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    I usually read these race discussion topics to hear different thoughts on the topic, but usually do not feel moved to comment. However, I have been reading through this topic the last day or so and felt the need to share. I am so tired of hearing how football makes boys into better men. The lessons they learned from football they carried with them all their lives and were better for it. Blah...Blah.... It can also coddle kids in the classroom and outside of it, because they are really good at football. So in some cases we help set the bad example that these kids can get away with things, because they are good at football. So here is an opportunity for the team, the coach, the administration, and the community to step up and teach -- an opportunity to make boys into better men. Here we sit bickering about if it happened or not. Here we sit bickering about 'ratting' teammates out. Here we sit bickering about 'fairly' punishing those that are guilty. It literally, could not be more black and white to me. My team does not condone this behavior. We sit down in this room. We look each other in the eye and we deal with this as team right now. OR we walk away and leave your uniform. This conversation is so much more important than some random high school football game. If you said it, then own it and all that comes with it If you know who said it and you are not willing to step up, then you are part of the problem. I am not saying I know the correct level of punishment, but the team needs to understand this is not acceptable and as leaders we would rather not play, than fail to address this issue. Again, an opportunity to make better men out of young boys -- if we want things to change, then it starts with these young people. Do not let them slide and make the same mistakes other generations have made! It might be a tough lesson, but the world is tough, and this lesson is worth it. I will step down off the pulpit now and leave you with my favorite quote, because I think it applies here and many other situations. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”― Edmund Burke (in a letter addressed to Thomas Mercer).
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    My two cents. I believe BW will step down, not be fired. He is not ignorant to what's happening around the program, in the community and through the alumni base. It's sad that we got to this place for someone who's dedicated his life to the school/program. With that said, a change will be good there. I like Chris Wolfe for this job as well. If it's not CW, I don't know if anyone in the state is hired, but here's the rub. I believe Chris and Brian know each other well and would you want to take a job that just ran out your buddy? I may be wrong, but that could factor in his decision to leave Male.
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    I'd also like to just take a second and mention that, regardless of the circumstances, two pretty damn good freshmen football teams will be playing once again this season on Thursday. Should be fun.
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    I tend to agree, although another trip to the semifinals seems certain. The RPI numbers are tight at the top of 2A, but barring upsets, I suspect Mayfield travels for the semifinals.
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    Resht in peesh, 00-sheven.
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    With three boys 2 years apart each I had a saying as they were growing up when that would get into it with each other: "If I have to come in and fix the issue NOBODY will like the way I will fix it." If football player are brothers - then they better act like their brother's keeper. And that includes making it clear when someone is over the line. Even if its in the pile where trash talk can and does happen. I know the saying is what happens in the pile stays in the pile but the message needs to be clear - race taunting is out of bounds - even in the pile.
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    At the least they are complicit.
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    The team, as a whole, should be held accountable. The reason is that an action that is unacceptable to your peers will be or attempt to be corrected first by your peers. If someone says or does something stupid then the peer group should make it clear that is over the line. It seems that was not the case here. The message must be that a) the action itself is unacceptable and b) tolerance or encouragement of the action is not acceptable and c) everyone has a responsibility to call out this unacceptable activity out when its out there.
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    Division I Region Finals Mentor 49 Medina 14 Springfield 19 Olentangy Liberty 0 Pickerington Central 38 Westerville Central 7 St. Xavier 10 Lakota West 7 Division II Region Semi-finals Archbishop Hoban 37 Benedictine 0 Hudson 35 Harding 0 Avon 38 Brecksville-Broadview 28 Avon Lake 16 Toledo Central Catholic 14 Massillon Perry 14 Olentangy 10 Massillon Washington 45 Westerville South 36 Winton Woods 20 Kings 10 LaSalle 55 Anderson 30 Division III Region Semi-finals Chardon 31 New Philadelphia 0 Canfield 24 Streetsboro 6 Columbian 34 West Holmes 24 Holy Name 17 Ashland 14 St. Francis DeSales 31 Jonathan Alder 6 Bishop Hartley 10 Sheridan 6 Bellbrook 41 Ross 19 Archbishop Alter 20 Hamilton Badin 3 Division IV Region Semi-finals Lake Catholic 7 Northwest 0 Youngstown Ursuline 35 Poland Seminary 7 Bellevue 35 Van Wert 32 Shelby 28 Clyde 14 St. Clairsville 42 Meadowbrook 28 Bloom-Carroll 13 Licking Valley 6 Clinton-Massie 31 Waverly 28 Wyoming 34 Valley View 28 Division V Region Semi-finals Kirtland 43 Garaway 6 South Range 45 Crestview 29 Eastwood 20 North Union 14 Otsego 21 Ottawa-Glandorf 6 Ironton 21 Harvest Prep 14 Ridgewood 13 Wheelersburg 10 Roger Bacon 31 Versailles 28 Shawnee 21 Mariemont 7 Division VI Region Semi-finals Springfield 21 Mogadore 0 Norwayne 20 Wickliffe 13 Columbus Grove 34 Archbold 20 Fairview 35 Colonel Crawford 34 Fort Frye 34 Barnesville 0 Fairland 27 Dawson-Bryant 12 Coldwater 42 West Jefferson 7 Mechanicsburg 36 Adena 14 Division VII Region Semi-finals JFK Catholic 28 Dalton 18 Lucas 27 McDonald 14 Lima Central Catholic 41 Crestview 14 Hopewell-Louden 42 Arlington 35 Newark Catholic 35 Trimble 19 Shadyside 42 River 9 Marion Local 48 Riverside 8 New Bremen 16 Fort Loramie 8
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    I’m not sure I buy this at all. Sounds like deflection. Gran has proven who he is over and over again. He’s an ultra conservative coach whose ideal offense is a regurgitated version of 3 yards and a cloud of dust with the added wrinkle of a mobile QB. The reason he doesn’t have wide receivers who can get open is because receivers don’t want to come to Kentucky to be blockers. In the same token the QBs are conservative as a reflection of their coaches.
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    There will always be pressure at a program as steeped in tradition as Highlands, but this is a real watershed moment for that program. I think whoever comes on will get enough patience because most of the sentiments on these threads is Highlands fans knows that it's not as a simple as X's and O's that is getting them beat on Friday nights. Highlands isn't going to go from being where they are now to beating CovCath just by putting a headset on someone new. With that said, Highlands needs to lean into this and know that they have at least two more years of re-structuring and re-calibration. Year three should show promise. Year four is when they should expect results. Hire the guy who can turn a ship currently in shallow water, you have to hire the right guy who is ready to spend the rest of his career there and can ignite optimism. On the flip side, hire the wrong guy and guarantee yourself four more years of regression.
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    Just like people who wonder how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop: The world may never know.
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    I wouldn't think so on Brandon Smith. I think the problem for any incoming coach will be they are expected to win/be dominate at Highlands and even if a coach achieves those goals will that coach really get the credit he deserves or will everyone say it was the Highlands football program and not the coach. In other words, even if the new coach wins all they are doing is meeting expectations which doesn't make it a very coveted position in my opinion. On top of that how would a new coach know if the powers that be at Highlands will allow Highlands to move down in class where they belong like BW wanted to do before the last realignment. And not moving down means Highlands has to be better than CCH every year just to have a chance to advance.
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    Here comes a curveball.... Would Brandon Smith give this job more consideration than Boyle County? Hear me out. I know Smith has a great gig at South Warren as it is, and "Why would he choose Highlands if he didn't even think about going to Boyle?", but at Highlands he wouldn't have to always be walking in his father's footsteps.
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    What type of community and team do they want to be part of? If they let the comment go, they accept it and they have set their own standard for who they are.
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    They were talking about this on the radio this morning, saying it looked like Stoops wasn't even trying to win the game, rather just trying not to get blown out.
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    Agreed on them being UCF. I just think it’s an abnormal year that could end of benefitting UC. In a normal year where everyone is playing 12-13 games and we have marquee out of conference matchups, we wouldn’t be having this conversation about UC potentially getting in to the playoff. But if there ever was a year for a UC type school to make it, it’s this year. Not saying it will happen, but it’s definitely a talking point as we get further along in the season.
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    Right... They are going to kick multiple kids off the team? I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Who are we kidding? They won’t find out who it was. Now we know it was just one player all of a sudden? The email implies multiple players participated in the racism.
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    PrepSpin is going to have their streaming broadcast of the game, as usual.
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    Just stay healthy, Joe.
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    Extremely impressed with Richardson. He had to make "outfielder" plays on numerous ball that were horribly underthrown, but he would have made Willie Mays proud. Easily the MVP of the game for the Green Wave. Oppel is a player. Not the biggest guy on the field by any means, but plays with a lot of heart. Hard to get a solid hit on when he's running the ball, and - while he's not blazing fast - certainly has enough speed to get the job done. If I was coaching a team, I would definitely find a place for this guy on my squad. He can contribute. Meade defense probably deserves the game ball, though. South moved the ball relatively well in the first half, but - until their final two possessions - couldn't get anything going in the second half. And even on those two possessions, Meade gave up just two makeable field goal attempts. Congrats to the Green Wave on a solid victory!! Meade improves to 4-0 against South Oldham since 1998...
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    Is it really unbelievable? It certainly isn’t to me.
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    Paducah Tilghman's Blue Tornado is awfully near the top of my list...
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