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    Crittenden County , no doubt. I could see them going deep and I think they have a chance for the Title.
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    One thing is clear, and that is that the Red, Yellow, Orange county system is grossly flawed. Noone wants to establish a method of determining the most dire instances, and then have everyone fall into that category. It is what it is, we have to live with it, BUT if you really want to identify the counties with the most critical situations in the state, re-evaluate the graphics, and provide something meaningful. How about 100/100,000 for Red, and then take no action unless the numbers increase for a second week running. Just a thought!!! 25/100.000 has been unrealistic from the get-go.
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    Hopefully the news of vaccine coming in the near future will help the chances of finishing the season. Stock Market is on fire today!
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    We can moan & complain & and finger point - but the fact remains at a point not long ago it appeared that there would be no HS football at all. In this unprecedented time - shouldn't we be grateful for what we had?
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    I am not a fan of the inter-district rounds of the playoffs, simply because of what we see here. #1,3 and 5 are all from the same district, and most people believe LCA and Somerset have a great shot at a title. The best teams in a class shouldn't have to face each other until at least the regional championship IMO. It may make for some great first rounds, but then the regionals could be ho hum. I hope the KHSAA changes this in the very near future.
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    In a 2020 full of uncertainties anything can happen, but I feel confident predicting: 3A Regional Finals Winner of District 1 (Union County or Trigg County) at E'town District 2 (Taylor County/Glasgow) vs. District 3 Winner (Mercer/CAL/DeSales) Winner of District 5 (Rockcastle or Bell) at Belfry Winner of District 6 (Mason/Fleming) at Ashland/Russell
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    Sayre. End of discussion. From a team who won 1 game and lost to Phelps by 28 points to undefeated and possibly hosting a Regional Finals game.
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    Congratulations to Notre Dame Academy. I watched the livestream on Saturday night. It was fun to watch two great programs go at it. We may have disagreed how the Pandas got to the finals, but in the end these two varsity varsity teams were clearly the best in the state. Job well done, Pandas. Glad to see the trophy back in northern Kentucky after a 26 year absence!
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    I agree. Until all P5 conference winners are guaranteed a spot in the CFP, I won't ever think it's "right."
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    In part, yes. In part, We should be very upset at our leadership. For example, Ohio is wrapping up playoffs. We have year to begin. Adults need to make decisions, not delay and avoid making them continuously. Just my two cents. Praying we can finish this crazy year. 🤷‍♂️
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    Class 4A Five out of the top ten teams were in action this week, but two games in particular stood out. The first, was #6 Lexington Catholic's stunning upset over 5A #2 Covington Catholic. After a scoreless first, the Knights scored 14 straight to take a 14-7 lead at the break, and ultimately 21 in a row to hold a 21-7 lead after three. A furious comeback by Covington Catholic made it 28-21 with 1:10 remaining in the game. Lexington Catholic drove 62 yards for the score, and converted a two point pass to finish the upset. It was easily the best win of the year for the Knights, and they will need a similar effort in a potential future meeting with Boyle County. The other key result was Logan County falling to Warren East. In the old cross-districting setup, this would have been the #1 vs. #4 matchup in the first round of the playoffs, rather than a regular season game. Warren East was just 2-5 entering the game, but piled up 373 yards of offense in pulling an upset to knock the Cougars from the rankings. Hopefully that isn't the last word on 4A this season. In particular, it seems we would be cheated of a likely rematch between Johnson Central and Boyle County. Time will tell. 1. Johnson Central 2. Boyle County 3. Central 4. Franklin County 5. Lexington Catholic 6. Corbin 7. Wayne County 8. Russell County 9. Knox Central 10. Letcher County Central
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    Class 5A With the cancellation of approximately two-thirds of the Week 9 schedule, the 2020 regular season was slowed to a crawl at its conclusion. There was, however, a palpable convergence of jubilation and heartache emanating from the heart of Lexington. Covington Catholic, winner of 51 of its last 52 contests, hadn't lost a regular season game since dropping a seven point decision to Scott County in 2016, but Lexington Catholic embraced the age old proverb that "fortune favors the bold" to terminate CovCath's 37 game regular season winning streak in dramatic fashion. The Knights made good on a two point conversion in the final minute before blocking a field goal attempt as time expired to send the Colonels home dejected and shake up the final 5A rankings. Accordingly, CovCath takes a slight tumble to #4, the first time in four years they haven't been 1 or 2. Another thriller unfolded in Mount Washington, as North Bullitt survived, 60-59, in overtime against Bullitt East to sweep the county and claim the Bullitt Cup. The 9th ranked Eagles and Chargers ran stride for stride with one another in a defense optional affair until a missed extra point by East on its first OT possession opened the door for North. After the Eagles answered East's score, kicker Lacie Badgett did what her Charger counterpart could not, and booted the ball through the uprights to seal the win for North Bullitt. Frederick Douglass closes out the regular season atop the 5A poll, but the Broncos check in at #9 in the final RPI, meaning their quest to return to Kroger Field could be littered with challenging road games. And as we move from the top of the rankings to the bottom, Fairdale repeats last year's final poll placement by hanging on to the ten spot. It's a tremendous achievement for a program that lost a great deal of its production from last year and was nowhere to be found in the 5A top 10 conversation to start the season. 1. Frederick Douglass 2. South Warren 3. Bowling Green 4. Covington Catholic 5. Owensboro 6. Scott County 7. Pulaski County 8. Southwestern 9. North Bullitt 10. Fairdale
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    They should move the playoffs back 2-3 weeks.
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    I don’t believe in chem trails, ufo’s, 9/11 as an inside job or the mark of the beast. I’ll be the first in line for a vaccine.
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    Thanks for the heads up. Actually, it never occurred to me that my statement might be controversial. I was merely expressing my pleasure of a fact about the new vaccine that matches well with my personal beliefs (just like we all do about a number of topics that fall within BGP guidelines). I thought others would also like to know that information regarding this particular vaccine without causing an outside debate on the other issue. I agree that such a debate, if it would occur, would fall in the controversial category and would distract from the real purpose of this thread (which is the vaccine).
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    LSU players went to a Halloween party. Probably hosted by Coach O’s new girl.
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    I'm sorry to hear that his injury has ended his season. I hope he can fully recover.. He's got a scholarship to Appalachian State, I believe it is.
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    The places that are spreading the disease the most is nursing homes and prisons not high school sporting events.
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    Just be patient. We will have opportunities to prove ourselves against the best.
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    I think everyone is sleeping on Corbin, I don't think we are #1 but we aren't #6 either. Not many teams can match our team speed, talent or size.
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    From Boone County girls soccer coach, Mike Hughes: "New field construction has begun at BCHS......out with the old!!!!"
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    To add that the vaccine is suppose to be 90% effective! Way higher than expected. I agree Basketball, Baseball, and Track got a HUGE boost on this news.
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    We’ll certainly be fine until the playoffs. Nobody in the B1G can matchup talent wise. The fact that none of our backup QB’s attempted a pass vs. Rutgers, with JF leaving this year is really concerning. They did not expect him to play more than a series in the 3rd Q. Losing Brian Snead, Bijan Robinson and Jordan Battle really hurts right now.
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    It's tremendous news psychologically as well....in the light at the end of the tunnel sense.
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    Bodes well more for basketball than football since will take some time to approve and distribute. They should have enough to vaccinate 50 million people by end of December with more each month after that. Certainly the best news of 2020 and why stock market on fire.
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    90% isn’t just extraordinarily good, it’s otherworldly good. The average for the flu vaccine every year is around 48%. Depending on distribution, at 90% by the time spring training is over for MLB we are probably looking at life relatively back to normal. I hope we can keep a lot of the safer hygienic practices we’ve learned throughout all of this because we should have been doing them all along, but the thought of being able to attend sporting events in person with the potential for full crowds, normal 5 day a week school in person, tailgating, concerts, etc. if we can just hang on for a little while longer. Keep wearing masks, keep social distancing, etc. for a couple more months we are right on the edge of putting this thing behind us. This has honestly been the best news of 2020 by far.
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    Yes, two doses. It is either 21 or 28 days apart. The 90% efficacy is extraordinarily good. Most experts were hoping for 60%.
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    He is a show ambassador and assists with clues. Either researching or reading them.
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    I'm talking about the majority of people believing a team got snubbed. You could find people to make an argument for every team 5-10 since the CFP began. We haven't had a scenario yet that we have all talked about every year, where some "perfect storm" happens and we all feel like a team got left out. I'm a firm believer we should go to eight teams to include all P5 winners, but the CFP has done what it was supposed to so far, IMO.
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    Harbaugh has been the most successful coach at Michigan in a long, LONG, time. Everybody typically has this elevated opinion of Michigan... But my question is, why? Are they a good football team most years? Sure. But when was the last time we really thought Michigan could make a run for even a B1G title, much less a national title? Michigan and Notre Dame are the two most overrated programs year in and year out in College Football.
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    Consensus? No. Some debates on the tail end of the 4 teams, sure. But the no-brainers have always gotten in. If you are having to make a case, that is because your resume has some warts in it and you were put in over another team with some warts.
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    I've lived down here 40 years and this is the screwiest thing I've ever seen. #2020
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    Is that your own east coast bias, or are you projecting the committee’s East coast bias?
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    Rona could shake this up even more.
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    Sandbagger...😆 There is no way that you honestly feel there is one, let alone four teams, better than your Buckeyes. I don't even feel that way. C'mon man, we know better. 🤣
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    If it's not been proven that the high school football games has been a spreader of the virus, I see no reason to not finish out the season. For the schools they will be back playing year after year but for this group of kids there is no do over. #LetThemPlay
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    Likely a game 2 in the ACC Championship. How about them Irish!
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    Said this for weeks. The system was designed for counties to go red because the numbers to get to red are so low. 25 cases per 100,000 is .025%. The system is flawed. Bottom line.
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    You should go. I’ve been to Fulton County a couple of times and it’s nothing like your part of the state. You just feel so far away from everything!
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    I'm glad I got to get out and see this one. Very impressed with Station. Their RB was spectacular tonight and the OLine played well. QB Coffee was very efficient. And the Defender defense played pretty well. SK QB Crone did a good job and their RB was good in spots, but they were overmatched here. The score is closer than the game was for me. I'll be pulling for Station in the playoffs.
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    Fair enough! Not here to argue. I was just curious is to why you wouldn’t. That’s all!
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    Yes, fine is all that happened wasn’t it??
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    Those who will live in fear will search for it. Those who have moved on, have continued to move on relatively unaffected.
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    I got Kentucky to win that National Championship last night at +1500. Felt like a good value bet for $30. Let's go!
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