has been dominant on defense; no other Jtown defender has more than 30 tackles. Pegasus Sports goes no the air at 7 pm ET on www.pegasussportsky.com
  25. 1 point
    No offense to Great Crossing, but if you're a Douglass fan, a game like this is one you'd almost rather not even have to play. The Broncos are so much better than the Warhawks, the outcome is not really in doubt. You just hope everyone makes it out healthy, ahead of next week's game.
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    If I were to bet, Beechwood will be the 2A state champion. I like Somerset in the District 4 rematch and I just think Beechwood is better than Somerset.
  29. 1 point
    Besides his affinity for OSU and his intense respect for the rivalry, Fickell will in all likelihood have multiple offers from big schools that can pay him similar money that Michigan can. Several programs in the SEC are going to open up, Penn State may open up, Texas may open up. I’m not sure Fickell would even take an interview at Michigan if other high profile jobs are available. Plus I could very seriously see Fickell holding out at UC and seeing them through the next round of conference realignment and take over for Ryan Day down the road. We’ve talked about it for years obviously, but UC is going to be right at the top of the list still to be poached by a power 5 conference. If that comes to fruition, UC will be able to offer him a huge contract. If you made me put my money on it, my feeling is Fickell is at UC for the next 2-3 years.
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    I'll get it if it means I can go to the gym with my kids again.
  32. 1 point
    It shocks me that Murray put up 41 in their first game against Caldwell running that vanilla offense. I know defense has never been Caldwell's strong suit, but it makes me wonder if they have the juice to make it to the regional round. Having seen both teams play, I think Murray has the edge with better defense and running game. Caldwell needs to control LOS and make Murray QB throw in more obvious passing situations. Dry weather will help Caldwell's cause, as they have the best passing attack in the district. Should be a good one, with less points this time. Murray by 3.
  33. 1 point
    Fulton County forfeited this game. Russellville will now travel to Crittenden County a week from this Friday.
  34. 1 point
    If UK pays me $7.5 million to follow Cal, you can come visit my horse farm in Lexington. 😂😂😂
  35. 1 point
    I was in a store the other day. Saw a young man in there not wearing a mask. I noticed him because he was the only one not wearing a mask (I used to feel weird wearing one. What a difference 10 months can make!). Anyway, an employee very politely came up and said “Sir, we require masks in this store.” He immediately shot back “It ain’t like I am ever coming back here no way!” His response told me two things.. 1. He was just waiting for someone to say something to him so he could mouth off. 2. His rudeness and incredibly bad grammar made him look like an ignorant punk, not the clever tough guy he thought he was. Funny thing is that after he walked out, another customer loudly said. “That’s no great loss.” Everyone within earshot laughed.
  36. 1 point
    I will say, as a Steelers fan, Joe Burrow makes me nervous for the future.
  37. 1 point
    Notorious anti-masking states North Dakota and South Dakota are now #1 and #2 in cases per 1M. Both are rapidly rising in deaths per 1M with North Dakota now up to #8 in deaths per 1M. North Dakota just this week issued a mask policy. Utah finally did the same about a week ago in the face of fast rising cases there. It apparently takes first hand experience before some people will admit that wearing masks has value. The anecdotal evidence is clear that masks have value. I hope all reading this are diligent, stay safe, protect themselves and protect all those they are around in person.
  38. 1 point
    A first round showdown at Trinity probably helped that decision.
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